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Jeffrey Dobkin: The 13 Best Marketing Tips


Jeffrey Dobkin: The 13 Best Marketing Tips

I have been involved in direct marketing since … my Goodness! Am I that old already?

Over these years, I’ve learned a few tricks and stored them away.

Anyhow, here’s a short list of some of my best tips of all time:


The 13 best marketing tips1. The most valuable tool in marketing: a letter. You can catch and hold the attention of a busy magazine editor or the president of American Airlines. Write several marketing letters every day.

2. The most valuable single sheet of paper in marketing is: A press release. You should be sending press releases every month.

3. The best headline formula: “New product offers benefit, benefit, benefit.” Create the headline of ads, press releases and advertisements — for envelope teaser copy and for the lead-in sentences of your brochure. Example: “New keyboard offers faster typing, greater accuracy, and is less tiring.”

4. The most effective trick in copy writing: Having a tough time writing? Start writing anything, then go back and cross out your first sentence. On really bad days, go back and cross out your first paragraph. A nice trick that immediately pulls you into the heart of your writing.

5. On follow-up: Follow up serious inquiries and sales leads with more than one piece of mail. Remember, a campaign is defined not as a single letter or brochure, but a sustained effort over time. Sales personnel don’t always close a sale on the first contact, why would you think your letter will?

6. The 11 most valuable words to get your press release published: Before sending an important press release, call the editor and use this phrase: “Are you the person I should send this press release to?” Even if you know darn well they are the correct person, still call and ask. Asking this positions your call as, “Can you help me?” Then send your release, they’ll be looking for it and will try to help you — by publishing it.

7. Create a promotional letter series in advance. Mail the series to new prospects over a few months. By the fifth letter they’ll be ready to receive your call as a friend. Stylize your letters to look like traditional letters, and make your prospect think he or she is the only one receiving them.

how-to-create-a-list-in-html8. When something nice is done for you acknowledge it with a thank you letter. No, a call is not the same. A thank-you call is forgotten in a day, but the impact of a well-written thank-you letter can last a lifetime.

9. Write your “objective” first. All writing should have an written, stated objective. What are you trying to accomplish? If this document works exactly as you wish, what would you like to happen? Compose all of your writing to fulfill your objective. This clarifies your writing, defines its purpose and gives your writing focus.

10. If you’d really like a response from a personal letter, include a return envelope with a live stamp on it. It’ll increase your response or it’ll drive the reader nuts trying figure out what to do with an envelope printed in your name with a live stamp on it.

11. Ask for more money than you need. While money doesn’t cure a lousy marketing strategy, it can buy you time to recover until you get it right. Don’t start out undercapitalized. You know the amount of capital you were thinking of raising? Double it.

12. Take your time writing. No one will ever know the one-page letter they received took you three weeks to write. Just make sure that when you send it, it’s perfect. It takes me eight hours to write and design a one-page letter.

13. Don’t be afraid to ask for the order several times in your direct mail piece. Ask prospects to call (and to send in their order) throughout the package. If the recipient doesn’t call or send an order, the piece fails. For best results, a minimum of twice in the body copy and again in the P.S. I once wrote a letter that said more than a dozen times to call.


Article By: Jeffrey Dobkin



Marty’s Prayer Line for Yesterday Today and Tomorrow


If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for yesterday, today and tomorrow by Marty Martel

Prayers for our military men and women.  Also, all of our sick and shut-ins that they feel the healing hand of our Blessed Lord.  Please send me your prayer line request and I will always post them for you.  Have a great day.


Tom Mikulski

Regional Director – Mid-Atlantic. BeavEx Incorporated. 3715 Northside Parkway, 200 Northcreek, Ste 300. Atlanta, GA 30327

(O)608.352.2988608.352.2988 (C) 615.585.7768615.585.7768 (F) 615.265.8342

“When Next Day Isn’t Good Enough.”

From: wyostardust []
Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2014 4:52 PM
To: Tom Mikulski
Subject: Prayers please

Tom: Please pass this on to the brothers.My wife Melissa’s aunt, who was like a second mother to her, passed away early this morning after a lengthy stay in the hospital. Her name was Anna Mae Donnelly. She was 82. Please pray for the repose of her soul, and for my wife and her family, who are taking her loss quite hard. Thank you all in advance for your prayers- Art Jaramillo

Prayer to Live Christ’s Word Today

Gracious God, Jesus is calling me to a new beginning; to a fresh call to discipleship.

You are asking me to deny myself, take up my cross and follow you.

It was at my baptism that you claimed me as your child.

Today, I affirm that I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live,

But Christ who lives in me. I surrender my will, my desires and my life to you, O God.

