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A letter From An American living In South Africa

AnnieErickson001A Letter From An American Living In South Africa For The Past 7 Years

I confess when I first moved to South Africa I thought Afrikaners were the bad guys

The Boer Nation  a proud God Fearing nation for hundreds of year

Boer Nation a proud God Fearing nation for hundreds of year

Because I was never required to study African history in school, I knew only what the American media had taught me, which was that Afrikaners (Boer Nation) were responsible for Apartheid and therefore the bad guys. Six months after moving here, I realised how incorrect my initial assumptions were. Everyone in South Africa is both a “bad guy” and a “good guy”, and so it is with the rest of the world (for such is human nature).

The following two years were spent reading every book I could get my hands on regarding South Africa. If one wants to understand a culture, I reasoned, then one must study their art, music, literature, cuisine, and history. And so I did just that – not only for the Boer culture, but for other South African cultures as well.

At the end of those two years, I felt a keen remorse for having been so arrogant in the beginning. I now knew enough to understand that I knew very little, if anything. I enrolled in university (again) to study pastoral counselling, with the intent of learning how to listen and ask better questions. After I finished my studies, I enrolled in another three-year programme to study spiritual accompaniment, which teaches one how to journey with people on a spiritual level as they wrestle with issues of faith. I have two years left of this course, which brings me to the present moment.

Click Here to hear Jim Reeves sings “Sarie Marais” in his deep voice

Having lived in South Africa for seven years now, my desire is to walk humbly and respectfully with the people here, to forever be a student of the land, languages and cultures, and to serve where I can to help build this nation. This nation, however, will never reach its potential so long as any one people group is being marginalised or oppressed. The point of this letter is to share with you what I have observed among the Boers, as well as my hopes and dreams for them.

jim Reeves Loved the Afrikaans speaking Boer people

jim Reeves Loved the Afrikaans speaking Boer people

A famous American that loved Boer culture was non other than Jim Reeves. During the early 1960s, Reeves was more popular in South Africa than Elvis Presley and recorded several albums in the Afrikaans language. In 1963, he toured and was featured in a South African film, Kimberley Jim. The film was released with a special prologue and epilogue in South African cinemas after Reeves’ death, praising him as a true friend of the country. The film was produced, directed, and written by Emil Nofal.Jim Reeves was himself a Christian and had huge admiration for the Boer people who are a Christian nation similar to Americans. Jim Reeves died July 31, 1964 flying in a small aircraft with his manager Dean Manuel.

I see a people group who are being slowly squeezed out. I see a people group with no political representation. I see a people group whose younger generations are forced to carry the weight of the mistakes of their forefathers (which begs the question: how long does one punish a people group for the sins of the past?), whose older generations are frustrated, disillusioned and often angry with current situations, and whose middle generations struggle to find work and bridge the gap between the old and new South Africa, though they are desperately trying. I see a people group who are surviving at best, barely coping at worst, yet rarely thriving as they should be. I see a people group emigrating in large numbers. In short, I see a cultural crisis among the Afrikaners, as well as a great struggle to belong and be accepted in their own country. And this grieves me.

Click Here to listen to Jim Reeves singing “Jy is my liefling” 

Annie Erickson with family

Annie Erickson with family

In the seven years I have had the privilege to live in South Africa, I have come to love the Boers. I love all of the cultures here – truly I do – but there is a soft spot in my heart for the Boers. Not because I am also white, certainly not because I am racist, but because I see the strengths of their culture, and I believe those strengths should be celebrated. Boers have an amazing ability to persevere despite the odds. Boers have a strong work ethic. They also have a unique ability to improvise, make do, and find a way around their obstacles (‘n Boer maak ‘n plan!).

I have learned much from the Boer culture. One thing that especially touches me is the way Boers pray. In the seven years that I have been here, nearly every prayer I have heard begins with “Dankie, Here”. To begin a prayer with heartfelt thanks despite present challenges is something that moves me deeply. In my own culture people nearly always being prayers with, “Dear God, would You please do such and such…?” I no longer pray that way, and I have the Boers to thank for that.

Click Here to listen to Eddy Arnold  singing “Ruiter In Die Nag”

Eddy Arnold also loved Recording songs in Afrikaans

Eddy Arnold also loved Recording songs in Afrikaans

Another thing that I admire is the concept of a “lekker kuier”. It is more than a visit, more than a quick cup of tea, and can often interrupt schedules or to-do lists. In a kuier I am welcomed, heard, given priority over time’s looming deadlines, and valued. It doesn’t matter if my house is messy, my hair is not perfect, or what my plan for the day was. I thought I knew what hospitality was before I moved to South Africa, but I was wrong. I learned about hospitality from many a kuier, and I have the Boers to thank for that.

Boer Soldier saying farewell to his Wife and Baby and Son

A Boer Soldier saying farewell to his Wife, Baby and young Son to fight in a war against greed

One of my favourite things about Boers is the Afrikaans language itself. I studied German and American Sign Language in school, but I confess that learning another language as a middle-aged woman was a bit daunting. Even so, as an immigrant I believe it is respectful to learn the language of one’s host country. I chose Afrikaans to begin with because my children have to learn it in school, and I wanted to be able to help them with their homework. And what a delightfully descriptive language! With words like “spookasem”, “stofsuier” and “trapsuutjies”, how can one not love Afrikaans? It is a young language, it does not have a large vocabulary, but it is marvellously expressive and inventive. I came to appreciate the Bible all over again after I began to read it in Afrikaans, and I have the Boers to thank for that.

