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Worried About a One World Government Your 2 Late

A bleak picture for the future, but are you prepared?

Let’s just say this first and foremost. Anyone worried about a one world government; your too late.

We already have one and it’s already been here for thousands of years. It became more apparent after WWII when the Bretton Woods system came into being. It allowed all nations to trade with one currency; the Corporate USA Dollar. Do you realize that “America” has no money, that was taken away in 1933 when gold and silver was taken away from the people. Most other countries in the world have their own local currencies but “America” does not, all Americans have are FRN which is owned and controlled by the Federal Reserve. The FRN is the worlds only global currency, it is accepted in every nation on the earth.

Why was this system setup? Control of course. Now we say oh no they have all the power, true but they also have all the stress of balancing this system. Imagine your clothes that are imported from around the world to your local store, your selection of fruits that you can buy, the electronics in your pockets, the house you live in, all the conveniences the FRN brings into your life. These promises to pay gives you everything you need, the typical USA Citizen lives better today than kings in the past. Now for all these conveniences, you just have to pay your taxes, to support the system.

You can choose to totally opt out of this system and grow your own food, build your own house, generate your own electricity and live in a world outside of all the “Benefits” being a citizen offers you. That’s a valid choice and I know at least on guy who does it currently, his name is Allen Watts.

If you choose to live like that the government will leave you alone because you are not disrupting their system. The problem comes in when you try to disrupt their system. Do you notice which nations gets attacked? Those without a central bank, once a central bank is in place the big boys don’t care about your countries inner strife, they just need to make sure that you have a central bank and are a part of the system. Why? For stability and control.

Take a look at the leaders who were put in place after Gaddafi in Libya. The first act was to setup a central bank and back away from this talk about international trade in gold. That would have destroyed the markets which the big boys can’t have. Now after Gaddafi left, there were still political killings, slaughter and what not but the big boys don’t care about a countries inner problems, only the stability of the markets; Global International Trade, Commercial law.

Commercial law has been the one world government for thousands of years and will continue to be so until who knows when. It doesn’t matter if it was during the times of the silk trade between China and the west, they had bills of exchange, checks, and pretty much the same law.

Let’s look at it in a smaller context. Say your at your local flea market that uses their own local currency. They say hey to use this flea market you MUST trade using this currency, you agree. OK you start trading, then someone decide, well I want to start publicly using another currency. The powers that be at that flea market may first talk to you about it, say you continue to not obey the rules, well then might make your life a bit harsher, thrash you around a bit and finally you may get kicked out.

Well it’s quite similar with what happened to Gaddafi, Abe, and Johnny boy. They were publicly assassinated to send a message. International trade can only be done in FRN, that’s the tender that the big boys chose for their own reasons.

Now some countries like China and Russia are doing bi-lateral trades in gold or their own currencies, how come they aren’t drawing the wrath of the big boys? Well you are allowed to trade with your neighbor in whatever way you choose but eventually those side deals still pass through FRN’s so it’s not a problem. Similarly ladies and gentlemen are able to go into contracts and work for gold or whatever else they feel like working for. As long as you guys have a valid contract and your not attempting to overturn their system they could care less.

It’s not about the Dollar per se, its about global financial stability; if you do watch the news how many times have they talked about “stability of the financial markets” That doesn’t mean stability of the usa market, the markets are GLOBAL.

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Lonnie C.Ratliff, Whatever It Takes Well Maybe Not

I’ll Do Whatever It Takes, Well Maybe Not THAT!

Over the years I have had the same conversation where a would be artist tells me that being a country artist has been their dream all their life and nothing will stop them. They will do whatever it takes to reach that dream.  They just need a little direction, usually followed by the fact that they have no money. I tell them the truth, that it is possible if they are willing to put the effort into it and as far as the money goes you don’t need a lot of money to start out with because you can use creativity in place of money at several stages along the way.  They have always assured me they are ready to roll.
I tell them there are three things you absolutely need to start on your road to stardom, A biography, a photo and a demo of them singing.  A biography they can write themselves for no cost.  All you have to do is go look at a dozen artist’s bios and write something else.
A photo is not a big problem. You may have an amatuer photography among your family and friends.  There may be a young photographer in your hometown who is trying hard to become successful who will work for next to nothing just to get their name on your publicity photos.  Talk to them.
As far as a demo of you singing don’t sing over an Alan Jackson or Carrie Underwood karaoke track.  Find you an original song track that is the kind of song you want to eventually sing.  That way when a Producer or Record Label  finally hears you sing they will be impressed with the fact that you DO UNDERSTAND that they don’t need another Alan or Carrie and that you had enough iniative to go find your own song.  That will tell them a lot about you and if you are gonna be worth their time and money.
The budget for these three things comes in way below $500 if you are willing to do the work and are a creative person.  If you are not a creative person you are starting out with 2 strikes against you if you want to be in the music business.  Most would be artist can never manage to get these first three things together so they spend their time daydreaming and waiting for someone to come along and do the work for them.
If you want to figure out for yourself if you are cut out for the country music business print a copy of this short article and stick it on your refrigerator and with a black magic marker write down the date one year from today.  When that day gets here if you have not completed the three basic things you have known you needed to progress with your career for a whole year you will have the answer to your question about do you have a chance at success in the music business as a singer.Copr.  Lonnie C. Ratliff

Lonnie C. Ratliff

Used with kind permission from Lonnie Ratliff

Jack Blanchard’s Notorious Kidney Stone Caper



We were standing in line for the CMA Awards Show in about 1973 or ’74, and talking to friends waiting with us. Faron Young was right in front of us, and he gave Misty a big kiss and hug.

