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SIR DOUG LOSES DRUMMER In 1964, Johnny Perez joins Doug Sahm, Augie Meyers, Jack Barber and Frank Morrin to form Rock group Sir Douglas. They sign with Houston, TX area producer Huey P. Meaux, who adds Quintet to their name as Sir Douglas Quintet. Their first record, Sugar Bee, pales in record sales but their follow-up single, She’s About a Mover, nails #13 on Billboard. In 1966, The Rains Came hammers #31 on the chart.

Doug decides to break up the Quintet, move to San Francisco and form a new quintet. Perez remains in TX. Doug convinces Johnny and Augie to move to California and reform the Sir Douglas Quintet where they record one of their best albums, Mendicino.The title track only makes it to #27 but it is one of their most loved tunes. On September 11, 2012 Sir Douglas Quintet drummer Johnny Perez dies at 69 in a Los Angeles, CA hospital from complications of cirrhosis of the liver.


BRAND EXITS KPCC RADIO KPCC FM (89.3) Pasadena, CA public radio station expands Madeleine Brand’s highly-rated hour-long Madeleine Brand Show by one hour to the two-hour-long Brand & Martinez show from 9 to 11 am and pairs her with former KSPN-710 sports talk host A. Martinez which proves not to be a match made in Heaven.This follows another KPCC surprise move when they drop veteran journalist Patt Morrison’s award-winning afternoon show after six years.Brand who is with KPCC FM for two years exits her top-rated show to pursue other opportunities after the forced on-air marriage with Martinez isn’t her cup of tea. Her replacement Alex Cohen admits that listeners do not like the sudden change. The arrival of Martinez coincides with a three-year $6 million grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for KPCC FM to increase its staff of Latinos.


SAVAGE WINS SUIT Talk radio hero Michael Savage, who Talk Radio Network distributes his show from his home base in San Francisco since the late 1990s, wins his legal battle for the network to free him from his contract which opens the doors for him to locate another syndicator for his show. Michael has to obey a non-compete which keeps him off the air until it ends.Then he is free to choose another syndicator. Talkers magazine ranks Michael Savage as the third most-listened-to talk show host in America. On his website, Savage issues a sigh of relief: After a grueling legal battle that cost him and his family dearly, Michael Savage can announce he won! He is free at last. Free to work with whomever he wishes in the radio industry from today forward.


What popular R&B group is once known as The Casinyets? The answer appears below.


BILL ANTHONY (Dexter Andrews) midday golden voice on WAKV-980 The Memory Station Kalamazoo-Otsego, MI dies at 61 of lung infection.

WAL-MART & TARGET drop Kindle eReaders and tablets in favor of Apple iPad and other gizmos.

WWL TV CBS CH4 New Orleans, LA celebrates 55 years on the air since September 7, 1957.

JORGE SEDANO is new PD of Beasley Sports WQAM-560 in Miami, FL also host of The Jorge Sedano Show.

LES MOONVES CBS President/CEO brags that advertising on next NFL Super Bowl on CBS TV is more than 90% sold out. Prices for those ads ring up more than $4 million each.

RUSSIAN court convicts three members of a Punk band guilty of hooliganism after they perform an anti-Vladimir V. Putin song in Moscow’s Orthodox cathedral.

KLIPSCH reissues stereo recordings from the 1950s made by founder Paul W. Klipsch to provide consumers with reference-quality program material.


1953 KYTV TV NBC CH3 in Springfield, MO begins broadcasting on October 1st.

1969 LORETTA LYNN records her Classic Coal Miner’s Daughter in the evening on October 1st at Bradley’s Barn in Mt. Juliet, TN.

1975 AL JACKSON drummer who plays that tom tom on the backbeats that everybody used to copy in Soul band Booker T and The MG’s on Memphis, TN’s Stax Records (Green Onions #3-1962) murdered at 39 on October 1st by intruders in his house.

1986 PATTY LOVELESS’ self-titled debut album releases on MCA records on October 1st.

1994 SCOTT DUNBAR Mississippi Blues vocalist/guitarist dies at 90 on October 1st.

2005 DIERKS BENTLEY inducts into the Grand Ole Opry by Marty Stuart on October 1st after he performs Come A Little Closer.


JAMES MARVELL [Lead singer Mercy – ‘Love Will Make You Happy’] (Tampa, FL) Hey Jim & Lacy, Here’s a scoop about my 100 year old dad Sal. I’m so proud of him. He’s a retired barber but can still be seen in this 2012 video cutting hair. Sal just helped me with a song I wrote about my home town of Tampa. I’ll gladly email any station an MP3 of the song.

