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White Lightning Moonshine Raises Some Questions

georgeandgeorgette001George Jones “White Lightning” Moonshine Raises Questions

On Monday, January 13th, the concrete plans for the George Jones Museum and Event Center set to open in Nashville were presented to the press and public in an event in the eventual museum space.First announced in September of 2014, George’s widow Nancy Jones has spent $4.35 million on two pieces of adjacent property at 128 and 130 Second Ave. N. in Nashville where the former home of the Graham Central Station nightclub complex was located. The property is right near the Cumberland River, and within walking distance of both the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the recently opened Johnny Cash museum. The 44,000 sq. ft. facility is set to include an event space, a music venue, a restaurant, a rooftop deck, and a gift shop, all to commemorate the legacy of the country music legend.

White Lightning Moonshine

White Lightning Moonshine

Though the major work hasn’t officially started on the museum, they still expect to have it open by April 26th—the two year anniversary of the passing of the country icon. Nancy Jones said they will be working “around the clock” to make it happen, and Jamey Johnson has already expressed interest in playing the opening ceremony.

Also unveiled as part of the presentation was the plan to have the name and likeness of George Jones used on his own line of flavored moonshine and vodka, branded after his first #1 hit from 1959 written by The Big Bopper, “White Lightning.” The beverage line will be made in a partnership with the Silver Trail Distillery in Hardin, KY. It will include multiple flavors and a separate vodka product, each with what Nancy Jones characterized as George’s “Badass picture” on the label with the country singer in shades and smoking a cigarette.

But some are questioning the wisdom of putting the likeness of George Jones on an alcoholic beverage. Though country music, alcohol, and moonshine specifically are synonymous with each other in many ways, George Jones battled with alcoholism and substance abuse throughout his life, spending time in rehabilitation hospitals and in jail on multiple occasions.

1967 was the first time George ended up in a neurological hospital after binge drinking and amphetamine use almost killed him. At one point in 1979, despite being one of the best-selling artists in the history of country music, George Jones was bankrupt and destitute because of his drinking, living in his car, weighing around 105 pounds and living off of junk food. George spent time in mental institutions tied to his drinking multiple times and had to be straighjacketed on numerous occasions. He became known as “No Show Jones” because he missed so many engagements over his career.

georgejones27Waylon Jennings helped get George Jones sober again in the early 80′s, but as he had done many times before, be fell back into severe alcoholism. It wasn’t until 1999 when George Jones wrecked his car and spent two weeks in the hospital that he would become sober for good. His wife Nancy Jones, who George met in 1981, is also given credit for helping stabilize his life, and keeping drug dealers away from her husband.

The stories of George Jones riding lawnmowers to bars and liquor stores after his keys had been taken away, and spiraling out-of-control in drunken stupors are the stuff of country music lore, but it also lent to much tragedy and self-destruction in George’s life, including his divorce from Tammy Wynette, his multiple arrests, and at one point Nancy’s daughter Adina reportedly being kidnapped by drug dealers because of George’s cocaine addiction and debts.

All of this George Jones history has many concerned about his likeness being used on a bottle of the substance he struggled with so heavily throughout his troubled life, including his daughter Georgette Jones—the daughter George and Tammy Wynette.

“Trying so hard to remain silent but I can’t… “ Georgette said via Facebook on Monday. “I’m sorry but I hope other people can see the truth. Dad is rolling in his grave over this! Anyone who truly knew him would know how much he would hate this!”

During the media event unveiling the moonshine and museum plans, Nancy Jones addressed concerns from reporters about the White Lightning moonshine, saying that George had toyed with the idea of endorsing an alcoholic brand all his life. “He’d say the alcohol controlled him all his life, and now he’s controlling it.” 

However, if George Jones wanted his name on alcoholic beverages, why didn’t he sign off on the idea when he was still alive?

