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Jennifer Carpenter Insults God And Thinks It’s Funny

I have just watched an episode of Dexter which I know dates back to round about 2008. I was not really interested in watching it, as it is as you all know about someone who takes people’s lives, and kills for the sake of killing. It uses as the storyline, for many people, a very acceptable excuse for killing, by only killing the bad people who deserve to die, which has always made a good vigilante movie. It seems that this plot always does well at the box office.

Well as much as I hate to admit it I thought the episode was pretty good and even at times thought that I should watch more of Dexter. However the one thing that I just could not handle, was the way Dexter’s sister Debs [Jennifer Carpenter] went out of her way, to insult Christians by making fun of God, Jesus and the Mother Mary, and that all in only one episode of Dexter. I cannot understand why the film makers would want to be so insulting to Christianity, do they hate Christians that much? They are blatantly being disrespectful and downright malicious in their efforts to make fun at Christians.

What is even more disappointing, while I did an extensive search for more than an hour on Google, to find out more about Debra’s antichristian outbursts, they talked about everything else but nowhere could I find anyone complaining about the way she shows disrespect for the Christian belief. In fact it looks like most people have no problem, and I would hate to say or even admit this, it seems that even Christians are ignoring this, and that is why these insults will continue, till there is not one Christian left on this planet to attack.

Now some people will say she is just the actress, she is told what to do, and you are right. However if someone asked me to insult my God for the sake of a silver dollar, and I did so, it would mean that I have sold my soul, nothing more and nothing less. So this popular actress, who the viewers probably think is funny and likable, is in fact helping to destroy Christianity.

My question is when Jennifer Carpenter insult’s God as often and without remorse in the Dexter series, how does she justify it to her God. Unless she does in fact as Dexter,admits in the series, not to believe in God. Now I am not one of those people who want’s to shove my beliefs down someone elses throat, as people can believe in who or what they wish to, as it is their own preference. What is a problem for me is they don’t leave Christians alone they insult them all the time and to top it all, they go out of their merry ways to do this. The only reason I can come up with for this continuous attack on Christians is that they Hate God, and see Him as a threat, and cannot handle the fact that “Real Christians” are good people and they want to destroy all that is good in this world, well what is left of it.

We are all blind at times, even though our eyes are wide open we don’t see how the world as we know it is being handed over to the ……………..on a Silver Plate

Some Quotes from Debra “Jennifer Carpenter” on Dexter,



There are many other’s as I could not remember them all,

but Hollywood made sure that the usual Insults were included like for example,


If you think she is cute, please consider the things she says, they are not so cute at all.

But then it’s your life, to do what you want to with.

This article has not been published to tell you what to do.

It is published because my God is under attack here, and I feel very insulted by all of this,

and want those who do, to know this, and I include Jennifer Carpenter.

Her breakthrough film role was Emily Rose in The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

Dexter is a good series and it does not even need all these insults and references to God to make it better,

the only reason that it is included in my opinion is because they want to destroy Christianity


13 thoughts on “Jennifer Carpenter Insults God And Thinks It’s Funny

  1. This may sound fanatical, but I don’t care. Hollywood is a tool of the devil. Just truth right there. He uses Hollywood he uses the government he uses atheist groups in the ACLU and all the other political and fanatical anti-christian groups to do what they can to bring down Christianity. They’re influenced by Lucifer himself. It’s a shame that he’s going to get his butt kicked in the end and anybody who follows him. And yes, they do follow him, though they don’t know it. Because, God said, if you’re not for him, you are against him. And if you’re against them, then you’re going to be on the losing side.

    The reason that Satan influences governments, Hollywood, and even the music industry, and other people to insult Christian’s is because Satan knows that God Jehovah is the only true God. Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, are all fake. They are not real, and say knows it, so he doesn’t have to worry about them. And he uses Hollywood, governments, and extremist groups to destroy Christianity. If he can bring down Christianity, you can bring down the world. But he tried to overthrow heaven, and of course overthrowing heaven would mean he’d have to overthrow God, Jehovah. Well that didn’t work. And he got kicked out and sent to lower parts of the depths of hell. so what makes him think that he can destroy Christianity, since God is, and always will be, in charge?

