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Juanita Du Plessis South Africa’s Golden Girl

JunaitaDuPlessisWHISNews21 Juanita Du Plessis South Africa’s Golden Girl

The brightest star in the South African music industry is our Platinum Princess, Juanita du Plessis. She has long been crowned the country’s top South African female artist and there is no reason why she would soon lose that crown. Juanita’s illustrious career started in 1998 with her ​​debut album “Juanita”. In the same year she won several awards and it was already clear that Juanita’s songs work! After much prayer and waiting her second album “You and I”was finally released. Ska-Rumba was originally not going to be featured on this album and was finally added as a bonus track, produced by André Hartman at Infinity Recording Studio, Pretoria. “Ska – Rumba” was to be the song that put Juanita firmly into the hearts of the South African music community and a success story with many milestones was born that will live on and into the future, followed.

juanitaduplessispics18“Do not look ahead, do not look back, look up!” Juanita

A couple of brilliant, successful albums saw the light in 2003 and Juanita was the first South African singer to reach the no. 1 position in RSG’s official Top 20 charts and remain there for three consecutive weeks (The hit parade includes best sellers in SA domestic and international albums) In the next five years Juanita the girl from Windhoek life was to change drastically.

“Spread your wings, fly high and be light!” Juanita

The Du Plessis family left their home in Gobabis their hometown of five years behind and settled in Pretoria, South Africa. Another album saw the light and Juanita rewrote the musical record books when her total sales in 2010 reached 1.6 million mark. Her second gospel album, “Fly High” (2007), was named the Top African Gospel-seller of all time.

“Know Him in all you do and he will make your paths straight!” Juanita 

In 2012 Juanita achieved a milestone that she herself never could never have imagined. She was to be the first artist in the history of  South African to sell more than two million albums in South Africa. Juanita du Plessis’s career speaks of glorious achievements, precious milestones, humility and devotion, and awards to her tally surpasses that of most artists in South Africa.

“You only live once! Therefore I want to enjoy as much of it as possible. ” Juanita

Juanita and Husband Doepie

Juanita and Husband Doepie

Who Is Juanita DuPlessis ?

Juanita08sJuanita was born on April 26 in Windhoek South West Africa now called Namibia. She attended the Suiderhof Primary and Windhoek High school. Later on she qualified as a secretary for a transport company in her hometown and from 1996 she was an ordinary housewife until they moved to Gobabis. Juanita is a family person and her husband Doepie and their three children, Mario, Franja and Ruan, mean the world to her. Juanita stands up at 1.78m and wears a #8 shoe.

Juanita is a deeply religious, ambitious and gentle loving person, yet admits she is not good at dealing with destructive criticism, unfairness, sadness and grief. “I’m a very sensitive person. But over the years I have learned how to deal with it, and try to always find the positive in every situation. I always find myself looking for the answers in the Bible, which is my anchor”. Some of Juanita’s weaknesses are, “I have been very sensitive about my hair during my childhood! and I’m terrified of bats, rats, “roman” spiders and deep water …”

We are all looking forward to the next CD release which will fly off the shelves and into our homes soon…….Thank you Juanita without you there would be an emptiness in our hearts

– Frans Maritz WHISNews21


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  1. If anyone knows Juanita Du Plessis please tell her about this article


    Posted by WHISNews21 | October 11, 2014, 6:00 am

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