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What If, These Shootings Are Part Of A Plan To Convince People to Hand In Their Guns ?

SorrowWhat If, These Shooting’s Are Part Of A Plan To Convince People to Hand In Their Guns ?

These Shooting’s Dont Seem Normal and If they are then America has raised their Kids to Kill if they don’t get their way

15-Year-old identified as latest school shooter

US police named the killer in America’s latest school shooting as 15-year-old Jared Michael Padgett, saying he had multiple weapons and could have killed more.

Padgett, who carried his guns in a guitar-case and duffel bag and wore a camouflage helmet, killed himself after shooting one student dead at Reynolds High School in Oregon, they said.

He obtained his weapons – a military-style AR-15 type rifle, a semi-automatic pistol, a large knife and hundreds of rounds of ammunition – from a locker at his family home.

“The weapons had been secured, but he defeated the security measures,” said Scott Anderson, police chief of Troutdale, outside Portland where Tuesday’s attack took place.

After arriving on a school bus, Padgett entered a boys’ locker room, where he murdered 14-year-old Emilio Hoffman. A teacher, Todd Rispler, suffered a grazing bullet wound to the hip as he fled.

Despite his injury, Rispler made his way to the school office to sound the lockdown alarm, as Padgett – dressed in a jacket designed to carry ammunition and a camouflage sports helmet – emerged from the locker room.

“As the shooter was moving through the main hallway he encountered officers who were starting to enter from two separate hallways. At that time he moved into a small restroom,” Anderson said.

“There was an exchange of gunfire between one of the first responding officers and the shooter,” he said, adding that, based on an autopsy, “The shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

Anderson hailed the role of Rispler and the first responding officers. “I cannot emphasise enough the role that Mr Rispler and the responding officers in saving many, many lives yesterday,” he said.

The Oregon shooting was the fourth in three weeks in the western the United States, following incidents in Santa Barbara, California, Seattle, and Las Vegas last weekend.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama called for national “soul searching,” saying mass shootings were “off the charts” in a way that no other advanced country would tolerate.

Jim Rose Remembers Radio On June 13, 2014


June 13, 2014 [Friday]

Issue #1311


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FT WORTH, TX ACTRESS MEETS HER DESTINY On August 10, 1924 Martha Hyer is born in Fort Worth, TX. She attends Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and California’s Pasadena Playhouse. Hollywood agent signs her to a three-year contract with RKO Pictures. In 1954, her big break arrives as William Holden’s fiancée in Billy Wilder’s romantic comedy Sabrina. Martha co-stars with John Wayne in one of my favorite movies, The Sons of Katie Elder. From 1966 until his death in 1986, Hollywood producer Hal B. Wallis (Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon) is her husband. Oscar-nominated Martha Hyer who stars with Humphrey Bogart, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Shirley MacLaine in the 1950s & 1960s dies at 89 on May 31, 2014 in her home in Santa Fe, NM.

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STRAIT’S LAST STOP IS COWBOYS’ STADIUM Isn’t it appropriate that Country music Superstar George Strait born in Poteet, TX caps off the last tour of his career with a star-studded final performance at the billion-dollar Dallas Cowboys stadium? Strait dazzles an audience of nearly 105,000 screaming fans with duet after duet with some of the biggest names in Country music. On Saturday night, June 7, 2014 Country music legend George Strait strolls across the floor of the Dallas Cowboys’ lavish stadium onto the custom-built stage in a blue plaid shirt, Wrangler jeans, a silver belt buckle and a black cowboy hat to face the largest crowd for an indoor concert in North American history (which exceeds the stadium’s official capacity by 5,000).

BORDER CITY TV ANCHOR BIDS FAREWELL TO EL PASO On September 1, 1956 KVIA TV first signs on the air as KILT TV on VHF CH 13 owned by television and radio personality Gordon McLendon. In March 1957, McClendon sells KILT TV to Joseph Harris and Norman Alexander who flip its call letters to KELP TV. In January 1966, John B. Walton Jr. buys KELP TV. In February 1976, Stanley Marsh 3 is the station’s new owner. In 1979, KELP TV becomes KVIA TV. On July 10, 1981, KVIA TV moves to VHF CH 7. In 2012, Matt Dougherty, born and raised in Houston, TX a Jack Valenti School of Communications graduate, becomes weekend anchor on KVIA TV. On Saturday night, June 7, 2014 KVIA TV staff gives weekend anchor Matt Dougherty a send off.

