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Margo Smith Says Seatbelt Saved Her In Accident

MargoSmith01Chatham resident Margo Smith says seatbelt saved her in accident

Country music entertainer and Village of Chatham resident Margo Smith will undergo surgery Thursday at Ocala Regional Medical Center following a serious accident Tuesday on County Road 42 near the Mulberry Grove shopping plaza in The Villages. She suffered a shattered wrist, broken ankle and multiple bruises, according to her husband, Richard Cammeron. But there is no brain damage as had been originally feared. “She was on her way home at the time of the accident,” Cammeron said.

MargoSmith0Her Mercedes was totaled in the accident in which another car struck hers, Cammeron said. “She will likely have to be in a wheelchair (as she recovers),” he added. “But she says it was that seatbelt that saved her life.” Smith, who was known as “the Tennessee Yodeler,” rose to fame in the 1970s and 1980s with hits like “Little Things Mean A Lot,” “It Only Hurts For A Little While,” and “Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You.”

She performed regularly at the Ryman Auditorium and Grand Ole Opry.

Smith Cammeron frequently performs in the area and at her church, Fairway Christian in The Villages. She volunteers at Freedom Pointe. She also frequently sits in with the Ukulele Club in The Villages. She has a daughter, Holly Watson, who is seen in Lexus of Orlando television commercials. She also has a son, Jeff.

Follow the link below and you can see Margo singing “Shuffle Song.”


The following information received from Margo Smith’s husband by Marty Martel at his prayer line: 

Please keep Margo in your Thoughts and Prayers for a speedy recovery from her accident last Tuesday.

Marty Martel

Posted by Margo Smith’s Husband: “Margo was involved in a serious accident (head on collision) Tuesday afternoon around 4:pm. She was not at fault. She was taken to the Villages Hospital and from there she was transferred to the Trauma Unit at Ocala Regional in Ocala, Florida. Originally they were concerned that she may have internal bleeding and some bleeding on the brain, but thanks to the Good Lord, that was not the case! The trauma center cleared her of internal bleeding and her brain seems to be o.k. thanks to prayers and the Grace of God! Today they operated on her and successfully implanted a steel plate in her shattered wrist and put screws in her ankle She is in a considerable amount of pain and she is black and blue over most of her lower body. The seat belt cut into her shoulder and abdomen but according to the Florida Highway Patrol, there is NO doubt that had she not had her seat belt on, she would more than likely not have survived. I am saying this because I NEVER wear a seat belt. I dislike them immensely!!! BUT after seeing what happened to her and her Mercedes, I WILL be wearing one from now on! She was just 5 minutes from the house when this happened! Thank you all for the prayers and PRAISE GOD!!!!!! It could have been a whole lot worse.

~Richard Cammeron”

George Strait: Cowboy Rides Away Airs Tonight CMT!

georgestraithatless01George Strait: The Cowboy Rides Away Airs TONIGHT on CMT!

Tonight’s the night! George Strait fans can relive the June 7th, 2014 The Cowboy Rides Away Tour Dallas date with a two-hour “George Strait: The Cowboy Rides Away” concert special airing TONIGHT exclusively on CMT (check local listings).

Joining Strait onstage to perform some of his hits are Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, Miranda Lambert and Martina McBride. Strait’s son George “Bubba” Strait, Jr. also joined the stage to perform a song he penned for his dad, “Arkansas Dave.”

Enjoy the sneak peak above and set those DVRs tonight!

– Posted by TawnyTucker CMTT

Nature Testifies – K. Jackson HD 1080p – WET TV


Nature Testifies – K. Jackson HD 1080p – WET TV

Do you like to people watch? or look up into the universe! sometimes it can be pretty interesting. To see what people truly care about what brings them happiness. What makes up this thing we call life. What about when it all comes to an end. The things we enjoy do and Love are they only temporary. Do we just make the most of it, be good to others find happiness the best we can until life is over. The Bible claims to show us what life should be about and it’s answers give meaning beyond this short life we have on this earth. If it is right shouldn’t we look into it to see what it has to say. Shouldn’t we be familiar with it’s claims so that if it is right we don’t waste our lives. The Bible is the revealing of who God is through the person of Jesus Christ it’s his love letter to you. Telling you all the answers you need to know about. Who he is, who we are as his creation and what this life is really all about. In it you’ll find the answers to the deepest questions. But more importantly you’ll find the source of all life itself in the person of Jesus Christ. It’s not about religion , it’s about do you know Jesus.

