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Window 9 Big Features For 2015, Are You Ready?

windows9WHISnews21Window 9 Big Features For 2015, Are You Ready?

Windows 9, also known as “Threshold”, is expected to arrive sometime in 2015 and hopes and wishes from users definitely aren’t in short supply ahead of its unveiling.

Windows 8 has had plenty of detractors since it arrived back in 2012, with the unpopular disappearance of the start button and Metro menu view confusing users at best and alienating them at worst.

Tickets to the Build Developer conference 2014 in San Francisco sold out in 24 hours when rumours of Windows 9 hit the internet, highlighting – perhaps – just how much appetite there is out there for a Windows 8 successor.

It was rumoured that Windows 9 would see a release date as soon as April 2015, but a third update to Windows 8 in the same month means that we will likely have to wait until later in the year.

we list the 10 feature we hope Microsoft includes :-

1. Lower price most important of all
Windows-9-whisnews21Microsoft needs a carrot to dangle in front of consumers and businesses to convince them to invest in Windows 9 machines. The firm might even have to go so far as to offer users the chance to upgrade to the next-iteration of Windows for free.

Reducing the cost of upgrading will help people finally part with Windows XP – its aged operating system, which entered end of life in April 2014.

Microsoft’s updates have long been priced higher than Apple’s, and this is yet another factor deterring consumers from upgrading. Something similar to the limited-time lower price for Windows 8 might work, but it’s possible that Windows 9 might even be available for free ala Mac OS X 10.9.

2. Better Battery Life

Intel’s 2013 Haswell chips provided a big jump in battery life, which can be seen in the latest crop of Ultrabooks. Windows machines have long been known to burn through battery power quicker than their Mac OS X counterparts.

Ars Technica gave a detailed breakdown of how OS X Mavericks saves power. The system schedules tasks to run in clumps to maximise processor idle time and minimise power consumption. The latest version of Apple’s OS was so efficient, it even added an extra 60 minutes of battery life to older hardware which upgraded to this operating system.

Microsoft needs to better implement power saving features into Windows 9 or risk being left further behind next-gen Mac products.

3. Desktop-Only Mode

The Metro UI has alienated many loyal Windows users and the firm is going to have to work hard to appease them. Windows 8.1 went some way towards making things better with the option to boot straight to desktop.

But we want Windows 9 to take this a step further. We want the option to switch Metro off. So when you turn on desktop-only mode, this means images should open in Windows Gallery, not the Metro Preview app.

With Windows 9 for mobile devices, Microsoft is reportedly planning to ditch the desktop entirely, and rumours suggest that PCs running the OS may be sold with the Metro view disabled as a default.

Desktop-only mode would let users work in peace and placate some of Microsoft’s critics, while allowing the company to keep experimenting with Metro for consumers.

4. Virtual desktops for improved productivity

OS X and Linux have had virtual desktops for years. They allow you to keep multiple sets of windows open on one computer, improving productivity when juggling multiple projects.

Microsoft should build this feature into the next version of Windows, so you don’t have to install third-party software.

5. Bring back the real Start button

windows-9-design-conceptIt’s amazing how so many people can miss such a small feature. Microsoft gave into popular demand when it put a Start button in Windows 8.1, but this just brings you back to the Start screen.

It was rumoured for some time that the Start Button would return with Windows 8.1 Update 2, but sources claim that it has been delayed until June 2015 when it is thought Windows 9 will also arrive.

When it does finally see the light of day, the new-look Start Menu will reportedly include both the classic layout of previous iterations and a new Metro panel with live tiles for Windows Store apps. A mock-up of the menu was shown at April’s Build conference.

6. Over-the-air system recovery

Microsoft could also make it easier to restore Windows in the event of a malfunction. Mac devices can reinstall OS X by simply downloading files from the internet.

A similar system would make it easier to recover Windows computers, as it is much simpler than digging through BIOS boot settings and trying to find your recovery USB.

Keeping so many system-specific files would be difficult, but it’s possible. Microsoft could convince hardware manufacturers to contribute the necessary files so users could recover their systems over-the-air.

7. Better display scaling

Windows-9-Sakın-İndirmeyinWindows has not been able to cope with the high-resolution devices manufacturers have started pumping out. As screen resolutions climb north of 1920 x 1080, programs such as Adobe Premiere and Vegas Pro can be rendered unusable in some cases as icons can appear tiny and pixellated.