My contact is: The new video can be seen at –

CHARLES GEORGE (Dallas, TX) Subject: Is Radio Really Dead? Hi: I am not very proud of the fact that I was not good at Science or Math; however; I remember being told energy never is gone it just changes form. I think Radio has changed, like I can create my own station on Spotify, and not even own the records just type in the artists, etc and make a playlist. I think Spotify is even better than Pandora or IHeart, Clear Channel. I would listen to the radio more if they actually programmed what I want to hear: More Music less Talk. I just want the facts then I can form my own opinions and ideas. I don’t need a former Rock DJ telling me everything that is wrong. Though I like the idea of the empty chair for a speech. Charles George KC5RAI

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT TODAY’S RADIO? WHERE IS RADIO HEADED? We want to know what is on your mind. Let’s start a radio revolution. Give us your opinion about today’s radio or whatever is on your mind at

DR. JEFF CUNNINGHAM (Austin-Kyle, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1133) September 28, 2012 [Friday] So this is what it has come to, eh? Regional cheerleading and block-voting people into the Hall of Fame? Why not do something novel and vote for people who made a difference in the business and who have had successful careers for many years. Why not vote for those who really deserve that unique distinction of “Hall of Famer”. Perhaps the HOF needs an executive committee made up of current members to vote in the deserving candidates, as opposed to the at-large ballots that are becoming ego-boosters for each city in the state. Make this HOF mean something instead of being a “chosen few” approach that is carried out by influential individuals. Off my soapbox now. Jeff Cunningham, DC, MA; Kyle, TX ( / (

CONTACT JRRR WITH TIPS! Do you know something that we should know? We want to hear from you. Send your radio tips and stories to

DR. BRUCE NELSON [Retired KFTX FM 97.5 GM/AM Drive DJ on 12/31/2010] (Corpus Christi, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1133) September 28, 2012 [Friday] Re: Andy Williams, Sandi & I saw him about 3 years back with Ann Margaret at his Moon River Theater in Branson and had row 3 Center for the show, it was fantastic (As were Ann’s legs etc. after all these years) Interestingly enough the song “Moon River” he was best known for was a hit for Henry Mancini (#11 in 1961) and a top twenty single for Jerry Butler BUT never a single from Andy Williams…go figure…I was a fan and he will be missed!!! DrB (

TRIVIA ANSWER: In the beginning, before their string of 10 Top 40 Billboard hits between 1961 and 1968, The Marvelettes call themselves The Casinyets which is short for can’t sing yet. The group has difficulty with a name for their new act. Wikipedia remembers: one of the members jokingly took a stab at their own singing abilities saying ‘we can’t sing yet’…Gladys Horton altered the saying to ‘The Casinyets’. The Marvelettes are Inkster high schoolmates Gladys Horton, Katherine Anderson, Georgeanna Tillman, Juanita Cowart and Georgia Dobbins. Inkster high is in Detroit suburb Inkster, MI. Their first record to hit the charts, Please Mr. Postman, crashes #1 in 1962 with sales of over a half million copies. At #7 are Playboy and Don’t Mess With Bill. One of their most memorable tunes, Beechwood 4-5789, makes it to #17.

FR. BOB TOMLINSON (Jacksonville-Lake Striker, TX) Subject: change of email. Jim I’ve had major email issues this past week would you change my subscription to JRRR to Thanks a lot and I hope all is well with you and Lacy. It’s ok to publish my email change if you like. Fr. Bob Tomlinson.

DAVID FAULKNER [ex KTNS-1600 Plano/KFJZ-870 Ft. Worth] (Dallas, TX) Greetings Jim & Lacy, Thank you for including me in the birthdays of Friday’s edition. Enjoyed seeing that. Best, David Faulkner

STEPHEN WRIGHT (December 6, 1955 – p) Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang Happy Birthday.


Jim Rose and Lacy
Houston, Texas

Hackers How To Re Route All Cars To Nashville


01  October 2012:  The US state of California has officially declared that driverless vehicles will  now legally be allowed to drive on public roads.  This new technological  development presents a number of far-reaching consequences for the insurance  industry, which South African insurers and underwriters must start considering  in the event that the technology becomes legal here as well.

This  is according to Warwick  Scott-Rodger, Regional Manager: Gauteng at  MUA Insurance Acceptances, who says experts believe  that due to the system’s accuracy, driverless vehicles could help reduce the  number of fatalities that occur on the roads daily.

