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Facebook Just Did Something You Should Know About

facebookDominationFacebook just did something you should know… it’s about email

Facebook just made an announcement about the Facebook Messaging App,

which has been kept pretty quiet but I think it has a big long-term play for the social media giant


Take a trip with me. Do you remember a time when email was exciting? When you would get a mail, and you would read it, letter for letter, every email you got? Do you remember signing up to Groupon in the beginning? Yes! You can get an all-you-can-eat sushi experience for R60. Amazing, subscribe me to that. And now, how many of you are still subscribed to Groupon? How many of us actually check the Groupon offers every day? Email has become a boring mess of work, spam and rubbish…

funny faceNow think of getting a ping on your cellphone – it’s a Facebook message. Do you jump and read it straight away? Yes, you do. It is like email used to be, and how Groupon special offer emails used to be. Exciting and a treat. This is a Facebook message so it must be important, right?

Last week, Facebook announced that you no longer need to have an active Facebook account to be able to use the Facebook messenger app. All of the same Messenger features, including payments and stickers, as well as voice and video calls, will be available to people using Messenger without Facebook. The main difference for non-Facebook users, of course, will be features that rely on your network of Facebook friends. Without a connection to a Facebook account, for example, the app will rely solely on your phone’s contacts to find friends on the service. Non-Facebook users won’t be able to access messages on the web either, those still live on for now.

funnyfacesmaritz03A while ago I wrote a piece about how Facebook already has all our personal time online, but they now also want to get all our online business time.

So, why do I think this is so big? I think Facebook is making a long-term play here, to eventually make Facebook Messenger the new email. Facebook’s long-term plan to become the mass communication tool online for all, is starting to roll out. Don’t forget Facebook also owns the world’s largest messaging app, WhatsApp, giving Facebook the lead in the communication tool space again.

Click to listen to WHIR Independent Internet RadioOK, get me straight here, I am not saying the email will disappear, it will just be marginalised and become more specific, just like direct mail and promotions are today.

I think if Facebook had their way, all our day-to-day communication, be it with our friends, our colleagues, our clients and even with companies, would all take place via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

The younger generations already do most activities on Facebook and WhatsApp, with email being a small part of the online experience. I say, watch this space, Facebook is making a move here.

*Also just to point out, I really like what Facebook is doing and think they are making some great changes and implementing some good ideas. I just think they need to up the PR and start telling the good stories about what they are doing.

By: Warren Harding

June IDSS Country Top 30 Chart Show Starts Now

EdDaileyTop30Show003 Wildhorse Independent Superstars Top 30 Country Download Chart Show


Congratulations to all the Independent Artists who made it to our, Wildhorse Country Download Chart for June 2015. If you are featured on this chart then your songs have been downloaded hundreds of times to qualify for a position on this chart show. Our download chart show is unique and a one of a kind chart show, as all songs are positioned on this chart strictly on the amount of downloads each song gets on Wildhorse Entertainment.


We are proud to announce our #1 spot for June 2015 goes to 

Number One Artist Clay Alston

Clay Alston has managed to hold on to the top of the Wildhorse Independent Superstars Country TOP 30 Download Chart show for the second month, with his Country hit, “Memory Lane.” This song has moved up really quick and now seems stuck at #1 thanks to Clay Alston fans worldwide. This song has already gone to #1 on the Top 20 Request chart for two months in a row. Well we will see if Clay’s fans can keep this great song at #1 for the 3rd month when July arrives, but for now it is Still King Of The Independents.



EileenCareyBottleYourCrazyUp750[#2] “Bottle Your Crazy Up” is Eileen Carey’s first Top 10 charted song on Wildhorse Independent Superstars Top 30 Country Download chart. Eileen is stuck here at #2 for the second month as Clay Alston refuses to budge at #1. It is a really nice up tempo country song and fans have taken to Eileen really well by embraced this song through their downloads but it is now up to her fans to try to dethrone Clay Alston so that Eileen can take the #1 slot next month.

PatrikWorkmanOldElPaso750[#3] Patrick Workman has had many hits over the past few year and his fans have always supported him well. Now Patrick moves into the #3 spot with his great Country hit,”Old El Paso”. Patrick has never given up on his music and is as Country as Country can be, maybe this will be another number one hit for Patrick Workman as he sings up a storm at “Old El Paso”

Wild Horse - MPH Brand Events 2010.xls[#4] Independent Superstar Dave Caley  Moves Up  into the Number four slot for June 2015. Dave has found what he was looking for in this Country hit, “Aint Living Long Like This”. Dave has had many songs on the charts over the years and is no stranger to the Top 30.  Dave works really hard at his career and will always go the extra mile for his fans, and it has once again paid off for this Independent Superstar. We will keep our fingers crossed for you Dave and hope that you, “Ain’t Living Long Like This” as it soon rolls into the #1 slot.

[LarryMClark750x423#5] Larry M Clark has had half a dozen Top 30 hits over the past year and his fans strongly believe in him. The fact that Larry is in the Top5 proves to the world that “Twenty One Wheeler” is a really good little tune, even though it moves down two places to #5 for this month. Larry is one of those Independent Superstars who believes that he needs to go the extra mile for his fans and making sure they all know he has news songs available and that he does without fail month after month. His fans are really happy and feel that Larry deserves to be on the charts and here is the proof as the fans keep Larry firmly in the Top 5 once again.  Hope to see you move back up and into the #1 spot Larry , good luck

Well that’s our Top 5, the full Top 30 is available at for you to download if you so wish.

music-notes-clip-art-png-MUSICIf there are any radio stations out there who wish to air our Chart Show please contact us at for links to download our monthly chart show. 

Download free music from Independent Superstars worldwide for promotion purposes only and not to be sold

Click to download free music from our Afrikaans artists For the latest Christmas Music Downloads click hereClick to download free music by our Bluegrass Artists Click to download free music from our Female Country artists Click to download Free music from our Country Bands Click to download free music from our Female Country artists Click to download free instrumental music hereClick to download free country music by artists singing duets Click to download free country male music

Go ahead the songs are free no strings attached compliments of the artists and Wildhorse Entertainment

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Saturday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All Who May Be In Need Of Some

When you are going through a dark time-a hard time-it’s easy to project that darkness into the future.

The longer you struggle with adverse circumstances, the darker the way before you appears-and the harder it is to imagine yourself walking along bright paths again. The temptation is to just give up and let misery become your companion. So it is crucial at such times to remember that I am your constant Companion. Moreover, because I am Sovereign God, I am able to turn your darkness into Light.

When you feel on the verge of sinking in despair, turn to Me for help. Cling to My hand, and walk by faith through the darkness. Do not focus on the circumstances that are weighing you down. Instead, through eyes of faith, look ahead to brighter times, and praise Me for them. While you worship Me in the midst of darkness, I enable you to see the first gleam of dawn on the path before you. Continue walking worshipfully with Me-a walk of faith. As you persevere along this path, the dim light will gradually shine brighter and brighter till the full light of day.

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners. -Isaiah 61:1

You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light. -2 Samuel 22:29

We walk by faith, not by sight. -2 Corinthians 5:7 nkjv

The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn,

shining ever brighter till the full lights of day. -Proverbs 4:18

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