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Charleston Shooting What They’re Not Telling You WETv

PaulJosephWatson001Charleston Shooting: What They’re Not Telling You WET TV

Liberals are hastily exploiting this tragic incident to fabricate the myth that there are armies of white people waiting to commit violent hate crimes against blacks. They’re even advocating that only white people be disarmed, an inverse of early racist gun control laws which targeted black people, Paul Joseph Watson now on WETv

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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday, June 19, 2015


June 19, 2015 [Friday] Issue #1417


LEGENDARY ABC RADIO ANNOUNCER FOLDS AFTER OVER 40 YEARS In 1968, Johnny Donovan is overnight DJ on WOR FM NYC. Since 1972, the legendary Johnny Donovan’s voice is a big part of WABC-770. Johnny is a music disc jockey during WABC-770’s MusicRadio golden age until his final music air shift on May 9, 1982 when WABC-770 casts aside music for talk. Johnny Donovan joins the ranks of legends like Don Pardo, Ed McMahon and Ernie Anderson who retire. Johnny remains the voice of The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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VETERAN NEWS/TALK PROGRAMMER GOES HOLLYWOOD Ken Charles spends the past two decades at iHeartMedia as National Brand Manager of News/Talk/Sports and Vice President of Programming of its Sacramento. CA cluster until he hits the road in January 2015. Charles also serves as Regional VP/Programming in Houston, TX and Director of AM Programming in Miami, FL. Veteran News/Talk programmer Ken Charles moves on up as the new Program Director at CBS Newsradio KNX-1070 Los Angeles, CA.

WHICH RADIO FORMAT OFFERS MOST LOCAL NEWS? According to the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) the amount of local news on TV stations is steadfast. Local radio newscasts indicate aslight drop overall, falling an average of two minutes daily. Which radio format presents the most local news? RTDNA reports that Country and Adult Contemporary radio stations are the most likely formats to offer listeners local newscasts, slightly more so than stations that brand themselves as News/Talk.

RADIO DISNEY WEASELS OUT OF ITS LAY OFF NOTICES On May 28, 2015 Disney’s ABC Television Group informs its team of roughly 30 to 35 application developers to pack their bags because they no longer have their gigs. Disney informs the group that their jobs relocate to an IT contractor’s large offshore operations. But, on Thursday, June 11th Disney’s ABC TV Media Technology & Strategy development team cancels its layoff of their developers. One worker says: Disney may be simply waiting until the heat dies down.

TRIVIA QUESTION: When does radio broadcast the first political convention? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gary Bradshaw & Ira [Eye] Lipson June 13th. Scott Arthur June 14th. Joel Raab June 19th. Chuck [Boom Boom] Cannon June 20, 2015. •MIKE KANNON former KLIF FM (I93) Dallas, TX morning host replaces Tony Zazza and Julie Fisk who depart KVIL FM in November 2014. •TONY ZAZZA 17-year radio vet most recently Zazza Mornings on CBS Radio Hot AC KVIL FM (103.7) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX until November 2014 relocates to Cumulus Top 40 WAOA FM (107.1) Melbourne, FL.


•1956 JERRY LEWIS & DEAN MARTIN end their comedic duo after 16 films on June 19th. •1964 PORTER HOWELL guitarist/co-founder of Little Texas (God Blessed Texas #4-1993) born on June 21st in Longview, TX. •1972 ROBIN TUNNEY actress (Encino Man – 1992) born on June 19th. •1988 GARTH BROOKS signs with Capitol Records on June 17th. •1992 BATMAN RETURNS with Michael Keaton as Batman opens on June 19th. •2005 BIG & RICH become honorary marshals of Deadwood, SD on June 19th.


JACK PARNELL [ex WHBQ-560 PD/DJ] (Memphis, TN) Subject: Jim Ed Brown. I too was very saddened to hear of Jim Ed Brown’s death. I watched him just last week on our local PBS Station (WKNO-TV, Memphis), as he and his sisters sang most of their great hits, and they were obviously older, but still sounded excellent Great harmony, etc. I also remember Jim Ed himself from 1959. It was August, the Midsouth Fair was rolling, we at WHBQ had a dance pavilion with stage, called “TeenTown”. Ron Meroney and I were there getting ready for a remote broadcast, the kids were dancing, we looked around and here comes Jim Ed Brown. He came onstage with us, but wouldn’t let us introduce him, because wherever they went, the crowds wouldn’t leave them alone. He chatted with us personally, thanked us for playing their records and he moved away from the crowd and got ready for their next appearance. I also used to watch him on his show on TNN called “Jim’s Place”. Excellent show. Hecuva nice and very talented guy. Jack Parnell–Former WHBQ Memphis disk jockey

