USA Genocide

This Story Would be Funny If It Wasnt So Serious

RebelFlag001Charlie Daniels Considers the Confederate flag as a Sign of Defiance and Pride

For the South While liberal musicians think it should go away Entirely 

Charlie writes on his website he has no desire to reinstate the Confederacy,

but he feels Southerners view the flag as a symbol of pride in an area of the nation.

A few days ago, Bree Newsome thing or other, drove all the way from her home town in North Carolina passing hundreds maybe even thousands of confederate flags just to climb a pole of preference in South Carolina to remove a Confederate flag, and r&b artist Monica says she would have helped her climb the pole if she had been closer to that pole.  Funny thing is that Monica could have found a pole closer to her home to climb if she really wanted to climb a pole, but I suppose there were no reporters covering any poles in her hometown. Big Sean says the time is right to tear down the flag because America is the land of equality.  I wonder should he not have said left, as it’s not the right who want to tear down the flag its the left. If big Sean was so serious about Equality he would leave other people’s flags alone, unless he only wants to impose his way of life on others and only wants equality for all on the left and none on the right at all.

It is very clear that the people who are flag haters hate a lot more than a Flag on a pole. Flag haters just don’t realize that they are weakening America while the enemy is at the gate waiting to attack once the flag haters have crippled America good and solid, or is it Liberally and Racistically. Whichever way the Flag haters do it the enemy will attack once the liberals have destroyed the moral of the good people of America. Trying to change the haters is a lost cause, they have spoken, shouted and demanded their way of life be imposed on all, the haters are a growing majority and it is only a matter of time before it’s too late.

– Wriiten By A. Flagpole


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