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Marty Martel Prayer Line: For Thursday January 31


If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

.WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for the week ending January 31, By Marty Martel.


QUIET TIME:Sometimes we need some quiet time to keep our purpose sane and clear. Sometimes we need to just listen; There are voices we need to hear. When I stroll through a blooming garden, my soul is filled with joy and cheer. The silent shout of radiant flowers speaks volumes to me – my spirit can hear. I’ve learned to listen with my heart, the bluebird’s song – my soul can hear. A quiet breeze whispers peace to me…It’s God’s voice I hear…loud and clear. Charles Clevenger

Just received a phone call from Bill Bleckley’s wife Katie, and she told me that Bill’s surgery was very successful, and that Bill is recovering remarkably and that both Bill and her, and their family have asked me to thank each of you and all of our prayer lines for their prayers, because once again we see the power of the Master Physician. I will keep everyone advised as to how Bill progresses when he gives me a call, and Katie said the doctors are thrilled with how he is doing, so my thanks also to each of you for your thoughts and prayers for Bill. This is great news. God Bless.

I am asking your prayers for my son Deron Martel. The prayers are not for any illness, but for a job that he has been waiting and wanting for a long time. He has worked very hard to get the opportunity to audition for his dream, so if you might have a minute say a little prayer for him. He will meet with the people tomorrow. As a father I have been praying for his success for many years, and maybe it is time. Thank you so much.


I was notified tonight that Glen’s bladder cancer has returned. The first time this occured it was on the front side of his bladder and it was attached. This time it is on the backside of his bladder, in two spots, but its not attached and thats a good thing. Glen and Lynn will meet with the Doctor to get a treatment plan together. I called Lynn to confirm what I found out and to get all my info together and striaght. THERE IS NO CANCER IN HIS PROSTATE. This is the good news in the bad news. So PLEASE keep both of them in your prayers. Also remember Lynn is recovering from knee replacement, Lynns sister is also staying with them as she recovers from a broken back. Now this happens. so they need all the prayers they can get and may need some help with other stuff.

Ed Corbitt Greetings everyone, I am writing a email right now as I just found out that an uncle passed away. Keep me and especially my family on my mother’s side in prayer – J Mike

Charles A. Shepherd, 75, of Pinehurst, Idaho, passed away Jan. 23, 2013 at the family home of Pinehurst. He was born Sept. 24, 1937 at Pittsburg, Colo. Charles was the son of Robert Bartley and Margaret Ellen (Queen) Shepherd.

 If you have anyone you would like to send a prayer out to please mail them to

for inclusion in to WHISNews21 weekly prayer line initiated by Marty Martel

in the interest of goodwill to all in need of a little help by the way of a prayer


NBRN.FM Premiers Wildhorse Top30 Chart On Feb 9

Wildhorse Entertainments Independent Superstars Top 30 Country Download Chart


The Wildhorse Entertainment’s “Independent Superstars February 2013 Country Top 30 download Chart Show” hosted by Ed Dailey, is scheduled for 3:30pm February 9, on NBRN.FM Nashville. The chart show will be aired on radio stations from Austria, Holland , Germany, South Africa and the USA. Some of the DJ’s who are responsible for airing these shows are Keith Bradford “Nashville Broadcast Radio Network” , DJ Dusty N4 Network Radio4 , Patty Patrick “St. Florian am Inn“, Jerry Mac “CMP Radio” , Thilo Morgenstern “Pur-Country“, Country Gold Network Washington and Frans Maritz “WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio”.



asureasimstandingOur February 2013 Wildhorse Independent Superstars TOP 30 Download Chart is topped by “Allen Karl” with his tarditional Country hit ” As Sure As I’m Standing Here “. 

Well this month seems to be the month for UK Country artist “Wayne Jacobs” with his tribute to firefighters, “I Want My Daddy”. as it moves up one space at a time to #2Moving up from #3 to the #2 spot

Benny Berry comes out of nowhere and lands the #3 spot with “Helen’s Arms”

Moving into the  #4 spot is Lori Smith  with, “Feisty Woman”, and proving that he can dance with a margarita is Shane Worley at #5 with “Waltzing Margarita”.