To some country music fans, having the George Jones name and likeness on an alcohol bottle is every bit appropriate. The myth of George Jones has made him into country music’s most famous alcoholic, arguably even more famous for having a hard time controlling his drinking than Hank Williams. Many country songs refer to Jones’ alcoholism directly, like the 2011 Jason Aldean country rap mega hit “Dirt Road Anthem” that says, “swervin’ like I’m George Jones.” Some proponents of George’s music may also point out that putting his visage on a alcohol bottle might expose him to more people than country radio will these days.

But with all of George’s historic struggles with alcohol, the move seems surprising. A museum commemorating George’s life is arguably past due. But bottles of alcohol bearing his name and likeness seem to be in poor taste to some fans, no matter what flavors they come in.

In the end though, it is the call of the George Jones estate.

– SavingCountryMusic

T Graham Brown Headed To The Grammy Awards



New Album Features Collaborations with Vince Gill, Leon Russell,

The Oak Ridge Boys, Steve Cropper, Jimmy Fortune, Jason Crabb and more!

NASHVILLE, Tenn.– T. Graham Brown, one of the most distinctive song stylists in Country Music, is continuing to make some history of his own. Forever Changed, his latest project, has just netted the Georgia native a Grammy nomination for Best Album in the Gospel Roots category. The awards will be presented on February 8 in Los Angeles.

The album, which will be released on January 27 through Sony RED/Provident/Mansion Entertainment, as well as iTunes, showcases the stylist’s deep and reverent love of Gospel music. The album features guest appearances from some of the top names in the business, such as Country Music Hall of Fame member Vince Gill, who lends his talents to “He’ll Take Care Of You.” Other iconic artists that appear on Forever Changed include The Oak Ridge Boys, Leon Russell, Sonya Isaacs, Steve Cropper, and former Statler Brothers tenor singer Jimmy Fortune, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Booth Brothers, and Three Bridges. The thirteen-track set was co-produced by Mark L. Carman and T. Graham Brown, and includes such heart-rending performances as the classic “People Get Ready,” the Bill Anderson co-written “Which Way To Pray,” as well as a new version of his 1999 self-penned hit single “Wine Into Water,” which details his successful battle with alcohol abuse.

T Graham Brown01Track Listing:
1.   He’ll Take Care Of You (with Vince Gill)
2.   From A Stronger Place
3.   Soul Talk (with Jason Crabb)
4.   Forever Changed
5.   Shadow Of Doubt (with Leon Russell)
6.   The Power Of Love (with Jeff & Sheri Easter)
7.   Out Of The Rain
8.   People Get Ready (with Jason Crabb, Leon Russell, Steve Cropper, The Oak Ridge Boys)
9.   Pillow Of Mercy (with The Booth Brothers)
10. Midnight Rainbow (with Three Bridges)
11. Which Way To Pray (with Sonya Isaacs)
12. How Do We Know (with The Oak Ridge Boys)
13. Wine Into Water (with Jimmy Fortune)

The disc marks another stunning chapter in a career that began in the mid-1980s with his signing to Capitol Nashville. His first single for the label, “Drowning In Memories” hit the Billboard Top-40, and helped the singer kick off a series of hits that included “I Tell It Like It Used To Be,” “I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again,” and the number one singles “Hell and High Water,” “Don’t Go To Strangers,” and “Darlene.” Brown’s talents also earned him several commercial endorsements, including Taco Bell, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Dodge Trucks. Brown continues to bring his unique mix of Country and R&B to fans throughout the United States each year, and can be seen on such popular RFD-TV series asCountry’s Family Reunion and Larry’s Country Diner

WHISNews21 International News Episode #5 WET TV

whisnews21ImageS01E05WHISNews21 International TV Show Episode #5 HD S01E05 WET TV

Includes Special Tributes To Little Jimmy Dickens , and videos by Dave Caley, Eileen Carey and The 3 B’s

