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JAZZ GREAT PERISHES The legendary Donald Byrd experiences a long history as a Jazz trumpet musician. While in high school, he plays with Lionel Hampton. Donald later joins Jazz legends John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Herbie Hancock and Thelonious Monk. From 1959 to 1976 Byrd records for Blue Note records. In 1973, he turns to R&B with his hit album Black Byrd plus he creates the group Blackbyrds who score hits with Happy Musicand Walking in Rhythm. In 1975, we DJs on KXOL-1360 spin the smooth sounds of the Blackbyrds Walking in Rhythm. After the Air Force, Donald earns a Bachelors degree in Music from Wayne State University plus a Masters from the Manhattan School of Music. On Monday, February 4, 2013 Jazz and R&B pioneer of the trumpet Donald Byrd dies at 80.

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TEEN IDOL TRIO TOURS AMERICA Do you remember teen voodoo dolls David Cassidy, Peter Noone and Micky Dolenz who cast screaming spells on young girls? Well they’re back! The former teen idols plan a 2013 American concert tour. All three teen heart throbs begin as actors. In the 1970s Cassidy stars on TV’s Partridge Family. Noone is on British soap Coronation Street before he leads Herman’s Hermits. In 1965 I spin the Hermits #1 hit Mrs. Brown You Have a Lovely Daughter on KASO-1240. In the mid-1950′s we remember watching Dolenz as Circus Boy on our black and white TV sets before he becomes one of the Monkees in the mid 1960s. The teen idol Rock trio begins their tour on March 22, 2013 in Westbury, NY through September 10, 2013 at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, IA.

THE WYEN EXPERIENCE In 1971, WYEN FM (106.7) in Des Plaines, IL signs on with Chicago as its target audience. The radio station undergoes several format changes. In 1972, WYEN FM’s Beautiful Music turns the tables over to all-request (Request Radio) and then Adult Contemporary. WYEN FM experiences more changes: WZRC (1980s-1987), WTWV (1987-1989), WYLL (1989-2000) and WZFS (2000-2004). On November 1, 2004 Univision buys WYEN FM and flips it to WPPN FM with new Spanish AC format (Pasion 106.7). During all of these changes, many of Chicago top radio personalities grace its 106.7 frequency. In early 2010, Stew Cohen begins to write his new 290 page book, The WYEN Experience, about WYEN FM’s peak years with stories and experiences from its former staff members. The WYEN Experience is available online at iUniverse and at Barnes & Noble book stores.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What two songs does Rock singer Meatloaf turn down but become hits for others? The answer appears below.


•MATT MCCLEARIN & SCOT HARRISON Sports-talk hosts escape Cumulus KTCK-1310 [SportsRadio The Ticket] Dallas, TX for Cumulus WJOX FM (94.5) middays in Birmingham, AL.

•PETE DOMINICK stand-up comedian hosts new nationwide 6-9am (ET) wake-up show on SiriusXM CH104 beginning on Monday, February 11, 2013.

•CLEAR CHANNEL flips Houston Astros play-by-play in 2013 from News/Talk KTRH-740 to Sports Talk KBME-790.

•JESSICA CRANDALL joins KTBS TV ABC CH3 Shreveport, LA as weekend anchor and weekday reporter.

•HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that local Talk host Sam Malone ex news/talk KSEV-700 returns to Houston moonbeams via Phonoscope Cable to simulcast on an unnamed local radio station.

•LARRY GIFFORD KIRO FM/KTTH-770 Seattle, WA PD exits on Friday, March 1, 2013. Reach out and touch Larry at


•1958 WTVC TV ABC CH9 in Chattanooga, TN begins broadcasting on February 11th.

1967 LORETTA LYNN’s first appearance at #1 in Billboard is Don’t Come Home A’Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind) on February 11th. In 1969 Loretta is a surprise guest on my PM Drive KBUC FM program.

•1979 ELVIS! TV special on ABC has 43 million viewers on February 11th nearly 2 years after his death.

