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Marty Martel Prayer Line For Tuesday February 26

martymartelprayer2013If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for Tuesday February 26, By Marty Martel.

I normally do not often ask for prayers, but I would like to ask you to keep me in your thoughts and prayers on Monday, Mar. 4th. I will be having an outpatient procedure done around noon, which is an Arteriogram to find out how much blockage I have in my heart valves. I had bypass surgery 26 years ago tomorrow in 1987, and both of my cardiologists feel that I need to go in and check the issues that I am experiencing. I have great faith in my doctors who have known me for almost 30 years and I trust their judgement so I am asking you if you think about it, to keep me on your prayer lines. I have asked the Master Physician to guide the hands of my doctors as they use this procedure to continue to give me the opportunity to live according to our Blessed Savior’s plan for me. – Thank you and God Bless, Marty

ASK NOT WHAT GOD CAN DO FOR YOU: Ask not what God can do for you – He does it every day, From the first bright rays of sunlight to moonlight on the bay. Each day’s another blessing – Each season a delight, For those who truly know Him and walk within His light. His love is everlasting – His promises are true. His children know already what God can do for you. His words are awe inspiring – His gifts are free to all, And He is always watching each time a sparrow falls. He’s the Alpha and Omega – Creator of all men! Ask not what God can do for you, Believe and let Him in!Clay Harrison


 If you have anyone you would like to send a prayer out to please mail them to

for inclusion in to WHISNews21 weekly prayer line initiated by Marty Martel

in the interest of goodwill to all in need of a little help by the way of a prayer


Tuesdays Likileake With Keith Bradford: A White Out?


This Likileake wants to know if you have ever been wiped out by a “White Out” ?


whiteoutbottleWite out: It is hard to believe I am old enough to know what wite out is.  Wite out or all-purpose liquid paper or correction fluid was an essential product on every secretary’s desk. 

When typing up a document there was sure to be a typing error from time to time. 

You could simply apply the white paint like fluid with the supplied small brush, right over the incorrect word. 

Then after blowing on it to make sure it was good a dry you could re-type the correct word right on top of the white paint and this saved you from having to re-type the whole document. 

In some cases whole sentences were painted with this product and an entirely different thought was typed in its place. 

In today’s word processors, options like find and replace, insert, select, and edit has eliminated the need for Wite Out. 

I keep a bottle of it on my desk right next to my Rolodex.  It reminds me of simpler times.


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Likileakes Radio Show Translated for Our German readers by Patty Patrick


Ausweisseln (Überpinseln) 

whiteoutbottleEs ist kaum zu glauben, aber ich bin alt genug, um zu wissen, was ausweisseln oder überpinseln heißt.  Das Produkt „White out“ oder das mit Flüssigkeit getränkte Papier sowie die Korrekturflüssigkeit gehörten zu der Grundausstattung auf dem Schreibtisch einer jeden Sekretärin.

Es gab immer mal wieder einen Tippfehler in einem Dokument. Dann nahm man diese Flüssigkeit zu Hilfe, und mit der kleinen Bürste wurde das falsche Wort überpinselt. Mit ein bisschen Puste trocknete man die Korrektur und schrieb dann die richtigen Buchstaben über den mit weisser Farbe überpinselten Eintrag. So mussten mit Schreibmaschine geschriebene Seiten nicht neu geschrieben werden.

Manchmal war es ein ganzer Satz, der überpinselt werden musste, um diesen mit einem anderen Wortlaut zu ersetzen.

Die heutige Schreibtechnik per Computer ermöglicht, Texte zu finden, zu ersetzen, einzufügen und zu überschreiben macht das Produkt „White Out“, das Überpinseln, überflüssig.

Ich habe trotzdem immer noch eines dieser Fläschchen auf meinem Schreibtisch neben Rolodex, der Rollkartei, stehen. Das erinnert mich an Zeiten, als alles noch ganz einfach war.

© Patty Patrick


A Likileake by definition, is a word describing a story that was never intended to be published, yet found it’s way to the editorial columns of an Internet Online News Paper namely WHISNews21 run by Frans Maritz out of South Africa. A Likileake is not to be confused with the now already famous Wikileaks, which divulges secret government and sometimes harmful information. A Likileake on the other hand is a name coined by Frans Maritz of Wildhorse Entertainment and WHISNews21 to describe situations and open up about information that people think about everyday but never really feel comfortable to want to talk about. Likileaks have become so popular on WHISNews21 that they have in collaboration with Keith Bradford of the Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network, created short 10 minute radio programs divulging Likileaks to the public. This show is now in syndication to Internet Radio Stations, AM and FM terrestial radio stations, as well as College Radio stations. It is worldwide and is so popular that WHISNews21 and NBRN.FM have decided to produce hundreds of these 10 minute radio shows about the Likileaks and call it The Keith Bradford Likileaks Radio Show.