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JAY WEST [KILT-610/KODA FM/KRIO-910] (Houston, TX) Subject: Who’s calling ???? I was amused by the story you had in your JRRR a couple of weeks ago about Elvis calling a jock and telling him he loved the music choices he played on his show…etc. That kinda’ happened to me when I was working my first radio job at XEL radio in Mexico City…back in the late 50’s. (XEL was the only English language radio station in Mexico at the time, They broadcast 7-9am, and 7-10PM in English daily.) I was spinning records one night when I received a call from Audie Murphy, so he said…and asked if I could play a certain song. I said is this a joke…you are not Audie Murphy…and he said he really was and was listening to my show. I hung up on him thinking it was a prank. Next day in “The News” (English news paper) I read where Audie Murphy was in town filming his latest western. I swallowed and almost choked. So you see, it happens, and boy was I mad. I was a great fan of Mr. Murphy, after I read his book, and saw his movie “To Hell and Back”. What a putz I was. In the words of Hudson & Harrigan (KILT),,,BELIEVE OR DON’T !!! — JAY WEST

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ROBERT TINDLE [Radio Engineering Professional] (Tyler-Lufkin, TX) Hey Jim! I did use 16 inch turntables and Gray Research arms when is started in radio in 1974. I have some 16 inch LPs that I found in the old studio. Every piece of equipment was tube type like Gateway console, transmitter, Cartritape cart machines and Magnecorder Reel to Reels. All of that sounded great then also. I have seen technology grow so much in the past 40 years. Today I am on the radio Live afternoons with playing CDs live on the air but l am letting the computer play and log the stop sets and the transmitter control does not have to be logged every 30 minutes. Also most of the songs are much longer that 2:19 in length so I am not nearly as rushed as I was in the old days. I welcome some of the new technology but if I let the computer play the music on my show I feel it would psychologically take away from the True Live feel or it would for me because then I would just be a guest of the computer automation and that would take away from what I can do, feel and visualize. Thanks, Robert Tindle

TRIVIA ANSWER: In 1844 news about the presidential convention in Baltimore, MD goes out by telegraph for the first time. By the 1880 conventions, reporters use two new gimmicks called the telephone and the modern typewriter. On June 10, 1924 NBC Radio broadcasts the first political convention when the Republicans assemble in Cleveland, OH.

DUKE GILLELAND [Bob Wills Western Swing chat board] (Belton, TX) Subject: Jim Ed Brown…Pop A Top. Danced a many a mile to that ol’ honky tonk standard! Many thought it was an Allen Jackson original. “The Old Lamplighter” was another he put out that we thought was a good one. RIP Jim Ed. Duke & Cindy Gilleland – Belton

LEONARD NIMOY’s last Tweet: A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP [Live long and prosper]

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For this Friday



We may refuse to be comforted at, but with time we see there is no shame in letting others weep with us.  No one knows what to say to a mourner, but words are not really needed.  When a friend of mine loses a loved one, give me guidance on how I can best help her.  Perhaps I can watch children to give her some private time.  Maybe sending a son over to mow the lawn would help.  Would she want my husband to help her find the documents  she needs or give some financial advice?  A few days ‘ worth of frozen home-cooked meals is always welcome.  I don’t want to intrude or seem overbearing, so give me tactfulness  and the ability to see what is needed and how I can best be of help. 
 (This can also be for a male friend, especially seniors).
    Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. (Mathew 5:4)
In a few months  Your healing will begin to be obvious, Lord.  My friend will be finished with most of the necessary  chores death entails.  She will be back at work and appearing at church and community events.  Her children will be adjusting well.  Although she seems  to be returning to normal,I must remember that my friend is still very much in pain.  This is a time when I must listen carefully, Lord.  If she needs someone to discuss future plans with, make me available to her.  If she needs expert help, let me help her find good advisors.  Above all, give her Your guidance and support  as she makes important decisions about the life she is rebuilding for herself.
……Praise ye the Lord…He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.  (Palm 147:1, 3

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