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2012 CMA Song of the Year Award Prediction?

Nominees for Song of the Year at the 2012 CMA Awards are similar to those for Single of the Year — with two exceptions. SOTY is given to the songwriters, which are the singers of the song plus one or two co-writers in three cases this year. Each day leading up to the Nov. 1 ABC broadcast, we’re explaining how each nominee can win the CMA Award, offering our prediction and looking for yours. Who do you predict to win the Song of the Year award at the 2012 CMAs?

Eli Young Band‘s hit ‘Even if It Breaks Your Heart’ tells the band’s story while inspiring anyone who listens to chase his or her dream. Miranda Lambert‘s ‘Over You’ might be the most emotional lyric written in years. Those are the two new choices in comparison to yesterday’s Single of the Year prediction. Vote for one of the five songs in the readers poll below, then expand on your opinion in the comments section.

Eli Young Band, ‘Even if It Breaks Your Heart’ (Writers: Will Hoge and Eric Paslay): “Poetry set to music” is how we described the song upon its release in Dec. 2011. The second single from ‘Life at Best’ looks to keep major Song of the Year awards in the EYB camp — ‘Crazy Girl’ won the trophy at the 2012 ACM Awards in April. ‘Even if It Breaks Your Heart’ hit number one and went gold for 500,000 singles sold.

Dierks Bentley, ‘Home’ (Writers: Dierks Bentley and Jon Randall Stewart): Dierks Bentley‘s ‘Home’ stands a better chance in the Song of the Year category than the Single of the Year, as the lyrical content is the strength of the single. Writing a patriotic song that doesn’t come across as pandering to the country music audience is difficult, but Bentley and Stewart have found that sweet spot that inspires without inducing eye rolls.

Eric Church, ‘Springsteen’ (Writers: Eric Church, Jeff Hyde and Ryan Tyndell): Eric Church can credit this song for many of the awards he’s nominated for at the 2012 CMAs. It’s the one lyric that stands above all others on ‘Chief,’ which says a lot given the strong lyrical content on the album. His love story resonates deep within the hearts of every country music fan.

Blake Shelton, ‘God Gave Me You’ (Writer: Dave Barnes): Blake Shelton‘s chart-topper was a hit for songwriter Dave Barnes prior to ‘The Voice’ mentor’s recording of it for his ‘Red, River Blue’ album. The song — as lyrics on paper — includes a great hook that’s easy to hold on to. His best chance may be in the Single of the Year category, however.

Miranda Lambert, ‘Over You’ (Writers: Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton): This would be the second Song of the Year Award for a Lambert song in three years after ‘The House That Built Me’ won in 2010. ‘Over You’ is every bit as emotional and honest as that hit, having come from Shelton’s true-story loss of brother Richie when he was just a teenager. The lyrics feel pulled from the pages of a diary.

Our Prediction: Listen to all five songs and vote for the one that leaves you in tears. That’s ‘Over You’ by Miranda Lambert. The song was a pull-the-car-over moment as soon as the album was released one year ago. The powerful backstory and Lambert’s vulnerable performance (which technically shouldn’t matter, but they do) make this one of very few “locks” at the 2012 CMA Awards. Watching Lambert and Shelton accept this trophy could become the most talked-about moment from the three-hour ceremony this November.

By: Billy Dukes

Bradford Files: Truth Or Fiction ?

Some things are so true that the public perceives it as fiction.  When I first went to work for Kitty Wells, I had my sister-in-law dye my hair believe gray.  At the time my hair was very dark brown and I wanted to look like the rest of the band members whom were all gray-headed.  As time went by most of the veteran musicians moved on for what ever reason it was and younger band members came into the family.  These younger players were not gray.  So I stopped dyeing my hair and went back to my natural dark brown hair and once again I looked like the rest of the guys in the band.  This is the truth and yet most people I tell this story to think I made it up.  Another true story concerning my 16 year tenure with Miss Kitty is the fact that when I joined the group we worked 300 days a year.  During my time with the road show, her husband Johnnie Wright replaced the engine on the bus 3 times.  Each engine was a Detroit Diesel and usually good for 1 million miles before needing replaced.  Most people I tell this to simply laugh and think I am on some kind of wacky tobacco.  Last tidbit for this article is whenever the tires would get out of round (worn on one side instead of evenly) Johnnie would take a very large and very sharp knife and trim the thread on the tires till they were even all the way around.   Now the choice is yours.  You can say all of this is a bunch of crap or you can believe it.  If you choose to think it is all fiction I will be happy to supply you with the names and phone numbers of the other band members that are still living.  Ask them if they remember the facts as I have given them.
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The Bradford Files supplied by Keith Bradford Nashville Tennessee. Email Keith at

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