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Jean Shepard Releases Autobiography for CMA Fest


Hall of Fame Member Jean Shepard Releases Long-Awaited Autobiography for CMA Music Fest

“Down Through the Years” Provides First-Hand Account of Grand Ole Opry Matriarch’s Over-60-year Career


jeanshepardbook02Book signing to be held at Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum Friday, June 6 at 1 P.M.   Nashville, Tenn. (June 4, 2014) – Country Music Hall of Fame® member, the legendary Jean Shepard has had quite a story to tell about her life and career, but never had the right opportunity. Understanding its potential historic significance, Gus Arrendale, President of Springer Mountain Farms Chicken and Larry Black, Executive Producer of “Country’s Family Reunion” put their heads together to help her publish and distribute her long-awaited autobiography. Down Through the Yearswill to be released this week as CMA Music Festival fans descend upon Nashville.

Shepard will roll out this 224-page, beautifully-bound hardback at a special book-signing (while supplies last) at the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum this Friday, June 6 from 1 – 2 P.M.  Matriarch of the Grand Ole Opry and its longest-standing female member, Shepard presents a first-hand account of her life and over-60-year iconic career in her own words (spanning back to the “golden age of Country Music,” through her 2011 induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame® and beyond), as a “personal conversation with every reader of this book.” After the signing, the book may be purchased exclusively through the Country’s Family Reunion website for $19.99 (plus $6.95 shipping and handling) at or by calling 800-820-5405.

“Down Through The Years” features commentary from other Country Music stars including Bill Anderson, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, Jim Ed Brown, George Hamilton IV, Del McCoury, Jimmy C. Newman, Connie Smith, Marty Stuart and Mel Tillis, to name a few.  Shepard’s book also includes a foreword with annotations by former US Senator Steve Faris (AR), WSM Grand Ole Opry announcer Eddie Stubbs and Gus Arrendale, President of Springer Mountain Farms Chicken, for which Jean is a spokesperson.

Regarded as a pioneer for women in country music, Shepard was signed to Capitol Records at a time when it was thought women could not sell records. Discovered by Hank Thompson following the success of Kitty Wells, Shepard appeared on the first network Country Music television show, “The Ozark Jubilee.” Jean was also the first female in Country Music to sell a million records, to make a color television commercial and to overdub her voice on recordings.  Shepard’s career has yielded over 45 albums and 70 singles, including “A Dear John Letter,” “Second Fiddle (To an Old Guitar),” “Tips of My Fingers” and “Slipping Away,” to name a few. She regularly performs at the Grand Ole Opry and maintains a busy road performance schedule.

Here are a few excerpted facts that you may not have known about Jean Shepard:

  • At age 19, Jean couldn’t legally travel through the states without a guardian, so Ferlin Husky was granted guardianship. Jean went on to record the duet with Husky “A Dear John Letter” which became a #1 single.
  • Shepard started out in an all-girl band called the Melody Ranch Girls with whom she’s stayed in touch throughout her career.
  • Johnny Horton was one of Jean’s first boyfriends. She continued to be a close friend until his death in 1960.
  • Jean was in a near-fatal bus accident while traveling with Hank Williams Jr.  When Jean was eight months pregnant, Jean’s husband, Hawkshaw Hawkins, was killed in a fatal plane crash that also claimed the lives of Patsy Cline and Cowboy Copas.

Admired by her peers and emulated by countless up-and-coming female Country Music singers, Jean Shepard continues to be a strong influence in traditional music. “Down Through the Years” finally provides a female artist’s perspective on the “golden age of Country Music.

Jim Rose Remembers Radio On June 06, 2014


June 06, 2014 [Friday]

Issue #1309


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ROCK FESTIVAL PIONEER AND PROMOTER ENDS Many of us remember the first U.S. Rock festival Woodstock and a lot of us listen to the legendary Casey Kasem on the American Top 40 radio show but most of us are unaware that Rock Festival and radio pioneer, Tom Rounds, is their co-creator who builds them to huge success. After he exits San Francisco’s Rock giant KFRC-610, Rounds forms a new video production company in Los Angeles, Charlatan Productions, which places cinematography and music together that we now know as the music video. Rounds’ creations influence generations of music lovers. On Sunday, June 1, 2014 Rock Festival and radio pioneer, Tom Rounds, dies from complications of a minor surgical procedure.

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BRADY BUNCH MEMBER EXPIRES In the 1950s, one of my favorite TV programs is The Bob Cummings Show’s Love That Bob which airs from January 2, 1955 to September 15, 1959. Along with many lovely models in swimsuits, actress Ann B. Davis is a stand out as Bob Cummings sharp-tongued secretary Charmaine [Schultzy] Schultz. Ann’s role as Schultzy fetches her two Emmys. When The Brady Bunch debuts in 1969, Ann B. Davis, becomes our favorite and most famous housekeeper, Alice Nelson. On Saturday, May 31st Ann falls and strikes her head at her San Antonio, TX home and never fully recovers. On Sunday morning, June 1, 2014 Ann B. Davis dies at 88 in a San Antonio hospital.

