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Joe Biden showed up last night in Kentucky with twin goals: blunt Mitt Romney’s post-debate momentum and give a boost to a Democratic base that had become quite anxious after the President’s terrible debate performance.

I’ll give Biden this much – last night he went from being a ‘gaffe-o-matic’ to being a ‘laugh-o-matic.’ Even left-of-center guys such as Tom Brokaw found the Vice President’s smirking, smiling, and constant interrupting off-putting.

Biden also told a number of whoppers. He said the administration ‘did not know they wanted more security’ in Benghazi. Was he unaware of the fact that the former top security official in Libya testified this week that he had repeatedly asked for more security?

When asked who would pay more taxes in a second Obama term, he answered that it would be people making $1-million a year or more. That was totally misleading; Obama’s proposed tax increase reaches individuals making $200,000 a year and couples making $250,000.

Finally, Biden claimed ‘no religious institution’ would have to pay for contraception, but today the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops rebuked the Vice President. Paul Ryan had some difficulty on foreign policy questions and allowed the moderator to cut him off too easily, but Joe Biden’s demeanor and mendacity made him both less likeable and less credible.”

For an opposing viewpoint, Laura welcomed two prominent Democrats. “Joe Biden did what he had to do last night,” said Simon Rosenberg, head of a liberal think tank. “He was aggressive, he took on Paul Ryan and the Republicans, he had energy and vigor, and I think he was himself. That was the Joe Biden I know, I think he had a good night and Democrats are very happy.” Fox News contributor Chris Hahn contended that Thursday’s debate probably changed few minds. “People saw what they wanted to see. If you were predisposed to like Democrats, you loved what Joe Biden did; if you were a Republican, you loved what Paul Ryan did. I think Biden did what the Democratic Party needed him to do, he went out and took it to the Republicans.”

Country Fans Gone Wild Or Just Having To Much Fun

From time to time, the energy of a live show — plus maybe a few beers and who knows what else — becomes too much for some country music fans. Many of them have been documented doing things that are regrettable at best, and illegal at worst. Sure, who hasn’t shouted “Free Bird!” at an inappropriate moment at a country show? But the fans we’re referring to stepped way out of bounds, and often into the back of a cop car.

We’ve collected some of the most unflattering (but often funny) examples of extreme county fandom. A few rowdy revelers even went as far as to try and fight their favorite singer, and a few singers wanted to fight the fans right back. As you’ll see, one female superstar even yells at a front row patron like she’s her daughter — not that she didn’t deserve it.

There aren’t enough exclamation points to make this statement strong enough:


Dont Talk To A Drunk Fan: During a duet of Tracy Lawrence‘s ‘Time Marches On’ in early 2012, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean watched as one intoxicated Illinois fan tried to walk along the rail of the concert venue seating to grab the singers’ attention. As documented on video, the fan was having trouble with his balance, and was clearly posing a danger to himself. Still, the two country gentlemen try to help. “Don’t throw that man out, don’t hurt him,” Bryan pleads in the clip below. “He’s in the spirit.” “You are about to get bounced, dude.” he adds before Aldean says, “We’re trying to help you out, dude.” In the end, well, you can probably guess what happened.

Dont Fight The Singer: The rowdy fan Tim McGraw pulled out of the crowd (and almost fought) at a show in 2008 was allegedly attacking a female concertgoer. Hilariously, the guy says he thought he was being pulled onstage to sing with McGraw. According to KOMO News, patrons said the man was drunk and swinging around wildly. Put it all together and it makes for one scary, albeit slightly entertaining, video. Watch below as the man in white is pulled from the crowd like a toy in a claw crane game. Once onstage, he turns to fight the singer, who puts his fists up but fortunately doesn’t have to throw a punch. The best part: McGraw returns to the song (‘Indian Outlaw’) right on cue.

Watch Your Fingers:At Lady Antebellum‘s June 2012 show in Pennsylvania, two male country fans began to scuffle over a woman.

Sounds like the classic country scenario, right? It was, until said female tried to step in and pulled her hand back missing a digit.

According to reports, Zachery Leone was charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment for biting off the girl’s right ring finger. He turned himself in to police the following Monday. The 17-year-old girl was also allegedly knocked down and struck several times by Leone.


Dont Mess With Toby: During a February 2009 show, Toby Keith witnessed a fan throwing his beer around and dispensed some on-the-spot country justice. After the man dumped beer on the stage and flipped Keith the bird, the singer followed him and his wife as they made their way to the exit.

