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The Compact Disc Turns 30 Years Old, Happy, Happy

Before the advent of the compact disc, the most portable method for transporting your music would be an analog cassette tape. Before that it was 8-track tapes and before those you pretty much had to lug your radio around to take music with you on the go. On October 1st, 1982, Sony released the first compact disc players into the marketplace in Japan, and by the end of the decade, they would be the dominant medium with which music consumers got their fix.

CDs really did revolutionize the way we listened to music. They were digital, so you could play them over and over again and never wear any grooves or a magnetic tape out; so you had no loss of audio over time. While susceptible to scratching still, we could be far less worried about handling them like precious gems, like we did with vinyl records. While hardcore audiophiles still prefer an analog source for their music to digital, the fact is that the advent of listening to music on CDs eventually helped lead to the paradigm of recording music digitally as well, bringing in a new age of more affordable recording setups for musicians everywhere.

The compact disc would also go on to revolutionize the home theater experience as well. Up to that point, the high-tech solution for watching cinema at home would involve a bulky Laserdisc that while capable of delivering great picture and sound, was rather cumbersome to deal with. Then came the advent of DVDs, which were compact discs designed to deliver audio and video information to disc players.

As music on CDs started to replace vinyl and ultimately cassette, it was only a matter of time before the ability to compress musical data to the point of making files small enough to fit a massive library of music on your computer’s hard drive was invented.

The advent of the MP3 file probably would not have come about if weren’t able to just toss the disc into our drives and “rip” the music off of it. Since we were already sitting at the computer to listen to the songs on the disc, it made it that much easier to create your music library from your discs.

Ironically, in a way the CD helped bring about its own relevancy decline, as services like iTunes gained popularity and it was no longer necessary to buy an entire album on a CD that you’d have to store on a shelf somewhere. Now you could get your digital music directly from a retailer and the file would just magically appear on your computer.

Collectors will always hand to hold some kind of physical media, but the average consumer is just fine with buying the MP3 file, or nowadays just streaming the content on a content provider service like Pandora or Spotify.The nature of the music industry is for technology to continually change the way that content is delivered to consumers.

In another thirty years perhaps even music streaming or MP3 file purchasing may seem odd to us. But there’s no denying the fact that when Sony unleashed its tiny silver discs on the masses, it helped set the stage for the digital revolution that would wind up forcing the music industry to adapt to the new computer age, and for that everyone owes the CD a big “thank you.”

Article by James Schlarmann, sent in by Keith Bradford

Some Lines That Never Got A Chance To Escape

WHISNews21 was created for the news of Independent Artists, who as we all know never get the opportunity to get their news out there. Yet as many Independent Artists who do take the opportunity to publish their news here every month, there are just as many who don’t bother. So our policy has had to be adapted so now when the artists who have this great opportunity fail to send in their news we publish other news, which includes anything that may be news worthy. The good news is that there is always an abundance of good and bad news to publish at any given time on WHISNews21. Independent Artists your news always takes preference so please keep that in mind, it up to you to send it in. Over the last few months WHISNews21 readers and visitors have increased by more than 300%

NB: The title of this article does not contain a misspelt word…

Well it is Sunday so here are a few lines that wont make you die of laughter but maybe they will form a slight smile on your face which may help the stress levels just a tiny little bitty.


ADULT: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.

BEAUTY PARLOR: A place where women curl up and dye.

CANNIBAL: Someone who is fed up with people. CHICKENS: The only animals you often eat before they are born and after they are dead.

COMMITTEE: A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.

DUST: Mud with the juice squeezed out.

EGOTIST: Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.

HANDKERCHIEF:  A cold storage facility

INFLATION: Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.

MOSQUITO: An insect that makes you like flies better.

RAISIN: Grape with sunburn.

SECRET: Something you tell to one person at a time.

SKELETON: A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.

TOOTHACHE: The pain that drives you to extraction.

TOMORROW: One of the greatest labour-saving devices of today

WRINKLES: Something other people have, similar to my character lines.

YAWN: An honest opinion openly expressed.

Have a great Sunday wherever you may be, and thank you for supporting us.

SA Among Richest And Most Connected In The World

How Happy The World Seems To Be With Progress In South Africa.

Bridgett Radebe Mining Owner

News: It looks like the children from Margeret Keneilwe, possibly the richest family in South Africa. The daughter of Keneiwe mining magnate Bridgette Radebe, the owner of Munakan Mining. Radebe’s critics believe she is overly fond of public “grandstanding” and self-promotion on the issues. But, so far, she has proven herself to be extremely well-connected. and reportedly the richest and most powerful women in the South African mining industry.

Her husband Jeff Radebe is the South African Minister of Justice. It has been alleged that she has for years, been overshadowed by her brother – billionaire businessman Patrice Motsepe, owner of African Rainbow Minerals and widely recognized as the richest individual in SA.

The other sister of Bridgette and Patrice Tsepiso Ramaphosa, wife of Cyril Ramaphosa, owner of the Shanduka mine, who also shares in Lonmin, the mine where striking workers have been involved in violent clashes with police while asking for more pay.

Collectively, these billions of billions of dollars strong family riches influence is incalculably far stretching. Yet it is Ironic that whenever there is trouble in South Africa the ANC still say that whites own everything when in fact just these few billionaire mentioned about, collectively have more money than 98% of all whites in South Africa.

Almost 1 million whites now live in poverty in South Africa almost a third of the total white population of 4 million. It was reported on a local SA news radio, that there are more black millionaire’s in South Africa than white people.

Julius Melema says the mines are owned by “The Boers” when infact almost every ounce gold and every shining diamond in the mines are owned by the black South African elite and  International companies.

It is so Ironic that if you are white in South Africa, no matter where you come from even if you are on holiday here from America, England, Europe or Australia you are labeled as a Boer. The black masses still sing “Kill The Boer” at their gatherings, as they still implement this policy, but then who cares, do you ? You may only care when one of your family or friends are to be found in the picture below, just some of the 1000’s of victims.

These are mostly South African whites who have survived Genocide attack and even some who did not

Dolly Is No Longer Involved In Nashville Water Park

Country icon Dolly Parton and her Dollywood company will no longer be associated with the previously planned water park in Nashville. Parton issued a short statement via her publicists, revealing that she would not be moving forward with Gaylord Entertainment for the development of the park, despite the fact she loves Music City.

“Gaylord makes decisions that they feel are good for their company and their stockholders and I have to make decisions based on what is best for me and the Dollywood Company,” said Parton. “Governor Haslam, Mayor Dean, and all the folks in government have been great to work with. I really appreciate their support through this process.”

She made sure to let the people of Nashville know of her love for the city and she hopes that the work already completed won’t be for naught. “I think everyone knows I love Nashville and I hope the work we’ve already done will spark more family entertainment in Nashville,” Parton added.

Parton owns and operates Dollywood, a popular amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The future of the Nashville park and how Parton and Dollywood pulling out will affect the progress, if at all, is unknown.

Article: A Taste Of Country

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