    Satan’s number one goal is not to attack Christians. His number one goal is to attack God, but attacks Christians in order to get to God. He knows that God loves his people. He knows that God adores his children who know Christ as Savior. He will do everything he can in order to bring God shame, so he goes after God’s people. And if he can destroy Christianity, he destroys everything God stands for. Here’s the problem with that philosophy. Christ told Peter that Upon This Rock I shall build my church, and the Gates of Hell will not stand against it. So he won’t destroy Christianity as I said above. So Satan influences people of Earth to insult and in Rage those who belong to God , and he does it through Hollywood, and the dialogue of Jennifer Carpenter’s character Deb, to do it. Her and many other movies and TV shows. But in the end he will suffer the greatest fate anybody can suffer. He will suffer eternity in the fiery pits, the absolute lowest depths of Hell, the Lake of Fire, where there be gnashing of teeth and chained forever. And anyone who joins him, and attacking God and trying to go against God, even if they think it’s just fun and giggles, will also suffer the same fate. So for Jenifer Carpenters sake and the rest of Hollywood, I hope they get their heads on straight in the hearts right with God and know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and Escape that fate.

    There’s a sermon for the day.


    Posted by Mark | March 12, 2018, 6:02 pm
  2. people….


    Posted by M | August 1, 2017, 10:39 pm
  3. I believe in God and would never go against our lord Jesus for any reason. Jennifer is responsible for what comes out of her mouth and no one else to blame but her……everyone has a choice. People who doesn’t believe seem to attack our lord and the ones who do believe and for Christians…well….not all make a good example but we are only human. I don’t care for hateful words about our God and that is why Im writing this but I will not lower myself and be full of hatred and put down non believers. Everyone has a choice and everyone is human which means we all make mistakes but we all shouldn’t be judged by it from each other and think that all Christians / Believers of God are terrible foolish people. I do not think bad of non believers and do not have any hate for them. Just in case for any non-believers this is for you who are against those who believe in God our Lord Jesus Christ….just because you don’t believe doesn’t mean you gotta be full of hate and go against us believers. You can still have a good heart and be respectful as Im being now. Please don’t blame one because of many and please don’t blame many because of one. I know non believers and I know ones who only believe a little and I don’t put any of them down. God bless you all


    Posted by Mike | July 9, 2017, 1:48 pm
  4. The writers are weak and cruel and one day they will be judged so don’t worry.


    Posted by Carol Doueihi | June 20, 2017, 6:04 pm
  5. This whole entire post is very close-minded and, to be frank, stupid.
    First of all, Jennifer Carpenter does not have anything to do with any of the things she says in Dexter, the writers write the script and she just reads from it. It’s her job. She gets paid for it. So if you want to get mad at anyone about Dexter, get mad at the writers. Dexter is one of the best tv shows I have ever seen and in my opinion it is one of the best tv shows that has ever been on television. And you saying that you would not insult God for money, well that’s your opinion and your choice. Maybe Jennifer isn’t a Christian. How could you possibly get into her brain and know that she is just doing it for the money?
    Second of all, you are taking all of these “insults” to God way to personally. The people who wrote this were not trying to target you or Christians. Deb and Dexter were never very religious people, so the things Deb says were probably trying to hint to the audience that Deb is not religious and may not believe in God.
    Third is about the close-mindedness that I said in the first sentence. You obviously have no openness to any other people other than religious ones. If you did, you would not care as much about these comments. Just because someone does not believe in God doesn’t mean you should persecute them, just like they shouldn’t persecute you for believing. And, by the way, you have no proof that God does exist. There are two things you cannot prove in court: the existence of any thing not seen and the existence of God. There is also no proof that God doesn’t exist, but you shouldn’t going around making statements like you know he exists.
    And to the Merle Smith person who commented, you should stop being so undereducated as to call her ugly and by saying she is “a disgrace to all women.” Jennifer Carpenter is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Stop trying to make yourself feel better by putting others down.
    Also, the fact that you said that the cast and crew of Dexter is “trying to destroy Christianity” is insanely and ridiculously ignorant. Maybe if you watched another episode of the show you would see that it barely even talks about religion except for in Season 6 with the Doomsday Killer, in which it doesn’t even talk about our religions today.
    To sum it up, I think what you are saying is very, as the commenter AtheistHumanist put it, ignorant. You should not just jump to conclusions just because your Christianity-obsessive mind thinks that every single little time the word God is in the same sentence as the words fuck or shit or any cuss words that it is targeting God. Honestly, sometimes it is easier to get a point across by using foul language.
    Also, don’t ever fucking say that Christians are the “good people” in the world. That one comment that you made fills me up with anger so much that I don’t know how to handle it. Honestly, you should just rethink your whole life here. If you were a true Christian you would understand that God loves everyone, even Jennifer Carpenter for saying these things. Christians actually do some horrible stuff in the world, and in no way are they the salt of the Earth. Please take your obstinate ideas somewhere else.

