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Tom’s Real Country Top 200 Chart 16th October 2012

WHISNews21 is proud to bring you the weekly Top 200 Country Chart for October 16, by DJ Tom Kawai of Japan. We request you to please add a comment to this article if you are listed on the TOPS-200 as a show of appreciation for the enormous amount of work that goes into the compiling this very important chart every week. WHISNews21 thanks Tom Kawai for all his efforts to keep the Independent Artists worldwide a chance to get their music charted.

R.O.P.E.’s 25th Anniversary Banquet Awards Show



The 25th Silver Anniversary of R.O.P.E.’s Banquet Awards Show was as spectacular as always, but this event was an extra special show. When you stop and think about 25 years, that is a long time for any organization to celebrate this type of event and to be so successful in doing so is a major accomplishment.

One of the main ingredients of this show was the incredible performance of T.G. Sheppard, his wife Kelly Lang, and his Slow Burn Band.  ‘T’ gave an extra special show for the full house of country music lovers and members of R.O.P.E. and were given a platinum evening of entertainment.

The meet and greet is especially great, because old friends and  new friends gather to talk about what has happened in our lives since the last time we were together, and that made the evening  filled with much joy, stories, and just a great feeling of happiness to see each other again.

The only sad thing for me is that this was my last awards show as President of R.O.P.E. My term will end on December 31, 2012. It has been a great time being President of this organization, but I look for bigger and better things for R.O.P.E. to expand its horizons and become a place for all traditional country music fans, artists, and all of our industry to be members.

We have made great strides toward this goal and I am sure that whoever becomes the new President will move R.O.P.E. forward in the direction we have been going. I will list the award winners at the end of this article, but there are a few things I wanted to say about this particular show.

It was our first time holding this event at the Nashville Palace, and we were very impressed with the location being easy to find, the room was perfect for our event, the staff was awesome, the food was super, and those in attendance made the evening complete.

I wish those that did not attend would think about 2013 to make their plans to attend our June and October shows.  Our June show will be a breakfast with many artists attending to be with the fans, sign autographs, and meet and greet. There will be others events as I have promised in the past, and finally with the new members of the board of directors and a new President, I believe we shall see these events take place.

Much thanks to Gus Arrendale once again for the generosity of donating the bottled table water and the wonderful Springer Mountain Farms chicken that was a part of our sit down buffet dinner.  Gus flew in with some of his staff to be with us, and we owe him our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for continuing his undying efforts in supporting Traditional Country Music.

By the way, Springer Mountain Farms does have the best chicken in the world.  I hope that you when you go shopping again you will make sure that you purchase a package of Gus’s product.  I promise you that you will not be disappointed.  R.O.P.E.and Country Music have a great friend in Mr. Gus Arrendale

There were some great celebrities in our audience and I will try and remember as good as I can who they were.  My dear friend, Hall of Famer and Grand Ole Opry legend, Miss Jean Shepard graced our event and stayed with us for the entire show.

She looked great and she told me that she had a wonderful time.  She was besieged by her fellow artists, her friends and fans throughout the entire night.  Jeannie Seely, Grand Ole Opry member was in attendance with her husband and our legal council, Eugene Ward, who incidentally was an award winner.

Miss Jan Howard along with Jim Ed Brown also from the Opry, with his wife Becky, Bayron Binkley one of Nashville great TV producers and also member of R.O.P.E.’s advisory council, Joe Taylor one of the founding fathers of talent agencies in the music industry, Bobby Tomerlin & Robbie Wittkowski both super songwriters, Bobby Lewis was in attendance and Bobby has a new CD out with the Heart of Texas and it is doing super great worldwide, Leroy & Donna Anderson who just became new members of R.O.P.E.

They were both on the Tommy Hunter TV Show in Canada for 17 successful years, and we are so happy to have them as members.  George Riddle, great songwriter, artists, and worked with George Jones for many years.  Tommy & Marcie Cash joined us for a great evening.

Also in attendance were Leona Williams to give out the award for entertainer of the year.  As usual Leona looked great and had a great time.  Dean Unkefer and Marge Bell of SPI,who keep new talent competition in the U.S. wide Country Shoedown Talent Show.  Dave Barton one of our board of directors and his wife Marilou were with us also.  Merle Kilgore’s son Steve enjoyed the evening, as did Rattlesnake Annie.  Another special guest that enjoyed the show was Lynn Anderson and her father Casey, and we did surprise Casey with a special award.  It was great to see both of them.  Really good to see Razzy Bailey at the show, and he is a new R.O.P.E. Board of Director.

Dianne Sherrill, still singing and looking as great as ever, Charlie Dick, Patsy Cline’s husband, Jim Vest one of Nashville’s great steel guitarist, Kyle Cantrell one of the great air personalities in country and bluegrass music, and my friend from N.C., Russ Varnell and friends were there.  Russ is traditional country to the bone, always dressing himself and band members in the way it was and still should be.

I am sure (as I always do) that I have missed someone, so if you read this article and you do not see your name, it was not done intentionally, just not a good memory, and accept my apologies for missing your name.

