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Mugabe Announces Final Solution White Holocaust

RobertMugabe01Robert Mugabe Announced His ” Final Solution” For A White Holocaust

PLEASE NOTE: At the time this article was published it was not known if it was true or not. However as it was published almost three years ago and now filed in the archives it has been established that the information and statements may not be true. So please stop sending it around as new news, as it is not. For those who insist that it is true all we can say it that Mugabe has over the years given most people enough reason to believe that it is true even of it may not be true. Once again WHISNews21 asks that you do not send it around anymore as it is very possible a fake article posted unknowingly by the DIVERSITY CHRONICLE.

Thank You April 2016, Editor WHISNews21

ZIMBABWE Last Thursday, Robert Mugabe the President of Zimbabwe, announced plans for

the beginning of a“Holocaust” against all whites in the country.

The announcement was made at a speech attended by over 10,000 citizens and by several other African leaders and heads of state, as well as international observers. Mugabe noted that “All through history, whites have done nothing but exploit other races. Whites are an oppressive, abusive, dishonest, criminal, and evil race as they themselves admit! We have decided, therefore, to exterminate every white man, woman, and child in Zimbabwe. We will purify our Black African nation of the disease of whiteness. I will show them no mercy. I will show them a new definition of pain. I will finally deliver justice to our people!”

To thunderous applause and a standing ovation, Mugabe continued speaking. “We will show no mercy even to white children. We will grab the suckling baby from its mother’s breast and break its neck. We will beat the mother to death with the baby’s corpse. I will rip the babies from the wombs of white women and strangle them with my bare hands! We know that white babies will only grow up to be oppressive white racists! I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. I look forward to personally participating in the slaughter! It will be a beautiful genocide against an evil race!”

These are William and Annette Rogers, who were assaulted, whipped, and shot after Robert Mugabe supporters gave them two minutes to leave their property in Zimbabwe

These are William and Annette Rogers, who were assaulted, whipped, and shot after Robert Mugabe supporters gave them two minutes to leave their property in Zimbabwe

As thunderous applause and loud cheers drowned out Mugabe’s words, he waited and then continued speaking “White people are not human beings, they are blood thirsty animals! They are inferior to us in every measurable way! They have smaller brains than African men! We Africans are the true bearers of high culture, literature, the arts, science and technology. All that whites have, they stole from us first! Ironically, white Afro-centric history books detail the entire history of this massive intellectual and cultural theft! The whites know it and admit it themselves! Many so-called great white scientists, philosophers and even civilizations were actually black!”

Shaking his fist with righteous indignation in the air and shouting at the top of his voice Mugabe declared “Whites do not love their children as we love ours. They are a race of ice people with only coldness in their hearts. They are capable of any crime, no matter how heinous or diabolical! We know that racism flows through the veins of every white person! Hate pumps through the evil hearts of every white person! It is the original sin of whiteness, inherited by blood from their parents and white ancestors! No matter how hard a white person tries, he can never escape his racism, as many honest whites have admitted. Therefore, the only logical solution to racism is the total eradication of whites! The entire world must be purified of whiteness, but we will begin here in Zimbabwe. We will set the example and show the way forward. As the Chinese say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Quoting from The Book of Wisdom (3:19) Mugabe added, “dreadful are the ends of a wicked race.”

Bloodied white Zimbabwean

Bloodied white Zimbabwean

The masses in attendance rose to their feet again, and began chanting loudly “Mugabe, Mugabe, Mugabe!” along with offering their thunderous applause. Progressive observers from the United States, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, France, Canada, and South Africa joined the chorus, chanting the name of Mugabe, the hero of Zimbabwe and Africa. As he continued speaking, Mugabe noted that “Some individual whites have been given temporary honorary African status in recognition of their sincere efforts to help eradicate the white race. Their ultimate disposition will be on hold, until after we have dealt with the larger white problem.”

In a speech widely circulated online by radical racist groups, in an effort to stir up racial conflict and resentment, Mugabe noted that “We Africans have grown too complacent. Years ago I instituted measures to reclaim land and property from whites, to systematically discriminate against whites in order to narrow income disparities with blacks. We forcibly evicted whites from their homes. Some whites were raped, murdered and tortured. That was not enough, it also happened too slowly. Over time I came to realize, ironically in part from reading progressive white authors, that the white race cannot be redeemed at all and has no redeeming qualities. The only way to end racism and the oppression of my people is to destroy the white race. This must be done as quickly as possible; every day a white person lives is one more day that Africans suffer!”