wettv (2)You can view more “Music shows” right here on WET TV soon


Marty Raybon Reunites with Shenandoah

Shenandoah01Marty Raybon Reunites with Shenandoah

Yesterday, in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone Country, one of country music’s most successful bands, Shenandoah, announced the return of lead singer Marty Raybon.  Following a 17-year absence, Raybon rejoins the group this October.

via Rolling Stone Country

The voice of such classic country hits as “The Church on Cumberland Road,” “Next to You Next to Me” and “Somewhere in the Vicinity of the Heart” is back.  Marty Raybon is reuniting with Shenandoah, the band he co-founded in 1984 but left after their 1997 tour to travel other musical roads.  Raybon tells Rolling Stone Country that getting back together with bandmates Mike McGuire, Stan Munsey and Chris Lucas was a long time coming.

“We were not a band that broke up because of dissension,” he insists.  “We had our disagreements, as partners do in a business relationship, [but] we were then and remain to be friends.  Returning to the band had actually been talked about on several different occasions throughout the years.  I’ve always been truly proud of what we accomplished… the songs we recorded, the way they moved people.  For years, all of us have heard what those tunes, those stories, meant to folks.  We feel there is more to be said.  So it’s time to reload and fulfill the request, not only of our hearts but for all the fans who want to see us back together.”

Additional information on the Shenandoah reunion will be announced soon.

– Posted by Country Girl CMTT

Kids Take Nashville Airs at 8am CST This Morning


 Kids Take Nashville Radio Show Airs at 8am CST This Morning

WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio is proud to announce the airing of a brand new radio show produce in the Nashville Studios of NBRN the Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network, of which Wildhorse Internet Radio is affiliated with, called “The Kids Take Nashville Radio Show” presented by Landon Wall and Mia Bailey. Hope you will tune in and listen to these two young talented DJ’s from “the Kids Take Nashville Radio Show”.

As always to listen in you only need to click on the radio banner below and the Internet does the rest for you, once you click the banner the radio should play with seconds with a good internet connection.

Click to listen to WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Sunday



Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All Who May Be In Need Of Some

I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper

ThosewhoTrustinthe Lord

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. -Hebrews 12:2

I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever-the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. -John 14:16-17 nkjv

We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. -2 Corinthians 4:18


Dolly Parton Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

DollyPartonIceBucketWhisnews21Dolly Parton Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

There have been many, and I do mean many, celebrities who have accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has been going viral over the last several weeks.  We gave up trying to post all of the videos but this is one we didn’t want to pass up!

Dolly Parton, who’s usually flooding stadiums with fans around the world, cools off her Summer by taking a dive into the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Dolly was challenged by several people including famous duet partner, Kenny Rogers.  His doubted dare sparked her to accept and prove how nothing stands in her way for a good cause.

“Kenny said you’ll never do it with your false hair, your false eyelashes, and your false nails,” responds Dolly.  “Kenny, you’d be surprised at what all I do with my falses; for a good cause and a good laugh.”

Dolly drowns down the wigs, nails and lashes with a polar plunge to raise awareness for ALS at her Nashville home while resting after her Blue Smoke World Tour.

Although, I didn’t challenge anyone, I do challenge everybody to make a generous donation like I did!” adds Parton.

Nobody does it like Dolly!

– Posted by Country Girl CMTT

Ghosts haunt one of Many Abandoned Hospitals S.A.

Kempton Park HospitalGhosts haunt one of Many Abandoned Hospitals South Africa

There is a jar of kidneys on the floor, purple graffiti on the wall and an unpleasant smell in the air. The large, round theatre light that once beamed down on operations now dangles uselessly from the ceiling.

“This is the room I was born in,” says Ronald Hart. He was born at Kempton Park Hospital in 1991. Five years later it was abandoned and became a dark shell for ghosts. “It suddenly closed down. When it was open it was one of the best hospitals in the region,” Hart says.

Kempton Park Hospital, abandoned in 1996 now an attraction for youngsters who come to experience a ghostly thrill

3919104012It was the day after Christmas, 1996, when they shut the doors. It wasn’t what they took out but what they left behind that has made the hospital a haunt for teenage rebels and ghost hunters.

Almost every room is littered with abandoned hospital equipment. Metal beds are without occupants. Corridors are blocked by dialysis machines and operating tables. Filing cabinets burst with old medical records.

Hart is fascinated with it. He looked up his birth records to find out which theatre he was born in and has visited the hospital countless times since 2006.

KemptonParkHospital02He runs a Facebook group called “A true history of the untold – Kempton Park Hospital” where people share stories of the hospital and upload pictures of their expeditions there.