“The extent of motor  vehicle accidents remains a serious problem in South Africa and is most often  the result of human error. Consequently, a driverless system could help to  eradicate careless and negligent driving behaviour, thereby reducing the number  of accidents. If this is the case, and fewer accidents occur, then the cars  could also be built lighter, allowing for less fuel  consumption.”

There’s no way I’ll lose my job, I see this as a new dawn

Scott-Rodger  says if the risks posed by driverless vehicles do prove to be  less  than those posed by traditional vehicles, the insurance premium charged should  also reduce.  “In theory, this would make the industry even more  competitive, forcing insurance companies to include additional value added  services to make their respective offerings more attractive.

However, while  the traditional risks posed by driver vehicles may be substantially mitigated,  the reality is that it will take a long time for cars to be introduced with the  new driverless system and to be able to drive the streets with absolute  autonomy. Compatibility  of all vehicles to enable constant cross communication with each other is the  crux here as otherwise the sizeable benefits offered by such a system would soon  to be obsolete”

“As  a result, a major concern for any insurance company that opts to provide a  reduced premium in response to  the driverless system being implemented is that a sluggish take up of this  technology would mean that the risks posed by other drivers on the roads would  remain as rife as before.”

Scott-Rodger  says even with a high take-up of driverless vehicles, the introduction of such  technology would mean insurance contracts would certainly have to be revisited. “With an insurance policy being a contract between the insurer and the insured,  certain terms and conditions may need to be tweaked in order to ensure that  comprehensive cover is not compromised.”

“Exclusions  such as driving under the influence of alcohol may no longer need to be applied.  However, one of the most  contentious legal issues may be that of third party claims. The fact that you  are no longer driving the car, but rather the car is driving itself raises a  number of questions: Can someone still be sued in his or her personal  capacity?

Would the owner or driver of the vehicle now assume the negligent  position of the vehicle? The qualifying criteria for negligence to exist  may now have to question: would the reasonable person (vehicle) have foreseen  the consequence of his/her (its) actions, would the reasonable vehicle have  taken the necessary steps to safeguard against this consequence, and lastly did  this vehicle take the necessary steps to safeguard against such a  consequence?”

Scott-Rodger  says the introduction of this new mode of transport would also require transport  laws to be revised.  “This will include legislation regarding speaking on  the cell phone whilst driving, licensing of vehicles and drivers, as well as the  possible impact on claims submitted against the Road Accident  Fund.” “The  principle behind driverless technology is very positive and so far the  technology appears to be proving a success. However, the phasing in of this type  of technology will take a long time, especially in emerging markets where older  cars remain on the roads for far longer,” concludes Scott-Rodger.


a WHISNews21 question ? 

My computer crashes at least twice a year, if I now drive around in my computer will it also crash twice a year?

Will Microsoft now be fined for computer crashes and not the former drivers who are soon to become passengers with little or no control over the vehicle’s software limitations.

A WHISNews21 report from the future:

A family of four died this morning as their vehicle’s hard drive crashes after failing to take a left turn on a right turn highway off ramp…….The computer company was the first to arrive at the accident scene. Unfortunately the ambulance was late due to a computer upgrade……. A 56 year man and his family narrowly escaped death as their on board computer prompted the man to reboot his computer while travelling on busy road at 60 miles per hour. Luckily for the family the 14-year-old son used his cell phone to over ride the vehicles controls and managed to bring the vehicle to a stop. Apparently the computer game the Son was playing at the time “Street Racer” was compatible with the vehicles controls……..The authorities are very concerned about the amount of vehicles being left abandoned on the side of the road. A survey had revealed that most of the vehicle owners just cannot afford the absorbent monthly service fees being charged by the computer companies to keep their vehicle computers upgraded and serviced……In one of America’s biggest states bicycle sales have skyrocketed, it is estimated that over 150 millions people now use bicycles for transport to and from work…… Well it’s a sunny day, with lot’s of rain, not a cloud in the sky and snow can be expected in about 2 minutes. Have a wonderful day, if you can…..

