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Vince Gill Wins Big At 18th Annual ICM Awards 2012

The 18th Annual ICM Faith, Family & Country Awards rolled out the red carpet at

Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony for Inspirational Country artists.


Vince Gill was a big winner of the night, taking home two awards—Mainstream Inspirational Country Song and Mainstream Country Artist. Other winners included Chuck Day for Entertainer of the Year, Joyful Noise for Faith, Family and Country Movie and The Roys for Inspirational Bluegrass Artist. For a complete list of winners, please see below or visit

Highlights of the evening included performances by Mac Powell, performing music from his new country album, as well as moving performances from Andy Griggs, John Berry, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver and Crawford Crossing. Dr. Johnny Lee Cook was the recipient of this year’s Living Legend Award. Ronald McDonald was on-hand representing Ronald McDonald House Charities of Nashville—a portion of the proceeds from the week-long event were donated to the charity.

In addition to being aired on Total Living Network, Golden Eagle Broadcasting, TCT Television Network and NRB Network, Nashville’s News 2, WKRN-TV, the ABC affiliate in Nashville, Tenn., will be airing the awards this year for the first time. The 18th Annual ICM Faith, Family & Country Awards will air on Dec. 23 from 1pm-3pm.

“We at Nashville’s News 2 WKRN-TV are thrilled to be a part of this year’s Inspirational Country Music Awards,” said Michelle Dube, Director of Programming and Community Affairs. “This is a special event for those involved and the fans of their music and we look forward to sharing it with them.”

The 18th Annual ICM Faith, Family & Country Awards Winners

Chuck Day

Chuck Hancock

Laura Dodd


Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

“Threaten Me With Heaven” Vince Gill

Vince Gill

“Jesus Is Enough” Russ Murphy

Chuck Hancock


“Loves Gotta Go Somewhere” Steve Richard

Greg McDougal

Johnny Lee Cook

Rich Miller

WSM AM 650

The Roys

Isaac Cole

Tommy Brandt

Joyful Noise

Gospel Music Channel

CGMA Joins Branson’s Centennial Celebrations

CGMA joins Branson’s Centennial In the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Branson Missouri


Entertainers From around the world will be joining the 100 year celebrations: The Country Gospel Music Association, the largest Country Gospel Organization in the world will be celebrating its 100th convention in Branson on October 22 through 27 at the Camden Hotel and Conference Center in Branson, this coming week.

Entertainers from around the world will be assembling to fellowship, worship and share their music and talent with each other and anyone who wants to attend this awesome, free, and inspiring event are most welcome to join in the festivities. The founder and president Billy Hale is a spiritual partner to those ministering with gospel music. So why not take a break next week and join the CGMA in celebrating their 100th celebration in Branson, Missouri.


Billy and his wife Donna have worked tirelessly and at times, around the clock to help the entertainers and plan the world-wide conventions which have grown to nearly 7,000 members in just 16 short years.

Please stop by the convention center while visiting us in Branson this week, and pick up a free program guide to learn so much more about our wonderful and amazing CGMA members.

While in Branson, you may want to join in some of the other great festivities planned for you in Branson this week to celebrate her centennial this year.

This beautiful scenic town has evolved, over the past 100 years and is now officially Missouri’s top vacation destination, a place where families are still welcome.

Branson is without doubt, still about God, Family and Country with its lakes, golf, shopping and numerous theatres, stage shows and more.

We look forward to seeing you at our 100th celebration, it’s going to be amazing.

~ Contact CGMA – (870) 365-5689


More Centennial News From One of the CGMA Association’s Members

All these celebrations taking place in Branson this year, including the very popular and respected Country Gospel Music Association’s 100th convention, will make Branson the place to be this coming week.

Reading about all these wonderful centennial celebrations in Branson this month, there is another CGMA member James Marvell, whose 99-year-old dad will be joining the Branson’s 100 year festivities with his own 100th Birthday celebration on October 25th.

This is sure to make it a memorable experience for both the CGMA and James Marvell’s dad Sal, this year. You can also learn more about CGMA members such as James Marvell by stopping by the convention center and picking up a free program guide.


Marvell’s Dad Sal just joined him in a new hit recording

See below for more info on this memorable occasion

Ooops we almost forgot to tell you who those young ladies are fussin’ over James Dad in the picture above:

Mayra Balado, Madeline Rivera and Gloria Bahamundi

by the big smile on Sal’s face he certainly is enjoying every moment of this.

