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Buck T Edwards Needs Your Picture For Video

Buck69 will be  releasing a new CD this summer and we are in the process of making a video to  correspond to the 17 new songs.

We need pictures of  you, your friends, family etc…,

holding up a sign that says “BUCK69”. Be  creative!

If you want to go the extra step for a better chance of  getting picked for the video,

write the title to one of the new songs under the  “BUCK69”


1. These Blues

2. Ugly Teacher Blues

3. Dead End  Road

4. Soakin’ Up The Blues

5. No Medicine Like The Blues

6. That’s  Life

7. Without My Baby

8. Love Ain’t Easy

9. Just An Old Blues  Man

10. Tell Me Why

11. Hard Times

12. Carry On

13. I Pray For  Me

14. Don’t Shave My Beard (When I Die)

15. My Car

16. All Night  Long
Buck T Edwards Needs Your Pictures

Buck T Edwards Needs Your Pictures

Write your name, city, state, country and that it’s ok to use your  picture in a BUCK69 video.

Also state if  you want your name mentioned or not. We are looking for pictures from all  over the world so pass this on to your friends. If we use your  picture we’ll send you a free song download.  Some of you will  win the new CD, so be creative! Pictures of you  holding up a BUCK69 sign next to a motorcycle, Semi-tractor trailer, classic car or  landmark is really good. Be Creative and have a lot of fun doing it, without getting into any trouble now.

You can hear a  sample of the song (No Medicine Like The Blues) at:  

Thanks Peace, Love & Music Tommy C
Send pictures to  /  Subject BUCK69 Video
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Romneycare Benefit’s Boston Bomb Victims, Ironic ?


Boston Bomb Victims To Benefit

From ‘Romneycare’  Health Reforms 

The victims of the Boston Marathon bombing have endured pain and injury but  they may be spared further insult in the form of huge medical bills, thanks to  Massachusetts’ unique health care system.


It is such a pity people did not trust in you, but then 60% of America do not trust in God either.

Owing to a 2006 health care reform law enacted by then-Gov. Mitt Romney (R),  just 4 percent of Massachusetts residents were uninsured in 2011,  according to census data. And many of those bombing victims who lack health  insurance, including those visiting Boston from out of state, may qualify for  financial assistance from a “Romneycare” safety-net program.

“When I was watching the events and hearing from my colleagues what was  happening at the hospitals I said, ‘Well, thank God we have near-universal  coverage in Massachusetts’ because those people almost certainly would be  covered,” said JudyAnn Bigby, who was secretary of the Massachusetts Executive  Office of Health and Human Services under Gov. Deval Patrick (D) from 2007 to  2012.

Boston’s emergency services and its hospitals have been praised for the speed  and effectiveness of the medical response to the bombing last Monday. More than 280 injured marathon participants and spectators  passed through the doors of Boston hospitals and clinics over the last week, but  none have died beyond the first three fatalities and just two victims remained in critical condition as of Monday.

But all that medical care costs money. Trauma care, surgery, hospital  services, recovery and rehabilitation charges can quickly mount. Compared to  other states with higher rates of uninsured people and weaker safety nets, the  Massachusetts health care system is built to minimize the likelihood that huge  debts will follow major injuries and illnesses.

Massachusetts enforces an individual mandate that nearly every state resident  obtain some form of health coverage, and it also provides subsidized coverage via Medicaid or private  health insurance to low- and middle-income people who don’t receive health  benefits at work. This system served as a model for President Barack Obama’s  health care reform law, known as the Affordable Care Act.

In addition to providing for health insurance coverage, Massachusetts runs a  program called Health Safety Net. This benefit allows patients who have no  health insurance or inadequate coverage to apply to have the state pay their  hospital bills, even if they aren’t residents, Bigby said. Generally, the only  people who qualify are those who make up to 400 percent of the federal poverty  level, which is $45,690 for a single person this year — but exceptions are made  for severe illness and injuries, according to Bigby. The Health Safety Net  benefit is largely financed by assessments on hospitals and health insurance  companies.

Federal law requires hospitals to accept and stabilize everyone in need of  emergency medical care regardless of their ability to pay. In Massachusetts,  however, broader insurance coverage and a safety net program for uninsured  people’s hospital bills not only alleviates some worry about high costs, but  also diminishes the chances a patient will be sent out of the hospital as soon  as they are out of mortal danger, Bigby said.

“In some of those places, people would be seen and stabilized and hospitals  would try to ship them somewhere else, to a public hospital or somewhere where  people without insurance generally are sent,” Bigby said.

Heartache and sorrow in the USA

Heartache and sorrow in the USA

Yet, given the extensive nature of some patients’ injuries, including lost  limbs, there will be ongoing medical and rehabilitative costs that may not be covered by health insurance or by the Massachusetts  safety net program. “The breadth of coverage could leave some people with  some uncovered expenses given the severity of some of the potential injuries,”  Bigby said. The Health Safety Net Program is limited to hospital costs.

Patients’ costs will vary, Bigby said, depending on the care they receive and  the level of coverage their health insurance plans provide. In  Massachusetts, some less expensive insurance requires patients to cover 20  percent of their hospital bills and pay deductibles as high as $5,000, she  said.