Eventually, as seen in the video below, he grabs hold of the man by the jacket and has an off-mic ‘conversation’ about the situation. Security steps in to separate the two. The clip picks up after Keith sees the guy dump his beer. The man in question tries to avoid the ‘A Little Less Talk’ singer, but the former football player finds his target — always.

Never Touch Those: The first rule of the front row: Don’t reach out to grab the performer’s private parts. One woman at a 2007 Tim McGraw and Faith Hill show ignored that golden law and had to answer to Mrs. McGraw. Hill scolded the female fan for her actions, using the microphone to make her point known to the thousands of fans listening at the venue. The video below shows the action as it happened, and includes audio of Hill using a slang term that might not be acceptable in more professional settings.

Chris Young Gets Upset at Show: You don’t hit a woman, and you definitely don’t hit a woman in front of Chris Young. The singer was in the middle of his hit song ‘Gettin’ You Home’ at a 2011 show in Louisiana when he saw a man push a woman in the face. Watch below as Young stops the show and enlists security to have the aggressor thrown out of the club. Miranda Lambert saw what he’d done, and tweeted her approval. “That’s awesome! Love u 4 it,” she said.

Country’s Most Shocking Moments – Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swift: This is difficult to watch. Taylor Swift accepts the award for Best Female Video at the 2009 VMA Awards on MTV, and as she’s wrapping up, Kanye West rudely and unprofessionaly stage-bombs her with much disrespect and lack of class to shout out, “Beyonce (also nominated) has one of the best videos of all time!”

Swift is crestfallen as the rapper hands the microphone back to her. She never really finishes what she wanted to say initially. The camera pulls back to show the audience giving her a standing ovation as she stands alone, a solitary statue in silver, in front of millions of at-home viewers. Somehow, Swift pulled herself together to give a wonderful performance from a New York subway moments later. It was an emotional night for the country singer.

There are many more moments but hope you enjoyed a few for this day, it just proves that although all-stars really do love their fans, some fans abuse their status as fans, which includes Tayler’s biggest fan Kanye, some people will do anything to get close enough and some will get away with it too. Have a great Sunday

Did Obama Snubb American Soldiers At Normandy?

For those too young to remember or who have not studied it in history, the above is a photo of the The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in France memorializing the fallen US soldiers of the D-Day Invasion to retake Europe from Germany.

There is also a D-Day Monument in Bedford , VA …Picture below 

a relatively short 200 mile helicopter ride from the White House:

In all the years since D-Day 1945, there are only three occasions when the sitting President of the United States of America failed to go to the D-Day Monument that honors the soldiers killed during the Invasion.


Only Three  Times…..

Can this really be true?

And those three were in the years of  2010, 2011 and in 2012 were D-Day memorials were not attended by the current United States President, Barack Obama.

Well he did warn the American public, when he ran for President when he said, “Change Is Coming To America” but then for different people change has different meanings.

One of the changes Obama was going to make was to ignore the American Normandy Cemetery and Memorial in France.

American’s sympathetic to the fallen soldiers who rest in that cemetary never saw that coming when they voted Obama in for his first term.


For the past 68 years, every single president, except Obama,

has paid tribute to the fallen American soldiers killed on D-Day.


This year, instead of honoring the soldiers, he made a 3,000 mile campaign trip on Air Force 1 to California to raise funds for the upcoming election. They do say that priorities are important dont they? – – It speaks volumes and writes many books… does it just ?

But then it seems half of the American public do not care either as they are not concerned about what Obama does while he is in office, as long as he is their President, sad but true.

Are you one of those who blindly follow without question ?


So was Obama there or not?

Is this mail just another twist in the obama story or is it true

Please use the comment box, and let the truth be heard.

We found this on google Obama was at a Concentration Camp in 2009

Not even D-Day, June 6th 2009, went by without an international apology from President Obama, despite it being one of the most heroic days in American history and ultimately one of the most successful. If Mr. Obama cannot celebrate the sacrifices of American G.I. in the hellish environment of the Normandy Invasion 65 years without diminishing it, there is little hope he will ever find anything American to be 100 percent in favor of. After visiting the Buchenwald concentration camp and Dresden (presumably for a so-called balanced perspective), Mr. Obama arrived to pay tribute to the heroes of D-Day.

Without being specific, Mr. Obama did not fail to mention that mistakes were made. Nor did he fail to make sure that all faiths and gods were included in his tribute. These are by now signature statements inserted in just about every speech the president makes beyond American shores.