Marty Martel Prayer Line And Thoughts Summarized

If you have a prayer or a thought that you want to mention here or send to someone who you believe is deserving please use my column to reach special people who would go out of their way to say a special prayer on your behalf for that someone you care about – Marty Martel

.WHISNews21 Prayer Line and thoughts for the week ending October 21, By Marty Martel.


Thought for 10-16-12 and Prayer Line

Kelly posted this update as to T.G.`s condition. Thank you all for your prayers for my husband TG. He is resting comfortably tonight, but still in ICU. Unfortunately, we are having to cancel a few things this week that we were looking forward to. We hope you understand. TG will not be able to attend the Romney event in Ohio this week, we will have to reschedule our performance this Sat. night on The Midnight Jamboree, and TG will not be able to do his Stage It concert on Oct. 21st. We cannot thank you enough for your well wishes. He feels the love and loves you all back. Best, Kelly

Thought for the 10-17-12 and Prayer Line:

Please keep in your prayers and prayer lines, Connie Littleton and her husband Bill.  Connie is having some health issues and as she says, she has a “tiny bit” of pneumonia.

Also, continue to keep T.G. Sheppard in your prayers and prayer lines for a speedy recovery from his health issues, and make sure you include Kelly his wife.  She is by her husband’s side and will be the guiding force for his recovery.  We all love both of them dearly.

Thought for 10-18-12 and Prayer Line                 

Please keep in your prayers and prayer lines, the many who are going through personal and health issues, those we have already asked for prayers, and those we may not know, plus our military men and women.

Thought for 10-19-12 and Prayer Line

I am asking for continued prayers for my brother-in-law, John Wilson.   He had a stroke a couple weeks ago, and had a procedure that cleaned out the arteries in his neck, which were 70% blocked.  I spoke with my sister, Marie, last night and now he is having severe pain in his back and legs, and cannot feel his feet.   They’ve also found spots on his lungs and his esophagus.   He has several doctor’s appointments coming up within the next two weeks, and I’m asking for the Lord to guide the doctors in treating him, and also to calm my sister, as this has put an incredible amount of stress on her, too.  John is in danger of losing his job because he’s missed a lot of time, and she’s trying to hold things together financially and not jeopardize her job, too. Thank you, Sandy

Cont’d prayers for T.G. Sheppard that he has a speedy recovery.

Thought for 10-20-12 and Prayer Line

Marty, Please put Lamar Mathis on your prayer list.  He is in an Atlanta hospital very,very ill.  His wife Betty and sister-in-law Barbara are close friends  of mine and Ann’s.  Thanks, Libby

Prayer Line needed today.

Hi….please continue to pray for Ken McDaniel on your prayer lines. He’s having heart surgery of some kind on Monday at Vandy. He is a great friend of country music. Thanks..Les

George S. McGovern,the three-term senator from South Dakota who carried the Democratic Party’s liberal banner in the Vietnam War era, launched a star-crossed bid for the presidency in 1972 and energized many of the leading Democrats of the past generation, died Sunday at the age of 90.Please keep in your prayers and prayer lines the soul of George McGovern who passed away today, and remember his family in our thoughts and prayers as they try to find a way to go through this difficult time of their lives. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN THE LOVING ARMS OF OUR BLESSED SAVIOR.




I am asking you to prayer that the Roman Catholic shrine in Lourdes, France where Catholics believe the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858, will be spared.

Floodwaters are overflowing the banks of the Gave River and they have had to evacuate many people.

As you can see from the picture and the article the grotto is in much danger.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Shrine during a tour with Johnny PayCheck.


Please pray to our Blessed Lord that he will guide our nation to select the right man who will lead our nation as President.  Pray for our country to be able to go in a positive direction with Jesus Christ as the leading force in our lives. 


Give me a spirit sweet, dear Lord, as I go about my day,

That I would be a blessing glad to someone on life’s way.

Let no small pettiness of mine keep me from doing good,

To help where there’s a need, and love my neighbor as I should.

When I would seek my will, not Yours, speak to my heart anew;

Give me a vision clear, dear Lord, of what You’d have me do.

Please grant to me the strength I need to stand for right and good,

Remembering that we all should strive to do the things You would.

Lord, let me not be boastful of some good that I have done,

But keep me every mindful that from You my blessings come.

I do not ask for riches grand, nor skies forever fair;

A closer walk with You, dear Lord, this is my daily prayer.

