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Thoughts Of A Concerned American Citizen 2012

I did say that I would curtail my political views, but I have stored the following pix for several weeks, and after last night’s debate, I feel compelled to send this pix out with my thoughts about our Presidential Election on Nov. 6, 2012.  I know that you have your own thoughts about who you will vote for-but please vote.  For our country to change the way it is, we must vote for the change.

Do we want our President reading this kind of printed material (the real world should be trash) right before our eyes?  Is he trying to educate himself in all aspects of being President or is he giving us a glimpse of things to come in our country?? Everyone has said that religion does not and should not enter into politics, but it has and it always will when then the leader of the United States of America wants to force his belief’s on our society.  I hope you understand what I am trying to say.  I have never been so concerned as I am at this time, that if we continue this road that we traveling on with this administration, we will become a country governed by dictatorship.  I do not want my children to live under this kind of government.

I hope you will pray that the right person is elected so that we can repair the road that has been filled with potholes, bumps, and no speed limit for any authority.  We are the land of the free and the brave, and we are being led by a rope around our neck to places we do not want to go or should go.  Are you sure that you know every bill that this President has signed and put into effect-I for one do not know where we are going with Medicare, economy, gas, military, and the list is longer than I know.

It scares me to think that this President feels as though he has done a great job.  What started bothering me about this administration is when I saw this Presidents Cabinet, one by one, resign from working under his regime.  Evidently those cabinet members who left were not in agreement of where our country was heading in the coming years.  Our government was always based on “We are the people, for the people, and by the people,  and no one, not even the President of the United States should dictate to the citizens of this country that we live by his code of living.  This is democracy and if there are to be changes in our way of living, then we as the people should have the right to vote on these changes, good or bad.  We voted for Obama and we put him in the highest office in our country, and his decisions come from the power we gave him as we elected him four years ago.  I do not think then that he realized what he was about to embark on, but it certainly was not for him to make decisions “on his own.” 

“Mr. President, you bit off more than you could chew, and now we are deeper in debt than ever before, the job force is in an emergency status, young people with college degrees cannot find work in their field, and have had to take jobs that cannot allow them to pay their bills and they are living a life of stress.   Your foreign policy is in shambles because of your association with countries in the Middle East, and please do not talk about helping our veteran’s-do something about it.” You told us when you were campaigning four years ago, that America was in need of change and you asked us to believe in your promise of changes you would make to make America stronger, well you were right, IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE and it should start with the Commander in Chief of the United States of America.  Don’t talk about what you think you have done, do the job we elected you to do, with no pats on the shoulder.  You have not made America stronger as you promised you would.

I believe it is time for someone to make sure the Iranian leader does not take matters into his own hands, but he has basically told the United States of America what he plans to do whether they sanction his country or not.  He is no different than the North Korean Communist Regime.  There was a time when other countries would not dare to thumb their noses at us, and I am wondering why a President would want to be such a great friend to the Middle East, when they truly hate us.  Gov. Romney spoke openly about his thoughts of our nation recovering the respect of other countries.   When we say we need some of these other countries, that bothers me.  Allies such as Germany, Great Britain, and other friendly countries are our friends.  When you think of Russia and their leader Putin, the world should be scared of this maniac.  Russia wants to be a ruling force again.  There was a time when we were considered the greatest nation in the world.  We should all know we have lost a lot of respect over the last few years, and I am afraid that if we continue helping some of these Middle East countries, they surely will come back to hurt us.  What happened in Libya and Syria was not just an uprising as Obama said, it was outright war against the United States of America.  We have given so much aid to these countries who cannot control their own destiny’s.   The killing of our representatives in their country was murder and meant to send a message to our country.