I commit myself to your call to discipleship: to pray, study your Word,

Worship you, invite other people to a life of discipleship, encourage Christians

In their life of faith, serve those in need, and give joyfully of the gifts that You first gave me.
This I pray in Jesus’ name.



 If you have anyone you would like to send a prayer out to please mail them to

for inclusion in to WHISNews21 weekly prayer line initiated by Marty Martel

in the interest of goodwill to all in need of a little help by the way of a prayer

Jim Rose Remembers Radio March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 [Monday]

Issue #1290

Send Your Comments And Radio Stories

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MORE GUNSHOTS FIRED AT HOUSTON, TX TV STATION In February 2014, an unknown suspect opens fire in Southwest Houston in the KTRK TV CH 13 station parking lot that strikes parked cars plus the ABC13 sign. No one receives any injuries in that incident. Although cops arrest no suspect in that case, a surveillance camera films the suspect’s car. After 9am on Thursday, March 27, 2014 more gunshots fired at KTRK TV on Bissonnet near Buffalo Speedway in Houston. HPD and EMS rush to the scene. Again, no injuries. This time, cops do arrest a suspect in possibly the same car that is on the surveillance camera films taken about five weeks ago.

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MASSIVE TV MERGER LIN Media and Media General announce a $2.6 Billion merger agreement that creates the second largest TV broadcast company in America. Vincent Sadusky, LIN Media President and CEO, becomes President and CEO of the new company under its new name, Media General. The deal brings together 74 stations which are either owned or operated by the two companies in 46 markets. Combined, the new Media General’s stations will reach 23% of US TV households. Vincent brags: This is an exciting and historic day for both companies. Together, we will be able to better serve our local communities throughout our significant and diverse geographic footprint and further grow our national digital business.

ADAMS RADIO LANDS FOUR STATIONS Radio One Communications in Indiana sells four radio stations to Adams Radio. Radio One owned by Leigh Ellis owns no other radio stations. Adams Radio Group with its base in Minnesota owner is Ron Stone. Adams owns other radio stations in Las Cruces, NM. Adams has applications on file to acquire stations in Ft. Wayne, IN which the FCC should approve sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2014. Kalil and Company are the brokers in the deal for Country WLJE FM (105.5), Oldies WAKE-1500, Valparaiso; Classic Rock WXRD FM (X-Rock 103.9) Crown Point and Adult Contemporary WZVN FM (Z 107.1) Lowell. All of the radio stations in the deal are in Indiana.

COUNTRY LEGEND MILSAP LOSES LAND TO STATE When the Tennessee Department of Transportation constructs the final 14-mile stretch of State Route 840 through Williamson County TN, Country music legend Ronnie Milsap and his wife, Joyce experience tremendous difficulty because the State of Tennessee grabs a big chuck of the Milsap’s land through eminent domain. Even though the Tennessee Department of Transportation completes the last leg of S.R. 840 in November 2012, it only recently takes control of 18 rural acres plus several easements from Ronnie and Frances Milsap the State says they need to build the four-lane highway through the Burwood community. The state pays the Milsaps $280,000 for the 18 acres, which is part of their 117-acre farm.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Is Audrey Meadows the first Alice Kramden on The Honeymooners? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Jay Noble Wednesday, March 26th. Kelly McClain Thursday, March 27, 2014. •JR SCHUMANN veteran PD of Cox WWKA FM (92.3) Orlando, FL is new Operations Manager of Cumulus Dallas, TX Country stations KPLX FM (99.5) & KSCS FM (96.3). •MELANIE MORGAN former KGO-810 reporter & KSFO-560 San Francisco, CA Talk host who exits KSFO in July 2013 joins KSRO-1350 Santa Rosa, CA as News Director & primary anchor of morning news program. •TONY BRISTOL former Citadel Hot AC radio PD is new PD of Classic Hits WRWN FM (Y107.9) in Savannah, GA/Hilton Head/Port Royal, SC.


•1959 ANGUS YOUNG guitarist with Rock band AC/DC born in Glascow, Scotland on March 31st. •1962 PATSY CLINE’s single She’s Got You grabs #1 in Billboard Country on March 31st. •1976 AMANDA MOODY Miss America-Utah 1996 born on March 31st in Orem, UT. •1981 DOLLY PARTON performs 9 To 5 on the Oscar awards on March 31st after it postpones 24 hours following the shooting of President Ronald Reagan. •1997 EDWIN HAIG ALBERIAN TV celebrity who plays Clarabell the Clown on Howdy Doody dies on March 31st. •2002 MARTINA MCBRIDE’s single Blessed gains #1 in Billboard Country on March 30th.


