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July Top20 Wildhorse Request Chart Majors Rule

ChartBodyulyHeader Where Are The Independent Artists On This Request Chart ?

I cannot help noticing how the Independent Artists are a no-show on this Top 20 Chart. It seems that 99% of the Independent Artists wont even make the effort of voting for their song here, or at the very least ask their friends, family or fans to vote for them. What is wrong, the artists are always complaining about having to pay to have their songs charted now here they can chart for free. But wait a minute, some effort is required they must fill in their name and song to vote, that is probably way too much work for the independent artist to get done to further their career. What I have noticed is that visitors are voting for Major artists here and only a fee Independent Artists are taking advantage of this incredible free offer to feature on a Top 20 Chart.

As Wildhorse Entertainment does not make any money on setting up and making this chart ready for publication we are wondering if the Independent Artists deserve this benefit or perk at all. Maybe I would do better off going out and spending the few hours it takes to make this chart ready, with my wife to the local coffee shop and using the time to relax.

I will continue publishing this chart for another 2 months and if it continues to move towards a major artist chart then I am going to drop it like a sack of potatoes. This chart was intended for the Independent Artists and not for the majors, but the majors are more interested in it than the Independent Artists.

We had 12789 votes for Major artists and only 436 by Independents.  That is in my opinion very disappointing, maybe it’s because the Majors are more interested in making their careers work than the Independents.

– Frans MaritzBlue Maze Line


 Frans Maritz WHISNews21 for Wildhorse Entertainment 2015

Music City Ghost:Want Your Song Signed Give It Away

MusicCityGhostRymanSongwriters006How Far are you willing to go to get the song you wrote recorded by a Nashville Star?

There are companies up and down Music Row that will get your song recorded by a star if you are willing to consent to the conditions.  Even though you wrote the song entirely by yourself, you might be shocked to find out what you may have to agree to in order for it to end up on an Artist’s new CD.  For starters the Artist and or Producer may ask for writer credits knowing they never wrote any of it.  The publisher may demand all of the publishing and not have a penny invested in the song.  In other words you paid for the demo, you wrote the song, and thought you could get someone to record it for you and you keep all the royalties.  This is now and that was then.  Why should a record company let the likes of you into their establishment with your suitcase full of songs when they have staff song writers on the payroll waiting for their songs to be recorded.  These staff writers receive a small wage each week and turn in their songs to the company in the hopes they get recorded.  The reason why it is so important that they get recorded is because the wage they earn is an advance against future royalties.  If after 2 years of accepting a wage each week and your songs don’t get recorded and earn money then you owe all those back wages to the company that advanced it to you in the first place.   This is how it works and those that wish to disagree with me have every right in the world to blast me for writing this.  When is the last time you wrote a song, paid for the demo and gave out copies to the stars and got it recorded with no strings attached?

The Music City Ghost [File #6] 2015

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Wednesday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All Who May Be In Need Of Some


Jesus and Lamb


” Devotion”

Are You Growing Spiritually?

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall. Psalms 55:22 

First, you must learn how to carry your own burden. Second, you must be able to help those who are weak to carry theirs. Third, you must learn to give your burden to the Lord. ‘Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee.’ Sounds easy, but it’s not, because: 1) If you’re self-centered you will think only about your own personal wants, needs, and plans. 2) If you’re a self-starter and self-motivator you will struggle with the humility required to get down on your knees and say, ‘Lord, I need you; before I make a move I need to know You are with me’. 3) If you’re self-sufficient you will wait until your knees are buckling and your back is breaking, then send an SOS up to heaven asking, ‘Lord, where are You?’ And He will reply, ‘I’m right here, wondering when you’re going to start trusting Me, leaning on Me and drawing strength from Me.’ Jesus said, ‘I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing’ (John 15:5). The key to success in God’s Kingdom is: work like it all depends on you and pray like it all depends on God! Martin Luther said, ‘I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.’ If He has to, God will allow you to fall flat on your face in order to get you on your knees. If you’re wise, you won’t wait for that to happen.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, on my knees in front of my King. Help me trust You in all things. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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