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Tommy Oliver Want’s To Live With Ever Loving Music

TommyOliverWHISNews21Tommy Oliver Still Want’s To Live With His Ever Loving Music

South African Recording Artist “Tommy Oliver”, Born In Rustenburg, In 1950

Played In Numerous Groups Throughout His Amazing Musical Career.

TommyOliverSACountryGoldThe bands included names like “The Teen Four”, “The Pipe Pipers” and “Sounds Gravitation’, before going solo in the early 70’s to record what was to become his greatest hits and most popular songs.

Tommy had a Top 3 hit on the Official South African Springbok Radio Top 20 with “I wanna live” in 1973 this song also written by Tommy was to chart for more than 16 weeks. Tommy followed that with another hit song “Just An Ever Loving Woman” in 1974, which was to be another Top 10 hit for Tommy. Even though ‘Just An Ever Loving Woman” did not chart as high as ‘I Wanna Live” Tommy won a “Sarie Award” for that song on 1974 in the prestigious category  of ‘Song Of The Year’.

The Sarie Awards” were the  South African equivalent to the “American Country Music Awards” it was a huge honor to win a Sarie Award in those days.

Tommy currently lives in Pretoria South Africa and has had many health problems over the past few years but seems bent on continuing with his music career. We wish him only the very best.

– Frans Maritz WHISNews21

Three Year Sentence Is Back For Debt Recovery

DebtYouOnlyNeedToHideForThreeYearsIf Only Humans Can Be Revived Like Their Debt Is Revived

In terms of the Prescription Act (SA) normal debt prescribes, or expires, after three years but many consumers continue to receive calls from debt collectors to demand payment on old debt.

This is because a lot of debt collectors buy expired debtors books from credit providers for a very low amount and then start to call all of the consumers listed in the debtor’s book to demand payment, although the three years for collection of the debt may be over.

The good news is that this will no longer happen thanks to the implementation of the National Credit Amendment Act (NCAA). The NCAA prohibits the sale or collection of prescribed debt by any credit provider. In terms of this Act it will also be an offence to reactivate expired debt.

The NCAA has already been approved by the president and the Act will be implemented in the near future.

bills to pay 01What does this mean in practical terms for you?
If a debt has prescribed then the consumer you is not required to repay this debt as the debt is considered dead and thus cannot be collected.

A debt has prescribed when:
• The debt was incurred more than three years ago;
• No payment has been made over the last three years, and
• The credit provider has not pursued legal action to recover the debt in the three years.

What should you do if you receive a phone call to collect on a prescribed debt?
Simply put: you sign nothing, you pay nothing and you simply say that the debt has prescribed.

Some debt collectors may try to convince you that you are wrong, or threaten to list you with a credit bureau. You should not allow yourself to be intimidated and you should continue to state that the debt has prescribed. If the debt collector continues to pursue collection then you can confidently tell them that it is an offence in terms of the National Credit Amendment Act to list any old debt with a credit bureau.

– Liberty Wellbeing Services

Keeping Your Eyes Focused On The Future

eyes02If You Cannot See You Cannot Keep Your Eyes on the Future

Of all of our senses, we rely most on our sense of sight. It is through sight that we collect information about the world around us. We take in about 80% of the information we need through our eyes. We use our eyes for many activities that we perform every day–getting dressed in the morning, driving a car, learning at school or working at our jobs. Our eyes, together with our other senses, are our links to the world around us.

Grief-CryingEyeWhen you struggle with your vision it can affect your ability to function and severely compromise your quality of life. However, most eye disorders are treatable or manageable. Over 80% of blindness is avoidable, either through prevention or through treatment of diagnosed conditions.

If you are struggling with your vision then now is the time to get your eyes tested. It is also time to take your eyes seriously and protect them.