Howtogeek put up a useful guide explaining how to change the compatibility settings for your troublesome Windows apps in order to make the text readable again, but this shouldn’t even be necessary.

Microsoft needs to add better support for Retina-quality displays to make sure the new version of its OS still looks good on devices like the Surface Pro 2.

8. Improved anti-virus

Windows is a primary target for viruses, if only by virtue of its dominant market share. Redmond’s OS attracts the lion’s share of malware, while OS X and Linux aren’t as vulnerable.

Microsoft releases regular security patches and has built Microsoft Security Essentials into Windows 8 – but this has been critically panned. In the Dennis publishing tests, it missed 39 per cent of malware thrown at it.

We might see things improve with Windows 9 as Intel has rebranded the McAfee software suite and could provide comprehensive protection. But Microsoft has to up its game too.

9. Fix Windows Update

Windows-9Updating Windows software has driven many people to the brink of insanity. If ignored for too long, Windows may reboot your PC at the worst moment possible and then you can be trapped in what seems like a never-ending cycle of updating and rebooting.

Refreshing drivers is the same. PC users shouldn’t have to dig through a manufacturer’s website in 2014, looking for the latest version of a driver for their laptop’s graphics card.

Surely Microsoft could leverage its Windows Store to deliver updates more efficiently and simultaneously, instead of forcing users to endlessly download more and more patches.

10. Native DVD playback

One more feature we’d like to see in Windows is native DVD playback. Microsoft decided to remove this feature for Windows 8, to the annoyance of users. If you want your PC to play DVDs, you have to shell out $10 for a Windows Media Centre add-on

– StopMyTech

Main picture is what our desktop would probably look like within the first 5 minutes.

Jim Rose Remembers Radio September 15, 2014


September 15, 2014 [Monday]
Issue #1338

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WINDY CITY TV ANCHOR ONLY MONTHS TO LIVE A Champaign, IL television news anchorman who has brain cancer tells his viewers that he only has four to six months to live, but he hopes to work as long as he can. During a newscast on Thursday, September 11, 2014 Dave Benton warns WCIA TV viewers in Champaign thatdoctors recently told him that his brain tumor is too large for surgery or radiation. Dave says that he will try a new treatment to slow the tumor’s growth, but that his goal is to add a few more days and make them the best they can be. Benton grows up in Chicago suburb Addison and graduates from Northern Illinois University. He is with WCIA TV for 9 years. Our prayers go out to Dave Benton who has a wife and two adult children.

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LEGENDARY R&B STUDIO PRODUCER IS GONE Do you remember Lloyd Price Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Ernie K-DoeMother in Law, Little Richard Tutti Frutti, Big Joe Turner Shake, Rattle and Roll, Smiley Lewis I Hear You Knockin’, Frankie Ford Sea Cruise and Chris Kenner Land of 1,000 Dances? Those are just a few great tunes that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Cosimo Matassa records in his New Orleans J&M studio. In fact, 21 gold records and about 250 national chart singles Matassa records in his studio, along with almost every Fats Domino hit. Cosimo Matassa, who from the 1950s to the 1970s records some of the greatest Rhythm & Blues and Rock and Roll tunes of all time, dies at 88 on Thursday, September 11, 2014.

9/11 SLAYS WABC TV ENGINEER New York City observes the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with almost 100 7,000-watt xenon bulbs that shoot two sky beams straight up from where the Twin Towers once glisten. WABC TV CH 7 remembers their late Engineer Donald DiFranco in an anniversary essay on its website: DiFranco, a member of the Eyewitness News team on the top of one of the towers when it was attacked. Don was an engineer and his first thought after the plane crashed into the building 20 floors below him, was to call us and tell us we might be off the air because of the crash. CNN national security correspondent Jim Sciutto is thankful that his wife ABC correspondent Gloria Riviera leaves the WTC lobby just minutes before the towers twist.

WORD PRESS IS A MESS In June 2014 JRRR’s Web server Go Daddy ends its perfect Web publisher QuickBlogCast. G-D talks us into signing with Word Press. Everything about W-P is difficult plus we cannot depend on it at all. Also in June 2014 on iPads and Smart phones W-P changes JRRR’s text to an unreadable cursive font. We have to change our favorite Comic Sans font that we use for over 10 years to Trebuchet. Takes days to straighten out that W-P problem. On Wednesday night we publish JRRR very early around 6:30 pm. Everything is OK until we receive an email that #1337 is missing. After two different support chats plus about three hours Word Press finally publishes JRRR issue #1337 around 9:45 pm. Play Johnny Paycheck’sTake this job and shove it.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Where does David Bowie come up with his stage name? The answer appears below.



