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Black Youths Rioting In Minneapolis, St Patrick’s Day

MinneapolisRiotersRace Riot Ruins St. Patrick’s Day in Minneapolis

Black youths rioted in downtown Minneapolis last night for St. Patrick’s Day

Young black males and females arrived by bus and then began fighting with each other and rioting at the Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day Festival. Or as some local media put it, “teens made a commotion.” Several people were injured. There were multiple gunshots. One person was horrifically beaten and stomped while on the ground. The organized riot started when a large group of teens took mass transit downtown with the intention to cause trouble.A chaotic night Tuesday in downtown Minneapolis included fights, injuries and arrests.Police say it all began with a large group of teens who used mass transit to travel downtown with the intention of causing trouble. The group of young people fought amongst themselves and blocked traffic near Nicollet Mall amid St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The disturbance was widespread and included the areas between 3rd and 8th streets, and Marquette and Hennepin avenues. Additional police officers were called in to restore order. They arrested as many as six people, and used buses to get others out of the area. Two people who were involved in the fights were injured, police say. Minneapolis police made approximately 6 arrests during a chaotic night downtown following the St. Patrick’s Day parade, as hundreds of teens got into several large fights.

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I think the Tribe as well as the Rev. Big Mouths are behind this, and no doubt they will try to disrupt any other parade, festival, concert or activity that is predominantly enjoyed or attended by whites. They turned the Iowa state fair into a riot, complete with attacks against white who came to the fair with their families. I think whites are going to have to start organizing activities by invitation only at private venues. That way when these thugs show up, whites have more ways to respond, including the use of force.

Just watched the whole video from the link provided. Looks like a third world frenzy. Then the savage beasts are whining and complaining the police aren’t being polite to them. Truly insanity has come to pass! They should just be left alone and let them all do each other in.

Anti-Whites will not allow an all White ANYTHING.
Diversity chasing down the last St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Minneapolis.

Rock Artists Reincarnated as Country Artists

CMA 2014 Country ChristmasRock Artists Reincarnated as Country Artists ?

Now Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler country and ready to record a country album, and why not?

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

It worked really well for Darius Rucker, he was over and done with till he woke up one morning and decided that if he is going to make money again he only needed to make sure he records real country music. He probably already knew that today’s country fans can be fooled so easily, for they don’t have much loyalty to the roots of country anymore. He knew he would just have to record the best country songs he could find, and his plan would work.

So now why not Steven Tyler, I mean the corporate’s have made country so easy to move into as Steven does not even have to adapt his music much, country is already Rock.  So who will be next I wonder ?

Steven Tyler Country ?

Steven Tyler Country ?

For those who may now believe I don’t like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, you are so wrong I will look forward to this album, as Steven will probably do a good job, but I will always know that Country is for Country, as Rock is for Rock and to add one more Rap Is For Rap.

So just as Darius Rucker has been perfectly molded into a country act by the corporate’s he may therefore only be country on the outside, and that’s what I believe all rock, pop and rap artists are when they reincarnate themselves into my Country.

What I cannot understand is why are our Country Stars so desperate to have other acts outside Country perform with them, they seem beyond desperate.

Todays country is very popular and many of todays so-called new country artists do not have true Country hearts, real country fans like me will always think of what I hear on Country Radio is superficial, artificial and not here to stay.

PS…..Thank  Goodness, for the Independent Country Artists worldwide, they are the saviors of Country Music Today, they are our Heroes.

– WHISNews21

Myth: Coconut Oil a Cure-All, Who Do We Believe?

CoconutPromoMaritz001Healthy eating myths: How many have you fallen for?

Myth: Coconut Oil is a Cure-All

Fact: Coconut oil is the latest miracle food. If you believe popular wellness websites, it’s good for just about everything – from making your teeth whiter, skin more luminous and hair shinier to boosting your brain and bone health and treatment for yeast infections. (Huh?!) However, according to the Food and Drug Administration, which recently sent a stern warning to a marketer of coconut oil over the brand’s misleading and unsubstantiated health and nutrition claims, coconut oil isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

According to registered dietitian Sonya Angelone, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Coconut oil’s health benefits are often credited to the medium-chain triglycerides it provides.” However, coconut oil actually contains very little – about 10 to 15 percent of all of its fat is the beneficial short-chain MCTs that contain no more than 10 carbon molecules, Angelone adds. While the major saturated fat in coconut oil is lauric acid (a 12-carbon molecule), there is insufficient published scientific evidence to suggest lauric acid provides any meaningful health benefits.

Coconut oil is more than 90 percent saturated fat. Butter, a distant second, is about 65 percent saturated fat. And like all fats, it’s also high in calories, weighing in at 120 calories per tablespoon. Using coconut oil when cooking Thai dishes and others recipes that call for the tropical oil won’t harm your health, but adding coconut oil to your diet probably won’t improve it, either.


Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Wednesday

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The Bible
Father, I need Your guidance: Today I have sought the counsel of Your Word in the Bible.  And yet I do not want to go forward until I have brought my decision before You in prayer.  I seek Your peace upon my heart and mind that I am doing the right thing.  If this is not the right thing for me, I pray that You make me restless and unsure until I have prayed it through and found Your peace.  Help me not to lean on my own understanding,  but to wait until You direct my path (Proverbs 3:5,6). Amen
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 Lord, Thank You for coming to earth and being our example.  You were all about the least of these.  I pray today that You will open my eyes to the hurting, the lost, the overlooked.  Forgive me for holding on to my comfort and conveniences.  Forgive me for being wrapped up in my problems and my-to-do lists.  Break my heart for what breaks Yours.  Let me see with Your eyes.  I pray for a willing, humble spirit.  In Your name,  Amen
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