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Detroit Police Chief Encouraging Citizens to Own Guns

Daniel PayneUnder fire, Detroit Police Chief won’t back down on Encouraging Citizens to Own Guns

He’d probably say he’s not “encouraging” anyone, just defending their right to do so, but if you read Ed’s post about this last month you know better. And no wonder: In Detroit more than most places, when seconds count, the police are many minutes away.

Some liberals are naturally concerned that having more citizens carrying will disrupt the prosperity and tranquility for which the D is known the world ’round. Chief James Craig’s unconvinced:

“In fact, there’s been research … by the Department of Justice and some scholars that armed citizens, good citizens, can have a deterring effect on violent crime,” he said. “While I sit here with lots of optimism and encouragement that crime is declining, we still have incident after incident where individuals like elderly people get dragged out of their cars at gunpoint.

“There was a study done comparing the U.S. to Great Britain that suggested that home invasions, while people were in the house, were less likely in the United States than in Great Britain. And the reason why is because the suspects know there’s a greater likelihood that people in America are more likely to have guns inside their homes. So they tend to wait until the home is vacant to commit the home invasion.

“In England, suspects, because of the restrictive gun laws, 50 percent of the home invasions are committed while the people are in their homes…

“This is not often talked about: responsibility,” he said. “I do not condone vigilantism. I don’t support individuals arming themselves and doing the work of police officers. Police officers are trained to enforce the law. I think you put people at risk when you have people that are out playing police. I do see that a concealed weapon is an opportunity for self-protection only; not to go out and enforce the law.”

Daniel Payne looks at the DOJ’s numbers and wonders, if more guns equals more crime, why have we seen less crime in America over the past 20 years?

Last year the Department of Justice released a report revealing that firearm homicides declined nearly 40% between 1993 and 2011, and nonfatal firearm injuries declined nearly 70% within the same time period. Every year since 2002 has seen a rise in the number of NICS background checks performed, yet in 2011 the firearm homicide rate was lower than it was in 2002; in fact, all firearm violence, both fatal and nonfatal, was lower the former year than the latter.

The significance of Craig speaking out isn’t that he might catalyze a change to the law but that he’s educating the public on a right they already possess. Open carry is already legal in Michigan, but not all Detroit residents know that. People who might otherwise might want to buy a gun for home protection may assume, incorrectly, that Detroit controls guns as tightly as New York, Chicago, and other big cities do. When you’ve got the chief of police on TV encouraging people to consider it, though, that perception’s bound to change. And so all eyes in the gun-control debate turn to the D: Expect to see either an NRA ad or a Mike Bloomberg ad next year about the murder rate there, depending upon which way it goes.

Elmer Fudpucker Passed Away At Age 79

elmerFUDpuckerlogoElmer Fudpucker (Hollis Champion) Passed Away At Age 79


elmerFUDpucker(Nashville, TN-3.14.15) Elmer Fudpucker (Hollis Champion) one of country music’s legendary comedian’s passed away at 11PM Thursday night at the age of 79.  Elmer entertained for over 50 years, and was a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. 

He was known worldwide as one of country music’s greatest comedians.  I worked with Elmer on many personal appearances, and we became great friends.  There was never a dull moment in our travels, and he was always there with great advice to help me in my career.  This is a great loss in our country music community.  The cause of death was heart failure.

Hollis Champion a.k.a. Elmer Fudpucker was born in Decatur, Alabama.  The bold paragraphs below are from the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

Hollis Champion began his recording career as “Hollis Champion” in the late 1950s when he recorded “Old Red Devil.” Then he moved to Nashville in the early 1960s, developed a flare for comedy and adopted his flashy stage name, Elmer Fudpucker.

Over the years appearing as Elmer Fudpucker, he has been the opening act for such diverse performers as Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, Kenny Rogers, the Statler Brothers and Marty Robbins. His first break in the business came when Ernest Tubb asked him to open performances at fairs for him.

rockabilly-hall-of-fame-logoFudpucker has been a pioneer of party albums, he earned a gold record for “Elmer Fudpucker at the Nudist Colony,” released in the mid 1960s.

Many of Fudpucker’s party albums are geared toward truckers and one of Fudpucker’s early albums, “Damn D.O.T., Volume 1″ was No. 1 for 44 weeks on the trucker’s Top 10 chart.

Besides comedy appearances at fairs, conventions, concerts and clubs, he does serious recordings, which include the patriotic “I Love You, America.” He also operates a novelty business, called Fudpucker Fun Products, which manufactures T-shirts, bikinis, bumper stickers, country music books and magazines, fizzle glasses and “Fudpucker’s famous swamp root potion.”

How Great Thou Art, Perfect For Today – WET TV

carrieUnderwood01Carrie Underwood & Vince Gill How Great thou Art Receive Standing Ovation – WET TV

Such a beautiful song, and this song gives me goose bumps every time!! Carrie Don’t lose your soul. You are an inspiration, a luminous light at the end of a dark tunnel. You sing with passion, love and the spirit of the Lord. Please don’t lose that. I love this rendition of How Great Thou Art. You go Girl!!! You Tube Comments.

wettv (2)

WET TV Television for the Independent Superstars Worldwide


Mel Tillis On The Way Home From Hospital

melandpamCountry Music Hall of Famer Mel Tillis Recovering in Nashville Following Heart Surgery

mel TillisHospitalTillis’ daughter Pam Tillis released the following statement on the health status of the music legend: “Over the weekend, Daddy required a routine heart procedure. He’s doing fantastic and is expected to make a full recovery. In typical Mel Tillis fashion, he’s already cutting up and cracking jokes with the nurses. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.”

Fans are encouraged to visit for updates on Tillis and upcoming tour dates.

About Mel Tillis: Throughout his monstrous career, Mel Tillis has recorded more than 60 albums, has had 35 Top Ten singles, was named the Country Music Association’s coveted Entertainer of the Year, is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and holds country music’s highest honor as a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. He has written over 1,000 songs, 600 of which have been recorded by major artists including Kenny Rogers (“Ruby, Don’t You Take Your Love To Town”), George Strait (“Thoughts Of A Fool”), and Ricky Skaggs (“Honey, Open That Door”). Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) named Tillis Songwriter of the Decade for two decades. In February of 2012 President Obama awarded Tillis the National Medal of Arts.

– Absolute Publicity

– Sent in by Marty Martel

Be Inspired By Rhon This Wonderful Sunday Morning

Rhon 2014


My steadfast Love never ceases, My mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning. I know how desperately you want to believe this-and how much you are struggling to do so. Today, the only things that seem endless are your problems and your pain. But I am here-tenderly present-ready to help you get safely through this day. Believing this truth can make the difference between coping and giving up in despair.

Some days, when things are going reasonably well, it is easy to trust in My steadfast Love. But when new, unexpected problems strike, trusting Me takes much more effort. At such times it can help to remember that you receive new mercies every morning. When you are getting dressed, recall that I have clothed you in garments of salvation. Because you wear My robe of righteousness, you are on your way to heaven! This is an incredible act of mercy-snatching you from the jaws of hell and putting you on the path to Glory. Nothing you face today can compare with this mercy-gift of eternal Life!

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. -Lamentations 3:22-23 nrsv

I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation, He has covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. -Isaiah 61:10 nkjv

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. -John 3:16 esv

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