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Maddie & Tae to Release ‘Start Here’ Album in August

MaddieandTae002Maddie & Tae to Release ‘Start Here’ in August

Maddie and Tae‘s debut album, Start Here, will hit stores on August 28th. It will include their hit singles, “Girl in a Country Song” and “Fly” as well as 9 other tunes.

We’ve been writing this record for five years, so we’ve had this kind of evolution of music,” Dye notes, “Our journey over the past five years has changed a lot, but it’s been fun for us, ’cause we’ve gotten to write about it and kind of get our different emotions out.”

‘Start Here’ is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

Maddie & Tae, Start Here Track Listing:

1. “Waitin’ on a Plane”
2. “Girl in a Country Song”
3. “Smoke”
4. “Shut Up and Fish”
5. “Fly”
6. “Sierra”
7. “Your Side of Town”
8. “Right Here, Right Now”
9. “No Place Like You”
10. “After the Storm Blows Through”
11. “Downside of Growing Up”

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March IDSS Country Top 30 with Ed Dailey 2pm CST

eddaileytop30Wildhorse Independent Superstars Top 30 Country Download Chart Show


Airing  Saturday at  2 pm Nashville & 9pm South African Time

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Congratulations to all the Independent Artists who made it to our, Wildhorse Country Download Chart for March 2015. If you are featured on this chart then your songs have been downloaded hundreds of times to qualify for a position on this chart show. Our download chart show is unique and a one of a kind chart show, as all songs are positioned on this chart strictly on the amount of downloads each song gets on Wildhorse Entertainment.


We are proud to announce our #1 spot for March 2015 goes to 

Dave Caley

Independent Superstar Dave Caley  Moves right up  into the Number One slot for March 2015. Dave has found what he was looking for in this Country Rock hit, “Let It Roll” as it moves up into the #1 spot this week. Dave has had many songs on the charts over the years and is no stranger to the Top 30.  Dave works really hard at his career and will always go the extra mile for his fans, and it has once again paid off for this Independent Superstar. We will say it again Dave, “Let It Roll”




[#2] Independent Superstar Allen Karl and Donna Cunningham have taken this Country Classic and made it a hit all over again as “Storms Never Last” moves all the way up to the #2 position on this chart. Allen and Donna are very popular worldwide and have had so many hits in the past, individually and as a Duo, it is not surprising that here they are again with another Top 5 hit as their Duet comes in at number 2 on the Wildhorse Independent Superstars Top 30 Country download chart.   

WayneJacobsInColdBloodBanner750x423[#3] Wayne Jacobs has had half a dozen #1 hits over the past few years, his fans believe this is his greatest one of all. ‘In Cold Blood” as it slides down from the #1 spot and lands at #3 this month. It is however a very well-known fact that Wayne has an enormous following in the worldwide and they have no doubt supported him very well as all loyal fans would do.

DanSchaferFt3BsOnlyOneLittleJimmy750[#4] Barbara Blevins, Clyde R.Birkla and Keith Bradford have written dozens of tribute songs as the 3B’s over the years and it is ironical that the last song they would write together as a songwriting team, would be one of their biggest hits. Their tribute song to the late Jimmy Dickens, “Only One Little Jimmy” sung by Dan Schafer moves into the Top5 this month. It is clear that Little Jimmy Dickens fans are not ready to let go and this song has found a comforting place in Little Jimmy’s fans hearts as it moves into the #4 position for March 2015

BobbyGRiceThroughEachOthersEyes750x423[#5]  Bobby G. Rice a  genuine Country Legend and Superstar finds himself on our chart at #5.  Bobby’s latest hit, “Through Each Others Eyes” has done extremely well for him and we are even more proud to have Bobby on our chart. Bobby is once again charting all over the world brand new songs and all his fans worldwide are just loving it. All new Bobby G. Rice CD’s are on Century II Records, Nashville Tennessee.

Well that’s our Top 5, the full Top 30 is available at for you to download if you so wish.

music-notes-clip-art-png-MUSICIf there are any radio stations out there who wish to air our Chart Show please contact us at for links to download our monthly chart show.

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Go ahead the songs are free no strings attached compliments of the artists and Wildhorse Entertainment

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Saturday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All In Need Of Some


To reach our highest potential, THRASHING may happen.  If you are having bad breaks stop fighting it, don’t be frustrated. Stay in peace and let God fight your battles.  Are you having financial problems, looking for a job, or a friend letting you down, keep a good attitude.  Have a new perspective and give it over to God.

Don’t let frustration get you down !    Sometimes God will put you in difficult situations.  It will make you better.  Stay in peace !  Think what is truly pushing you back.  When under pressures go to Jesus.    God knows  you are down.  Don’t let anyone put you down.  Be prepared ~  Shake off what people have told you, such as  you can’t do something.  You are a mighty man or woman of God !  God is making you a better person, with more maturity.  God loves you, trust him.

Do not complain- Have faith.  God will have you separated from the bad bumps in the road.  God used it to refine you!  God wants to give birth to new things for you.  He is preparing you for your future!  He is teaching you to be stronger.  You are being prepared for something .  Don’t be afraid .  Sometimes God will give you a season to be alone,  Embrace this time!  Focus on good, not on past disappointments.  Use your time wisely, he knows what you need.  God is pruning you to grow !

You will come through this as a better person.

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