From Monday the 11th of February you will be able to listen to the latest Top30 Chart show everyday Monday to Friday at 10 pm [22:00 Hours], South African time on WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio

To check your local time of broadcast please click here to convert to your time zone.


To Hear previous TOP 30’s See Below For Information.

You can now listen to all the past Top 30’s on WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio every Sunday starting Midnight Saturday SA time and finishing at round 12 midnight Sunday SA time. The Top 30 shows are played randomly and in no particular order.

To listen to the Wildhorse Independent Country  Superstar Top 30 Country Download Chart Shows all you need to do is click on the Wildhorse RADIO banner on a Sunday and you will be connected to WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio. If you have been featured on any of our Top 30’s Chart Shows, hosted by Ed Dailey you will without a doubt hear your Hit song being played on Wildhorse Internet Radio.

If there are any other radio stations out there who wish to air our Chart Show please contact us at for links to download our monthly chart show

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“For those Independent Artists who want to take up this offer for a live on air radio interview on my “Legends of Country show”, they can call me in at the KORD 102.7 FM studios on Sunday morning between 7am and 10am (Pacific Time) at this number: 509-947-5785 if you are calling from outside the USA please check your country code and time zone.”

Special Request from Wildhorse Entertainment and WHISNews21: Please be sure to mention Wildhorse Entertainment when live on Ed Dailey’s popular radio show as 1000’s will be listening to you and as we have initiated this opportunity with the goodwill of Ed Dailey we would appreciate you mentioning us too – Frans Maritz WHISNews21

Wife Watches Husband Killed By Black In Bedroom

murdered in bedBloemfontein, South Africa – An elderly woman had to watch as black armed robbers stabbed to death her husband as he was lying in bed next to her.

Pensioner Gordon Bazzard, 75, died and his wife Annette, 67, was stabbed several times in the chest and neck with a knife from her own kitchen, reported Volksblad.

knifeThe robbers broke into the couple’s Bloemfontein townhouse at about 02:00 and tied up the woman, taping her mouth shut after forcing her to give them her PIN code to her bank account.

After the robbers left, Annette Bazzard managed to call her daughter and was taken to hospital.
Reverend Wollie Grobler said he was devastated by the news of the attack.

“It is awful. They are wonderful people, helpful and gentle and would give up everything to help others. She doesn’t deserve it. He doesn’t deserve it. They are not difficult, aggressive people.”

The two attackers, who fled in the couple’s Mercedes Benz with jewellery, bank cards and cellphones.

R1 000 had been withdrawn from the attacked woman’s bank account.

A police spokesperson said the men broke down a security gate in the complex to gain entry.

Just one of more than a dozen Genocide Murders on White people in South Over the past two weeks. The South African have with held all pictures of this Genocide attack as none could be found at this time.

Marty Martel Prayer Line For Wednesday January 30


If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

.WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for this Wednesday January 30, By Marty Martel..

Bill Bleckley is having his surgery today, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayer lines. Please pray to our Blessed Lord that Bill’s surgery will be successful and with a speedy recovery. I will keep everyone posted, hopefully later today. Thank you.

I know there are many that want to ask for prayers, but they do not want friends and others to know that they are asking for divine intervention, and I hope that they will change their mind and send me their requests and I will use a first name or initials, or however they wish to add them to the prayer line.

WHAT THE LORD HAS PROMISED: Now, what the Lord has promised, He most certainly will do, Because He is trustworthy, and His promises are true. When life is overwhelming, and it makes no sense at all, Please don’t give up in despair; Get down on your knees and call… Call to the God your Savior, yes, open your heart to Him; If you’re willing to let go, then His peace shall enter in. Steven Michael Schumacher

I want to thank Frans Maritz of Wildhorse Entertainment ( for including my Thought for the Day and Prayer line on his WHISNews21. He will try and include it as much as he can.  I hope that you will take time to check out Wildhorse Entertainment at   I promise you that you will bookmark this worldwide news agency.  I do appreciate him thinking enough of The Thought for the Day & Prayer Line to include it as much as he can.  Frans is an asset for all of our country music industry, and I urge all artists, promoters, publicists, booking agents, and all music industry personnel to include Wildhorse Entertainment for getting their news out to the world.

