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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday June 13, 2015


June 13, 2015 [Monday] Issue #1424


LAWRENCE OF ARABIA RIDES OFF INTO THE DESERT Born Michael Shalhoub in Egypt’s Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria, Omar Sharif is the son of Christian Syrian-Lebanese parents. Omar Sharif stars in some of America’s most memorable movies such as Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, Funny Girl and many others. Sharif goes from being Egypt’s biggest box-office star to filling America’s box offices. On Friday, July 10, 2015 the 83 year old Omar Sharif passes away in a Cairo hospital from a heart attack.

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WINDY CITY RADIO LEGEND DIES FROM FIRE BURNS Sad news for Chi-Town R&B fans. In 1963, when Leonard and Phil Chess, owners of successful Blues record label Chess Records, buy WHFC-1450 they flip its calls to WVON-1450 it becomes one of the most dominant R&B radio stations in America. The legendary Moses [Lucky] Cordell one of the WVON-1450 (The Voice of A Nation) Good Guys passes away from a house fire on Tuesday night, ‎July ‎7, ‎2015 just three weeks shy of his 87th birthday.

OLBERMANN STRIKE FOUR AND YOU’RE OUT! Keith Olbermann has a history of conflict. In 1997, he loses his first gig at ESPN after his disparaging remarks. In 2010, MSNBC bids him adieu because of his donations to political campaigns. In 2012, Current TV fires him for breaches of his contract, including the failure to show up at work, sabotaging the network and attack Current and its executives. Keith Olbermann rejoins ESPN in August 2013 but ESPN refuses to renew his 2015 ESPN2 anchor contract. Strike 4! You’re out!

ADIOS LA RADIO.COM After nearly 20 years at its helm, Don Barrett, founder and publisher of Los Angeles, CA radio information website says that he will shut down the website on Friday, July 10, 2015. Ten year Los Angeles radio vet Barrett who also authors books on L.A. radio personalities laments: We have been unable to find a sustainable revenue model, and social media has forever changed the landscape of information distribution. It is just time. So, it’s bye bye for

TRIVIA QUESTION: What is CONELRAD? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ringo Starr 75 on Tuesday, July 7th. Susie Loucks and Jim Conlee Monday, July 13th.Tweed Scott Thursday, July 16, 2015. •BONNIE PETRIE Houston, TX Radio One KROI FM (News 92) 20 year award-winning veteran journalist teams up with market icon Gene Mueller as new Morning News co-anchor on Scripps News-Talk WTMJ-620 Milwaukee, WI. •RADIO DISNEY launches Radio Disney Country modern, multi-platform Country music network for families in fall 2015.


•1956 WCBI TV CBS CH 4 in Columbus, MS goes on the air on July 13th. •1962 RHONDA VINCENT New Queen of Bluegrass born on July 13th in Kirksville, MO. •1977 ASHLEY SCOTT actress (Jericho) born on July 13th in Metairie, LA. •1980 CHARLEY PRIDE’s Hank Williams’ remake You Win Again wins #1 in Billboard Country on July 12th. •1994 EDDIE BOYD Blues singer dies at 79 on July 13th. •2009 EASTON CORBIN’sdebut single A Little More Country Than That releases to radio on Mercury records on July 13th.


DON BARRETT [] (Los Angeles, CA) Subject: No more today is the last day. thanks for your nice note. I had a 25 year run with my books and website. Time for something else. don (

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JANET LYNN [fine Texas Western Swing Hall Of Fame singer] (Austin, TX) Every show to him (Johnny Gimble) was as important as the next. He put in the same amount of energy and was a kind, consistent man night after night. I was privileged into their home, and many summer nights after a hot sweaty gig, we’d all go swimming in the Gimble pool. He had a ton of stories and I was fortunate to travel with him and be the designated driver after the gig. I was the only one who had not drank anything all night, so I was the obvious driver. The guys traveled in the band van and I drove Johnny’s vehicle. Sweet! And he often dozed while I drove. That’s trust. Once the music stopped he was exhausted. Blessings to all as I know he would want to be remembered so fondly. Janet Lynn Member of Texas Music Hall of Fame, 1999 Member of Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame, 2000.

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PHIL ROBBINS [Former OM/PD KVIC FM (95 1)] (Victoria, TX) Subject: Social media chat. No wonder I remember you, but damb Jim where haven’t you worked. Hey I just wanna say I really enjoy JRRR. I’m learning so much that I never knew about jocks, stations, etc.