THE BLUES BROTHERS REUNITE IN CHICAGO The largest free Blues fest in the world takes place each June in downtown Chicago, IL. Another annual tradition is WXRT FM’s Blues Festival pre-party and Blues Breakers live remote that takes place the night before. The 17th annual XRT Blues Breakers Blues Fest Broadcast Pre-Show happens live from Buddy Guy’s Legends at 700 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago on Thursday, June 12th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Both of these annual traditions repeat again this week. If you cannot attend, don’t despair because the entire broadcast airs on WXRT FM (93.1), streams live on 93XRT’s Tom Marker serves as onstage master of ceremonies throughout the three-day event which kicks off on Friday, June 13th.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What is the inspiration for The Drifters’ hit tune Save The Last Dance For Me? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gary Bradshaw Friday, June 13th, Scott Arthur Saturday, June 14, 2014. •JIM FELTON four decades in radio, last in Toledo, OH on WRQN FM (93.5), WRVF FM (101.5) and WCWA-1230 until he retires from WRQN FM (93.5) in 2008 dies at 67 of cancer on Thursday evening, June 5, 2014. •KJXK FM (Jack FM 102.7) in San Antonio, TX becomes George FM all day to honor George Strait on his return home after the completion of his world tour by giving away $500 in Georges all week. •KEVIN REILLY Entertainment President of Fox TV since 2007 who moves on up to Entertainment Chairman in 2012 exits Fox TV by the end of June 2014.


•1953 KOAA TV CH NBC 5 in Pueblo-Colorado Springs, CO 1st broadcast on June 13th. •1961 PATSY CLINE seriously injured in head-on collision on June 14th in Nashville, TN. Two passengers in other car die. Cline receives dislocated hip and a cut across her forehead. •1970 THE BEATLES’ single Long and Winding Road remains at #1 for 2 weeks beginning on June 13th. •1987 RANDY TRAVIS’s single Forever And Ever, Amen begins three-week stay at #1 in Billboard Country on June 13th. •1995 DAVID PARRY Canadian folk guitarist dies at 53 on June 13th. •2004 TERRI CLARK is first Canadian-born female to join Grand Ole Opry on June 12th.


FRANK JOLLEY [ex KBOX-1480] (Los Angeles, CA) Frank Jolley’s new online radio station ROCKHOUSE  is testing now and will begin online on the weekend of 4 July 2014, have you checked it out? It opens in Windows IE,  Firefox, Chrome and iPhone and Android apps will be ready soon. Thanks A.I.P., Inc

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DON SUNDEEN [DJ/Hi Records promotion/TV ad production] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Jazz legends. This is great stuff. One of my fondest memories is the 15 mins. I spent alone with Louis Armstrong during intermission in a Jazz Concert that I promoted in High School to pay to move the Senior Prom from the smelly, old school gym to the Hotel Jamestown Ballroom. I believe that was the one and only Prom to take place in that venue due to other activities that took place in the hotel’s bars and guest rooms later that night. The hotel also contained the studios of WJTN radio, the first place I ever spoke into a live microphone. My mentor there, Jim Roselle, is in his 40th year on the station. Today the hotel is a retirement home…somehow that seems appropriate.

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BILL INGRAM [ex KILT-610] (Houston-Cleveland, TX) I don’t remember (date) Jim… it was somewhere near the end of 91 or the beginning of 92… they wanted (K-MERLE) in place for the up coming rodeo season… Chuck Joseph may remember. It was a very temporary thing that originally was only going to last one week… but the jocks had so much fun with it, Rick let us do it an extra week.