DALLAS, TX TV STATION CHOPS SPORTS REPORTER For 16 years, Steve Dennis, who is a KTVT TV CBS CH 11 Dallas, TX sports reporter, leaves the building. The Dallas Morning News reports that on Thursday KTVT TV management tells Dennis he is no longer needed after 16 years. The 53 year old Dennis sighs: The Cowboys season is bearing down on us and I have to be there. KTVT TV management tells Steve: We love you but we are doing away with your position. Gary Schneider, general manager at both KTVT TV CH 11 and KTXA TV CH 21, confirms: …there was no issue with his performance. Schneider says the two TV stations cut back on sports programming, particularly on Channel 21.

IS AM RADIO UNDER A HEX? Remember Monday Night Football when it is obvious that a team has no chance of winning the game, Don Meredith sings a line from Willie Nelson’s Classic tune: Turn out the lights. The party’s over? Let’s revive the old Jim Reeves tune: Is it really over? Is it really over for AM radio? KCAA-1050 San Bernardino, CA owner Fred Lundgren mentions in the Huffington Post that AM radio faces a dismal future and pleads for the FCC to get involved. …the FCC does nothing with dozens of FM frequencies below 87.5 FM that should provide AM stations with a new home. There is only one logical way to ‘cure’ the problems of AM radio and that’s to migrate all AM stations to FM frequencies below 87.5 FM. What do you think?

TRIVIA QUESTION: How does Randy Bachman come up with the name Bachman-Turner Overdrive? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Connell Miller and Joe Nick Patoski Friday, June 6th. Ernie Phillips Sunday, June 8, 2014. •LANNY GRIFFITH former KLOL FM and Fox TV News traffic reporter joins KROI FM (News92FM) Houston, TX. •JT BOSCH who  begins his radio career in 1988 on WUPE FM (100.1) Pittsfield, MA is new Clear Channel-Austin, TX Programming VP over KASE FM, KHFI FM, KPEZ FM, KVET FM, KVET-1300. •KPXR FM Clear Channel CHR (Power 96.1) Opportunity/Spokane, WA after more than two years returns to its prior Kix 96.1 Country brand. •MARILYN BECK Hollywood, CA newspaper entertainment journalist for four-decades passes away at 85 on Saturday, May 31, 2014 after a three-year battle with lung cancer.


•1955 BILL HALEY & THE COMETS Rock Around the Clock nabs #1 for 8 weeks beginning on June 6th. •1964 BUCK OWENS’ single Together Again grabs #1 in Billboard Country on June 6th. •1971 WHAE TV (now WGNX) CBN CH 46 Atlanta, GA begins broadcasting on June 6th. •1981 TRAVIS TRITT (Country Club #9-1989) is high school graduate on June 6th. •1991 STAN GETZ Jazz saxophonist on 2nd-most recorded song in history by composer Antonio Carlos Jobim (Girl from Impanema #5-1964) dies on June 6th at 64. •2009 GEORGE STRAIT headlines inaugural event of new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX on June 6th with Reba McEntire & Lee Ann Womack as last-minute replacement for Julianne Hough who has strep throat.


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JIM SPUR [KXYZ/ABC ] (Houston, TX) Subject: Bill Young. We may not admit it, but did we not all measure ourselves against Bill Young and Hudson & Harrigan and Carolla and Lundy and KILT? It was a magical time. Thank you Bill Young.

JOE FORD [KLDE FM/KNUZ-1230/KILT-610] (Houston-Spring, TX) Subject: Bill Young. Jim-very sad to hear of Bill Young’s demise. All of us in the radio, Video and production business owe this man a massive debt of gratitude for the inspiration he gave all of us who knew him. I feel very lucky to have worked with him at the Big 610 for five years. He was a consummate professional, convinced me I should do voice work and helped me get some of my early gigs with advertisers. Bill’s book is a must read to truly understand the talent and creativity he possessed. RIP, my friend. You have left us with a void that cannot be filled. Joe Ford (TRHofF 2003).

DON SUNDEEN [DJ/Hi Records promo/TV production] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Bill Young, RIP. Of the Top 40 programmers, Bill Young was one of the most dedicated and honest in the business. He had great “ears,” and after radio his audio production work, especially in the Rock Concert area, was innovative and unparalleled. Bill was always kind and fair to me, and a great gentleman.

CHUCK MCCANN (Austin, TX) There’s not a person in radio that does not have a Bill Young story of their own. A true radio great. Sad day for us all.

TRIVIA ANSWER: After he exits The Guess Who, Randy Bachman forms Brave Belt. After vocalist Chad Allen leaves, under record company pressureRandy changes the group’s name to Bachman/Turner. Promoters book them as if they are a Soft Rock duo like Seals And Crofts or Brewer And Shipley and they find themselves playing all the wrong age groups. Crossing the Windsor/Detroit border, Bachman sees trucker’s magazine Overdrive and their new Bachman-Turner Overdrive moniker is born. In February 1974, Top 40 KFJZ-1270’s PD enters the control room and hands me an advanced acetate recording of new group Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s new single Let It Ride. So, I’m the first DJ to play BTO’s new single on the air in Ft. Worth, TX.