Here are some of the common eye problems that may affect your sight – there are other conditions that are affected by genetics, environmental factors and ill health. You should have an eye test if you believe your vision is suffering and the eye specialist will be able to pick up any more serious eye conditions.

eyesbloodCommon eye problems

People with myopia, or near-sightedness, will have difficulty focusing on objects at a distance but can clearly see objects that are closer. Changes in the shape of the eyeball or a curvature of the cornea are typical causes of myopia. As light rays pass through the cornea and the lens, they refract or bend. If the light rays bend incorrectly due to a change in shape of the eyeball or curvature of the cornea, they will focus in front of the retina instead of directly on it, causing a blurry image.

If you strain to see objects in the distance or have frequent headaches and feel tired towards the end of the day, make an appoint to see an optician to have your eyes tested. Myopia can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses or laser eye surgery.

People with hyperopia, also called hypermetropia or far-sightedness, will have trouble with close up work. Like myopia, far-sightedness is a refractive error. With hyperopia the eyeball is shorter and the cornea flatter causing the light rays to bend incorrectly, focusing behind the retina, not on it and causing a blurred image. Hyperopia runs in families and although it can occur at any age, it is common in people over 40.

If you have difficultly focusing on objects close by, struggle to read fine print, or have eye strain, fatigue or get a headache after close up work, see your optician for an eye test. Hyperopia can be corrected with glasses, contact lens or laser eye surgery.

The human eyeball should be shaped like a sphere, but in many cases, the eye is more oval, or football shaped. In a round eyeball, the cornea will bend the light evenly onto a small area of retina, creating a clear picture. With astigmatism, the light bends in a few directions, creating multiple focus points. There are different types of astigmatism.

Woman's Eye and World GlobesSchedule a test with your optician if you suffer regularly from headaches, eye fatigue, need to squint to see objects more clearly or have double vision. Your optician will make a diagnosis after an eye exam. Astigmatism can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or astigmatic keratotomy eye surgery.

A cataract is a clouding of the lens that focuses light rays onto the retina. This clouding interferes with the normal passage of light rays to the retina and results in a general dimming of vision. It may be slow to start but in most cases the clouding gets progressively worse. A diagnosis will be made after an eye exam. Your doctor will tell you if you are a candidate for cataract surgery where the clouded lens is removed and replaced with an artificial one.

How to protect your eyes

eyes01Here are some ways to protect your eyes this summer:

  • Sunglasses are your best eye protection, not just a fashion accessory. Wear sunglasses whenever your eyes are exposed to the sun. Buy sunglasses that protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Polarised lenses help to block out glare and are best if you have sensitive eyes or participate in sport or leisure activities in or around water.
  • When spending time outdoors wear a hat. Children should also wear a hat and sunglasses.
  • Many eye injuries happen during sport, so if you play sport, especially those played with small to medium-sized balls, always protect your eyes.
  • If you are going on holiday, include a pair of goggles in your car emergency kit and use them if you have to change a tyre or attend to a vehicle breakdown.
  • If your eyes are sensitive then wear goggles in the swimming pool to avoid contact with chemicals that can further irritate the eyes.
  • Teach children to be careful when playing with toys that propel items into the air.
  • If you use pellet, dart or paintball guns then always wear the recommended eye protection.
  • When doing repair jobs at home, use eye protection! It is mandatory in a factory environment, so don’t do DIY activities at home without protecting your eyes!
  • Never allow children to use fireworks without adult supervision. Use goggles when setting off crackers, or better yet, say no to fireworks for the sake of your pets.
  • If you wear contact lenses, practice good hygiene by cleaning and disinfecting them correctly. Always wash your hands before you insert your lenses.


For more advice about good eye health, or general questions about how your general health can affect your eyes, speak to your optometrist or contact your employee wellbeing programme.

1. South African National Council for the Blind

– Liberty WellBeing

St.Louis Wants Chaos In USA & You’ll Give It To Them


St.Louis Wants Chaos In USA  and you nice people will Give It To Them, no problem

America Wake Up Read Between the Lines St Louis Wants Nothing More than Total Chaos, An America with no Law and No Order and America where anything Goes, It is Happening Now And It’s Starting In St. Louis. Don’t Sacrifice an officer of the law because he protected himself the only way he could in a dangerous situation, just because you are weak. It’s not about Ferguson as reinforcements are being bussed in from over America, they want blood and it’s your blood they want. If You Love America Don’t Be Fooled, If You Are, You Will Be Sorry When It’s Too Late. Below is an AOL Report on the Destruction of St Louis

Your only line of defense a thin blue line

Your only line of defense a thin blue line

Thousands in St. Louis to protest police shootings

ST. LOUIS (AP) – Thousands gathered Saturday for a second day of organized rallies and marches protesting Michael Brown’s death and other fatal police shootings in the St. Louis area and elsewhere.