If you have anyone you would like to send a prayer out to please mail them to

for inclusion in to WHISNews21 daily prayer line initiated by Marty Martel

in the interest of goodwill to all in need of a little help by the way of a prayer

Likileakes RadioShow #9 Available For Free Download

WHISNews21Bradfordslikifiles06Likileakes #9 Radio Show Is Now Available To Download From Airplay Direct For DJ’s Worldwide To add Free to Your Daily Radio Station Playlist with the compliments of NBRN.FM Nashville USA and WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio, South Africa.

“The Likileakes Radio Show” #9 is Hosted By Keith Bradford


Likileaks File #17: Awesome?

awesomeAwesome is An overused adjective intended to denote something as “cool” or “great” but instead winds up meaning “lame.” This is actually a reflection of the lameness of the person using the word, the degree of which is directly proportionate to the difference between the user’s perspective of the so-called awesome object / person / situation and that of a reasonably sober, well-informed observer. To say the word awesome is over used is a vast understatement. My grandson says McDonald’s chicken nuggets are awesome. He also says his video games are awesome. Any thing he likes is awesome. Movie stars constantly say when being interviewed, what an awesome experience it was making a certain film. Awesome, awesome, awesome, I am sick and tired of hearing the word awesome. Someone please come up with a new word for 2013 that can replace awesome. Can you remember when the word BAD really meant GOOD? How about bad to the bone? Really folks I am ready to replace awesome. How about you?

Likileaks File #18: On line or on the radio/television?

nbrnThere was an extensive study recently taken by the manufactures of Radio and Television streaming software. The study consisted of 1000 men and women under the age of 30 years old. The overwhelming majority of those questioned admitted that they listen to radio on the Internet. Whether they listen on a cell phone, I-Pad, or computer while at work or home was not the reason for the study. The focus of the research was to find out how many people are listening and watching their favorite stations and channels on line, verses on their radios and television sets. Several even said if a program is not on line, they didn’t know how the producers could expect to get the majority of the public to tune in while sitting at home. If this study is in fact the real way it is, then that means more radio and television is listened to and watched on line then in the traditional living room scenario. I personally do not listen to the radio in my car because I can’t find a station that plays what I want to hear. I have several Internet stations I can listen to that I enjoy very much on the other hand. The only television we watch on a TV set is the evening news. By the way in case you don’t know it, even the evening news is on line for viewing if you don’t feel like turning on your TV. Let me know what you think about all of this. We will be reading your comments on future shows. 

Likileaks Radio Show #9 Featured Artist is Candy Sue singing two of her Hit songs, “Bringing Home The Bacon” and “A Satisfied Me”



1356703887_Bradfordslikileakesradiobanner300x300 (1)A Likileake by definition, is a word describing a story that was never intended to be published, yet found it’s way to the editorial columns of an Internet Online News Paper namely WHISNews21 run by Frans Maritz out of South Africa. A Likileake is not to be confused with the now already famous Wikileaks, which divulges secret government and sometimes harmful information. A Likileake on the other hand is a name coined by Frans Maritz of Wildhorse Entertainment and WHISNews21 to describe situations and open up about information that people think about everyday but never really feel comfortable to want to talk about. Likileaks have become so popular on WHISNews21 that they have in collaboration with Keith Bradford of the Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network, created short 10 minute radio programs divulging Likileaks to the public. This show is now in syndication to Internet Radio Stations, AM and FM terrestial radio stations, as well as College Radio stations. It is worldwide and is so popular that WHISNews21 and NBRN.FM have decided to produce hundreds of these 10 minute radio shows about the Likileaks and call it The Keith Bradford Likileaks Radio Show.

Download this Likileake Show plus more at Airplay Direct


Latest Jim Rose Remembers Radio January 28, 2013



BAYOU CITY TV ICON PASSES INTO THE NIGHT From 1976 through 2008, Doug Brown is the warm, friendly, smiling face we see on KTRK TV ABC CH13 on Good Morning, Houston plus on KTRK TV morning newscasts. Brown begins his TV career on KRGV TV ABC CH5 in Weslaco and KWTX TV CH10 in Waco before he arrives in Houston in 1972 on KHOU TV CH11. Longtime Channel 13 anchor Dave Ward, who also is on the air in Waco, suggests that Brown come to the Bayou City: He was one of the greatest guys in the world, with a great sense of humor. According to KTRK TV, Doug is the third recipient of the National Weather Association Seal of Approval. On Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Doug Brown dies at 79.

