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Angaleena Presley will take Her Music on the Road

AngaleenaPresleyMaritz01Angaleena Presley will take her new music on the road when she joins friends The Indigo Girls on tour in August.

If there’s a pedigree for a modern country music star, then Angaleena Presley fits all of the criteria: a coal miner’s daughter; native of Beauty, Kentucky; a direct descendent of the original feuding McCoys; a one-time single mother; a graduate of both the school of hard knocks and college; a former cashier at both Wal-Mart and Winn-Dixie. Perhaps best of all the member of Platinum-selling Pistol Annies (with Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe) says she “doesn’t know how to not tell the truth.”

Angaleena’s debut solo album will bow on Slate Creek Records (Brandy Clark, The Bros. Landreth) this Fall. Date and album title are forthcoming.

Initial dates and markets are below.
8.11 – Ocean City Music Pier (Ocean City, NJ)
8.12- Sun Center (Aston, PA)
8.13- Whitaker Center (Harrisburg, PA)
9.10- State Theater (Eau Claire, WI )
9.11- Sentry Theater at Univ of Wisconsin(Stevens Point, WI )
9.12 – Meyer Theather at Goshen College (Green Bay, WI)

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Wayne Hodge Latest IndieWorld Hodge June 27, 2014

The Latest IndieWorld Chart By Wayne Hodge

The World’s Number One Indie Record Chart for this week supplied by Wayne Hodge of IndieWorld Country Record Report, as reported by the IndieWorld Panel NetworK Now Available on WHISNews21 weekly with kind permission of Wayne Hodge



Wayne Hodge  CEO

Songwriters: Lennon & Maisy Looking for New Songs

LennonAndMaisySongwriters Alert: ABC “Nashville”s Lennon & Maisy Are Looking for New Songs

The Stella Sisters, Lennon and Maisy are part of the hit show “Nashville” on ABC and they are looking for wholesome songs with room for harmonies. Songs about love, home, friendship, sunshine, etc. Get more details on how to submit your songs here.

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Kids Take Nashville Hosted By Laura Dodd #3 WET TV

Episode03Kids Take Nashville Hosted By Laura Dodd with Landon Wall as one of the special guests episode #3 WET TV

This is the Third episode of this exciting new TV show, “Kids Take Nashville” hosted by Laura Dodd aired on WET TV. This weeks guest is Landon Wall with special appearance by Carly Green and Staff Sergeant Retired Walt Peters. “Kids Take Nashville” is produced by Beth Roose.

wettv (2)You can view more Video’s right here on WET TV soon


McDonald’s Worm Fillers Still Legally 100% Beef.

BuffaloWormsMixMcDonald’s Uses Worm Meat Fillers But Can Legally Call It 100% Beef. 

Large companies have been the subject of rumors that they substitute unusual or unethical substances in their products, usually to decrease costs. McDonald’s is not immune to such claims. McDonald’s has been accused of using everything from worms to cow eyeballs in its burgers. Dating far back to at least 1978, there have been rumors that McDonald’s restaurants use earthworms in their hamburgers.

meatpattiThe fact that McDonald’s uses cow eyeballs and worm fillers does not stop them from legally using the claim that they served 100% beef. McDonald’s has assured its consumers that its product contains 100% beef. They are allowed to do this because McDonald’s buys their “beef” from a company called “100% Beef Company”, making it possible for McDonald’s to call beef byproducts and soy products “100% beef”.

McDonald’s then ships the beef to their grinding facility in Oak Brook, Illinois where they then take the ground worm filler and add it to their “100% beef patties”. McDonald’s serves billions of people around the world every year. This allows them to produce a higher profit margin by increasing the amount of patties that can be made, by increasing their product load with the worm filler. The worm filler is ground and packaged in a facility next to McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois. The employees must sign a confidentiality waiver to never discuss the ingredients of the McDonald’s food products or face termination and legal repercussions. However many employees have stepped up over the years with the truth and have created a huge controversy over the quality of food that the company produces.

McDonald’s has also been accused of using mutant laboratory meat, and pig fat their milkshakes and ice cream. Considering that one quarter of Americans eat McDonald’s every single day, although nutritionists recommend you do so only once a month, they are doing so unaware of the products they are putting into their body. If everybody truly knew what they were consuming, they definitely would not be eating this.

– The Daily BUZZ Live


Rhon’s Inspiration Station: Sing To The Lord

inspirationstationNov2013Our Lord

True Spiritual Growth

James 1:17-27

If you want to genuinely grow in spiritual maturity, it is not enough to simply be instructed by the Word of God. You may love going to church or listening to Christian radio programs. You might talk about everything you hear and assume you’re growing because your knowledge is increasing. However, if you don’t actually grow closer to God by allowing His Word to change you from the inside out, your head will merely continue to fill with information. You might even sound like a godly person who is admired for the ability to quote chapter and verse. But if you don’t take the next step and allow God to touch others’ lives through you, you’re missing the point.

Spiritual growth is the result of practicing the truth you receive from God. He wants you to give away what He gives you–that is, by loving and serving others and sharing the truth of the gospel. Our example is Jesus, who said that He did not come to be served, but to serve even the lowest outcasts in His society (Matt. 20:28). He could have exalted Himself and spent all His time preaching and teaching. Instead, Jesus did only the Father’s will, which was to reveal His heart of love to a broken world. The Lord sacrificially involved Himself in people’s lives, and He calls us to follow in His footsteps.

God’s plan is to reach the world through you. If that weren’t the case, He would have taken you to heaven as soon as you were saved. But you are here for a purpose–to live out Christ’s life alongside hurting people who desperately need to experience His love.

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc. © 2009 All Rights Reserved.
   Dear Lord, I realize that we live in a world that constantly influences us.  We particularly live in a country that prides itself  on the belief that the more we have, the better we feel about ourselves.  I just need to trust YOU that we want to focus onto on the American dream but rather on Kingdom values; the value of loving YOU more than loving this world; the value of giving to other more than hoarding for ourselves.  Lord give me today grace to value my walk with YOU.
…Dolphus Weary
In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley

The Comfortable Church

Matthew 28:16-20

I think it’s fairly evident that the society we live in is very self-centered, and this same characteristic can be present in a church. Whenever a local body of believers develops an inward focus, its fruitfulness in ministry begins to decrease, and each member’s Christian walk is hindered.

Many believers want their church to be cozy and comfortable. They come to listen to a nice sermon, fellowship with friends, and have their needs met. But God never intended for the gathering of His people to be like a country club; He calls us to join an army that will bring the gospel into enemy territory.

An effective church—one that poses a real threat to the Enemy—is a body of discipled people who have been taught the truth of Scripture, trained for service, and helped to mature spiritually. But all this is accomplished for the purpose of going out into the world, not for becoming a self-contained sanctuary of Christian comfort.

The urgency of the Lord’s command and the desperate condition of humanity should motivate us to leave the safety of our Christian fellowships and deliver the message of salvation through Jesus. To avoid this responsibility is to miss the Father’s plan for your life and the opportunity to help build His kingdom.

None of us want to waste time or energy on trivial things and thereby miss the exciting fulfillment of God’s will. He has called us, not to a life of comfortable tradition, but to an adventure of obedience. Answer His call—you’ll help fill His kingdom with people from every tribe and nation. 



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