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JAY WALKER [KJKK FM 100.3/KTSA-550 KTFM FM/Jay Walker Prod] (Dallas/McKinney, TX) Subject: Radio Killed Radio. Hi Jim, What is killing radio today are spot cluster lengths. They range from a low of EIGHT to TWELVE minutes or more with promos, always around :15 and :45. It’s the same clock position on most stations all because programmers are trying to game PPM methodology. That does NOT work. People will sit through three or four UNITS before they punch out. Once they punch out, it takes 30 minutes or more to get them back IF they come back period. The fix is simple. More stop-sets, with fewer units in each. As with physics, when you spread a load out, you cut down on the “work” required to pull that load. It’s the same with stop-sets, people, and radio. That will cut down on cume churn just like it did in the 70’s at KCBQ and many other top-40 stations. You and Suz take care down that way!!! Jay

TRIVIA ANSWER: In 1951, President Harry S. Truman enacts CONELRAD (Control of Electromagnetic Radiation) emergency broadcast system of wartime communication via AM radio frequencies 640 and 1240Khz. Intercontinental ballistic missile development reduces risk of a bomber attack. On August 5, 1963 Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) replaces CONELRAD. An EBS nationwide activation is Emergency Action Notification (EAN). In 1997, the Emergency Alert System (EAS) replaces the Emergency Broadcast System.

TONY WILLIAMS [WKY-930/KRLD-1080] (Dallas-Richardson, TX) When I was a speechwriter at AT&T, personal computers were new, and no search engines were available. I often had to walk to the downtown Dallas library for research. Much easier today for writers of all kinds. Mark Twain would have thought it a miracle. Tony

MERVYN PEAKE (July 9, 1911 – November 17, 1968) To live at all is miracle enough.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Will Liberals Ban ‘Okie From Muskogee’ Next?

OkieMuskogeeWill Liberals Ban the ‘Okie From Muskogee’ Next

“They Still Wave Ole Glory Down At The Courthouse”

Abraham LincolnAmerica’s enemies did say they will destroy America from within. Well it seems they found the American Liberals a very willing ally. The Liberals are destroying America inch by inch, day by day, month by month, and finally it will collapse because it’s very foundations are being pulled out from underneath it by the new Liberal  Anti – American Fools Army(oops sorry I did not mean to say fools).

The L.A.A.F.A, are determined to succeed and if they do they themselves will lose as there is no place for them in America when the enemy takes over.

OK I will stop talking about that as it is something I can do nothing about. However I am concerned that I will not be able to listen to Merle Haggards ‘Okie From Muskogee’ anymore as it mentions in the lyrics about ‘Waving ole Glory Around’ and as Liberals have nothing better to they may even force Merle to change the lyrics to his song or even worse ban the song. They may even banish Merle Haggard to some lonely Island in the Pacific and call him a Racist if he does not remove those lyrics. Let face it anything is possible in the land of the Liberally free American people.

– WHISNews21 Email Outpost

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Monday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014MaritzOriginalLetters2013mondayRhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All In Need Of Some

It’s Time To Take Action


The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1 

John Ruskin said, ‘What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.’ If you’re serious about succeeding at what you believe God called you to do, you must take three steps: 1) Do something! Sir Edmund Burke said, ‘Nobody made a greater mistake, than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.’ Praying, planning and deliberating are all good, but there comes a point when you have tostep out in faith and act. And if you’re naturally sedentary or easily discouraged, you’ll have to confront your fear and reluctance and take that first step. Declaration of Independence signer John Hancock said, ‘All worthwhile men have good thoughts, good ideas and good intentions, but precious few of them ever translate those into action.’ God promised to part the waters of the Jordan River so that His people could go through and enter the Promised Land. But the waters parted only after they stepped in (Joshua 3:11-17). The same principle applies to you. In the beginning you just need to get moving. Try different things. It’s easier to start doing something right if you’ve already started doing something. It’s easy to steer a car when it’s moving forward, but almost impossible when it’s standing still. Dennis Bakke, co-founder and former CEO of global energy supplier AES Corporation, said, ‘We try a bunch of stuff… see what works…and call that our strategy.’ In other words, if you don’t know exactly what to do, don’t let it keep you from doing something.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, give me strength to continue to be a moving object that You can work with, steer and guide. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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