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Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham Chart Toppers Again

(Nashville, TN-10.17.12) Century II recording artists’ Allen Karl & Donna
Cunningham are topping the ECMA and other charts with their #1 new singles
and duet.  Allen with “As Sure As I’m Standing Here” and Donna with her
great song, “As Satisfied Me,” and their duet “Your Name Is On My Lips

Both artists continue to gain more popularity for their music as they keep
it country.  They will be in Nashville this week to complete Allen’s new CD
project, and to record several duets. Allen will be finishing his all new
album project that is going to make his DJ friends and fans excited about
the new Allen Karl.

Several of the songs were penned by Allen and we urged him to include them
on the new CD project.  You will hear a different Allen Karl with new great
vocals, new musicians, new producers, new production, and a new excitement
in Allen’s music career.  Allen will release a new single from the album the
first of the year.

And now Donna is moving towards the #1 slot again with her new single “Don’t
Tell Me That You’re Gone,” and the reviews of her performance of this ballad
keep coming in saying that it is the best performance she has recorded.

Allen & Donna continue to send their appreciation to all DJ’s worldwide for
their continued support of their music. This could be a first in the careers
of these two great artists when all three songs reach #1.  The excitement
grows at Century II Records as they wait and watch for each week’s charts to
come in.

Marty Martel

Bradford Files: Knowledge Double Edged Sword

There are web sites all over the Internet that claim knowledge is the new money.  I have found out this is a double edged sword however.  It has been my experience that when I share my knowledge about the Music Business, I more often than not make people angry at me.  I have written countless articles about some pitfalls to be aware of, only to have people say that my opinions are just that – OPINIONS.  The problem is I don’t report on my opinions.  I use facts, news blogs, and other media to let my readers know what knowledge I have discovered on certain subjects.  If I could only learn to tell the world what they want to hear, I do believe I would be considered a genius.  As long as I continue to report what I have confirmed as the truth, then I will be considered jaded, biased, opinionated, and self serving.  With all of that being said, here is what I discovered this week.  More and more companies that have nothing to do with music are giving away music download cards as incentives to buy their product.  I am speaking about fast food restaurants, whiskey companies, candy companies, you name it.  Music download cards are the hottest item in the promotion business.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
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