•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Robert Wood Sunday, November 14th. David Bellamy Tuesday, September 16, 2014.•LES MOONVES CBS Corporation CEO says he might trim down CBS corral of 127 radio stations in that some of our radio stations aren’t in major markets. •KLIF FM Cumulus CHR (93.3) Haltom City/Dallas, TX relaunches with former KBFF FM (Live 95.5) Portland, OR Program Director Louie Cruz. •RON HANEY veteran broadcaster on KDOK/Tyler, KAYC/Beaumont, KTEM/Temple and KRZI/Waco, TX, WNOE/New Orleans and KRBE, KFMK and KILT/Houston who passes on December 1, 2013 at 60 memorial services on Monday, September 15, 2014 at 10:30am at Eastern Hills Baptist Church, 440 Broadway in Garland, TX.


•1953 WVEC TV ABC CH 13 in Hampton-Norfolk, VA begins broadcasting on September 15th. •1965 CONNIE SMITH and BOB LUMAN join the Grand Ole Opry on September 18th. •1979 TOMMY LEONETTI Pop singer and actor of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s (four episodes of Gomer Pyle USMC) dies of Cancer at 50 on September 15th in Houston, TX. •1982 HANK WILLIAMS JR.’s Greatest Hits album releases on Elektra records on September 17th. •1991 ANDRE BARUCH familiar voice on radio series that includes The Shadowalso talk show host, disc jockey and sportscaster dies at 83 on Sunday, September 15th at his home in Beverly Hills, CA. •2001 AARON TIPPIN releases Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly on September 15th.


DAVE MICHAELS [WSAI-1360/KONO-860/KBUC FM] (Dayton-Huber Heights, OH) Subject: JIM – was on the Radio this TGIF. Talked to a guy in “SugarLand, Texas ” …have you heard of it? Told me it’s raining there and they too have a lot of people out of work – but it’s still doing better than Ohio on the Job Scene! He said he was close to Houston! I told him about your Fine Radio Report. Dave in Huber Heights 73’s

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DON SUNDEEN [DJ/Hi Records promotion/TV ad production] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Peaches, Sound Warehouse and Tower are long gone. Will Josey Records take their place? | Dallas Morning News. Having sold my vinyl I don’t care much about this, but I know a guy in L.A. who has a pressing plant we used to use. Three years ago he was about to shut it down when he suddenly started getting orders from various record companies and independent producers. He’s back to 24 hour a day production and has difficulty keeping up with demand. The interesting thing to me is that you have to have a turntable and amp to play the discs. I’m starting to see them in the stores again, perhaps one should consider investing in the diamond needle business.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Rock singer David Bowie whose birth name is David Jones doesn’t want to be confused with Davy Jones of the Monkees so he chooses his last name from the Bowie knife.

TOM ELLIS [Veteran WABC TV, NYC WBZ TV Boston, MA & KONO TV San Antonio, TX news anchor] (Boston-Cape Cod-East Sandwich, MA) Hi, Jim, By Petula’s big time I had already switched to all news all the time. As a DJ, this reporter missed the British invasion. Was never very crazy about any of them except maybe the Stones. Tom

DAVE BARRY (July 3, 1947 – p) I have been a gigantic Rolling Stones fan since approximately the Spanish-American War.


Jim Rose and Lacy
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Mr. Trump Welcome To S. Africa A Western Creation


Trump insults Oscar judge as Reported by South African News

OscarJudgeIsSheSleepinCape Town – The American business magnate, Donald Trump, on Friday voiced his opinion on the Oscar Pistorius ruling. The real estate tycoon referred to Judge Thokozile Masipa as a “total moron” after Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius was found not guilty of premeditated murder. He was also found not guilty of firing a shot through an open sunroof and for the illegal possession of ammunition, but was found guilty of firing a shot in a Johannesburg restaurant in 2013. Judge Thokozile Masipa handed down her judgment in the North Gauteng High Court on Friday, News24 reported.Trump was not happy with this ruling and tweeted;

“The judge in the Oscar Pistorious case is a total moron. She said he didn’t act like a killer. This is another O.J. disaster!”