1982 WILLIE NELSON’s single Always On My Mind releases on Columbia records on February 11th.

•1994 SORRELL BOOKE actor as Mayor Jefferson Davis ‘Boss’ Hogg in popular TV series Dukes of Hazzard (1979 to 1985) dies of colon cancer a month after his 64th birthday on February 11th. Sorrell, son of a local physician born on January 4, 1930 in Buffalo, NY, is buried right under a tree in Hillside Memorial Park in Culver City, Los Angeles County, CA.

2011 BRAD PAISLEY & CARRIE UNDERWOOD record Remind Me on February 11th.


FRANK HALEY [News Director KKIM-1000] (Albuquerque, NM) Subject: Former KOB TV Meteorologist dies. KOB-TV Eyewitness News 4. Sad news to share today – former KOB Meteorologist Bill Eisenhood has died. (

RED JONES [2008 Georgia Radio Hall of Fame – retires from WKNG-1060 June 15, 2011 after 63 years in radio] (Carrollton-Tallapoosa, GA) Subject: Hear More Sound from Paul Harvey, 1965: ‘If I Were the Devil’ (Warning for a Nation) He could have written this today. A must hear!!! (

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BOB ALLEN [KTRK TV ABC CH13 Sports Director for 39 years retires on Friday, January 18, 2013] (Houston, TX) In June of 69 I started at KRBA (1340) in Lufkin, then after three months moved to KEEE (1230) in Nacogdoches. I worked with my good friend from our high school days Jay Taylor, who now lives in California. Tom McLain was the program director…also on staff was Jay Davis…Dave Allen Floyd was our news director. You’re right. That may have been the most fun time when I was just learning, and Jay and myself going into the production room til all hours of the morning trying to sound like Bill Young and guys at KILT (610). Bob

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KEN DOWE [CEO Service Broadcasting #1 KKDA FM (104.5) / EVP McLendon Corp. #1 KLIF-1190] (Dallas, TX) You are too kind, Jim. Good stories. I went to Al’s (Lurie KLIF-1190) 90th birthday party several weeks ago. I knew Chet (Maxwell KBOX-1480), and most of the OLD players. It was a different time. Have you ever looked up THE GREAT DJs on the net. ( I am on there with a 30 minute monologue you might find entertaining. Keep up the fine work, Jim. Ken

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DR. JEFF CUNNINGHAM [ex KXOL-1360, KVIL FM] (Austin-Kyle, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1171) February 08, 2013 [Friday] Amazing how your career and mine paralleled. I went to Elkins in 1974 and got my 2nd then 1st phone licenses. I honestly do not think there could have been a more dangerous individual than me when it came to radio engineering but having that ticket opened a door to me. I got the license when I was 17 years and a few months. After getting that I was privileged to get a job as a transmitter watch at KVIL during their spring/summer push. I made some significant friends and gained an insight to the business that I likely would never have had without Ron Chapman, Mike Selden, Jack Schell and John Carter taking me under their wing. That few months matured my view of radio forever and allowed me to grow into manhood with a sincere set of skills that few young people had the opportunity to acquire in that day and time. Jeff Cunningham, DC, MA; Kyle, TX ( / (

TRIVIA ANSWER: Song writer Jim Steinman first offers Making Love Out Of Nothing At All to Rock singer Meatloaf but they do not agree on financial terms. But in 1983, Australian group Air Supply takes the tune to #2 on Billboard where it remains for 3 weeks with sales of over a half million copies. Steinman also gives Meatloaf first chance at his Total Eclipse Of The Heart. Once again they do not reach agreement. In 1983, Welsh Pop singer Bonnie Tyler takes the tune to #1 for 3 weeks with sales of over a half million. Ironically, Dallas, TX Rock singer Marvin Lee Aday aka Meatloaf has a long dry spell on hit records from 1978 until he hits pay dirt in 1993 with I’d Do Anything for Love that chimes #1 on Billboard for 5 weeks with sales of over a million copies.