    PS: I am Catholic, so don’t start going off about Atheists or anything.


    Posted by Nathan Morgan | October 15, 2015, 8:45 pm
    • Dear Nathan, it is obvious that you are a huge fan of Dexter and even more of Jennifer. You say I should not insult other people but you are doing a much better job of doing just that in your comments here. It is also very obvious to me that you are also not a believer as your comment, “there is no proof that God exists”, is enough to convince me of that. I do applaud you for using fowl language to express yourself as you did in your comment, as that is much better than using God or Jesus’s name to do so. In my close mindedness, ignorant, under educated, obsessive and obstinate world I believe that there is no excuse for anyone using my God’s name in place of a cuss word, or in a way that shows disrespect. Reading it off a script is also in my uneducated opinion, no excuse. You should not be so hard on me after all, I am in the minority, what chance do I have against the new world which you have so easily embraced? On the other hand you should be happy after all you are the victor, for what I saw in Dexter has now spread like wildfire into almost every single movie and TV series coming out of Hollywood today. Well Nathan it is once again my opinion that it is no use arguing with you about all this, you have used your, “Free Will” and decided that you are right and I am wrong, so let’s leave it at that. No need for us to carry on like crazy people you have had your say and so have I. Thanks for commenting here and I do mean it, for I sincerely believe that you have as much right as anyone else to your opinion, have a nice day.


      Posted by WHISNews21 | October 16, 2015, 5:41 am
  6. Jennifer Carpenter is great. No one cares about her “insults”. People with common sense know better. Atheists or the like, do not want to destroy anything in this world but the IGNORANCE caused by religion. I support her. I love the show.


    Posted by Atheisthumanist | April 28, 2013, 8:59 pm
    • I will not thank you for stopping by I just wonder why you would want to waste your time here, you are not welcome with your insults and hatred. Do not bother to post again as I will not approve your comment. If I can just give you some advice enjoy your life as that is all you have.


      Posted by WHISNews21 | April 28, 2013, 9:05 pm
  7. You cannot mock God and get away with it. Wether it is now or at the end of time, Jennifer Carpenter will have to face the Lord and explain why she mocks Him and uses the foul language that she does. Why do the producers and directors let her get away with it? They will be held equably responsible. Let’s see her life span after she has mocked the Lord! I hope she repents before it is too late, and she is lost for eternity!

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Merlene J Smith | December 12, 2012, 7:33 pm
  8. I agree. Jennifer Carpenter has a filthy mouth and is blasphemous into the bargain. What type of trailer park was she brought up in? No one else in the programme speaks like she does. She is a disgrace to all women!
    And the ugly language she uses actually reflects ln her face. She is as ugly as the the words that come out of her mouth?


    Posted by Merle Smith | December 12, 2012, 7:13 pm

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