Standing on the hospital’s roof, we look out on the lights of the living city.

Hart talks with the rhythm of a tour guide.

“On a clear night you can see Pretoria… I like to come here when I’m depressed.”

KemptonParkHospital04Tonight is misty. And Hart’s peers don’t visit the hospital for quiet contemplation. Broken glass crunches underfoot and graffiti mingles with unnaturally red blood on the walls.

Hooded teenagers stalk the outside of the building. Kempton Park Hospital is an expensive playground.

Equipment left here has been estimated to be worth well over R10 million. Security costs R1m a year. Security ?

But after midnight on a Saturday, the front doors are wide open. As long as you have R40 on you, keep your torch down when you are near the window and don’t make too much noise, the guards fade away with the ghosts.

KemptonParkHospital03In 2006, plans to reopen it were launched. But there was controversy around tender processes. In 2008, the Health Department said it would make provisions in the 2010/11 budget to reopen it as a 270-bed facility in a private-public partnership. But a feasibility study showed it would cost R350m just to reopen it as a 210-bed private facility.

Every day the building, estimated to have been worth R23m, gets more dilapidated.

The hospital is increasingly a home for the strange. Lying on the floor is an illustrated step-by-step guide on how to shave your bikini line correctly.

In a second-floor storeroom there are FHM pictures of girls in bikinis, their eyes scratched out so they look like beautiful demons. Alone in an empty room is a small wooden chair just big enough for a child.

KemptonparkHospital01In the emergency theatres, heart monitors stand next to the metal operating tables. You could do an operation there tonight. If you had a body.

On the Facebook page there are rumours that people have.

Every now and then someone hears a noise, feels breathing. “I saw something by the window,” says Hart’s friend.

“That’s your own shadow, bru,” Hart shoots back.

79020The only ghosts I feel are the ghosts of wasted opportunity.

There are about 40 incubators lying around, when it has been reported that in some hospitals babies lie in cardboard boxes. Next to the rows of incubators, a metal locker cage with a tiny Bible trapped inside.

The high-pitched shriek of a teenage girl outside cuts the air.

Or maybe it was a police siren. We amble through the wide main doors of the hospital. The dark finger of the crematorium’s chimney points to heaven.

“Let’s just be honest – the ghost stories and stuff… that’s not true. The untold stories, that’s what I’m looking for,” says Hart. – The Star

 – By Theresa Taylor

Cliff Ayers Music Carousel Radio Show Airing Now

Cliffayersradiologopage01Cliff Ayers Music Carousel Radio Show

Debuts on WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio @ 11am this morning

Just click on the radio icon below to listen to this wonderful Music Carousel Radio show

hosted by International Singing sensation “CLIFF AYERS” out of Nashville Tennessee.

Today’s show features a lineup of mostly original songs sung by various artists including Cliff Ayers:

Cliff Ayers Music Carousel

Cliff Ayers Master 200x200s

Cliff Ayers Music Carousel August 30, 2014

Today’s Line up on Music Carousel

Song – Songwriter – Artist

  1. You Brighten Each & Every Day – Sandra Glassman – Cliff Ayers
  2. This Aint Hollywood –  James Norris – James Norris
  3. Heavens Above – Sandra Glassman – Cody Lyons
  4. Treasure of Your Love – Anthony Pace – Terri Williams
  5. How Could It Take So Long To Say Goodbye – Freddy Quinn – Freddy Quinn
  6. In The Mood – Glenn Miller – Glenn Miller
  7. Elmer’s Tune –  Wynne Miller – Wynne Miller
  8. Imagine – Mary Frances Cook – Cliff Ayers
  9. Summertime – Evelyn Gillies – Cliff Ayers
  10. Bye Bye Baby  – 0 – Vynette Lowery
  11. Oh What A Mess Im In – Willie McMiller – Cliff Ayers
  12. Welcome To My World – ASCAP – Florence Henderson & Cliff Ayers
  13. Awe and Wonder – Elga Haymon White – Cliff Ayers
  14. Take Your Hand Take Your Eyes – Pastor Thomas Chapman Pastor Thomas Chapman
  15. Center Pole – Rowena Stenis – Cliff Ayers
  16. The United States of America – Ursel Blanco – Keith Bradford
  17. The Treasure of My Mind – Eugene B Hill Jr. – Cliff Ayers
  18. This Old Train – Eugene B Hill Jr – Cliff Ayers

Click to listen to WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio


Hope you will join Cliff Ayers in a few moments with his very popular Music Carousel Radio Show on WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio.

The Latest IndieWorld Chart By Wayne Hodge




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