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Independent Superstars Worldwide Radio Show #53

This week your song will to be played on all the

International Internet Radio Stations listed below
Keith Bradford on NBRN.FM Nashville
Patty Patrick on ST Florian am Inn Austria
DJ Thilo on Pur-Country Germany

Jerry Mac on Country Music Planet USA
DJ Dusty on Radio 4 Netherlands
Frans Maritz WHIS Wildhorse Internet Radio
Here is the playlist for the Independent Superstars Show #53 on NBRN.FM Nashville Monday evening 22nd of October at 7pm CST and repeated Tuesday the 23th of October at 10am CST. This show is also aired in Austria, Germany, Holland and South Africa. On behalf of all the Independent Artists featured on this show we thank the DJ’s Keith Bradford from Nashville NBRN.FM, Patty Patrick from Austria St Florian AM, DJ Thilo from Germany Pur-Country, Jerry Mac of Country Music Planet USA and DJ Dusty from Holland NW Radio 4, and not forgetting all the listeners who will be listening in, thank you, thank you, thank you….

Here Is The Playlist For

The Independent Superstars Show # 53

Deby Kelley – Cowboy Rock & Roll

Cliff Walton – Cowboy Beat

Dan Schafer – She’ll Tear your Heart Out

Clay Alston – Southwest Texas, Recue Me

DeLon – Al Obama

Jerry Jackson & Red River Rising – Deep In The Heart

Dana Jordan – I’ll Tell The World

Jodie Dilmore – Destination Goodbye

Keith Bradford – I’m Walking Daily In The Light

Hannah Farries – When You Love Somebody

Michelle Holland – Can’t Fool This Fool

Paul & Helen Mateki – Expensive Toys

Tatto Billy – Huckelberry

Jack Hackworth – Sticks & Stones

Kathy Sharpe – You Never Kiss Me Goodbye

Darren Rhodes – My Dearest Love

Chris Green Project – Don’t Rely On A Man

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Jim Rose Remembers Radio On WHISNews21 Oct 22



JERRY LEE LEWIS KEYBOARDIST DIES IN A SHOOTOUT Early Sunday morning, October 14, 2012, B.B. Cunningham, Jr. (70) of the 1960′s group the Hombres and Jerry Lee Lewis’ band dies in a shootout as a security guard in a Memphis, TN apartment complex. No further details available other than local police find Cunningham and a 16-year-old both dead from gunshot wounds. B.B. grows up in a musical family.

At 14, he is the youngest person ever to join the Memphis Musicians Union. In the 1950′s, he starts his first band with Jerry Atwood The Six O’Clock Boys, rivals of the Royal Spades who eventually become the Mar-Keys. B.B. and Bill are sons of Buddy Cunningham who records as Buddy Blake. His brother, Bill, is a founder of the Box Tops. In 1965, B.B. joins Ronnie and the Daytonas who evolve into the Hombres with the 1967 #12 hit Let It All Hang Out. In 1997, B.B. joins the Jerry Lee Lewis band as a keyboardist.


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BIG TEX GOES UP IN FLAMES As far back as I can remember our family always goes to the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. There to greet all of us with a loud Howdy! is the giant Big Tex cowboy whose hat touches the clouds. In October 2012, the Texas State Fair’s Big Tex cowboy turns 60.

Shortly after 10:15 am on Friday, October 19, 2012 Big Tex bursts into flames from his spot in the Million Dollar Midwayat the fairgrounds leaving only a skeletal frame with his hands, arms and belt buckle still intact. This is almost as sad as when hurricane Ike destroys the legendary huge Flagship Pier in Galveston, TX as a strong Category 2 hurricane on September 13, 2008 at 2:10 am CDT.

Texas State Fair spokeswoman Sue Gooding sighs: It’s a very sad day for all fair-goers. It’s a sad way to end the fair. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings declares that Big Tex will be rebuilt better than ever for the 21st century.


ALASKA’S 2ND RADIO STATION TURNS 50 In the early 1960s, a press release states that newly created KUAC FM will probably be North America’s farthest north FM radio station. KUAC FM goes on the air 50 years ago as the second FM radio station in Alaska. KUAC FM’s initial goal is to provide a practical training ground for radio broadcasters.

Former station manager Theda Sue Pittman tells the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner that early news and music shows were played from reel-to-reel tapes flown up from Oregon on the midnight Pan-American Airways flight.

Over the decades, vinyl records, then CDs, digital recordings and live feeds replace the reel-to-reel tapes. Today, KUAC FM and KUAC TV are an integral part of life in Alaska going their part to educate all Alaskans.