Kay Hoffman


If you have anyone you would like to send a prayer out to please mail them to

for inclusion in to WHISNews21 weekly prayer line initiated by Marty Martel

in the interest of goodwill to all in need of a little help by the way of a prayer

Radio’s Best and Worst Day When The Transmitter Died

Imagine for a moment you’re the CEO of a major publishing company, and you see that Jeff Bezos has announced the Kindle by Amazon. What’s your first reaction? It probably sounds like this: “People love books. They love the touch and feel and smell of paper, they like to show them on their bookshelves — plus, they won’t pay for digital words. This Kindle thing is silly, and it will be short-lived. Anyway, Sony tried an e-reader and it bombed.”

In June of this year, e-books outsold paper books for the first time. Imagine you’re the CEO of Kodak. “Digital isn’t as good,”you say. “People like pictures, and film is better technology. It’s tested, it’s been around for 100 years. Digital photos are a passing fad.” Kodak actually invested $25 billion in digital photography but still failed to control it because they were unwilling to believe film would be superseded.

Maybe you’re a radio executive saying this: “The transmitter is a more efficient means of delivery. We can send a signal to millions of people at no additional cost. Streaming is stupidly expensive and has a cost per user. The model can never work. Plus, who wants to sit at their desk to listen? There are billions of radios, with an average of six per household. We’re in virtually every house in America and in 100 percent of the cars. The transmitter will never go away.”

What if the transmitter were no longer relevant? You say that will never happen? Here’s how it could.

The New York Times says the auto fleet in the U.S. averages 11 years old, and that by 2015 we will see approximately 70 percent of the market buying new cars. Already a high percentage of new cars, including lower-end brands, are Internet-enabled and can receive Pandora, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. What if, by 2015, all new cars have Internet radio? It’s very possible. It’s also possible that auto manufacturers will decide to stop putting AM/FM radios in cars.

Seem silly? Car manufacturers are some of the biggest advertisers in radio, but they want exact listening data, not estimates. This is a world where Google and others can tell them exactly who saw and heard their ads. Automakers are not required by law to put radios in cars. They could make the Internet the only way to listen. That way they could track exact listening stats. No more estimates. No more panels of 150 people representing listening for an entire city.

Ask the CMO of any giant marketing company and they’ll tell you “big data” is the next big wave. Big data allows data from all places to be combined, creating a depth of information never before available. With radio listening exclusively online, an advertiser could use GPS data to air a spot for their business when you’re a few minutes away. Imagine driving down the road and hearing, “Whole Foods is just a couple of minutes down the road. It’s dinner time, why not give yourself a break tonight and pick up a pre-made meal?” or “You’re just a few minutes away from our new location, why not try it for lunch today?” Big data allows this, and it’s already happening. Though losing our over-the-air monopoly in the automobile seems like a bad thing, a world of nothing but streamed signals could make for the biggest boom in radio history. If radio could assemble big data and tie it to the car, the biggest advertisers would use radio more than ever.

No, it’s not good for Arbitron, unless the company can insert itself into the middle of the exact-data play, and it’s not good for the transmitter companies (though you’ll probably always need a transmitter to serve the remaining analog units in the world).

Will this scenario play out? I think it almost has to. Though it seems counterintuitive, forcing all radio listening through IP would give us the best advertising environment in radio history. Losing the transmitter would be the best — and worst — day for radio. Best because it allows us to have the real-time, exact audience stats, worst because it forces us to abandon the in-car monopoly. I also think there will come a time when AM and FM spectrum will become so valuable to the government for other purposes that the FCC could force radio off the air and online.

Imagine how that would change everything. Suddenly the FCC is no longer controlling radio. Suddenly that license is no longer a concern. But it would also democratize radio even more, since any Joe can create an online station.

Shooting the messenger here is a natural reaction, and so is denying it could ever happen and defending the status quo, which many will do. I don’t blame you. And I may be wrong. But history says people who denied that such dramatic changes would or could occur were usually wrong. If you catch yourself saying, “That will never happen,” that’s a signal that it probably will.

This is in no way an indication that I don’t believe in radio. I remain our biggest champion, but I also know that change is inevitable, and at the moment, Ford, Toyota, and the other automakers hold all the cards. They know they can change the face of radio and make it exact, measurable media just by removing the AM/FM receiver from the car.

Radio’s survival, your survival, is predicated on great content, great brands, and making sure those brands are everywhere. How we deliver is less relevant than what we deliver, as long as we’re where the consumers want us to be. Call me crazy, but I think that radio becoming 100 percent Internet-based is the one move that can make this industry boom financially again.

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