BILL INGRAM [KILT-610] (Houston-Cleveland, TX) Jim I was at KILT in 91 and 92, and we had two Denon CD Decks in each control room. KILT FM was playing mostly CD Tracks, but a good portion of the playlist was still on full track stereo cart… KILT AM was playing mostly cart, with a few selected cuts on CD. During some of that time (for two weeks) on KILT AM, we went to K-MERLE- All Merle Haggard- All the time. That was fun!

KILT FM From 1991-96, during my second time on KILT FM, both KILT control rooms have two Denon CD players each. On KILT FM all of our new music is on CD. On the other side of the building at 500 Lovett, KILT-610 control room has maybe 100 Oldies CDs while the outside wall in the hall contains hundreds of Oldies on music carts. Of course  in September 1994, KILT-610 flips to all sports with feeds from outer space. KILT-610’s control room becomes a dark mortuary with no live bodies.

CASEY JAMES PUTNAM (Houston-Bellaire, TX) Subject: 79 KULF. Dear Jim, I have miraculously been able to track down almost all of the air talent that used to grace KULF 790, still with us or passed. There is one character that his  where abouts are still unknown, and that was my good friend, The flying traffic man, Dave Hale. Anybody with information. on his present status would be extremely appreciated and is more important to me than completing a survivor list. Anybody with information can reply on the 79 KULF Facebook page or email me at God Bless Jim and Lacy.

WALT WHITMAN (May 31, 1819 – March 26, 1892) If you done it, it ain’t bragging.

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

GoPro Captures Armed Robbery South Africa – WET TV

SomersetWestCyclist01MTB Gunpoint Robbery in Somerset West, South Africa – WET TV

MTB ride on Saturday 31st May 2014 from Ongegund, last few km’s before end of session. Armed gunman and 2 others stopped myself and took cellphone, car keys, Oakley’s and bike. Fortunately they did not have a clue what a GOPRO was and this is the evidence that will assist in their prosecution! Thank goodness these thieves were only after worldly possessions and not the cyclist’s life too, usually these robberies always end in the death of the victim.

wettv (2)You can view more Video’s right here on WET TV soon


The Latest IndieWorld Chart By Wayne Hodge










“Top 20 Countdown of IndieWorld Chart Songs” is

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Rhon’s Inspiration Station: His Power


“HIS POWER” Writer:  Diane Head
WHEN we consider creation we can’t help but wonder about the omnipotence of the God who brought it unto being.  All we see and know of his creation was called  into existence by his  word.  He created substance from nothing. Our God hasn’t changed.  The God of creation is the same yesterday, today and forever.  His power hasn’t diminished.
It blesses my heart to know I belong to a God such as this.  But because I am human…and busy… and have a mind occupied with four dozen other things at any given moment- I forget about his power.
I forget what he can do for me.  I forget he has the power to change those areas in my life that desperately  need his touch. 
 Sometimes I think my life is like my linen closet- constantly in need of cleaning, discarding, rearranging  and straightening. 
There are also a few undesirables  that need to be discarded-gossip, yelling , gluttony, complaining, bitterness , fretting  , jealousy, worry, pride, uncommitted  struggles, impatience  -all jammed way back into the corners (shudder).
Unfortunately, linen closets never straighten or clean themselves.  Likewise, we can’t-by our own power-change our lives.  To bring about a permanent change of heart we need more power than our tired, human selves can muster.
When we open the door and allow God’s life-changing power to enter in…step by step moment by moment.. he begins a good work in us.  Deadwood is cut out.  Discipline is applied.  Priorities rearranged.  In some arreas he works quickly.  In others, painfully slow.  But his timing is perfect.
Let’s swing wide open those “closet doors” to our hearts and let EL-Shaddai exert his resurrection power, tenderly  cleaning and straightening our lives.
Verse for the Day
JEREMIAH 32:17,2

Responding to Accusation

Luke 12:11-12

When conflict occurs, the natural reaction is to blame someone else and defend yourself. But believers must respond differently. Once, I was publicly chastised for a wrong I had not committed. Thankfully, the Lord enabled me to remain calm rather than react angrily. Praying first is always the best response in a crisis. When we do, God supernaturally provides that which we can’t muster up ourselves.

  • Spiritual discernment. The Lord, who perfectly understands the source of every problem, can give us insight beyond our limited perspective. Perhaps there’s been a communication breakdown, a feeling of jealousy on the other person’s part, or a mistake we unknowingly made. The Holy Spirit can show us how to approach our accuser and see beyond hurtful words or actions.
  • A quiet spirit. Our human nature wants to react quickly so that we can defend ourselves. That’s why we must first deliberately focus our attention on the Lord and experience the inward peace He alone makes available to us (John 14:27).
  • Wisdom. Jesus told His disciples the Holy Spirit would give them wise words to say when they faced hostile authorities. He’ll do the same for you. Ask Him to put a seal on your lips until He shows you what to say and when (Ps. 141:3).

We don’t have to react to criticism with anger and self-protection the way the world does. Instead, we are called to represent Christ in every situation by depending on Him. In responding as He directs, we bring Him glory and cause unbelievers to want to know the source of our strength.

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc. � 2009 All Rights Reserved.

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