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Are You Also Tired Of The Daily AOL Puzzle ?

aolmailpuzzleAre You Also Tired Of The Daily AOL Puzzle ?

Are AOL trying to find out if their clients are intelligent or just Plain Stupid?

What is AOL trying to do with this so-called spam puzzle. Some days the letters are clear and no problem to figure out and on other days they are almost unrecognizable. Why they have to be unclear in the first place is a puzzle to me anyway. If it is true that they just want to know if it’s really you using your email account then why make the puzzle so difficult to read? Why must the letter or numbers be almost hidden and warped?

Maybe AOL has another agenda here, all I know is when I need to send out an important email I am very agitated by their request to first complete their spam puzzle, and if you don’t get it done immediately and pass it, you cannot send out any mails. Then there is the other thing they occasionally ask you for your login and password, which makes you wonder if it’s not another Nigerian spam con. Yet if you don’t add you login and password you don’t get to send any emails out either.

If AOL is really doing this to avoid spam, then why the heck are they making the puzzle so difficult to read as though they are also testing your intelligence?

– Frustrated AOL User

Patty Patrick Live First Time Ever From Nashville Now!

pattypatrick001Patty Patrick Debuts Her Austrian Country Radio Show Live

A First For NBRN.FM Nashville And Patty Patrick From Austria

nbrnButtonIf you take the time right now and click on the NBRN.FM radio link displayed here you will hear Patty Patrick broadcasting her very popular radio show live from Nashville Tennessee.

Keith and Mike Bradford

Keith and Mike Bradford

Mike and Keith Bradford from NBRN.FM have made this all possible through the magic of the Internet from their Nashville studios on Kitty Wells Boulevard Madison, Nashville TN.

There have been many changes recently at NBRN.FM with this live broadcasts being part of the new NBRN.FM.

We here at WHISNews21 wish them only the best as we too at WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio are also affiliated to NBRN.FM in Nashville. Keith is planning more live shows from all over the world linked live through to NBRN.FM in the future.

With all that being said Patty Patrick will always have a front row seat as she is the very first DJ ever to broadcast from Europe and the world live on NBRN.FM

– WHISNews21

Barbara Rainey Quotes About Living And Dying


Wildhorse Entertainment presents our weekly

“Independent Superstar Quote Spot”

Brought to you by Barbara Rainey


“Learn as if you were going to live forever.

Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.”



If you would like to comment on this Quote supplied to us by Barbara Rainey then you are most welcome to do so.

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Tuesday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All Who May Be In Need Of Some



Jesus Today

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

So when you’re acutely aware of your insufficiency-rejoice! This is what being poor in spirit is all about. The world applauds self-sufficiency, and bookstores abound with volumes designed to help you reach this goal. However, this is not the way of My kingdom. I want My children to recognize and rejoice in their utter dependence on Me.

You have been saved by grace, through faith. Both grace and faith are gifts! Your part is to be receptive and responsive to these glorious gifts. The best response is gratitude-a heart overflowing with thankfulness for all I have done. You are exceedingly blessed because the kingdom of heaven is yours. When the strain of living in this fallen world is getting you down, resist the temptation to feel sorry for yourself. Instead, say to yourself, I am blessed and thankful-and on my way to Glory!

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. -Matthew 5:3 nkjv

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. -Ephesians 2:8

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! -2 Corinthians 9:15”

You will guide me with Your counsel, and afterward receive me to glory. -Psalm 73:24 nkjv



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