WHISNews21 will be remembered for, How We Lived, Loved and Made Music in the World of Country Music During the Early Part of the 21st Century. Episode 05: Another Original WET TV series featuring online news mostly of Independent Music Artists plus general news of the day and yesterday. The presenters featured on Episode 5 are Keith Bradford (Nashville USA), Ed Dailey (Washington USA), James Marvell (Nashville USA), Cathy and Frans Maritz (South Africa). WHISNews21 International Television show features music sung by International Independent Superstars Dave Caley ” They Rage On”, Eileen Carey “Bottle Your Crazy Up” and Dan Schafer with a special tribute to Little Jimmy Dickens written by International songwriters Barbara Blevins, Clyde R.Birkla and Keith Bradford titled “Only One Little Jimmy”. WHISNews21 is an original Wildhorse Entertainment production by Frans Maritz for WET TV. To be part of the WHISNews21 International TV Show, send your request by email to

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Worldwide Country: Discovery Five At #2 AirplayDirect

WorldwideCountryDiscoveryPromo1Worldwide Country: Discovery Five at #2

On The January Top50 AirplayDirect Chart

Discovery #5 Honors the memory of the Late Little Jimmy Dickens with a special tribute song written buy the 3B’s

WWCD5PromoBanner500Within one day of releasing Wildhorse Entertainments “Worldwide Country: Discovery Five” to Airplay Direct, the CD has reached #2 position on AirplayDirect’s Top 50 Country charts for today January 21, 2015. WWCD#5 is Wildhorse Entertainment’s first CD compilation disc made up of Independent Artists released to Radio on Airplay Direct for 2015.

As always we want all whom we encounter on Discovery Five our first voyage for 2015, to know that we come in peace and hope to make friends as we travel to meet old DJ friends and new Disc Jockeys through the solar DJ system. Peace be with you all.

Discovery Five is our very first voyage of 2015 and we are now ready to launch. Everyone on board is excited and maybe even more so than ever before as they all know that every Discovery voyage so far has been successful and above all has returned home safely. On board this Discovery voyage we have some pretty famous Independent Superstars, starting in no particular order with, Clay Alston, Eileen Carey, Dan Schafer, Michele Holland, Dave Caley, Elvis Carden, Candy Sue, Tattoo Billy, Rita Faye and Larry M.Clark. This is our very first all American voyage with all the artists from the Red, White and blue territory where the stars and stripes rule the land.

We will once again be visiting with all the Disc Jockey’s who we have made friends with on our first four voyages as we are hoping to find more friendly Disc Jockeys who would welcome us with open arms as we fly into their Kingdoms.

Below you will find a print of AirplayDirect  Top 50 Album Chart for today January 21, 2015.” Worldwide Country: Discovery Five” is featured at #2. It can be downloaded to your computer by right clicking and “save Target or picture as” for your own personal record.

January 21 2015 S750

To be on our next Discovery Voyage

please contact Frans Maritz at

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Wednesday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All Who May Be In Need Of Some


I am a very present and well-proved Help in trouble. My Presence is always with you, but I am very present in times of distress. Because you are a member of My royal family-a citizen of My heavenly kingdom-I am committed to caring for you. During stressful times, your heart may race and your adrenaline level may soar. These physiological changes can block your awareness of My Presence. So it’s vital at such times to remind yourself: Jesus is here with me; in fact, He is very present with me in this hard situation. Then, take some slow, deep breaths so you can relax enough to connect with Me and draw strength from Me.

Biblical history has many examples of My faithfulness during times of trouble. World history-including current events-also contains proof of My powerful Presence. You won’t hear of this in secular news reports, but I continue to do miracles in your world. Moreover, as you look back over the years of your own life, you will see many instances of My meeting your needs in hard times. Since I am such a well-proved Help, you can trust Me to help you now!

God is our Refuge and Strength [mighty and impenetrable to temptation], a very present and well-proved help in trouble. -Psalm 46:1 amp

“The Lord your God dried up the Jordan before you until you had crossed over. The Lord your God did to the Jordan just what he had done to the Red Sea when he dried it up before us until we had crossed over. -Joshua 4:23”

To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy-to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! -Jude 24-25

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