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JJ Strydom South African Country Boy From N. West

JJStrydomWHISNews21aJJ Strydom The South African Country Boy From The North West

JJ Strydom is a new name breathing life into the SA country scene. Born in the North West and currently based in Cape Town he is fast becoming a crowd favourite at shows. With his new CD, “JJ Strydom‘, he makes it very clear that he CAN sing country music. Featuring songs like “Ek Glo”, “The Country Way”, “Someday I’m Gonna be Your Cowboy”, and “Angel” to mention a few.

JJ Strydom's Accident  as reported in WHISNews21

JJ Strydom’s Accident as reported in WHISNews21

Few people know that JJ was in a very serious motorbike accident not too long ago. 2 Years ago it took 9 operations to get him back into action. He was unable to speak, sing, play guitar or do anything that most of us take for granted. His face was badly injured. This was however not enough to stop this young entertainer from reaching his dream of becoming a world famous Country Singer.

He laughs when asked where it all began for him. “Well I grew up on a ranch so the only life that listened to me was the horses, cattle and pigs”, he jokes. Not even his primary school choir teacher thought that he could sing.

This is no mechanical bull

This is no mechanical bull

It was not until his sister heard him sing, one day, that a human gave him positive encouragement. This led to him being pulled out of bed one evening and having to sing to the family. From there he started singing in the local pub and the rest is history.

Like you have read above JJ is not somebody who is easy perturbed by adversity to reach his goals. Other strong characteristics include a huge sense of responsibility, a healthy intellect and the ability to learn very quickly. Examples of this are the fact that he could play the guitar after only a year’s training, the fact that he ran the family ranch at the tender age of 9 and the manner in which he learnt to ride horses. He was presented with a horse and told that only if he can ride bareback will he receive a saddle.

JJ Strydom with the Rodeo Girls

JJ Strydom with the Rodeo Girls

His determination and all round abilities is further highlighted by his fighting skills. Yup – do not challenge this man to a duel!! JJ represented South Africa in Karate for 6 years. Having received his black belt at 18 years old, he went on to represent South Africa from his 16th birthday up until his 22nd. He received his second degree black belt at 23.

He loves the outdoors and activities like fishing, hiking and playing the night away with a few friends and a guitar on the beach. Being friendly and charismatic – JJ is always up for a game of pool and building new friendships along the way.

Wildhorse Entertainment is proud to have been associated with JJ, during the years when he was still an up and coming country singer.  JJ managed to Top the International Independent Superstars (IDSS) Country Download Chart Show with his,” I’m A City Slicker Coach Boy” in June of 2012. This position gained him a lot of respect in the NASHVILLE country music circles. JJ still has a place of honor on Wildhorse Entertainment’s Country Male web site.

We wish him only the very best for his future in this the music business.

– Frans Maritz WHISNews21 and the JJ Strydom website


One thought on “JJ Strydom South African Country Boy From N. West

  1. JJ is such an awesome singer. Why don’t we see any of his videos on TV’s music chanels?


    Posted by Amanda Herselman | July 12, 2019, 3:09 pm

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