White Zimbabwean farmers arrested for defying Mugabe's policy of land 'redistribution'

White Zimbabwean farmers arrested for defying Mugabe’s policy of land ‘redistribution’

Discussing the details of the plan, Mugabe stated that “Already, we have begun the construction of modern concentration camps to liquidate the white population of Zimbabwe, as well as that of neighbouring African brother-nations. Any who may wish to cooperate and partner with us in this noble endeavour are welcome to join us. Naturally we would expect them to help pay for the bullets and the equipment. We will experiment with poison gas, electrocution, mass shootings, burying prisoners alive and other methods. Laws against rape, murder, and theft are now being amended to provide exceptions for cases in which the so-called victim is a white person!”

President Mugabe moved his hands to point to, and then grasp, an artistic bone necklace, around his neck, he stated “You see this necklace. This was made from the bones of a small white child of six years old. I killed him myself and his sister in front of his parents. We can make beautiful art and traditional crafts using the bones and remains of white people. There is also a tradition of sometimes practicing cannibalism, among traditional African religions, like Animism. I am a Catholic myself. However, if you want to eat a white person, I won’t stop you. Or if you just want to have some fun torturing a white person before you kill them, that is entirely your prerogative.” Mugabe then started laughing loudly and uncontrollably, and as the audience joined him, a chorus of laughter echoed through the capital.

Progressives around the world have hailed Mugabe’s speech as” groundbreaking. ” The only debate has been how much publicity it should be granted. Some argue that plans to exterminate whites should be widely publicized in the hope that other nations will adopt similar programs.Others feel that if plans for the mass extermination of whites become widespread public knowledge, a few on the radical right will object and perhaps attempt to somehow intervene, or apply economic pressure or sanctions to end it.

Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld, a writer with the Huffington Post noted that “I used to think we could slowly kill off the white race, through immigration, through intermarriage and miscegenation. I now realize I was wrong. It just isn’t happening fast enough. If present trends continue, whites won’t be a minority in all of their own nations until around 2050 or so perhaps. While I do acknowledge that the problem could eventually be solved that way, it just isn’t fast enough for me. The Holocaust against whites also has the added benefit of punishing whites for their crimes; this is about justice. Every white person is guilty. There are no exceptions.”

Agr8IPDDr. Norman Frederickson of the Campaign for Equality, Justice and Peace observed that “We have already seen a few white supremacist blogs discussing the holocaust against whites. The danger is that if people know about it, the racists may join forces and demand that the international community put a stop to it. Some countries, as ridiculous as it sounds, might actually object to killing whites en mass. I think we need to keep this low profile for now. I favour incrementalism. It’s like boiling a frog. If we turn the water up too fast, the frog might jump out, but if we do it slowly enough, it could work. Some irrational self-hating non-white critics reason that if one racial group is singled out for destruction, it could be done to another group in the future. The idea that once whites are dehumanized, it could somehow spread to other groups is just absurd. Whites are parasitic vipers. We are not a people, rather we are beasts and monsters. We are not comparable to any other group!”

Joe Feagin, a keynote speaker at the recent “White Privilege Conference” in the US, had this to say: “Obviously, I’m very excited about the plans in Zimbabwe. If Mugabe wants to start the mass extermination of all the whites there, I say more power to him! He’s a gutsy and a ballsy guy, and I’m impressed. Maybe a few more African countries can do this. Maybe we’ll succeed in killing hundreds of thousands of whites. If we are lucky, maybe several million. If we are forced to stop at some point, that doesn’t negate the good work we will have accomplished in the mean time. That’s my take on it. I say God Bless Mugabe! Africa really needs more leaders like him! Kill them all! Kill them all!” Mr. Feagin observed, shouting and clenching his fists in the air.

Although many have objected to his use of the term “holocaust,”  Mugabe has indicated that he refuses to rename the program, claiming that “It’s a perfect name. It will be a blood bath and I will make Zimbabwe’s rivers run red with the blood of whites. It will be a holocaust! We will become drunk with the blood of the white enemy! My people will gorge themselves on white flesh! I want to convey the seriousness of my plan. I want to kill at least 50 million white men, women and children! My name will go down in history for this accomplishment, and it will echo forever through time!”


Robert Mugabe says no whites may own land in Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe says no whites may own land in Zimbabwe

“Let us hope that the courageous plans of President Mugabe are successful. Let us hope so for the sake of the world, for justice, peace, prosperity and for the sake of our children. White people of good conscience have praised Zimbabwe’s plans. Several web sites are now being set up to allow foreign supporters to donate to the cause. Even if you don’t agree that all whites everywhere should be systematically exterminated, every reasonable person must agree that white colonists and their descendants deserve it! People of all political and ideological persuasions can and should support Mugabe! If conservatives and Republicans really want to prove they aren’t racist, they can do so by supporting the genocide of white colonialist descendants in Africa!