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TV SPORTS LOSES ITS BEST Since day one our favorite TV weathercaster is Ed Brandon on KTRK plus our choice TV sportscaster is Bob Allen also on KTRK. In 1979 it is such a thrill to have both Ed and Bob as guests on my Saturday night Oldies show on KULF-790 here in Houston, TX. Both are avid Oldies lovers. In 1974, Bob joins KTRK TV. In 1975, he becomes Sports Director. For almost 40 years Bob Allen is Houston’s premier TV Sports announcer. In April 2007, Ed Brandon retires from KTRK TV. On Thursday night, January 17, 2013 surrounded by friends, family members and co-workers, Bob Allen signs off his final sports broadcast on KTRK TV. Two of Houston’s finest TV personalities retire from our TV screens.

BIG SHAKEUP AT SIRIUS XM CORRAL After Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin exits in December 2012, three other Sirius XM directors Leon Black, Lawrence Gilberti and Jack Shaw resign. Liberty Media Chairman John Malone consolidates Sirius XM’s board. Sirius XM’s new lawmen in town include Liberty SVP Mark Carleton, Liberty VP Robin Pringle, Liberty General Counsel Charles Tanabe and Sirius XM’s new interim CEO James Meyer. Liberty Media now controls eight out of the 12 Sirius XM board seats. On January 18, 2013 Liberty’s Sirius XM voting shares cross the 50% mark after it purchases an additional 50M shares at $3.1556 each. Liberty’s preferred stock holdings reach 1.29B common shares. Liberty Media now controls 50.21% of Sirius XM.

COUNTRY FANS HAVE SINGER’S HEAD IN A GULLLOTINE Recently, Country music CMA Entertainer of the Year award winner Blake Shelton’s head is in a noose over comments that he makes in a recent GAC TV special: Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music. I don’t care how many of these old farts (are) going, ‘My God, that ain’t country’…you don’t buy records anymore, jackazz. The kids do…they don’t want to buy the music that you were buying. Country Music Hall of Fame legend Ray Price speaks up: It’s a shame that I have (spent) 63 years in this business trying to introduce music to a larger audience and to make it easier for the younger artists. Every now and then some young artist will record a rock and roll type song, have a hit first time out with kids only…and then just fade away believing they are God’s answer to the world. Amen! Preach on!

TRIVIA QUESTION: Does Bob Seger have a memory loss? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dick [Richard] Glancey former KLIF-1190 newscaster passes 39 on Wednesday, January 23, 2013.

•SARAH PALIN Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate parts ways with Fox News network.

PAUL FINEBAUM is off the Cumulus Sports WJOX FM (Jox 94.5) Birmingham, AL Web site. Cox courts Finebaum to move over to its Sports WZNN FM (97.3 The Zone) when his short non-compete ends.

•EDDIE STUBBS celebrates 30 years in broadcasting on WSM-650 Nashville, TN.

WIND-560 Salem News/Talk Chicago, IL joins The Answer sister stations in NYC, Los Angeles, Dallas and Columbus.


•1953 WJTV TV CBS CH12 in Jackson, MS begins broadcasting on January 28th.

1964 BUCK OWENS records My Heart Skips A Beat and Together Again on January 28th in Hollywood, CA.

•1978 FANTASY ISLAND starring Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize premieres on ABC TV on January 28th.

1989 RANDY TRAVIS’ Deeper Than The Holler grabs #1 in Billboard Country on January 28th.

•1996 SUPERBOWL XXX: Dallas Cowboys beat Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 in Tempe, AZ on January 28th.