Petes Weekly: They Are Hacking Watch Your Back

South African Revenue Services Hack, Watch Your Back…

Ten days ago one of my heroes in SA was meeting with his accountant. He had his browser accessing his Standard Bank account as they discussed cash flow. And, as they were looking, the R100,000 in his three bank accounts flowed out, leaving a balance of just R100 across the accounts.
Dave (not his real name of course) is normally a pretty relaxed fellow, but I think I heard his scream echo through the Oslo Fjord. And he was not the only person this has happened to during this past month.
It turns out that SARS has an exciting new way of getting your attention. SARS apparently (according to a person at Standard Bank) has a ‘lien’ on any funds in any bank account, and when SARS ‘thinks’ money is owed to it they can just take it. This applies to amounts under dispute as well, even if SARS staffers have already agreed that they have made a mistake.
I will look at the backlash of this shortly. In the meantime, Dave does not have enough cash for an ink jet refill cartridge, while SARS holds R100K of his. (Or not, depending on whose side you are on).
But worse was to come. Ten days later, and the money taken from his account has not yet been credited to the account that SARS claims might be unpaid. Dave is (as you and I would be) a tad worried that any new money going into his business bank account will also be snapped up.
Lets look at what this means to you if SARS thinks you owe money to the state. I emphasize ‘thinks’ because their calcs are often a little less precise than one might like.
Imagine what happens to all the weekend debit orders that you knew at breakfast on Friday were catered for. Only to find out on Monday morning that all twelve debit orders bounced. (Because SARS took the funds out Friday afternoon without any warning.) Your first notice would be a call from the bank at lunch on Monday, along with their very high costs for the bounces.
And, of course, the damage to your financial credibility. (To say nothing of the crowd at Diners (one bounce and your card is revoked), Telkom (phone cut off), MWEB (there goes the Internet connection), your landlord (who has that surety against your home), and your insurances.)
Lets take it a step further. Imagine that Dave had no money in his business bank account. But, Dave had an overdraft facility of, say, R100,000. The SARS vacuum would have sucked up the available cash – taking the firm into overdraft.
And then, because Dave was relying on that overdraft covering the debit orders, all his debit orders bounce. (Banks take bounces with the same equanimity your Mom displays when you fart at the dinner table in front of Gran.) And because his debit orders bounce, the bank pulls Dave’s overdraft. (Now he is R200K behind the month end bills which include salaries (and a bunch of fights with the CCMA), VAT (and the penalties for late payment), credit card payments, and so forth.)
And since Dave, like 99.9% of us has his overdraft backed by his house, the bank starts to proceed against him by calling in their surety.
The knock-on of such a huge unexpected drain, especially in this fragile economy, will close most of us. Goodbye Dave.
All because Dave thought that the amount under dispute was awaiting resolution, as it has been for the past four years because SARS usually works at the speed of treacle. In this case SARS have agreed that their initial calculation of R150K Capital Gains Tax is way off, but someone with his hand on the cherry-picker is not privy to that news.
I don’t know about you, but I think that the folk working at SARS truly have no idea what they are doing when it comes to small business.
Which reminds me, if you enter into a dispute with SARS about any outstanding monies, you MUST also ask them to delay payment of the funds they think are due. (This does not automatically happen as normal people might expect.) Without that second request, you’re expected to pay first and argue later. Quite so.
This is a heads up. If you are in a dispute with SARS, note that they are punching below the belt. And take appropriate action to protect your business.
All the best

Peter Carruthers

Foe more information please contact Peter at this email address

South Africa Is On The Brink Of An Economic War

South Africa is on the brink of an “economic war” that threatens its security .

As violent protests spiral out of control, researchers, intelligence specialists and security organisations warn of impending national danger and more casualties.

Researcher Michael Hough, of the University of Pretoria’s Institute for Strategic Studies, said the country was in an economic war. “We should be gravely concerned. Economic warfare underlies a vast amount of political conflict. General strikes are known factors for revolutionary ideas and precipitate the final stages of revolutions. They are the cause of economic collapse, which, if infused with politics, as is happening, becomes an uncontrollable revolutionary force”.

He said that though a wage strike could be resolved, it was virtually impossible to resolve politicised mass action disputes “which are becoming more violent. What we are seeing now is becoming worse. People will die. With the country barely able to support the 15million people on welfare there is growing dissent, especially among the unemployed.”

ANC Bombings during the 1900’s

Hough said leadership changes would not help.

“The problem is bigger than leaders. It requires stringent good governance to address the crisis of poor skills development and corruption – driving factors in a revolution.”

According to intelligence sources, the strikes are part of a systematic attack on the economy and there are fears that they will spread to other crucial construction sites.

The Medupi engineer said the targeting of the cranes was deliberate.

“This is orchestrated. It is industrial sabotage linked to current strike action in the rest of the country.”

SA Security Forces Union president Bheki Mvovo said information from the union’s members – several of whom were in military intelligence – showed that Malema was ready to sponsor an Arab Spring-style uprising.

“He has targets: the military, intelligence agencies, police, metro police, universities, construction and mines. It is an attempt to destabilise the country. South Africais facing a real danger,” Mvovo said.


This delivery van was attacked yesterday by striking truck drivers near Isando station on the East Rand

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