Although many have objected to his use of the term holocaust, Mugabe has indicated that he refuses to rename the program, claiming that “It’s a perfect name. It will be a blood bath and I will make Zimbabwe’s rivers run red with the blood of whites. It will be a holocaust! We will become drunk with the blood of the white enemy! My people will gorge themselves on white flesh! I want to convey the seriousness of my plan. I want to kill at least 50 million white men, women and children! My name will go down in history for this accomplishment, and it will echo forever through time!” If you can help Zimbabwe, please consider making a donation. Future generations will judge and rightly condemn us, if we fail to exterminate the white cancer from the face of the earth.


The article above was received by email today, and if it is all true then how can we plan our future.

Most white South Africans don’t have money to leave and hardly enough to stay.

Lee Ann Womack Going Back To Her Roots

LeeAnnWomack01Lee Ann Womack Goes Back To Roots With New Album

Lee Ann Womack is finally making the music she wants to make. Lee Ann’s new album is a collection of country covers called “The Way I’m Livin’.” Lee Ann tells the Associated Press for years she was pressured to produce hits, but once she fulfilled her contract with MCA Nashville, she let out a sigh of relief. She says she had all kinds of music she wanted to make, including with collaborators like roots musician Buddy Miller, but didn’t feel she could do that until now.  Lee Ann says she wanted to create the kind of music she heard on country radio growing up. She put a lot of what she calls “hardcore country music” into the record. “The Way I’m Livin’” is available NOW!

– Posted by Country Girl CMTT

Ebola Patient Vomited In Public On Way To Hospital

EbolaFirstUSAcaseDallas Ebola patient vomited outside apartment on way to hospital

A general view of The Ivy Apartments in Dallas, Texas October 1, 2014.  REUTERS/Mike Stone

A general view of The Ivy Apartments in Dallas, Texas October 1, 2014. REUTERS/Mike Stone

(Reuters) – Two days after he was sent home from a Dallas hospital, the man who is the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States was seen vomiting on the ground outside an apartment complex as he was bundled into an ambulance. The Dallas Ebola case, involving a man who flew back to the United States last month from Liberia, has prompted national concern over the potential for a wider spread of the deadly virus from West Africa, where at least 3,338 people have died in the worst outbreak on record. U.S. health officials have said the country’s healthcare system is well prepared to contain any spread of Ebola through careful tracking of people who had contact with the patient and appropriate care for those admitted to hospital.

“His whole family was screaming. He got outside and he was throwing up all over the place,” resident Mesud Osmanovic, 21, said on Wednesday, describing the chaotic scene before the man was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday where he is in serious condition. The hospital cited the stricken man’s privacy as the reason for not identifying him. However, Gee Melish, who said he was a family friend, identified the man as Thomas Eric Duncan. The New York Times said that Duncan, in his mid-40s, helped transport a pregnant woman suffering from Ebola to a hospital in Liberia, where she was turned away for lack of space. Duncan helped bring the woman back to her family’s home and carried her into the house, where she later died, the newspaper reported.

Four days later Duncan left for the United States, the Times said, citing the woman’s parents and neighbors. Texas health officials said that up to 18 people, including five children, had contact with the Ebola patient since he returned to the United States in late September. The children had gone to school early this week but have since been sent home and are being monitored for symptoms. Ebola spreads through contact with bodily fluids such as blood or saliva, which health experts say limits its potential to infect others, unlike airborne diseases. Still, the long window of time before patients exhibit signs of infection, such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea, means an infected person can travel without detection. Airline and hotel company shares dropped sharply on U.S. markets on Wednesday over concerns that Ebola’s spread outside Africa might curtail travel. Drugmakers with experimental Ebola treatments in the pipeline saw their shares rise.


imagesThe Dallas patient had initially sought treatment at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital late last Thursday and was sent home with antibiotics rather than being observed further, even though he told a nurse he had recently returned from West Africa. By Sunday, he needed an ambulance to return to the same hospital, where he was admitted. A nurse asked about the travel as part of a triage checklist and was told about it. “Regretfully, that information was not fully communicated throughout the full teams. As a result, the full import of that information wasn’t factored into the full decision-making,” Texas hospital official Mark Lester said. Infectious disease experts said that time gap represented a critical missed opportunity that may have led others to be exposed to the virus. At the apartment complex, Osmanovic said he met the man three times over the years when he was visiting his family. Most of the neighborhood is from Liberia, Somalia or Sudan. Osmanovic is from Bosnia. The only sign on Wednesday of the family’s presence was someone occasionally pulling back the white blinds to peek out into the parking lot. A security officer blocked the entrance to the complex, with instructions only to let residents in and out. Dr. Christopher Perkins, Dallas County Health and Human Services Medical Director, said that of the 18 people who had been in contact, many were “close family members”. The children among them “did not have any symptoms and so the odds of them passing on any sort of virus is very low”, said Mike Miles, Dallas Independent School District superintendent. Miles said the four different schools they attended would be staffed with additional health professionals and classes would remain in session.

ebola-dallasTexas officials said health workers who took care of the patient had so far tested negative for the virus and there were no other suspected cases in the state. Texas Governor Rick Perry told a news conference he was confident the virus would be contained, as did other officials. While past outbreaks of Ebola killed as many as 90 percent of victims, the current epidemic’s fatality rate has averaged about 50 percent in West Africa. The patient arrived in Texas on Sept. 20, and first sought treatment six days later, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. The Liberian government said that the man showed no signs of fever or other symptoms of Ebola when he left the country on Sept. 19.

