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My Life With The StarsThe Real Story About MusicCity




By Bob Tubert

(Nashville, TN-12.21.12) “Echoes & Reflections” is a new book written by Bob Tubert, whose background in country music might not ring a bell with you, but I assure you his name is synonymous with the rise and fall of country music in Springfield, MO and then all of sudden Nashville, TN enters the scene and takes over the reins and becomes Music City USA where the Nashville Sound was created. Bob is a TV & Record Producer, songwriter, and publisher. When you have finished reading his book laced with facts, you will no doubt be amazed. If you think country music is all peaches and cream, this book will give you a different perspective on what really took place years ago. There were some shady characters in this town in the early days. I thought wheeling and dealing was a way to have good things happen in any business, but after reading Bob’s assessment of the music industry back then, it didn’t take me long to realize that some things never change, just the names and faces. Good people were left out in the cold, money changed hands as used dirty laundry. Many of the good guys paid for the bad guys mistakes. There were big pockets in this town for many years, but what goes around, “ALWAYS COMES AROUND,” and if you listen real close, you will hear the walls of the city echo the truth that goes on in this business behind closed doors. You literally need eyes in the back of your head to keep watch over what belongs to you.

Bob TubertI have known Bob Tubert for most of the years I have been in Nashville which is over 40 years, but I never knew the real person until I read his new book, and I can promise you this, that if you buy a copy of his book you will read some things that will make you cringe as you find out what really went on “behind the scenes, down the backstreets, in the trenches and gutters,” and you will be amazed at the facts in his book. Knowing Bob as well as I do, he really opened a can of worms that I myself never knew. Once I started reading “Echoes & Reflections” I could not put it down until I completed reading it in its entirety. After I read his book I seen Bob at the post office and told him that I thought I was the only one who would go out on a thin limb and write about things that Nashville had swept under the rug. He has laid his facts out on the table for the world to read, and educate those who believe that everything is always good behind the scenes in country music. Bob has written what he knows and no doubt has kept it inside for many years, and I personally am so happy that he has filled in many of the empty spaces. He uncovers the dishonesty, lack of integrity, and the back stabbing names that ran this industry back then, and ran it right into the ground. He also covers the good people he worked with and gives credit where credit is due, and there were many good people in the country music industry early on, and there are many still in our industry now, but things could have been so much better.

Send for a copy of his book and you will get an education that you never realized until you open his book and read it from cover to cover. To order a copy of Bob Tubert’s “Echoes & Reflections (My Life With The Stars) send to the following: Echoes& Reflections P.O. Box 506 Hendersonville, TN 37077 Send $15.00 in check or M.O. (PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH)

Marty Martel


2 thoughts on “My Life With The StarsThe Real Story About MusicCity

  1. Bob has alwlays been one of my favorite people in Nashville. Straight up goodness. You think of Bob? and
    well you just have to smile. Good Zen.
    Wishing him much luck, and possibly a movie deal from this venture.


    Posted by loribrowne | January 6, 2013, 6:21 pm

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