Independent Superstars Worldwide Radio Show #61

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Here Is The Playlist For

The Independent Superstars Show # 61


Clay Alston – Nashville Star

Shane Worley – Waltzing Magarita

Hermann Lammer Meyer & Sandy Posey – Games Poeple Play

Rich Baker – Adios Amigo

Benny Berry – The Healin Has Happened

Steve Adkins – Old School Country

Allen Karl – As Sure As I Am Standing Here

Kris Hollis Key – Standing On A Rock

Ron Parker – You’re My Girl

Donna Cunningham – Don’t Tell Me That You’re Gone

Wayne Jacobs – I Want My Daddy

Tattoo Billy – Southern Cumfort State Of Mind

Dean Leach – The Right Of The People

Keith Bradford – Miller Road [2012Remix]

Stephen A. Love – Lonesome Town

Johnathan East – Hillbilly Music

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Pam Nkosi Feels That the Neighbors Dog Is a Racist


Girl bitten by ‘Racist’ dog (Only in South Africa ?)

Johannesburg – A Honeydew mother has accused a dog of being racist after the animal ran into her yard and bit her daughter.The Sowetan reported that the 7-year-old daughter of Pam Nkosi was bitten on the knee by a neighbour’s bull terrier.”I feel that the dog is racist. The way it behaved. It shows that it was not familiar with other races.”Nkosi said the dog’s owner did not come to check on her daughter and did not offer to help with the medical bills.She said the dog’s owner, Sean Norman, was “impossible” and that police had to intervene after he denied that his dog had bitten the girl.Nkosi said the Norman had not kept the dog’s vaccinations up to date and this put her daughter at risk of disease.

“He (Norman) said the child was bitten by another dog. He later said the child fell while walking near a hedge, but an emergency services report and doctor’s letter confirmed the incident,” Nkosi the mother allegedly said.

The owner didn’t want to comment.

An SPCA inspector didn’t want to comment on whether the dog was “racist” or not but said the case was being investigated.

WHISNews21: I think the dog needs to be interrogated and the truth needs to be forced out of the dog, make an example of this dog so that no other dog ever tries this again. I must also add that the dog has not been interviewed for his side of the story, as the report above is a one-sided report and perhaps only half the truth. However the “RACIST” dog just cannot be allowed to get away with this, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Thought I would add a comment from News24 on a previouse farm murder not related to the amazing story above:
avatarWhite Farmers Murdered by Blacks : There were roughly 128 000 commercial farmers in South Africa in 1980. South Africa. An estimated 4041 farmers have been murdered and many more maimed, tortured, raped and assaulted, since 1994The percentages are pretty alarming. Even though it’s an inaccurate way of expressing murder rates, one could argue that almost 10% of white farmers in South Africa have been murdered.The official data is that the murder rate of white South African Farmers (Boers) is the highest in the world by profession. It is currently 310/100 000. In London, England, the probability of being murdered is 3/100 000.

It amazes me that white South Africans need to go through lengthy visa applications to enter English speaking nations – isn’t it obvious that we should be able to claim asylum based on the fact that we have such a massive probability of being murdered in our own country? 

Hate Speach is alive and well in South Africa this comment of News24:

SA Students’ Congress (Sasco) campus chairperson, Jason Mfusi, allegedly commented on his Facebook page that “a good farmer is a dead farmer”, Beeld reported on Thursday.

UK Retiree Sandy Barclay Murdered On SA farm


Polokwane South Africa – A British citizen who retired on a farm in Wolmaransstad in the North West was shot dead in a robbery over the weekend.

David Alexander Barclay, 66, who was known as Sandy, was not armed when he went to investigate a noise at about 20:00 near the house on the farm where he was staying, reported Beeld.

Barclay was sitting with friends and relatives on the veranda at the time, said the owner of the house, who didn’t want to identify himself or the farm.

“The dogs were barking non-stop but we thought there was an impala at one of the windows. Sandy, a dear close friend of ours, took his flashlight and went to investigate.”

Shots Fired

The friends suddenly heard shots being fired. The owner ran to the house and was confronted by a man with a gun demanding money.

