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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday July 06, 2015


July 06, 2015 [Monday] Issue #1422


GUNMAN ATTACKS CITY BY THE BAY NEWS CREW As KTVU TV FOX CH 2’s Cara Liu reports on a homicide along San Francisco’s Embarcadero, an aggressor runs up and steals camera equipment from KNTV TV NBC CH 11 reporter Kris Sanchez who is also at the scene. The mad man pistol-whips 54 year old KNTV TV camera operator Alan Waples. KTVU TV anchor Brian Flores introduces the story and prepares to go live to Cara Liu when she screams: Hold on, hold on, wait! The robber flees the location in a black BMW.

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LEGENDARY HOUSTON, TX SPORTSCASTER’S TIME OUT In 1974, Bob Allen joins KTRK TV as Sports Director. In the 1970s & 1980s, news anchors Dave Ward and Shara Fryer, Marvin Zindler, sports director Bob Allen and weatherman Ed Brandon keep KTRK TV at #1 at 6 pm and 10 pm. In 1979, Bob Allen and Ed Brandon are guests on my KULF-790 Oldies show. Recently, doctors diagnose Bob Allen with T-Cell Lymphoma. Bob takes a leave of absence from KHOU TV CBS CH 11. Wish Bob well on

TV LAND PULLS GENERAL LEE What is going on here in America? Bolshevik comrades say never let a tragedy go to waste. After the shootings at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC Commie pinkos go after the Confederate flag. Do these airheads not know or respect American history? TV Land removes The Dukes of Hazzard from its schedule. Warner Brothers says it will stop licensing General Lee toy cars and models. The 1969 General Lee Dodge Charger is one of the most popular cars in TV history.

TRUMP’S MISS USA RELOCATES After Presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s revealing words about the illegal alien invasion of America, NBC and Univision cut their ties with the Miss USA pageant co-owner which leaves the telecast in a state of darkness. Here comes Donald Trump to the rescue. Hubbard Media-owned Reelz cable channel picks up the 2015 Miss USA pageant to air on Sunday, July 12 at 8:00 PM ET. Hubbard also owns 14 TV stations plus 46 radio stations.
TRIVIA QUESTION: When does the first drive in theater open? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Barry Kaye & Judy Salvador June 30th. Neenah Friedheim July 3rd. Bob Hamilton July 9th. Ronnie Raphael long time record promotions friend since 1975 July 10, 2015. •MICHAEL BERRY talk host renews his contract with news/talk KTRH-740 Houston, TX plus he is on 13 additional iHeartMedia markets. •KARLA HUELGA exits KVIA TV ABC CH 7 in El Paso, TX to join KTNV TV ABC CH 13 Las Vegas, NV as a meteorologist.


•1959 WENH TV PBS CH 11 in Durham, NH begins broadcasting on July 6th. •1969 JOHNNY CASH’s single A Boy Named Sue releases on Columbia records on July 2nd. •1975 CURTIS JACKSON rapper known as 50 Cent born on July 6th in South Jamaica, NYC, NY. •1980 JOHN CONLEE’s debut on The Grand Ole Opry is on July 5th. •1998 ROY ROGERS King of the Cowboys dies at 86 on July 6th in Apple Valley, CA. •2008 KIX BROOKS(Brooks & Dunn) runs with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain on July 6th.


BOB ALLEN [KTRK TV ABC CH 13 Sports Director for 39 years retires on Friday, January 18, 2013 returns on April 25th as weekday sports anchor on rival KHOU TV CH 11] (Houston, TX) Am overwhelmed by the outpouring of well wishes & prayers. I have T cell lymphoma which is treatable. I feel blessed! (

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TYRONE CULLEY (Austin-Round Rock, TX) Subject: Bill Siptak passed away Sunday June 21st at his home in Austin, TX. Hi all, My name is Tyrone Culley and I am Peggy Culley’s youngest son and Bill has been part of my life since I was 12. I’m 47 now so that is a good bit of time. I was going through emails looking for people to contact and this list is big. Some of you may have heard, and others may not have, but Bill passed away Father Day June, 21st 2015. I apologize for this coming through email but I do not have everyone’s contact information. Bill will be greatly missed as he has touched many lives. The memorial will be out at Mom and Bill’s Lake house. William R. Siptak’s Memorial Service July 11th, 2015 @ 2pm 12909 Riverbend Austin, TX 78732 Thank you and my God bless each of you. Tyrone Culley

