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21 Century’s Most Endangered Species: Our Youth


The 21 Century’s Most Endangered Species: Our Youth


Mattie DeLoach Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3532 Email: Brockton, MA 02304

Telephone: 888-862-6138888-862-6138


Brockton, MA. Endangered species are all around us… from the salmon, Spotted Owl, and the majestic tiger.  But the MOST ENDANGERED and THREATENED SPECIES of all is – Our Young People.  Suicide is the third leading cause of death between ages 15-23 (cdc).
Across the world our youths are rapidly becoming an endangered species because of bullying, drugs, sexual predators, mental, physical and emotional abuses, the internet and social media. Their confidence in adults for providing a safe and nurturing haven within the family has been replaced with hopelessness, drifting, poor decision-making, dejection and rejection to the point that they elect suicide. The self-taking  of  one’s  life  is  the  third  leading  cause  of  death  among adolescents.  JesusscetchEvery 16 minutes in America a child commits suicide.  WODA is currently renovating new headquarters at 4355 Washington St. Rosendale, MA to launch an “I Pledge 2 Listen” worldwide campaign.
This facility will enable WODA to produce short film clips, documentaries, and 60 second PSA’s chronicling the daily adversities our young ones face.   These factual, soul-stirring anecdotes will be beneficial for use in classrooms, homes, social groups, etc. to illustrate to parents, educators and our children a variety of options to handle individual situations as they occur.

Ms. Mattie DeLoach, Founder and Chief executive Officer, WODA (Wiping Out Drug Abuse), a 501c(3) nonprofit organization established in Massachusetts in 1987, shares a comment made by Farrellinea ( of Atlanta, GA. “The very essence of our humanity has been devastated by the onslaught of suicide among our young people. This crisis requires the attention of every human being on the planet. And as a nation we recognize the problems, however, we are still failing because we are not earnestly listening to our children. We must change the headlines to “Lives Saved Not Lives Lost.”

WODA  is  launching  the  “I Pledge 2 Listen Campaign” to gather One million people on June 1-7, 2014, to employ a week of activities dedicated to the thousands of children and families whose lives have been crushed by suicide.  Therefore, we are executing a universal ‘shout-out’ and a vow to our children – to listen

Visit: – Add your name as a ‘One in a Million Pledge’


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