A Liberian official said the man traveled through Brussels to the United States. United Airlines said in a statement that the man took one of its flights from Brussels to Washington Dulles Airport, where he changed planes to travel to Dallas-Fort Worth. A spokesman for Brussels Airlines, the only airline to fly direct scheduled services between Brussels and Monrovia, said he could not confirm that the passenger had flown with the company. “We also have not been contacted by anyone to tell us to take measures or contact passengers because of an infected passenger traveling with us,” spokesman Geert Sciot said. Separately on Wednesday, citing a “heightened sense of awareness of Ebola”, the Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, said it was treating a patient in isolation. “At this time the patient’s history and clinical presentation do not appear to be consistent with Ebola and the patient may be diagnosed with a number of conditions other than Ebola,” the statement said.


ebola_containmentThe man knew of his exposure and deliberately traveled from Liberia sought treatment in the US. He didn’t give a damn about who or where he infected people along the way! Send him back and close travel.

They keep telling us Ebola is controllable, is NOT air born so will not spread easily. So O.K. then. Why are all the healthcare workers dressed in “space suit” garb?
Why not just wear gloves…? They said it will not, can not spread without touch! It is NOT spread through the air so why the full-body cover?

it is criminal negligence to allow anyone from that region on a plane or into the usa without at least a 20 day quarantine. this is what happens with an administration that has no leadership. there will be no stopping it once it starts here as can be verified by the story ,no one right now knows how many people are already infected . if three professionals can get it, how does obama expect 3000 untrained troops to not bring it back here.

It is very clear to see that this mans intention was to end up in america where he thinks he can be saved, about the thousands he infected on the airports, in the planes and in the streets and in the crowded placed he visited on the way he does not care if they die he wants to be saved, don’t treat him he should be arrested for attempted murder

HE MADE A SMART MOVE COMING HERE!!! Has it occurred to anyone that this will probably start happening more. If someone in these infected countries is afraid that they may have been infected….JUST get a flight to the USA and you will get better care in the USA than in their own country. The USA is too predictable and slow in reacting to anything….and the world uses that against us.

Guess we don’t have to send the 3000 medical workers to Africa, Africa has come to us , saved lots of time and travel expense. SMH

Do you want to add your comments below ?

Trisha Yearwood Adjusts to Eating on the Road

TrishaYearwoodFind Out How Trisha Yearwood Adjusts to Eating on the Road

Trisha Yearwood has to be extra careful about what she eats while she’s on tour with her husband, Garth Brooks. Trisha says it’s easy on the road to eat garbage and eat at the wrong times. She doesn’t like going on stage with a full stomach, and by the time she’s finished, it’s after 11 p.m. and she’s too pumped to sleep. She says the only thing she can get at 2 a.m. is probably a burger so she lives by the 80/20 rule. She will eat healthfully for 80 percent of the time, and she says,

“Twenty percent of the time, I’m going to have that burger, and I’m going to enjoy it.”

Trisha has announced that her 12th studio album, PrizeFighter: Hit after Hit, will be available on November 17th. Available for pre-order now on GhostTunes, Trisha’s new album will feature the first new material from the powerhouse vocalist in seven years, including her new single “PrizeFighter.” In addition to six new songs, the album will feature ten hits, including her #1 hits “She’s in Love With the Boy,” “XXX’s and OOO’s,” and “How Do I Live.”

– Posted by Country Girl CMTT

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Thursday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All Who May Be In Need Of Some


Let My unfailing Love be your comfort. Something that brings you comfort should be dependable, and My Love will never fail you. My soothing Presence is always with you, but to receive the full benefits of this blessing, you need to trust Me wholeheartedly. Comfort is not only for your blessing but for your empowerment. When you feel secure in My Love, you are strengthened-and able to do the things I’ve prepared for you to do.

Love and comfort go together ever so naturally. When a small child needs comforting, the best remedy is often soothing words and a gentle kiss. Young children instinctively turn to their parents in such times of need, and you do well to learn from their example. When you are hurting, come to Me for comfort. Rest in Me, My child, and enjoy the gentle kiss of My Presence. Listen to Me as I rejoice over you with singing. To benefit fully from My comforting words, memorize scriptures that will assure you of My Love. Remember: I love you always-with an everlasting Love.

May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant. -Psalm 119:76

The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing. -Zephaniah 3:17 nkjv

The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you. -Jeremiah 31:3 nkjv

Now, Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You.



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