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Bradfords Likileaks #6 Did You Have A Lunchbox?

The Likifiles are secretly published by WHISNews21 about Everyday Stories,
events and situations, that don’t fit into the normal weekly published format of the popular Bradford Files feature.

Likileaks File #6 Did You Have A Lunchbox?

The kids in my neighborhood have never had a metal lunchbox. In fact they have never had a lunchbox made out of any material.
They all carry a back pack but food items are not included in the items placed in them.
When I think about carrying my sandwich, a few potato chips, and a thermos bottle full of milk to school each day, I somehow feel like the kids of today missed out on something.
I personally was never exposed to a hot lunch served in a cafeteria until high school. There was no breakfast or lunch program in my elementary school.
I didn’t keep my SUPERMAN or ROY ROGERS lunch box. When they got rusty, Mom threw them out. I recently saw those kind of items on E-Bay for large amounts of money. Did you have childhood items that no longer exist? Please let us hear from you with your list.

Let me know your feelings on this.

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Breathalyzer with Parking Timer and Flashlight


SKU: BREATHALYZER: Portable and convenient to carry on key chain. Easy to use and quick response and resume. Countdown & count-up timer keep the deadline of parking. LED flashlight torch function. Makes a cool gadget for Friday night outs, Reusable.

How to use:

Press and hold the power button, red and yellow LEDs will light. Just exhale into the vent to get your BAC immediately In about 20 seconds, the green LED will light up for READY instead of red & yellow LEDs. The unit enters into the testing status.

LED Readings:
Green LED-below 0.02% = Safe
Yellow LED-0.02%-0.05% = Warning
Red and Yellow LED-above 0.05% = Danger

Wow what will be available next, it’s on your key ring, with a timer and a light. If only this will help to save a few lives on the roads this Christmas. I am looking forward to a gadget that people could press before they get in their car which will tell them if they will arrive safely at home or if they will be killing someone on the way home because they are driving under the influence of alcohol and thanks to Obama marijuana.

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