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TONY WILLIAMS [WKY-930/KRLD-1080] (Dallas-Richardson, TX) Jim, I am 63, but when my family lived in the small town of Holdenville, OK, about 90 miles SE of Oklahoma City, my dad had to erect a large beam antenna to pick up TV from Oklahoma City. The NBC affiliate, WKY-TV, was the only one with a clear signal. The ABC station, KOCO-TV…nothing but snow. The CBS station, KWTV-TV, only fair. Tony

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JAY WALKER [KJKK FM 100.3/KTSA-550 KTFM FM/Jay Walker Prod] (Dallas/McKinney, TX) Subject: Radio Killed Radio. Jim I wanted to take a moment to respond to a recent email in your much appreciated news letter. I quote: “Today’s radio is really “narrowcasting“ instead of broadcasting. Competition from satellite radio and the internet have pretty much ended what we all were a part of when Top 40 was King.” I respectfully disagree. The difference between markets in the mid 60’s compared markets in the mid 90’s made narrowcasting a necessity. When station counts in radio markets increased tenfold or more narrow-casting was how you focused on YOUR audience. With 60+ stations in a market like Dallas in the 90’s and now, the days of “all things to everyone cradle to grave” had passed. The bottom line, Radio Killed Radio When management decided to program to the rating service and NOT program to PEOPLE was when radio cut its own throat. Best regards and stay safe! Jay Walker ex WLS AM/FM, KEGL etc, etc

TRIVIA ANSWER: In 1932, Camden, NJ chemical company magnate Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. nails a screen to trees in his backyard. He sets a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his car and puts a radio behind the screen. Hollingshead opens the first drive-in theater on Tuesday, June 6, 1933.

JANET LYNN [fine Texas Western Swing Hall Of Fame singer] (Austin, TX) Hi Ya’ll. I have enjoyed all the emails about Johnny (Gimble). I have so many memories of working with him, his son, Dick, on bass, and spending ski trips with whole Gimble Family. I was Johnny’s “girl singer” for 5 years. We spent time together on every type of show one can imagine from Silver Dollar & Broken Spoke in Austin, events in Waco/Dallas, opening for Kitty Wells at rodeos, opening for Willie, the Electric Horseman Movie Release, and doing a lot of conventions/private party dates in TX and TN. You name it, we played it. Blessings to all as I know he would want to be remembered so fondly. Janet Lynn Member of Texas Music Hall of Fame, 1999 Member of Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame, 2000.

BOB WILLS (March 6, 1905 – May 13, 1975) I think I was singing when I was born.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Monday


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All In Need Of Some


Remember Me on your bed think of Me through the watches of the night

When you are wakeful during the night, thoughts can fly at you from all directions. Unless you take charge of them, you are likely to become anxious. Your best strategy is to think about Me during your night watches. Start communicating with Me about whatever is on your mind. Cast all your anxiety on Me because I care for you. I am taking care of you! This makes it possible for you to relax and rejoice in the shadow of My wings.When you remember Me during the night, think about who I really am. Ponder My perfections: My Love, Joy, and Peace. Rejoice in My majesty, wisdom, grace, and mercy. Find comfort in My names: Shepherd, Savior, Immanuel, Prince of Peace. Be awed by My Power and Glory, for I am King of kings and Lord of lords. Thus you worship Me and enjoy My Presence. These thoughts of Me will clear your mind-helping you see things from My perspective-and refresh your entire being.

“On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night. -Psalm 63:6″”Cast all your anxiety on [God] because he cares for you. -1 Peter 5:7

“Because You have been my help, therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice. -Psalm 63:7 nkjv

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called. I charge you to keep this command without spot or blame until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, which God will bring about in his own time-God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see.

To him be honor and might forever. -1 Timothy 6:12-16

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