2009 JOHN RICH’s single Shuttin’ Detroit Down releases to radio on Warner Brothers records on January 28th.


DAVE MICHAELS [Ingersoll] (Dayton-Huber Heights, OH) Subject: Jim (Radio Dreams). For about 20 years I have had (Off & On) dreams once a week about being late for my air-shift, getting there and TT’s not working right, switches not working correctly or I can’t find the 45’s in the right place to play! Some dreams will be in actual Studios I’ve worked in; others are not familiar! I was always puzzled by these and never discussed them with anyone. Than one day with Bawana Johnny I mentioned it and he said I guess “You’ve” had the Radio Dreams, and I looked at him and said…YES, Yes for many years!!!!! He told me this is very common. I think in e-mail years ago – “Jim Carter” asked me the same question! Anyone else??? Dave Michaels – Dayton, Ohio

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BUD BUSCHARDT [U of N TX Prof Radio/TV/Film, ex WFAA CH-8] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Chapman is home. After suffering a stroke on December 23, 2012 and spending a month in the hospital, Radio Hall of Famer Ron Chapman (KLIF, WFAA-TV, KVIL, KLUV) went home on Tuesday, January 22nd. He will continue his rehab at home. He is thankful that he is able to eat solid food again after spending much time with feeding tubes. He says there is still a lot of work to do but he is fortunate that his speech is coming back and he is now able to speak in sentences and even paragraphs. Going home was a nice birthday present for Ron who celebrated on January 25th. Robert Wilonsky’s 1/23/13 Dallas Morning News blog on Ron Chapman is attached. Bud (

LYNN WOOLLEY [ex KRLD-1080, KTEM-1400, KNOW-1490] (Waco-Temple, TX) Subject: Tony Douglas. Jim, So sad to hear of the passing of Tony Douglas. When I was at KPLE/Temple, I did several gigs with him and sang with his band “The Shrimpers.” Tony had a fiddle player named Dale Potter who was out of this world. He was also a close friend of WBAP’s Bill Mack. Back in 2003, I was promoting my book “Clear Moral Objectives,” and had a speaking gig in Athens. Everybody knew Tony, so I got directions and drove over to his roadside produce stand. We talked about the old times, and he gave me CD versions of his past couple of albums. Wonderful guy. Lynn (

JRRR IS NOW ON WHISNews21. Scroll down to the latest issue of JRRR at We want to hear from you. Please let us know how you like the new JRRR on WHISNews21.

JOAN PATE-DAY [late Sam Pate’s sister] (Cedar Creek Lake, TX) Subject: Tony Douglas. Sad news on Tony Douglas. One of my all time favorites. Loved His and Hers. One star who never got too big to associate with his fans. Just a good ole country singer who always made time to chat with those who came to see him. He never boasted on how much money he made, never bragged about his wealth and he never forgot those who bought his records. I called my mother in Athens to check on her and was surprised to hear a man’s voice answer hello. “Who is this” I asked. He said with a pleasant voice “well mamm this is Tony Douglas.’ “Tony Douglas I said in shock, what are you doing at my mothers house?” He laughed and told me he was not at mom’s but sitting in his office. Seemed I had reached a wrong number. Both shared a laugh. He will be missed by all fans and neighbors around Athens (TX).

TRIVIA ANSWER: Rock icon Bob Seger reveals that in his song Night Moves he writes the line humming a song from 1962 with The Ronnettes Be My Baby in mind. Problem is that song isn’t a hit until Autumn 1963.

BOB ALLEN [KTRK TV ABC CH13 Sports Director for 39 years retired on Friday, January 18, 2013] (Houston, TX) Hey Jim…Ed (Brandon) and I just talked about being on your show (KULF-790) together back in (19)79. Actually it feels good to relax a bit. I’ve got some time here where I have to sit out being on the air, but am having talks with some folks about some pretty interesting things that I’ll be able to discuss more down the road. It was an incredible 39 years at 13 (KTRK TV CH13) and 3 more before that at KPRC (950) radio…with more to come. I have a book coming out in April entitled “and Bob Allen” being written with John Lopez, who wrote Dan Pastorini’s book with him. Am also working with the Pastorini Bosby Agency to handle speaking bookings. Thanks for asking. Enjoy the newsletter. Bob

DAN PASTORINI [Houston Oilers QB] (May 26, 1949 to p) I’m shocked, to say the least. If you didn’t like Toni Fritsch (kicker), you didn’t have a heart.

Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Tom’s Real Country Top 200 Chart January 29, 2013


WHISNews21 is proud to bring you the weekly Top 200 Country Chart for January 29, by DJ Tom Kawai of Japan. We request you to please add a comment to this article if you are listed on the TOPS-200 as a show of appreciation for the enormous amount of work that goes into the compiling this very important chart every week. WHISNews21 thanks Tom Kawai for all his efforts to keep the Independent Artists worldwide a chance to get their music charted.

1-29-2013 11-27-15 PM


Blake Shelton’s Remarks Wont Be Forgotten



martymartel02What bothers me the most about Shelton’s remarks in his GAC interview, is that the older artists and fans realize that time changes all things in life, at least most all things, and the older artists realize that changes are going to take place whether they like it or not, but for Shelton to blatantly throw it right in their face was inconsiderate, cruel, and unkind, coming from the Entertainer of the Year and Male Vocalist. These artists know that the changes in country music have not been done to make the music better, but it sure has made the newer artists more money than they have ever seen, and with success it has made some of them build an ego that is almost disrespectful to the country music industry. Ego’s are part of being in the entertainment business, but in the case of Shelton, it has caused a breach in the past, present, and no doubt the future.

Shelton is a grown adult as most of the newer artists are, so there is no reason for any of them to think that they will make the country music industry a better place for the artists of this time and of the future, by making statements such as Shelton that can only injure the country music industry and there is no place for these remarks in our industry. I am not sure if Shelton will recover totally from his negative comments.

bradpaisley01sThe one artist who I thought would come forward is Brad Paisley because of his love of country music and the legends who have made it so good for him.

I have always praised him for the way that he treats Little Jimmy Dickens and they are special friends, but Brad has always been loyal to his roots of country music and respectful to what the legends have done during their careers, and many of the legends are still having remarkable careers.

It has come to my attention that Shelton has personally apologized to Ray Price, and Ray has accepted his apologies and wishes Shelton the best of luck in his career. Ray said he hopes that his statements will not hurt Shelton’s career.

 Shelton is a great artist when he uses his mouth to sing his songs, and I hope that he will have learned a very valuable lesson to be cautious of what he feels he must say in public. To take away from his singing would be wrong for anyone, as long as he just sings. We will see how much of a fallout will affect him personally.

I truly hope there will not be a Round #4.

Marty Martel©

Oh By The Way Steve Adkins is Old School Country

Wildhorse Entertainment’s video production of “Oh By The Way” by Steve Adkins Ft The Rodeo Girls from South Africa is proving to be a Youtube hit, now reaching that magic 10,000 views. The hit song was produced by Jay Elizondo Music Vision Studios, Nashville Tennessee. Steve’s “Oh By The Way” was also featured on the UK television series “The Phil Mack Show’ hosted by Phil Mack. Currently Steve has another song just released on Wildhorse Entertainment for international Download which you can add to your music collection by right now for free on Steve Adkins and James Allen Promotions would appreciate DJ’s worldwide downloading this song for possible radio airplay on their fine radio stations.

We Are Being Done In Big Time Here’s the Proof

puzzledWe just cannot understand how this has gone unnoticed for so long. Yet if anyone had realized this before why has no one come forward and complained about this. So I think it is about time we stand together and do something about it, as it just cannot continue like this it just is not fair

Here are the facts:

The shortest distance from Orlando to Miami is 202 miles, and the shortest distance back from Miami to Orlando is also 202 Miles

If your apartment is on the second floor and you walk down to the ground floor you have walked down two floors, and when you walk back up to your apartment you also only walk up two floors

If you live one mile from Disney World, then Disney World is also only one mile away from your home.

So here is the big lie so just think about it very carefully and you will realize how we have been cheated for so many years:


Unknown Wizzkid

Unknown Person

From Monday to Friday there are Five days,

Yet from Friday to Monday there are only Two days,

where are the other three days ?????


Comments from readers:

I have often wondered why our weekends feel so short, John Johnnee

I can’t believe I never noticed this before!!!!  George Georgie

How can this be true I don’t believe it!Mary Prairie

I have always felt that there is something wrong from Friday to Monday but just could never figure it out till now – Rita Repeater

Well I don’t care I don’t work so it’s just food stamps and fun for me, no problem hereLazy Larry

Three days are missing, where are they, who has them and what are they doing with them ?CS Eye

Written By Someone and posted On an Email to WHISNews21, author unknown, well sort of…

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