JIM GOUGH [‘Mr. Texas’-movie actor-voice actor] (Austin-Liberty Hill, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1168) January 28, 2013 [Monday] Jim…speaking of KULF (790), I used to go there to record spots for Suburban Homes. They only paid me 25.00 a spot so I would take my worst guitar into the control room, put a leg up on the desk and start strumming and talking. The spots were almost 50 seconds of directions and not much else. I never turned down any work, but these sure weren’t my best efforts. What memories huh? Jim Gough

LAURA SCHLESSINGER (January 16, 1947 – p) Radio is in my blood.

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Pope Benedict XVI To Resign Due To Health Concerns


The Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI will resign on Feb. 28, The Associated Press reported. The 85-year-old pope announced the decision on Monday, and cited health concerns as the reason for his departure.

Here’s more from The Associated Press:

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI announced Monday that he would resign on Feb. 28 because he was simply too infirm to carry on — the first pontiff to do so in nearly 600 years. The decision sets the stage for a conclave to elect a new pope before the end of March.

The 85-year-old pope announced his decision in Latin during a meeting of Vatican cardinals on Monday morning.

He emphasized that carrying out the duties of being pope — the leader of more than a billion Roman Catholics worldwide — requires “both strength of mind and body.”

“After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry,” he told the cardinals. “I am well aware that this ministry, due to its essential spiritual nature, must be carried out not only by words and deeds but no less with prayer and suffering.

“However, in today’s world, subject to so many rapid changes and shaken by questions of deep relevance for the life of faith, in order to govern the barque of St. Peter and proclaim the Gospel, both strength of mind and body are necessary — strengths which in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.”

The last pope to resign was Pope Gregory XII, who stepped down in 1415 in a deal to end the Great Western Schism among competing papal claimants.

Benedict called his choice “a decision of great importance for the life of the church.”

The move sets the stage for the Vatican to hold a conclave to elect a new pope by mid-March, since the traditional mourning time that would follow the death of a pope doesn’t have to be observed.

There are several papal contenders in the wings, but no obvious front-runner — the same situation when Benedict was elected pontiff in 2005 after the death of Pope John Paul II.

When Benedict was elected pope at age 78 — already the oldest pope elected in nearly 300 years — he had been already planning to retire as the Vatican’s chief orthodoxy watchdog to spend his final years writing in the “peace and quiet” of his native Bavaria.

Contenders to be his successor include Cardinal Angelo Scola, archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, the archbishop of Vienna, and Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the Canadian head of the Vatican’s office for bishops.

Longshots include Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York. Although Dolan is popular and backs the pope’s conservative line, the general thinking is that the Catholic Church doesn’t need a pope from a “superpower.”

All cardinals under age 80 are allowed to vote in the conclave, the secret meeting held in the Sistine Chapel where cardinals cast ballots to elect a new pope. As per tradition, the ballots are burned after each voting round; black smoke that snakes out of the chimney means no pope has been chosen, while white smoke means a pope has been elected.

Popes are allowed to resign; church law specifies only that the resignation be “freely made and properly manifested.”

Only a handful have done so, however and there’s good reason why it hasn’t become commonplace: Might the existence of two popes — even when one has stepped down — lead to divisions and instability in the church? Might a new resignation precedent lead to pressures on future popes to quit at the slightest hint of infirmity?

Benedict himself raised the possibility of resigning if he were simply too old or sick to continue on in 2010, when he was interviewed for the book “Light of the World.”

“If a pope clearly realizes that he is no longer physically, psychologically and spiritually capable of handling the duties of his office, then he has a right, and under some circumstances, also an obligation to resign,” Benedict said.

The former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger had an intimate view as Pope John Paul II, with whom he had worked closely for nearly a quarter-century, suffered through the debilitating end of his papacy.

Daniela Petroff contributed from Vatican City.

Australia To Grill Apple On High Pricing Structure


CANBERRA – Apple Inc has been ordered to appear before Australia’s parliament with fellow technology giants Microsoft Inc and Adobe Systems Inc to explain why local consumers pay so much for their products, despite the strong Aussie dollar.

Broadening a row between the world’s most valuable company and Australian lawmakers over corporate taxes paid on Apple’s operations, Apple executives were formally summonsed on Monday to front a parliamentary committee in Canberra on 22 March.