Click Here to listen to Jim Reeves singing “Die Blonde Matroos

I long for the day when Boers can hold their heads high and be proud of their culture and their heritage. I long for future generations to be in awe of their ancestors who fought bravely in the Anglo-Boer war or contributed toward the many inventions that are uniquely South African. I long for the Afrikaans language to persevere and continue to be relevant. I also long for the day when they no longer have to apologise for being Afrikaans but can celebrate their contribution to this great nation. No one should have to be ashamed of their culture or ethnicity, no matter what happened in the past.

Listen to Daar Doer In Die Bosveld sung by Jim Reeves

I would like to end this letter by saying the following to the Boer people: I see you. I value you. And I would like to respectfully journey with you in helping this nation to reach its great potential.

Annie Erickson


WHISNews21: Annie has done us proud in her letter above. However she is also not aware that the Afrikaners the world refers to was created by the British after the Anglo Boer War and the majority of whites who believe they are Afrikaners in South Africa are really and truly Boers. No one can blame them for thinking that way as almost 100 years of propaganda has made them lose their identity and to believe they are Afrikaners when in fact they are part of the proud Boer Nation. One day the truth will be believed by all, Until then we are brothers with a common oppressor. In defence of my comment I will say only this, it was “the Anglo Boer War and not the Anglo Afrikaner War” that should explain it for those who have an open mind.


9 thoughts on “A letter From An American living In South Africa

  1. People need to wake up and learn the truth.
    I always say to people dont judge SA until you have lived or been there.


    Posted by Shaun Swan | April 25, 2017, 5:02 pm
  2. Wow Annie thanks what a blessing to read your letter. All I can say to the person who talk about murder rape etc, that IT IS TIME for the sons and daughters of the most High God to realise our forefathers survived similar murder etc by only trusting in God but also living according to His will and treat ALL people according to His will. Africa and specific South Africa is very hungry for the Good news of the Gospel. Let us be the Light. That is why we were send to Africa!

    We only need to take hands and build this beautiful country with love!


    Posted by Debra vd Merwe | April 25, 2017, 11:21 am
  3. Thanks Annie. Just about the “limited vocabulary” of Afrikaans: The dictionary of the Afrikaans language (Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal) currently contains only words starting from A to Skooier and the estimate is that there are more than a million words in Afrikaans once they complete up to Z. In comparison, the Oxford English Dictionary contains less than 220 000 words of which more than 47 000 are obsolete words.


    Posted by Freek | April 25, 2017, 8:05 am
  4. Thank you for a most interesting and enlightening article. The Boers play a very vital role in our country. They are among the most important producers of our country’s bread basket. They have a strong belief in our God. It is interesting to note that the many Afrikaans messages that were sent in after Angus Buchan’s wonderful gathering “Its Time” . May God bless them in their faith in him to preserve their vital role they have in our country’s future.


    Posted by Felicity Cawood | April 25, 2017, 3:50 am
  5. As an 67 year old white Afrikaans speaking male, I find South Africa forced to an identity of survival after being raped by the money powers for obtaining everything valuable the country offers. South Africa produced some immense, advanced technology in the medical and arms industry, and is on the brink to offer more… but this time taking it to countries like Germany, as nothing is done to promote entrepreneurship by Afrikaans men any longer.

    The world’s most well known rockets were developed here nearby Pretoria… and now it belongs to the powers in America and Europe. I am aware of pharmaceutical advances that will change the face of the industry for ever, but cannot be registered due to the blocking system of big pharma.

    Look at the advances made by Afrikaans farmers up in Africa, restoring it to become the bread basket for many.

    We are hated because we dared to oppose colonial advances that stripped the country of it’s resources. We are hated for giving apartheid a name, as it was introduced by the colonial system long before we became independent.

    Yet, there are those who believe that the blood that was shed for South Africa’s future, even long before apartheid got it’s name, that will continue to guide the country to show its real character, to love all people. With political rights or not, called racists because of skin colour, murdered innocently, forced out of jobs, we will show our strength by believing in our God and believing in ourselves.


    Posted by Gerrie | April 24, 2017, 8:08 pm
  6. My only critical view of the article is as much as you claim to be sympathetic to the modern boer, you still give the impression that things were really bad during apartheid. I will not defend apartheid, but have found that many older blacks claim they were better off in the apartheid years. The younger blacks who are often seen protesting the results of apartheid were never there during apartheid, so on what basis they protest only they would know, certainly not from personal experience. If the results of apartheid were so terrible and getting worse each day with the current govt, then how bad are many other African countries if their citizens are ‘escaping to S.A.’


    Posted by Andy Allers | April 24, 2017, 9:17 am
  7. Hi to all my fellow Afrikaners. I had tears when reading letter that Annie Erickson wrote about the Boers. It made me so proud. Let us unite as a nation in respective of race or culture. Thanks Annie


    Posted by Pieter Greeff | April 24, 2017, 7:54 am
    • Pieter it takes two to tango, you may want to but your partner does not want to. Read the newspapers you are just a settler, unwanted and not welcome in South Africa, unless you bow down to the new masters. So sad but thats what I understand from what is being told to me in the SA News. however I agree with you it is but a dream. thanks for stopping by and please don’t forget an Afrikaner is not a Boer.


      Posted by WHISNews21 | April 24, 2017, 11:02 am
  8. Hi, I am 59 years old and i have never heard of a Boer running around South Africa ,raping women and babies torturing old people and killing people for fun, what should we be ashamed of? For separation from the nation that does these things and try put me on a guilt trip for the system and the governments that where in control and are controlling ? No South African had a voice or say, in the past or in the present or in the future ? But i should be ashamed for the evil that is and was and is still is being done to us at present , may the lord forgive the lies and betrayal to my kind ,innocent bystander.,South African sick of liberal lies .

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Christoffel Groenewald | April 23, 2017, 2:45 pm

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