Does Elvis Presley make more money when he is alive or after he dies?

The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dave Michaels is a Scorpio because his birthday is on Sunday, October 28, 2012.

•MARK MUELLER vacates Clear Channel Sports Talk WRDU FM (Rush Radio 106.1) Raleigh-Durham, NC since 2009 as midday news/anchor and reporter.

•CUMULUS grabs WFME FM (94.7) NYC from Family Stations to add to their two other Big Apple operations Hot AC WPLJ FM (95.5) and News/Talk WABC-770 which means that WFME FM will lunge toward a format change.

•MIKE HUCKABEE host of #1 rated weekend TV hit Huckabee on Fox News Channel tacks on six more markets to give the Mike Huckabee radio show a grand total of 200 affiliates.

•WDBO-580 Orlando, FL drops News/Talk WDBO FM simulcast as it flips to ESPN starting on November 12, 2012.

•MARY CAMPBELL who covers music and theater for four decades at The Associated Press dies at 78 on Friday, October 19, 2012.



•1957 KJAC TV NBC CH4 in Port Arthur-Beaumont, Texas 1st broadcast on October 22nd.

•1963 DAVID ALLAN COE Outlaw Country music singer (You Never Even Called Me By My Name #8-1975) begins to serve a four-year prison sentence at the Ohio State Penitentiary on October 22nd for car theft plus possession of burglary tools.

•1973 PABLO CASALS Spanish cellist, conductor and composer dies at 96 on October 22nd.

•1988 RANDY TRAVIS’ (Randy Bruce Traywick) single Deeper Than The Holler releases on Warner Brothers records on October 21st.

•1994 SAM HOUSTON’s World’s Tallest Statue of an American hero 67′ tall on a 10′ base unveils in Huntsville, TX on October 22nd.

•2008 CARRIE UNDERWOOD’s wax figure unveils at Madame Tussauds in NYC on October 22nd.



BILL CONWAY [former KOIT FM PD San Francisco, CA] (San Diego, CA)

Subject: Weird Beard. Jim Reading about the passing of Russ Knight brought me back to my childhood. He was my first DJ hero. I don’t know if that is why I have worn a goatee for 42 years but it had to be part of it.

I talked to him many times including calling in to KLIF to make requests or be on his Let Me Speak To The Weird Beard as well as when I was a PD. I only met him once though. It was an appearance at the Westmorland Heights shopping center near my house in the early 60’s. he was nice as always.

I remember asking my idol how much money he got paid. At 12 year old has no sense of decorum and I thought he had the greatest gig on earth. He smiled and said, “Not that much.” Thanks, Russ.

On a personal note, I have moved from San Francisco to San Diego where the next chapter of my life is beginning. Bill Conway


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MIKE SHANNON (Dallas-Mesquite, TX)

Subject: Couple of news tips.

Ken Fairchild has died. Ken was a nominee to the Texas Radio Hall of Fame for multiple years.

He covered Hurricane Carla for KTRH-AM/Houston in the early 60s, became VP/GM and morning show talent for WNBC/New York in the 60s and 70s, and served as news director for KRLD-AM in Dallas in the 80s.

In 1984-85, he owned McKinney TX station KMMK. He also had a long career in advertising and promotions.

Ken was 76 years old, and died of COPD and pneumonia. (


BOB Riley [ex Army Air Defense Command (ARADCOM) 1968-70] (Houston-Cypress, TX) Subject: Russ Knight. I remember listening to the Weird Beard when he was at KILT-610AM in Houston. Not much more than that to say. But they will always be remembered, especially in this online column. Bob Riley

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JAY WEST [previous KLIF-1190 & KILT-610 DJ] (Houston, TX) Subject: Russ Knight. Jim. When I opened up your latest edition and saw that Russ Knight had died…I almost collapsed. A radio legend who I have heard of all of my radio life. I met Russ at the 2003 Texas Radio Hall of Fame banquet here in Houston and we had a long long talk about radio and his experiences, and some of mine, etc. He was the kindest man. He made a lot sense in what we spoke of. He was in Houston to be inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame (as noted in a recent article in here by Joe Ford). In fact we met the following day at a breakfast that was hosted by Bill Young at his home…so we had plenty of time to talk. I am truly saddened by the news Jim. Condolences to his family. We lost a legend. Jay West



In the first seven years after Elvis Presley dies, his estate earns ten times more than it does in his twenty-three years of performing.

Of course, he no longer has Colonel Tom Parker who reportedly grabs half of The King’s earnings.