“In what’s probably the first time anywhere in the world, these IT firms are now being summoned by the Australian parliament to explain why they price their products so much higher in Australia compared to the United States,” said ruling Labor government MP Ed Husic, who helped set up the committee.

High local prices and soaring cost-of-living bills for basic services are hurting the popularity of the minority Labor government ahead of a September 14 election it is widely tipped to lose, giving political momentum to the inquiry.

All three companies have so far declined to appear before the special committee set up in May last year to investigate possible price gouging on Australian hardware and software buyers, despite the Australian dollar hovering near record highs above the US currency around A$1.03.

A 16GB WiFi iPad produced by Apple with Retina display sells in Australia for A$539, $40 above the price in the US, despite the stronger local currency. Microsoft’s latest versions of office 365 home premium cost A$119 in Australia versus $99.99 in the US.

IT firms and other multinationals have blamed high operating costs in Australia including high local wages and conditions, as well as import costs and the relatively small size of the retail market in the $1.5 trillion economy.

Failure to appear before the committee as ordered could leave all three firms open to contempt of parliament charges, fines or even jail terms.

“For some time consumers and businesses have been trying to work out why they are paying so much more, particularly for software, where if it’s downloaded there is no shipping or handling, or much of a labour cost,” Husic told Reuters.

Adobe and Microsoft have previously provided separate written statements and submissions to the inquiry. But executives have been reluctant to explain their pricing before a public inquiry.

Apple executives in Australia declined to comment when contacted by Reuters.

“The companies have blamed each other for not appearing. One will say ‘we’re not going to appear if the other is not going to appear’. So we’ve cut straight to the chase and said we’ll just summons you,” Husic said.

Price gouging in IT for hardware and software, Husic said, could be costing Australia’s more than 2 million small and medium businesses as much as $10 billion extra.

Husic took aim at Apple last week over local taxes paid by the company, telling parliament that Apple generated A$6 billion in revenue in Australia in 2011, but paid only A$40 million in tax – less than one percent of turnover.

“While they generated A$6 billion in revenue, they apparently racked up from what I understand A$5.5 billion in costs. How?” Husic said. “They do not manufacture here. They have no factories here.”

He accused Apple executives of maintaining a “cloak of invisibility”, while dodging scrutiny of operations.

Apple has been criticised elsewhere for its zealous secrecy.

“Ask anyone who has sought answers from them about their Australian operations and you will hear a common theme. They will not talk,” he said.


Petes Weekly: SA Not Right Place To Start Business ?


Maybe SA is not the right place to start a business?


Last week I wrote an article about how easy it is to start a business in South Africa. I fear that I must reconsider some of my words. It seems that Armageddon is nigh, and I may have to invoke Rule #6.

Firstly, about the ease of starting up. I was wrong. I am the first to admit it.

I was right about the amount of time available, but I was wrong about the quality of that time. Who wants to trade a Tuesday on the sand at Strand for the rigours of having to think about clients. Or trade the enjoyment of a medium rare fillet lunch at the local Spur for the challenges of invoicing. (A Spur is a rare gem which I have yet to see anywhere near where I have lived in Australia,England, or Norway.) I ask you, what was I thinking? I will apologise as soon as I have finished this amazing Wimpy breakfast that is so cheap that the proprietor will have to pay me to leave.

Now, to an even more serious topic: our looming Armageddon. It is real. Each of us is going to face one in the next hundred years. I doubt we will face the same one at the same time.

And yet, that is what South African newspapers sell every day, this looming Armageddon. If it isn’t the mineworkers on strike sending us a clear message that the end of SA is nigh, then it is the mine owners firing a few workers upping the nighness, or the farmworkers striking for a rise, or the farmworkers getting a rise. I could go on because Armageddon is getting more nighed by the day.

Catch a life. Not even Norwegians are so grumpy, even though they have a lot more reason.

I think we should consider Rule #6. “Don’t take life so seriously.”

