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The Latest IndieWorld Chart By Wayne Hodge Oct 19

The World’s Number One Indie Record  Chart

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Hello to all … I’m just  back from a long, long road trip to parts of Texas, LA. MS, AR, and Al.   Met some great music industry people. 
Those supporting the Indieworld  program is growing.
Thanks for all the support  and help you provide to IndieWorld.
Wayne Hodge  CEO

Rhon’s Inspiration Station: The Lord Is In This Place

SURLEY THE LORD IS IN THIS  PLACE (and I did not know it)”
Genesis 28:16  (NAS)
Appearing in “Daily Guideposts” ……. hope it inspires YOU. Rhon….by Carol Knaff (one of the writers of  this wonderful publication)
‘I’m a college grandma in a full semester  “fiction writing course” One evening I  was to introduce an essay on the significance of place in fiction writing.  Author Eudora Welty emphasized seeing place through “eyes of discovery”. The tired and overlooked and familiar setting newly awakened, can deepen the meaning of the story.
As I drove onto the campus up a long hill,  I was dazzled by a sinking sun making flaming torches of red-orange maple  leaves. A quartet of girls walked down the grassy slope toward a grove of trees.  One broke free from the group and flung herself down on a crunchy cushion of  leaves bunched beneath a tree. She lay on her back swinging her arms and legs  making a leaf angel. I’d made snow angels, but angels in leaves were a  novelty.
Suddenly I wasn’t driving to class on an  ordinary autumn evening. I was discovering place place ablaze in  sunset, transformed by a leaf angel, celebrated with youthful exuberance ;  place possessed of meaning that quickens me each time I revisit or remember  it.
I wonder, how might I be revitalized if I  began to see my life through eyes of discovery, if I looked for fresh meaning in  my daily routine and said “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I do know  it”?
Ever present God who fill “all in all”  (Ephesians 1:23), fill wherever I am with awareness of You.


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