I am hoping that 2013 will see the likes of Little Jimmy Dickens, Stonewall Jackson, and all those artists who are members  of R.O.P.E. attending the events to contribute their support and to be with the fans that love them .  I know it is tough for artists to come to these functions, but let’s remember that the fans and industry people love to see each of them, so please come and spend time with old friends, fellow artists, and your fans, and new fans.

I want to thank two special people who have been so helpful to R.O.P.E. over the past few years, our Master of Ceremonies, Keith Bilbrey once again made the evening run so smoothly, and it was good to see Emy Joe Bilbrey looking great after her health issues with her heart.

We are so happy for her.  Having Keith as our host made my night very easy.  He takes the reins and leads the show from start to finish.  Thank you Keith for being such a great friend to R.O.P.E.-always there to assist us in any way we ask.  Please know how much all of us appreciate the job you do for us and the artists, friends, and fans.

And I could not complete this article without having pictures for you to see. These pictures are from my dear friend Jerry Overcast, R.O.P.E.’s personal photographer, and to say that he is a professional is right, but he is a true friend of R.O.P.E. and has been there for us at every event.

We have been blessed to have him give us his time and the awesome results which will be the lifeline of R.O.P.E. for those who want memories and for the new artists and all members to see who we are and what we pride ourselves in promoting traditional country music.  Our Silver Anniversary would not be a success without Jerry Overcast.

Thank you my friend for all of your support for me and for the R.O.P.E. organization.  BTW, if any of you are planning an event that requires professional photography, get in touch with Jerry and he will do the job for you better than anyone I know.  Just send me an email and I will get you in contact with him.

Over the years we have been graced with so many friends who have been so generous with their time and talent, and this year was no different.  This was a great success for R.O.P.E. and I know that 2013 is going to be a banner year for the organization.  I have not forgotten to thank all of the media for the support they have given to R.O.P.E. every year, with a special thank you to Peter Cooper of the Tennessean, Bill Cody and Charlie Mattos of WSM-AM 650 for being our friends and most of all those friends of traditional country music.  

Finally as promised the following are a list of the winners for R.O.P.E.’s Silver Anniversary Banquet Awards Show

on Thursday October 11, 2012 at the Nashville Palace:





MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR BILLY JOHNSON  (Billy passed away earlier this year)

          (Stu Basore accepted the award on behalf of Dina Johnson, Billy’s wife)





I hope that this article and the pictures will give you a good idea of how great of an evening it was for the award winners, and all those that attended this great event.  On behalf of myself, and all members of the Board of Directors of R.O.P.E. (Reunion of Professional Entertainers), we wish to thank you for making the 25thSilver Anniversary of R.O.P.E. a giant success and we ask you to make plans to join us in 2013 for our 26th anniversary, as we continue to grow.

If you have not joined R.O.P.E. please think about it and become a member if you are in the music industry, or be a Friend of R.O.P.E. to enjoy all of our events.

Thank you for your support and we wish you a great Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holiday season.

Marty Martel©

Barbara Rainey Quotes Dancing and Thinking

Wildhorse Entertainment presents our weekly

“Independent Superstar Quote Spot”

Brought to you by Barbara Rainey.

“Dance first.  Think later.  It’s the natural order.”
                                                        – Unknown
Dance with a ‘Traditional’ country music!!
Have a great week keeping it COUNTRY!!
If you would like to comment on this Quote supplied to us by Barbara Rainey then you are most welcome to do so.

Independent Superstars Worldwide Radio Show #52

This week your song will to be played on all the

International Internet Radio Stations listed below
Keith Bradford on NBRN.FM Nashville
Patty Patrick on ST Florian am Inn Austria
DJ Thilo on Pur-Country Germany

Jerry Mac on Country Music Planet USA
DJ Dusty on Radio 4 Netherlands
Frans Maritz WHIS Wildhorse Internet Radio
Here is the playlist for the Independent Superstars Show #52 on NBRN.FM Nashville Monday evening 15th of October at 7pm CST and repeated Tuesday the 16th of October at 10am CST. This show is also aired in Austria, Germany, Holland and South Africa. On behalf of all the Independent Artists featured on this show we thank the DJ’s Keith Bradford from Nashville NBRN.FM, Patty Patrick from Austria St Florian AM, DJ Thilo from Germany Pur-Country, Jerry Mac of Country Music Planet USA and DJ Dusty from Holland NW Radio 4, and not forgetting all the listeners who will be listening in, thank you, thank you, thank you….

Here Is The Playlist For

The Independent Superstars Show # 52

Lori Smith – Feisty Woman

DeLon – A Match Made In Heaven

100 Proof Justice – A Little Faith

Greg J. Rau – The Fireman

David Livingston – Thank You For Making Her For Me

Wade Sims – When I Get The Time

Herman Lammers Meyer – The First Of May

Freddy Schmit – Words

Hunting Lady Kate – Don’t Forget To Remember

Hatchet – Make Your Day Tonight

Kayleigh Leith – Miles Away

Keith Bradford – Let Your Love Light Shine On Me

Haworths – These Old Boots

Clay Alson – Nashville Star

JK Coltrain – Rise & Fall Of A Honky Tonk Hero

James Marvell –  Tampa The Perfect City For Me

Johnathan East – Hillbilly Music

All the Hit music featured on this show will be available for free promotional download at with the compliments of all the Independent Superstars on this show
from Friday the 19th of October 2012
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