We are feeding the hungry worldwide, giving financial aid in the millions to many countries, arming those countries who are killing our people, housing the people who are without homes, and no telling what the U.S. covert activities are doing with those countries.  When does this stop, and when do we take care of our homeless, spend more money here at home for education by paying teachers what they are truly worth instead of paying them a salary that they cannot make ends meet.  Obama talks about helping our veteran’s find work when they return home.  It used to be when our young men and women were sent off to war, their jobs were held for them when they returned home-but not now.  No wonder there are so many suicides within our military.  Don’t talk to me about making sure that our veterans who have become injured and maimed in these wars, get the medical attention that they need-show us results, but better yet, show the veterans that our government cares for their well being for putting their life’s on the line to protect our country against the hatred that has built up from other countries who do not have the same equality.  Take care of our veterans and all those who have been injured in battle.  Take care of them no matter for how long and for whatever the costs.  Let’s stop giving a free ride to countries who will ride this horse until it drops dead.

I am concerned and that is why I am sending this email, no matter what my readers feel, pro or con.  You have known me to speak out on what my thoughts are about the music industry, but if we continue on in our country the way we are going, there will be no music as we know it, no freedom of speech, press, or religion.  I DO NOT WANT THAT TO EVER HAPPEN FOR YOU, MYSELF, MY FAMILY, AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Marty Martel©

Centenarian Dad Makes Front Page News In Tampa

My Amazing Centenarian Dad Making Front Page News In Tampa
My father Salvador was born in Ybor City on October 25th, 1912 two years before World War One. His parents were of Spanish descent. They had family in Tampa and came to live here with one son who was born in Cuba. Then four more children were born in Tampa, two boys and two girls. My grandparents on my dad’s side were cigar makers. They were here for a while but they missed their own country.The family of seven, which included Salvador who was the youngest, left Tampa on a passenger cargo boat. My dad tells me that his Godfather gave them a house in Cuba near Guantanamo. He was two or three years old. Later they moved to Casa Blanca in Havana where he worked in the shipyards but his heart’s desire was to be a barber and began to barber in Cuba in his home. My dad says he came back to “his beautiful Tampa” at the age of 33 and within a few days started working at Pino’s Barbershop. His clients included many famous people such as well known composer Ernesto Lecuona, boxing promoter Lu Viscusi, Daniel Santos who was a great singer, boxing legend Tommy Gomez and many more.
My dad says he came back to “his beautiful Tampa” at the age of 33 and within a few days started working at Pino’s Barbershop. His clients included many famous people such as well known composer Ernesto Lecuona, boxing promoter Lu Viscusi, Daniel Santos who was a great singer, boxing legend Tommy Gomez and many more. He married my mom Emily and had two sons, my brother Albert and myself. Growing up I could remember how my dad would visit the sick and shut-ins all over the bay area and beyond to cut their hair. He has always been a giver, a friend to many and a wonderful family minded man. He tells me that he went to Miami for a while when Albert and I were kids but missed his family and came back to open a shop of his own in Ybor City, Nebraska Barber Shop. Later, he had other shops and even continued working through his early 90s at Figaro’s Barbershop in West Tampa. He is also happy and proud that my brother Albert became a barber. I steered toward the music industry. In 1992 my dad came to visit me in Branson Missouri where he met such music legends as Johnny Cash, Debbie Reynolds, Willie Nelson and Andy Williams. He will be 100 years old in October and is still active, sometimes working out in the yard. He tells me “Faith in The Lord is important and exercise is good for my health and energy. It’s as good as eating and sleeping.”

James Marvell

James, It is a great achievement to reach a Century, and we all stand up and wish your Father a very Happy Birthday.

Feliz Cumpleaños Salvador

Tom’s Real Country Top 200 Chart October 25th

WHISNews21 is proud to bring you the weekly Top 200 Country Chart for October 25, by DJ Tom Kawai of Japan. We request you to please add a comment to this article if you are listed on the TOPS-200 as a show of appreciation for the enormous amount of work that goes into the compiling this very important chart every week. WHISNews21 thanks Tom Kawai for all his efforts to keep the Independent Artists worldwide a chance to get their music charted.

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