How far will she go to get what she wants ?

How far will she go to get what she wants ?

Marchers started assembling in the morning hours in downtown St. Louis, where later in the day the Cardinals were set to host the San Francisco Giants in the first game of the National League Championship Series.

Spurred by a national campaign dubbed Ferguson October, a diverse crowd joined forces. Vietnam-era peace activists, New York City seminarians and hundreds of fast-food workers bused in from Chicago, Nashville and other cities marched alongside local residents.

Four days of events are planned. They started Friday afternoon with a march outside the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office in Clayton. Protesters renewed calls for prosecutor Bob McCulloch to charge Darren Wilson, a white Ferguson officer, in the Aug. 9 death of Brown, a black, unarmed 18-year-old. A grand jury is reviewing the case and the Justice Department has opened a civil rights investigation.

Free food while protesting keeps people motivated

Free food while protesting keeps people motivated

“We still are knee deep in this situation,” said Kareem Jackson, a St. Louis rap artist and community organizer whose stage name is Tef Poe. “We have not packed up our bags, we have not gone home. This is not a fly-by-night moment. This is not a made-for-TV revolution. This is real people standing up to a real problem and saying, ‘We ain’t taking it no more.'”

The downtown march came hours before the Cardinals game at Busch Stadium, just blocks from the protest route. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said the city had enlisted extra officers and was prepared for trouble, though he hoped for the best.

Earlier in the week, a small group of protesters verbally clashed with Cardinals fans who support the Ferguson officer outside the stadium.

“What I ask is if people come to have their message heard, that they do it in a respectful way,” Dotson said. “And the same thing on the other side (from police supporters). Everybody has a right to have their message heard, whether you like it or not.”

If you touch me the Liberal press will crucify you.....

If you touch me the Liberal press will crucify you…..

He said the city also will bolster its police presence when the St. Louis Rams host the San Francisco 49ers in a nationally televised game Monday night – the same day protesters are planning organized acts of civil disobedience.

The crowd Saturday was significantly larger than the ones seen at Friday’s protests in Ferguson and Clayton. While the main focus of the march was on recent police shootings, participants also embraced such causes as gay rights and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Police reported no arrests or violence Saturday afternoon.

“I have two sons and a daughter. I want a world for them where the people who are supposed to be community helpers are actually helping, where they can trust those people to protect and serve rather than control and repress,” said Ashlee Wiest-Laird, 48, a Baptist pastor from Boston.

The situation in Missouri especially resonated with Wiest-Laird. She’s white and her adopted sons, ages 14 and 11, are black.

Once it looted burn it, don't leave evidence

Once it’s looted burn it, don’t leave evidence

“What I see happening here is a moment in time. There’s something bigger here,” she said.

Organizers said beforehand that they expected as many as 6,000 to 10,000 participants for the weekend’s events. Police were not able to provide a crowd estimate Saturday, but organizers and participants suggested the march’s size may have approached as many as 3,000.

Since Brown’s death, three other fatal police shootings of black males have occurred in the St. Louis area. The most recent happened Wednesday night on St. Louis’ south side when police say an off-duty city officer working for a private neighborhood security patrol shot and killed 18-year-old Vonderrit D. Myers.

The white officer, whose name hasn’t been released, fired 17 rounds after police say Myers opened fire. Myers’ parents say he was unarmed.