BEN HAROLD [KLIF/KXOL/KNUZ/KENR] (Knoxville, TN) Subject: Thanks! jim, well, since pat harold (no relation) found me, I have been slammed by emails from several former students (many of whom went on to do quite well). keep in mind, they were KIDS, back then. and I’m just an old “beat to heck” retired radio dawg. it kind of makes me feel proud they even remembered me and that I had an “impact” on their lives. to be honest, it’s really weird, because I ONLY did it because I needed a job at the time, LOL! well, you’ll be hearing from me again. I’ll try and come up with some old radio stories for JRRR. it’s tough, because I have to shorten them way down. I tend to get a bit wordy. take care, old friend, and please pet lacy girl for me!

WHERE DO YOU READ JRRR? Tell us how far away from Houston, TX that you read JRRR. Got a news tip or a question? Send your full Name, City, State and Country of residence to

DR. BRUCE NELSON [KFTX FM 97.5 GM/AM Drive DJ Retired on 12/31/2010] (Corpus Christi, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1289) March 28, 2014 [Friday] A shout out to Ben Harold from fellow retiree and KENR (1070) alumni Dr. Bruce!!!!

BUD BUSCHARDT [former Director WFAA TV CH-8/ABC satellite radio PD/host] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Judy Hanna R.I.P. Jim, A Dallas Morning News reporter just called to ask my memories of long-time DFW radio-television talent Judy Hanna. She died last week of heart failure in Twin Peaks, California where she had retired. Judy was a producer for WFAA-TV’s News 8 etc. show with Suzie Humphreys and Don Harris in the late 60’s – early 70’s. In the 1980’s she was a news reporter for KVIL. She was the news lady on Sundays while I was doing the KVIL Oldies But Goodies Weekend Show. I am fairly sure that more info will be forthcoming in the Dallas Morning News. Bud

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MIKE BRAUN [ex KWTX-1230] (Ft. Worth, TX) Subject: Two radio obits. Jim, Wanted to send along brief details about the passing of two individuals connected with radio. Virginia Lee (Freeman) Taylor, 88, of Bedford, Texas, died Feb. 21. Her obit in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Feb. 26) stated she worked for KFJZ, Fort Worth, in her early career and later for an advertising agency [possibly late 1940s/early ’50s]. Maybe some of the ol’ timers will recall more details. If not, it’s nice to be remembered for one’s association with broadcasting — whether on-the-air or behind-the-scenes. Also, Maurice “Skip” Young passed away on Feb. 27. His obit in the Star-Telegram (Mar. 2) stated his outgoing personality served him well as a radio broadcaster, working with Bill Mack among others. He also introduced and promoted music artists as a salesman for Capitol Records. Mike Braun (Fort Worth), KWTX-AM/FM, Waco, 1975-79

TRIVIA ANSWER: During the Fabulous Fifties, Jackie Gleason’s The Honeymooners is one of our all time favorite TV shows. Audrey Meadows is absolutely perfect in her role as Ralph Kramden’s wife, Alice. In 1952, while the sketch is still part of The Jackie Gleason Show, the original Alice, Pert Kelton, leaves the TV show because of reported health problems. But, Pert exits the TV show because her name appears on a Hollywood blacklist. Actually, it is Pert’s husband Ralph Bell whose name is on the blacklist, but by association this affects her career as well. Jackie Gleason hires Audrey Meadows as Alice Kramden in The Honeymooners.

BILL CHERRY [In late 1950s Music ’til Dawn host on WWL-870] (Dallas, TX) Jim, you and Lacy have more tenacity than any two people I know. How you keep that computer and your great newsletter working together is a mystery, but I’m glad you do it! I was interested in this issue learning about the top billing radio station being in Washington, D.C. and billing over $60 million. That just seems so hard to believe. Have you ever written about veteran radio man, Brad Chambers’ “Martini In the Morning” internet radio station? It’s very interesting, and he continues creeping along at a snails pace. He has plenty of listeners worldwide, but he’s not been able to bill enough to make the station profitable. I’m beginning running spots on it, starting today. In fact, I’m attaching my spot for you to hear. I wish you the best, my friend! You’re definitely a needed icon! Bill Cherry

BRUCE HATHAWAY [ex KTSA-550, KTFM FM, Swingtime TV host] (San Antonio, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1289) March 28, 2014 [Friday] Thanks for the mention !!! Wish you could be here !!

SITTING BULL (1831 to December 15, 1890) I wish it to be remembered that I was the last man of my tribe to surrender my rifle.