“The nations that joined together to defeat Hitler’s Reich were not perfect,” he said. “They had made their share of mistakes, had not always agreed with one another on every issue.  But whatever God we prayed to, whatever our differences, we knew that the evil we faced had to be stopped.  Citizens of all faiths and of no faith came to believe that we could not remain as bystanders to the savage perpetration of death and destruction.  And so we joined and sent our sons to fight and often die so that men and women they never met might know what it is to be free.”

The president’s penchant for apologizing for his country in speeches to a global audience has by now become almost commonplace, as if to wash his hands of the mistakes of his predecessors – or what he considers to be mistakes. On some level, the White House clearly considers this presidential approach to be the essence of U.S. public diplomacy in the Obama era, and it is compounded by the apologies issues by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well.

At this rate, we’ll need to update our “Barack Obama’s Top 10 Apologies” list soon.

Posted in American Leadership

Here are some comments received on the above article in “American Leadership”

Helle’s quote from the Normandy speech is Obama’s attempt at presenting an American human face to the rest of the world. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that other nations are not stupid. They fully understand that men and their governments are flawed. It’s such admitted weakness that adversaries prey on. This is why apologies are unnecessary and inappropriate. As a lawyer, he either forgot this basic lesson or fell asleep during class. Although he’s well intentioned, his actions are seriously compromising U.S. integrity in dangerously unfriendly waters.
*  Man-I am so tired of “although well-intentioned”. Obama, and the Left in general, is rarely if ever well-intentioned. This disclaimer is not deserved, and provides a moral “cover” for their nefarious deeds. For the most part, it reflects the fact that even many conservatives have been partially brainwashed by the Democrats decades long, entirely absurd but largely unopposed, claim of the moral high ground.
*  Profoundly disgraceful…I don’t think Obama will ever be proud of his country (as his wife once said). As such, he will never defend his country (only himself) until we are a crippled communist state.
*  with all due respect, the primary duty of the government is to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies. If anyone should know why apologies are dangerous, the government should. The president’s apologies are intentional for the effect of encouraging a weak and vulnerable American people. Even before he was elected he was calling America racist?  Racist = ignorance. If America was racist, it wouldn’t have all human races of the world here.
*  I can’t believe that the president is that naive. Perhaps he really believes that America, in spite of electing him as POTUS (the one truly good act committed in the last twenty years), really needs to be culpable for all of its “sins.” He’s only perpetuating the populist/leftist rhetoric to a Europe that is gradually moving to the right. However, I think our enemies are always looking to exploit any weakness we have.
*  Your message couldn’t have been made more clear. However, my sense is that our president neither “forgot this basic lesson” nor “fell asleep during class.” Statements in Obama’s speeches may not edify, but they’re always calculated.
*  What President Obama neglected to mention was the only “mistakes” made by the Allies was in not stopping Adolf Hitler in the late 1930’s. Instead, the Powers then, thought that “talking” to the dictator would secure a “peace”. That “peace” turned into full scale war which proved back then that you cannot talk or deal with dictators or terrorists. President Obama and Capital Hill should take a lesson of the “mistakes” of the past before looking to the future! Iran needs to be watched closely. North Korea needs to be stopped NOW! Al-Qaeda needs to be obliterated!
*  The comments are appreciated. Obama is well intentioned as is possible by a narcissist. Ozzy6900’s comment reinforced well George Santayana’s statement about folks ignorant of history are “… condemned to repeat it.” Obama is clearly out of his league as president.
*   Heritage: Not even D-Day, June 6th, went by without an international apology from President Obama, despite it being one of the most heroic days in American history and ultimately one of the most successful. If Mr. Obama cannot celebrate the sacrifices of American G.I. in the hellish environment of the Normandy Invasion 65 years without diminishing it, there is little hope he will ever find anything American to be 100 percent in favor of. After visiting the Buchenwald concentration camp and Dresden (presumably for a so-called balanced perspective), Mr. Obama arrived to pay tribute to the heroes of D-Day. […]
*  Obama is neither naive nor ignorant of the facts. He firmly believes that the US is fundamentally flawed and that he is there to re-make America. He is the most anti-American president ever.

Obama at Normandy: Mistakes Were Made

[…] Obama at Normandy: Mistakes Were Made Comments Posted in Heritage on June 11, 2009
Well there you have it… be the judge

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