Below are comments from Americans With Open Eyes found on the Aol news site;

We will even burn our own house down cause we know you will build it again for us

We will even burn our own house down cause we know you will build it again for us

Apparently “justice” means trying a person in the court of public opinion, and seeing him crucified after hate filled, racist trouble makers (cleverly disguised as “civil rights leaders”) have done everything within their power to convince people that the cop in question is 100% guilty. With lots of help from the media, of course. Just throw in the race card and he’s guilty until proven guilty. It works every time.


If I raised a gun at a police officer or I hit a police officer I would expect to be shot or arrested. What is so hard to understand?


So tired of the monkeys in St. Louis & around America, stop looting, burning, killing robbing and gang banging and get a job, you act like monkeys but don’t have a brain as smart, all I see is a bunch of racist lazy welfare blacks marching and wanting mo money. Mike Brown was nothing but a thug, and got what I hope all thugs get.


Having a good time in St Louis

Having a good time in St Louis

” A liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive health care, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities and only law enforcement has guns.” And believe it or not, such a place does exist, it’s called prison”


Its all bout the free stuff to come once order breaks down an it wont belong just matter of time


I usually agree with you but in this instance not so much, I have met some very nice hard-working black people in my life which were plagued by the actions of the majority of blacks blaming everything on race.. Those folks simply wanted to live as Americans and better themselves.


The Cops can be assualted that's Ok  If A cop dies will you care

Cops can be assaulted that’s Ok, If A cop dies will you care?

If these people had stayed in school, actually learned something and graduated, got jobs and EARNED their income instead of taking it from those of us that have done all the above and now must support these idiots, maybe they wouldn’t have the time or the inclination to be out on the streets causing problems and getting into confrontations with the police.


For starters, what they should be “taking” is their kids off of the streets in the early morning hours. What kind of parents are they ?


These Ferguson/St Louis blacks want the best of both worlds–not only are many or all of them on welfare but they also want the right to commit criminal acts any time without interference from the police—GETTING THAT 60″ TV MAY NOT BE AS EASY AS YOU THINK


Wow Inever knew getting free stuff was this, just protest a little  and break a glass and "Whoop There it is" free stuff

Wow I never knew getting free stuff was this easy , just protest a little break a glass or two and “Whoop There it is” free stuff

If they are so tired of officer involved shootings then their family membthers shouldn’t be doing crimes, fighting with and shooting at police officers (DAH). Every mother and father thinks their child is a saint. That is why there are over a million people in custody in the US. They are predators who got caught while others made the choice to fight and shoot their way out. It is pathetic that these protestors have absolutely no common sense and respect for the laws of that land. The feel the laws don’t apply to them or their family, Tough SH&&. I hope that all of the good law-abiding people in the St. Louis and surrounding area, move away and let the criminals and their supporters prey on each other. I know it woun’t happen but I would love to see the police in the St. Louis area step back and let the protestors watch the anarchy that would occur.


The people of Ferguson, white and black are tired of agitators from around the country coming to their town and demonstrating, rioting and looting. They want an end to it but anarchists, the assorted “Reverends”. NAACP and others from OUtSIDE St Louis are still there stirring it up……..

They Are Gearing Up To Tear The City Apart On Monday Night


Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Sunday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All Who May Be In Need Of Some


I am Immanuel-God with you-and I am enough! When things in your life are flowing smoothly, it is easy to trust in My sufficiency. However, when you encounter rough patches-one after another after another-you may sometimes feel that My provision is inadequate. This is when your mind tends to go into high gear: obsessing about ways to make things better. There is nothing wrong with seeking solutions, but problem-solving can turn into an addiction: your mind spinning with so many plans and possibilities that you become confused and exhausted.

To protect yourself from this mental exhaustion, you need to remind yourself that I am with you always, taking care of you. It is possible to rejoice in Me-to proclaim My sufficiency-even during the most difficult times. This is a supernatural work, empowered by My Spirit who lives in you. It is also a decision that you make-day by day and moment by moment. Choose to be joyful in Me, your Savior, for I am indeed enough!

She will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins. So all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying: Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel, which is translated, God with us. -Matthew 1:21-23 nkjv

[Go and make disciples,] teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. -Matthew 28:20Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior. -Habakkuk 3:17-18


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