“I said we don’t keep money here but he insisted. Then I said: ‘Stop it in Jesus’s name.’ Another man arrived. He was aggressive and also asked for money. He told the other one to shoot us.

“Then I said again: ‘Stop it in Jesus’s name.’ Then one of them suddenly said they should get away. They disappeared into the dark.”

Barclay was found lying in a pool of blood. He had been shot in the neck. “It was so cold-blooded.”

Barclay was apparently widely respected in South Africa as well as back home, where he used to work as an accountant.

His funeral would be a private event on the farm where he had lived and died, said the farm owner.

Police had arrested a woman and were searching for more suspects, said a spokesperson.

– News24
It does not matter who you are or where you come from if you live in South Africa, and if you are of a lighter shade, you are earmarked for genocide in South Africa, that’s just the way it is. It’s like waiting for your number to be called.  

Barbara Rainey Quotes On A World Of Promise

Wildhorse Entertainment presents our weekly

“Independent Superstar Quote Spot”

Brought to you by Barbara Rainey.


‘Quote of the Week’

“An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise.”
– W.D. Howells
“I’m a Country Girl at heart!!” – Barb
Top 07 Ginkgo Tree Tunnel Japan
If you would like to comment on this Quote supplied to us by Barbara Rainey then you are most welcome to do so.

Marty Martel Prayer Line For Monday February 25


If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

.WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for Monday February 25, By Marty Martel.


Marty, My wife, Leona, was able to return to work at Publix (Gallatin) on Sunday. This is after having a stroke on Jan 9th, 1 week after her birthday!! PRAISE GOD she is able to return because we cannot make do on 1 income. Also say a prayer for when we go to court on Tuesday, due to not being able to pay the facility which tested her to find her diabetic. – Thanks Ross PROUD father of an American Soldier

From:  Got this note from Jerry Dehay in Texas reporting on Coach Nelson Turnbow‘s and his daughter Kathy‘s health. They both need our Lord’s help. God bless – Bill Graham

From: Subject: Update on Coach Turnbow. I went by after church today and visited with Nelson Turnbow. He was eating a little and was more alert and responsive than last Sunday. He is now on oxygen all the time and is visibly weaker, but his pain has subsided a great deal and he seemed more comfortable.
His daughter, Kathy. was at church today and I spoke with her after church before going to visit. He had told her that he was hanging on just for her. She said that she told him he did not have to hang on just for her. She said he had previously told her the same thing that he told me — that he is ready “to go home.” Please pray for Coach Turnbow that God will be merciful to him and grant him his desire and heal him forever. Also, please pray for his daughter,Kathy, as she is needing gall bladder surgery ASAP. She will not leave him and is an incredible example of faithfulness and commitment to her father. Please pray that God will continue to protect her health and enable her to stay by her father’s side until God takes him home. Pray that God will grant Kathy His peace that passes understanding and reward her faithfulness. Thank you for all your prayer warriors and their faithfulness in praying for Nelson and his daughter. They definitely feel your prayers. God bless you and give you hope and joy and peace.Jerry

Marty, my continuing friend and former neighbor, Ginger Almy, is having severe problems with a bone infection in her left foot. The wound care center at Southern Hills is currently exploring just what caused the infection so they can best treat it; meanwhile, there is no mystery pertaining to the pain – it’s THERE!! Ginger asked to be put on your prayer list; I’ve shared with her some of the situations we’ve shared and she believes this is a solid group. As I do. My profound appreciation.  – Bill Littleton

LONESOME: Dear Master, I am lonesome; Dear Master, speak to me! I’ve been longing here at twilight for the voices o’er the sea And it seems as if my heartache would be hushed, less piercing be, If Thou, Lord, wouldst come still closer – I am lonesome; speak to me! I’ve been thinking in the stillness, as I’ve watched the sunset glow Die out yonder on the hilltop, leaving naught but cold and woe, I’ve been thinking of the faces that have come a-trooping by, Old-time faces, long-time vanished, leaving me to wait and sigh. And I’m lonesome, Lord, I’m lonesome; Come Thou closer: speak to me, For I am listening here at twilight to the voices o’er the sea, And it seems as if my heartache would be hushed, less piercing be, If Thou, Lord, wouldst come still closer – I am lonesome, speak to me!Ralph Spaulding Cushman

 If you have anyone you would like to send a prayer out to please mail them to

for inclusion in to WHISNews21 weekly prayer line initiated by Marty Martel

in the interest of goodwill to all in need of a little help by the way of a prayer

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