Another famous face Trevor Noah took to Twitter to highlight the similarities between the Oscar Pistorius case and that of retired American football player O.J. Simpson.

– South African News 24 Reports

Mr Trump now that you have noticed how our courts are run,

please take a closer at how South Africa is run, your opinion will be much appreciated.

For those South African’s who believe Donald Trump was the only one who noticed,

your favorite comedian Trevor Noah seems to agree with Trump.

Apache All-Time Best Instrumental Hank Marvin WET TV

HankMarvin01sApache ‘All-Time Best Instrumental’ – Hank Marvin WET TV

Apache was No 1 for The Shadows in 1960 for six weeks. This all-time Best Instrumental is performed by The Master himself Hank ‘B’ Marvin at Cliff Richard’s Countdown to the Millenium concert. Watch Hank and the master at work. Enjoy!

wettv (2)

WET TV Television for the Independent Superstars Worldwide


Michael Stover Inducted In IDSS Hall Of Fame S.Africa


Michael Stover is only the second Promoter, be inducted into the Independent Superstars “Promoters” Hall of Fame. Frans Maritz (Wildhorse Entertainment) signed the official certificate placing Michael Stover  into this prestigious organization located in South Africa. Michael has the distinct honor of being inducted into the IDSS Hall of Fame for his life-time contribution to the Independent Music Industry. Michael is seen holding his award in the picture below while visiting our Promoters Room at the Animated Hall Of Fame, confirming his induction into the HALL OF FAME.

“ I am very honored that Keith Bradford spoke so highly of me …. tell him I said Thank you. I am very happy to be receiving an induction.” Michael Stover

Michael Stover receiving his Hall Of Fame Award

Michael Stover receiving his Hall Of Fame Award


Biography of Michael Stover:

Michael Stover is an award-winning songwriter, musician, artist manager and producer, as well as the owner of MTS Management Group, a full-service artist management, publicity and promotions company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. MTS currently represents metal guitarist, Xander Demos, country singers Doug Briney, Josey Milner, Hicks and Marshall Dane, americana artists Jiggley Jones and the duo of Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney, radio show the Whiskey and Cigarettes Radio Show, and indie rock artist, Ed Roman. Michael also operates MTS Records—the label responsible for chart-topping airplay and itunes sales chart hits for Amy Rose, Matt Williams and Western Avenue, as well as for several artists on their current roster. MTS artists have received press in many publications, including, Music Row Magazine, New Music Weekly,, Yahoo News,, AllAccess, The Boot, Christian Music Weekly, Cashbox, Guitar World, Screamer Magazine, Nashville Music Guide, Powersource Magazine, and many other top publications. As owner, Michael is responsible for the company’s daily operations as well as managing staff and developing publicity, radio, and promotion campaigns for new and established artists and indie labels. He is well respected throughout the industry and attributes his success to creativity, tenacity, and a firm educational foundation. Michael holds a degree in music and video business from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and an accounting degree from CCAC. A recent inductee to the International Independent Superstars Hall of Fame, Michael is also a proud member of the Country Music Association, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammys), the Independent Country Music Association, the European Country Music Association, the Roots Music Association, and the International Music and Entertainment Association. Michael complements this impressive profile with an equally commendable array of philanthropic undertakings and through support of various non-profit organizations that benefit youth, animals and the arts. In his spare time, he enjoys movies, cooking, and the company of friends and family. Website:,




Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Monday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014MaritzOriginalLetters2013mondayRhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All Who May Be In Need Of Some

I have done great things for you, so let Me fill you with Joy. Take ample time to ponder all I have done for you. Rejoice in My goodness and My greatness as you remember My marvelous deeds. Rest in My intimate Presence; relax in My everlasting arms. I long to fill you with Joy, but you must collaborate with Me in this process.

Do not be like a spoiled child on Christmas Day-hastily tearing open all the presents and then saying, Is that all? Every single day is a precious gift from Me! Search for Me within the boundaries of this day, and you will surely find Me. I am present not only in pleasant things but also in unwanted circumstances. My Joy is sufficient for all situations, and I adjust it according to your need. When things are going your way, My gladness intensifies your delight. When you encounter hard things, I give you a deep, bold Joy that clings to Me for help. Receiving My Joy requires not only time but also courage.

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. -Psalm 126:3

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. -Deuteronomy 33:27 nkjv

You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. -Jeremiah 29:13 nkjv

In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith-of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire-may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy. -1 Peter 1:6-8



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