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CHARLES GEORGE [ex KCHU FM] (Dallas, TX) As an amateur we are only suppose to use the power to make and keep contact. A good antenna will work better than more power. Also I find the newbies are often better at operating than those who have been around with higher classes of licenses. The newcomers still have it fresh in their minds about what makes for good operating practice. I hear so many talking about Rights but they don’t mention responsibility or accountability unless when talking about others. Like a person running for a Public Office should not be operating a station, they should put the operation in a trust, until after the election they are part of. Also I don’t think money should come from outside of the area that the candidate is running in. 73, Charles George, KC5RAI

TRIVIA ANSWER: In 1960, Ben E. King and The Drifters have a wonderful tune, Save The Last Dance For Me, that reaches #1. The lyrics describe a man who tells his date that she is free to mingle during the evening, but to make sure to save the last dance of the night for him. Legendary songwriter Doc Pomus pens the tune on the day of his wedding. You see, Doc Pomus has polio and needs crutches to get around, but his wife is a Broadway actress and dancer. The wheelchair-bound groom, Doc Pomus, watches his bride who dances with their guests but she must not forget that she goes home with him. Save The Last Dance For Me lands on Billboard on September 9, 1960 and remains #1 for three weeks. Elvis Presley has several hit records with Doc Pomus tunes: (Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame, Girl Happy, Little Sister, A Mess Of Blues, She’s Not You, Suspicion, Surrender and Viva Las Vegas.

CC MCCARTNEY [ex KRBE FM-voice talent] (Nashville-Hendersonville, TN) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio June 09, 2014 [Monday] Issue #1310 You have my vote for the TRHOF this year, you deserve it old friend!~ CC (

HARRY S. TRUMAN [33rd President of the United States 1945–1953] (May 8, 1884 – December 30, 1972) It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Jerry Mac And Friends Online Show With Chat

jerrymac03sJerry Mac And Friends Online Show With Chat

Friday, June 13, 2014
7:30 PM – 11:30 PM Eastern Time ( Add to Calendar )

You can choose to hear the audio for this meeting either through your computer speakers or by dialing the following conference call information with your phone:

Conference Call : Toll Number: 323-920-0091 | Attendee Access Code: 990 3720

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Personal message from Jerry Mac

Howdy, you are invited to join our show (Friday, June 13, 2014 from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM Eastern time) for some great country music videos and audios and much information concerning country songs & entertainers. If you have questions feel free to call me (Jerry Mac – 610-518-1122). We do shows from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM Eastern time every odd number date of the month. This is by far the greatest country music chat room on the internet. So come see for yourself.

Behind-The-Scenes CMT Music Awards 2014 WET TV

cma201403Behind-The-Scenes At CMT Music Awards 2014 WET TV

Red carpet footage, press conference with host Kristen Bell and Jake Owen’s rehearsal. All footage shot by Focusonthe615 courtesy of CMT


wettv (2)You can view more Video’s right here on WET TV soon


The Latest IndieWorld Chart By Wayne Hodge



Thanks To All Radio, You Are The Greatest

Wayne Hodge  CEO

Rhon Inspiration Station: Inspiration For The Weekend

inspirationstationNov2013It’s Friday and If You Have Come To The Station for Inspiration

We hope you will leave here Inspired for the Weekend

In this world of increasing electronic surveillance, privacy can be hard to come by. Safe places are also in short supply. So when you feel surrounded by trouble, remember this: I am your Hiding Place. Call out to Me, and I will protect you from trouble. I will even surround you with songs of deliverance.

When you praise Me in the midst of a hard day, both you and I are blessed. I come near, and I hide you in the secret place of My Presence.

Rescue me from my enemies, O Lord, for I hide myself in you. -Psalm 143:9

“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. -Psalm 32:7”

You are holy, O You Who dwell in [the holy place where] the praises of Israel [are offered]. -Psalm 22:3 amp

“You shall hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the plots of man; You shall keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues. -Psalm 31:20 nkjv”

One of the best ways to draw upon My strength is to sing praises to Me. I actually dwell in the praises of My people. So when problems are weighing heavily upon you, break free by worshiping Me-in songs, in shouts, even in whispers. These sacred acclamations decimate the darkness and invite Me into your awareness, brightening the atmosphere around you. Problems fade into the background while you are engaged in worshiping Me. Awareness of My Presence strengthens you and fills you with Joy.


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