On the other side of the coin, following his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry its producer tells Elvis Presley to go back home to his truck driving job.

In 1955, former carnie Colonel Tom Parker drops his management deal with Country singer Hank Snow to manage the new nationally unknown singer Elvis Presley and the rest is history.

Elvis Presley once says of Parker:

I don’t think I’d have ever been very big if it wasn’t for him. He’s a very smart man.


MIKE HARTMAN (Ft. Worth-Joshua, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1139) October 19, 2012 [Friday] Jim, As so many have already expressed…I’m sorry to  hear about the passing of Russ “The Weird Beard” Knight. I’m 60, and was born and raised on the Southside of Ft. Worth. I had the pre-sets, on Dad’s 62 Chevy AM radio, set to three main stations…KXOL, KFJZ, and KLIF. When it got close to sundown the mighty 1190’s power would decrease, and leave me with two to listen to. Those were fun times. Oh, before I forget…there was a man named Dick Knight, who ran a Conoco, full service station, at the corner of Seminary Dr. and Lubbock St., on the Southside of Ft. Worth, back in the late 50’s and early to mid 60’s. I used to ride my bicycle up there and just kind of hang out. I remember Mr. Knight having a plaque on the wall, with recognition on it about his son being a DJ. I don’t think his son was Russ Knight.  Do you, or anyone out there, remember a DJ in the D/FW area, with the last name of Knight, who’s Dad ran a service station in Ft. Worth? I’m sorry I wrote a novel, here. As I was writing this a lot of memories came rushing by. And Jim, I don’t do this enough. Thank you so very, very much for JRRR. GOD bless you, yours, and Lacy. Mike


COURTNEY LOVE (July 9, 1964 – p) I can turn on the radio right now and be inspired.


Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Petes Weekly: Stalking, Trapping And Farming…

IBM, the Underdog, and Marketing…

In 1989 I attended the gala premiere of an awards ceremony in Johannesburg to honour South Africas leading computer companies. It was a penguin fest. I had no idea why I was there, but for the first time I bumped into some very important people that headed up the biggest firms in SA. Firms like HP, IBM, CHM, and more acronyms than I can remember now.
My firm, Link Technologies, employed about 15 people, and did about R4 million in sales each year, selling non-IBM computer equipment to companies using IBM minicomputers. We must have been the smallest firm there, by miles. Our marketing budget at the time was about 1/1000 of a percent of that of IBM and not much higher when compared to that of HP.
As the awards were finally announced, I was called up to get the award for SA’s most socially responsible firm. I was stunned. IBM was spending millions in this field. We didn’t even have a social responsibility budget.
As I returned to the table I heard the IBM MD ask his colleagues who the heck we were.
I would love to tell you that we were the most admired IT firm in SA. Sadly we were not. We only came third, behind IBM (#1) and HP (#2).
I am hoping that I can tell you, in person, how we did that back then, and how you can as well. I am hoping that I can show you how to invest a whole lot less on your marketing, yet outpull the heavy hitters in your industry. I am hoping that my 28 years of marketing background (about 90,000 hours), distilled into a 4 hour live seminar will help you achieve much better sales, at a much lower cost, despite an economy that is struggling worldwide.
(That four hours is split into three sessions by two short breaks to help you unload earlier coffee and upload fresh coffee while meeting wonderful business owners.)
Marketing is all about getting people to knock at your door. But, there is so much hype surrounding the issue that most of us can’t find the door at all anymore.
The marketing effort that you put in today almost always gets results some way down the line. Even if you get instant responses, very often it takes weeks or months before you you issue the invoice. And even longer to get paid. That means that if you want to lock in sales for April, you should be marketing a few months ahead of Easter.
For most of us, by the time we realise that April looks like the Gobi desert without oases, it’s too late to do anything about it.
I woud like to show you how to solve this problem in your business. I will be presenting three live Small Business Marketing Evening Seminars in October covering everything a small business owner needs to know about marketing (along with a bunch of ways to really waste money en route). Seats cost $149.97 (about R1295). The first 60 seats will get an early bird discount of 20% – about R260 – At the checkout type in CHEEPCHEEP, which I thought was quite catchy.) There are 75 seats on offer in Johannesburg, 75 in Cape Town, and 50 in Durban.
Of course, if you are unhappy for any reason I will give the money back, as always. Please go hereto find out more and reserve a seat. I cannot wait to see you there.
All the best
Peter Carruthers

All the best
Peter Carruthers

Foe more information please contact Peter at this email address

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