I didn’t get one. He had recently been in a car crash, and I asked him how he was doing. He said that he’d split his tongue. I said, “Can you do any birdcalls?” We all laughed.

That’s what we all do when we’re not winning the awards that year. We stand in line and make each other laugh. George Morgan was just behind us, and we got talking to him.

Somehow my kidney stone problem was brought up. I had been to a doctor because of an abdominal pain, and he told me what it was, and that I would have a lot of them.

I never did…just that one, but it was a lot of fun. George told me not to have surgery… just to buy a case of beer and drink one after the other. It made a weird kind of sense because beer is a diuretic and a sedative.

I should have gone home and followed his instructions that minute. “Home” was our motorhome parked in The Music City Campground, in LaVergne, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. After the awards we went home to bed and forgot to buy the beer.

I woke up in agony around 2 AM. If you’re a guy who’s never had the thrill of a kidney stone, it’s a lot like giving birth to a porcupine. I asked Misty to kill me or get me to a hospital. She chose the latter, and took off for the Murfreesboro Hospital at about 60 miles an hour, with cans and dishes flying out of the cupboards, and the TV antenna still up. I was moaning on the floor in a fetal position, hoping to be struck by lightning. We got to the Murfreesboro city limits, when we realized something… We had no idea where the hospital was. Just then a cop pulled us over.

He said, “Follow me”, and shot away like a bullet. Misty tried to keep up, but we lost him. Somehow, we eventually found the hospital and the nurses put me on a cot in the emergency room, and went to the Bahamas. A month passed. Well, maybe an hour, and no doctor came to see me. I would have welcomed Kavorkian.

Misty stormed down the hall, saw a guy with a stethoscope around his neck, and asked him if there was a doctor employed there. He was miffed that she didn’t recognize him as a doctor, with his new stethoscope and all. He said these exact words: “I’m not going to give drugs to every hippie that comes in off the street.” They weren’t used to my haircut in those days.

She assaulted him verbally for a few minutes, and then dragged him out to look at our motorhome, which had our names and “Columbia/Epic Records” written on it. He made a couple of phone calls and verified our identity, and suddenly became a bowing headwaiter. He quickly gave me a shot and some pain pills, and put me up for the rest of the night in the children’s section. I don’t know why.

I woke up at 7 AM to a room with Donald Duck wallpaper, and cartoons blaring on the TV. It wasn’t the kids running the television, but another full-grown idiot in the next bed. I got up, walked out to the parking lot in my gown, and woke Misty up to go find my clothes.

She’d had a bit of wine after the ordeal, and neither of us felt great. We left the Murfreesboro Hospital in our dust, and vowed to never pay them.

The pain pills ran out the next evening, and we got the case of beer George Morgan had prescribed. I took it like a good boy. I’d finished twelve or so bottles, and was still feeling some pain, but I didn’t much care. I went into the bathroom, and in the silence Misty heard “PING!” And she heard me say “AHA!” She said “Let the man who is without sin pass the first stone.”

Jack Blanchard

© 2012.

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan… Home page: CD Baby: Videos: Restoration and mastering studio: 407 330 1611. 

Used with kind permission from Jack Blanchard and Lonnie Ratliff

Barbara Rainey Quotes Happy Not Always Perfect

Wildhorse Entertainment presents our weekly

“Independent Superstar Quote Spot”

Brought to you by Barbara Rainey.

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect, it means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Have a great week keeping it COUNTRY!!
If you would like to comment on this Quote supplied to us by Barbara Rainey then you are most welcome to do so.

Microsoft Can Now Listen In On All Skype Calls ?

It’s Terrifying And Sickening That Microsoft Can Now Listen In On All Skype Calls

There was a wildly terrifying storypublished late Friday on Slate that didn’t get much attention because of the time of the week it was released. In it, the author – Ryan Gallagher – lays out how Microsoft (MSFT) seems to have made some subtle and (to most) imperceptible changes to the popular Skype calling service that allows it to eavesdrop on all of your calls going forward. (Forbes contributor Anthony Wing Kosner flagged the service changes in an earlier  post published July 18.)

Although it’s not completely clear, some seem to think that Microsoft may have made the changes either from or in anticipation of pressure from various government entities.

As Gallagher points out, “in June [2011], Microsoft was granted a patent for ‘legal intercept’ technology designed to be used with VOIP services like Skype to ‘silently copy communication transmitted via the communication session.’”

Gallagher tried several times last week to confirm that Microsoft had changed Skype’s policies and technologies to allow for accessing all communications.  He got no response, which strongly suggests that they are able to do this.  It’s also important to note that Skype/Microsoft denied the allegation that the change to its architecture this Spring had anything to do with surveillance, according to the Slate article.

Why is this so significant?

To Spy On Us, is an invasion of privacy, yet they do. The bad guys know about the spying so they wont say anything. So will our private conversations will be listened to, for fun and entertainment ?

Most Skype users are still under the legacy impression that Skype communications are private — more private than even their regular old phone conversations. If this has changed since the Microsoft acquisition, it hasn’t been overtly communicated to users.

It’s unclear why, but presumably Microsoft worries that Skype’s meteoric growth would be stunted if more people knew about this privacy adjustment made behind their backs.

And Listening To You, Saving It All

Since the Microsoft purchase, it has been heavily promoted to Facebook (FB) users as an additional communications tool within the Facebook platform.

Yet, new sign-ups to the Skype service are also likely not aware of the capability


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