I am writing this from a tree-filled courtyard in Somerset West, on my iPad, with the early morning sun streaming down. I could do this here on almost any day of the year, although I might need a jersey in July. Europeans have the iPad and the Internet access, but most do not have enough clement weather to write outside too often.

I am here on a mission to see what the future of my life will hold, a short sabbatical. (And because Mrs Carruthers suggested I needed some fresh air and Vitamin D.) After 7 years outside SA I want to find out if all that I have learned offshore has relevance to SA businesses. But getting past the national obsession with Armageddon is frustrating.

And each time I speak of the subject, I carry an elephant into the room with me. That elephant is the fact that I do not live in South Africa myself. How dare I speak on issues South African when I am so rejecting the country?

That is like asking a dying man why he is rejecting life. Each time I try and answer the question someone will interrupt with their solution, without thinking about it for more than 30 seconds. They have no inkling of the time I have thought on the subject.

In 1967 my biological Dad took a year to die, exhausting the family finances en route. Mom had to uplift her three young kids and take us to a new city (PE) where she had family to help. And then she had to put us into boarding school while she worked to support us. It was a tough time, and we each carry that memory closely. Since 1971 I have lived a life of daily insulin injections, and am nudging the further reaches of diabetic longevity.

My wife is Norwegian, as are her children, including the child we share, who has inherited her fathers curiosity and good looks. Mrs Carruthers has access to instant state help and the support of her extended family when I fall off this mortal coil. No amount of insurance could offer that kind of support, not that it is available to a diabetic. (The road out of here via diabetes is usually via a heart infaction or stroke, and usually sooner rather than later.)

Our children are settled and prospering at school and with great friends, none of which would change when I go, and all would help them. If we lived in SA and I become one with the soil, as it were, she would take the kids back to Norway. That would be a traumatic change, at a bad time. I do not want my kids to face the issues I did.

And since I rather like Mrs Carruthers, I am happy to be where she is. But the other half of my heart will always be here, no matter how much Armageddon is getting nighed.

All the best
Peter Carruthers

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My Son, My Son Father Cries After Finding His Boy


Snow-Covered Cars Become Deadly Traps in Boston

‘My son, my son’ father cries after finding his boy

BOSTON (AP) – Snow-covered car exhaust pipes killed two people and sent two others to the hospital in three separate incidents Saturday.

All three tragedies happened much the same way: People trying to warm up while they or their parents dug out their vehicle sought refuge in the car while its tailpipe was still blocked with snow.

“You’ve got to have ventilation (for exhaust) if you’re going to dig your car out,” state Fire Marshal Stephen Coan told the Boston Herald. “Clear out the exhaust vent first.”

In the first case an 11-year-old Massachusetts boy had been helping his father shovel the snow in the Dorchester neighborhood but got cold, so his father started the car and the boy got inside the vehicle, Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald said.

Witnesses said that a snow plow had later come up the street and had pushed snow back onto the bank, which then impacted the car’s exhaust pipe.

Just a few hours later, a man in his early 20s was found dead in a car with the engine running in Mattapan, according to media reports. It’s believed the car’s tailpipe was blocked by snow, allowing the gas to build up.

Two other children, ages 5 and 8, were hospitalized Saturday night after getting in a car to keep warm while their father shoveled snow in East Boston, WBZ-TV reported.

Boston firefighter Octavius Rowe came came across the first tragedy when he noticed a commotion in the street while at home. He went outside and saw the father leaning against a pile of snow, Rowe said.

“I came over to the car where it all started and the father appeared to have lost consciousness,” Rowe said. “He was semi-conscious and laying on the snow bank, and I wanted to first get him off that cold surface.”

Rowe said he put the man on a flat surface to revive him. He said the boy apparently had been taken into an apartment building where a woman was administering CPR. Paramedics from the fire department and Emergency Medical Services arrived and provided oxygen to the father to stabilize him and tried to engage him in conversation to keep him alert.

“He was responsive so we were able to, at least, get him up, get him to the stairs. He did say, ‘My son, my son,’ so he knew his son was involved or was in distress,” Rowe said. “We were talking to him. He was moaning, but the only discernible thing that he said was ‘My son.’

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