That’s one reason why some bombing victims are raising money online and why Gov.  Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino (D) have backed the creation of the One Boston Fund. The fund will benefit those injured in the  blasts and the families of the three killed at the marathon site and the police officer killed in Cambridge Thursday. Massachusetts and the federal government also have crime victims’ compensation  funds available.

Additionally, hospitals have charity care programs that can waive some  charges, said Tim Gens, general counsel for the Burlington-based Massachusetts  Hospital Association. “Massachusetts has a very strong and extensive safety  net,” Gens said.

At Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, which treated victims as  well as the two bombing suspects, billing questions will wait until a later  date, spokesman Jerry Berger wrote in e-mails to The Huffington Post. “We just  aren’t focusing on that yet. It’s a question that will be addressed when  everyone is discharged,” Berger wrote. “We have been focusing on providing  care.”

The most severely injured bombing victims likely will suffer lifelong  health problems or disabilities as a result of their injuries, and Massachusetts  law guarantees residents of the state will remain insured, said Donald Berwick,  a former acting administrator of the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid  Services under Obama and a possible 2014 gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts.

In other states, those would qualify as pre-existing conditions that would  enable health insurance companies to refuse future coverage for the victims, he  said. That will change when the health insurance market reforms under Obama’s health care  reform law are enforced next year, Berwick noted.

“Massachusetts is the only state, until the Affordable Care Act comes into  effect, in which they have to issue insurance,” he  said.

Article forwarded to WHISNews21 by Rhonnie Scheuerman

Todays News From The GTE Music Magazine


Todays News From The GTE Music Magazine brought to you by Anna Shields

Good Afternoon to all my wonderful DJ friends: I hope everyone is having a great day today. It is 8:17 AM in Tennessee and stormy.  It has rained all day yesterday and raining this morning.  But that is only on the outside.  My heart is always hopeful and joyful when I write to you.  You all are like my family.  An extended family that I have outside my own little blood family.

stevefreeI wanted to let you know that Steve Free was the featured artist on this month’s GTE Music Magazine for April 2013.  You can go online and read more about Steve and his accomplishments.  It will be up for a few more days before it changes. It is online and free to everyone, no passwords, no nothing, just go to and click on the link that says click here to go to online magazine.  You can zoom in and out, turn up your speakers and hear one of Robert’s songs, you can download, print, social share, etc.  And YES we do encourage you to pass it along to everyone.  We do still have the printed version for subscribers but we wanted to make it truly world wide.  I hope you enjoy.  Will be updating website soon.

God Bless YOU all and THANK YOU so much for all that each and everyone of you do. And Thank You so much for supporting me and helping me to continue the work that Robert and I started and that we both love so much.  It is truly Appreciated. THANK YOU !!!!  When you get a chance, send me an email.  I love hearing from all of you.

Anna Shields

Is this A Joke Or Is It True, Please Comment.


For those who haven’t heard, Washington State  just passed both laws – gay marriage and legalized marijuana.
The fact that  gay marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day makes perfect biblical  sense because Leviticus 20:13 says,

“If a man lies with another man they should be stoned.”

We just hadn’t interpreted it correctly  before!

Mail send in by WHISNews21 visitor for comment, we thought it best to with hold their name

Rhon’s Sunday Inspiration From Jesus Calling


Messages received by Rhon at the Inspiration Station from “Jesus Calling”

and published here to inspire you on this new day


Come to Me with empty hands and an  open heart, ready to receive abundant blessings. I know the depth and breadth of  your neediness. Your life-path has been difficult, draining you of strength.  Come to Me for nurture. Let Me fill you up with My Presence: I in you, and you  in Me.

My Power flows most freely into  weak ones aware of their need for Me. Faltering steps of dependence are not lack  of faith; they are links to My Presence.

“My prayer is not for them  alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that  all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they  also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given  them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one: I in them  and you in me. May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that  you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” —John 17:20–23

He gives strength to the weary  and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young  men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will  walk and not be faint. —Isaiah  40:29–31


If Only the words “In God We Trust” was still to be seen

A World Without Country Legend George Jones


Country Music will never be the same without George Jones

No one lives forever, yet sometimes we believe our heroes will live forever. I for one never thought the day would come when the world will be without George Jones. I was wishing and hoping there would be a way for me to attend the big Nashville Concert in November where George was going to say goodbye to his days on the road.

While I was wishing and hoping, at no stage did the thought ever cross my mind that George would not live to perform that final concert in Nashville. I suppose in my mind I thought that George would live forever.

And that is the story of life, we should always make sure we get to do what we wanted to do before it is too late as we will never know when our time runs out. As for George he will live on, long after most of us are dead and forgotten, and that is what makes a legend, and George was, is and will always be a Country Legend.

Marty Martel Prayer Line For Saturday April 28

martymartelprayer2013If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for Saturday April 28, By Marty Martel.

Marty has been out of town since Thursday, working on a big show in PA and asked me to please let everyone know that he sends his thoughts and prayers to Nancy and the family in this very sad time.

Marty should be back after the weekend with his regular Prayer line

 If you have anyone you would like to send a prayer out to please mail them to

for inclusion in to WHISNews21 weekly prayer line initiated by Marty Martel

in the interest of goodwill to all in need of a little help by the way of a prayer

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