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

“Wabash Cannonball” Grand Ole Opry Anniversary Live – WET TV


“Wabash Cannonball” – Grand Ole Opry House 40th Anniversary Opening Live – WET TV

The Grand Ole Opry House 40th Anniversary Celebration on March 15, 2014 kicked off with the newest members of the Opry, Old Crow Medicine Show, leading the cast in a show-opening performance of Opry patriarch Roy Acuff’s “Wabash Cannonball.” The show began just as the very first Opry performance at the Opry House did, with video footage of Acuff and his Smoky Mountain Boys from 1940 performing the band’s signature song. That performance transitioned to footage of Acuff and the Opry cast singing the song on March 15, 1974 before finally seamlessly transitioning to the curtain going up on Old Crow and a stage full of other performers that night finishing the number for the live audience.

wettv (2)

WET TV Television for the Independent Superstars Worldwide


6 Tips To Stay Fit When Away From Home


6 Tips To Stay Fit When You’re Away From Home

Are you heading out of town soon to visit family over spring break? Have a CME conference on the schedule for later this year? Or perhaps you’re taking a well-deserved vacation over the summer?

No matter the reason for your travel, if you want to maintain your regular nutrition and fitness regimen while on the road, plan ahead for success. Here are six tips that will help ensure you won’t return home feeling like a slug.

6 tips to stay fit when you’re away from home

1. Don’t buy anything to eat at an airport

Sure, you can find healthy food in an airport if you search hard enough, but while you’re on that mission you’ll be walking by the enticing aromas of cinnamon buns and watching fellow travelers sip Bloody Marys at noon. Resist the urge to start or end your trip with poor choices by packing enough healthy food to see you through travel time. A small stash of nuts, cheese, fruit and chopped-up veggies will help you arrive at your destination feeling energized.

2. Make good use of layovers and flight delays

Airports are great places to walk. The corridors between gates and long tunnels between terminals make it possible to get in a pretty decent cardio workout by taking a brisk walk while waiting for your next flight. Plus, there is no better place for people-watching than an airport. Walk and be entertained at the same time.

3. Stay hydrated

Especially when traveling by air, remember to drink plenty of water and other nonsugary beverages. Drink a bottle of water before getting on the plane and try to down another one while you’re en route. (Yes, this might mean having to use one of those awful little airplane bathrooms, but you’ll survive.)

4. Watch the alcohol

A good rule of thumb is to simply not drink more (or at least not much more) while traveling than you typically do at home. If you usually have a cocktail before dinner and a glass of wine with your evening meal, keep to that routine while traveling. Enjoy yourself, but don’t overindulge to the point that you’ll regret it. If you’re on a business trip or at a CME conference with colleagues, you don’t want to be the one people remember for being able to “hold his liquor.”

5. Study your schedule

If you’re going to be at a hotel for CME, look at the meeting agenda and decide before you leave home when and how you’ll exercise. If the facility has a workout center or you’re planning to go for a run each day, pack the clothing and shoes you’ll need. Take along a yoga or some other exercise video to use in your room, either on the hotel DVD player or on your laptop.

6. Every little bit helps

Even with the best planning, it might not be realistic to get in a proper workout every day. Don’t obsess if you can’t engage in your usual exercise routine while you’re away from home, but try to engage in some physical activity each day. A walk around the resort grounds or along the beach is better than doing nothing at all. Playing outside with kids or dogs while visiting relatives is a good way to break up all of the sitting around and talking that is often the main focus of family time.
Karen Childress

Be Inspired By Rhon Every Monday Morning

Rhon 2014



I-the Sovereign Lord-am your Strength. You are keenly aware of your weakness. You know that your strength is insufficient to handle the many challenges you face. Though this feels uncomfortable, it is actually a very blessed place to be. Awareness of your neediness can help you keep turning to Me, letting Me supply all your need according to My riches in Glory.

When your energy is running low, connect with Me-your Strength. Sometimes I pour abundant energy into you as you spend time in My Presence. At other times I energize you only bit by bit, giving you just enough strength to keep moving slowly forward. Although the abundant provision is more dramatic and satisfying, do not be discouraged when I choose to give you strength sufficient only for the moment. This may be My way of keeping you ever so close to Me on your life-path, leaning on Me. This closeness helps you hear My whispers-telling you of My delight in you. To hear these whispers clearly, you must trust that I, the Sovereign Lord, am in charge of your life and that your journey-though difficult-is full of blessing.

The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights. -Habakkuk 3:19

“My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:19 nkjv”

Splendor and majesty are before him; strength and glory are in his sanctuary. Ascribe to the Lord, O families of nations, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength. -Psalm 96:6-7

Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again.�.�.�. You will increase my honor and comfort me once again.

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