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Racism Alive And Working very well In South Africa


The folks at Woolworths SA have been trying to cover their tracks after they were caught out for not wanting to hire any white staff. Justin Harrison, an internet marketing guru started blogging about the clothes and food chain’s advertising excluding whites last week and now they seem to have started changing the wording of their recruitment adverts.


Justin broke the story on social networks when Woolworths SA posted ads on their career site. It said their jobs were only open to African, Coloured and Indian candidates. He says that as a post-apartheid child, he is “neither politically motivated or inspired, however, the increasing blatant racist economic policies that are very clearly exclusive of whites is starting to require a voice and some decisive action”. He feels the whites who are still in South Africa stayed and signed up for a fully inclusive country, and just want to get on with it and build a South Africa that works for everyone. We know that Woolies is not alone in these policies as we have already written on this site about our flying circus – SAA – that excludes whites from its cadet pilot training programme. Since Justin started his online Woolworths SA have changing the advert text to be politically correct. It now says “In accordance with Woolworths’ Employment Equity approach, preference will be given to candidates from designated groups”. But they are scared old fools.


They have since barred poor old Justin from leaving any messages on their Facebook Page. They have off course not barred us. We can also stop buying their lousy stuff. Read these interesting lines from Justin’s blog: “I have also noticed that since I posted my update on Twitter yesterday (Saturday 01 September) showing how they changed the ads in a bid to cover up the blatant racist ads, they have as of today (Sunday 02 September 2012) since not only reverted some of the ads back to the original text, but have now added additional wording to state: In accordance with our Marketing EE Requirements, this role is designated for African Black candidates.


Woolworths is clearly in a spin over how to deal with this issue and they would do well to learn from SAA’s mistake. Issue a public apology and revert the hiring policies to be fully inclusive and based purely on experience and ability. I think it’s high time that in 2012 businesses stop cowering to the ANC lead government and realize it is their customers that keep the lights on, not government or government policy. If South African businesses continue to marginalize any sector of the population, black, white, coloured or Indian they face the wrath of public led justice and we will see these companies economically crippled. Woolworths South Africa, you have been warned ! Do the right thing !” —

Johannesburg – The Young Communist League (YCL) voiced support on Thursday for retail group Woolworths Holdings [JSE:WHL], which is under fire for allegedly discriminating against whites when filling vacancies.

Johannesburg – Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant on Friday lauded retailer Woolworths’ stance on employment equity. “As (the) government of South Africa and those that seek genuine transformation, we shall continue to encourage companies like Woolworths to continue with the transformation and integration of the society,” she said in a statement.

Johannesburg – The Black Management Forum (BMF) supports Woolworths’ efforts, it said on Sunday. “We support the employment equity steps taken by Woolworths.” the BMF said in a statement. “Seeking equitable representation is one of the key ways in which South Africa can address economic transformation.” The forum said the constitutional imperative of employment equity was neither racist nor discriminatory.

All the above comments and pictures are from South African newspapers and reports directly copied and pasted for your information, but then you all have your own problems too.

New Independent Superstars Show #7 From Germany

Wildhorse Entertainment’s “Independent Superstars” are extremely proud to announce that “Crazy Joe” a top DJ from Vienna will be hosting a weekly program in German called ‘Independent Superstars” with the permission and approval of Wildhorse Entertainment. This program will be in German which will make it hard for most of our listeners to understand, however  “Crazy Joe” does such a good job of the show that not one of the ‘Independent Superstars” who will be featured will have room to complain. “Crazy Joe” announces all the titles and artists in English and therefore all the artists on each show will hear themselves being introduced in German and naturally their songs will be played and that is what is important. All the Independent artists featured on Wildhorse Entertainment now have a second program that will feature their music worldwide every week. This show is also repeated on WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio everyafternoon Monday to Friday  at 5pm South African time.

To check out the broadcast times in Germany you can visit “Crazy Joe’s Crazy Web Site” at  once you are there you can right click anywhere on the page and ask your browser to translate the page into English. It works as I have done it with no problem.  Please note that this is a brand new show and the time slot may not be available yet, but please still visit “Crazy Joe’s” site for updates.


Below is the information we have at this time:

Special Wild Horse – Independent Superstars 7
60 min., At 55 min. optimized

Wildhorse Special – Independent Superstars #7 Playlist


Mike Headrick & John Hughey – Passin The Buck (intro)

Candy Sue – Honky Tonkin’ Mama

Kris Hollis Key – Honky Tonk Radio

Gary Jennings – Honky Tonk Fool

Julie Richardson – It Ain’t Easy Being Easy

Jodi Ann – Stumbling Back In Time

Cheryl K Warner – Dont Come Knockin’

Jevon Rudder – Country Style

David Walsh – Alice Rita And Donna

Bo Ladner – Alasippi (Money Lucky Country Boy)

Donna Cunningham – Stranger In Our House

Charlie Painter – Thanks For Nothing

Billy Allen – Beer Bottle Brown

Frank Tuma – I Think I Met Hank Williams In A Bar

Allen Karl – Lonelies Only Bar

Shane Worley – Rollin’ In The Hay

Jim Hudgins – Sing Drink And Dance

Lebron Keener – Kansas City Girl

Dave Caley – Redneck Love Gone Bad


Who is Crazy Joe

In Crazy Joe’s own words he was in fact born sometime in the last century, exact time and place is not known but, it is was without doubt somewhere in what he refers to as the Centre of the World being Vienna. He also admits, if my translation is correct, that his parents had a lot of fun making him, and called him Hans B. His current location is somewhere between a country song and the following places, Simmering, Vienna, Austria, Terra, Solar System and the rest of  Europe. He admits being a good kid at school and while all the other kids were having fun he took his schooling serious. His parents were not very wealthy, but they always made sure he was warm in the winter. He has played with many groups in the past with lots of success and played in many a dancehall across Europe. He lives a typical country and western life and loves music. Crazy Joe is the first International DJ to host a dedicated show to Wildhorse Entertainment’s Independent Superstars, dedicating the whole weekly show exclusively to playing the music of artists and songs available for free download on .  Crazy Joe we thank you for this, on behalf of all the Independent Artists on Wildhorse, and hope you never grow tired of making this show. It is without doubt much appreciated by all Independent Artists featured on Wildhorse Entertainment.

Thank You Crazy Joe from all at Wildhorse Entertainment

What Can WHISNews21 Do To Get A Bus Like This?

Nashville, TN — Award-winning brother/sister duo THE ROYS have aligned with Team RealTree™ Outdoor Energy Drink for a strategic partnership.  THE ROYS will travel to their upcoming shows in a newly-wrapped bus with design and camouflage graphics courtesy of RealTree.  “It looks amazing,” says Lee Roy.  “Very earthy,” Elaine adds with a wink.  Other marketing efforts will be announced soon.

Team RealTree Outdoor Energy Drinks
 are available in several flavors. White Buck delivers a traditional energy drink flavor profile, but with a crisp, clean finish you’ve come to expect from Team RealTree Outdoor Energy.  Blaze Orange‘s crisp, refreshing flavor is paired with the perfect drinkability without being too sugary; easy to drink with the right amount of energy kick makes any hunt one to remember.  AP Citrus is cool and refreshing; carbonated with a hint of lime, the smooth and light flavor gives every outdoorsman a boost of energy to stay focused and alert.  Low-Carb Cream Soda is a new take on a classic; delivering all the flavor of a traditional cream soda with an extra energy boost–the only thing you sacrifice is calories.

“We’re truly excited about our partnership with The Roys,” says Jamey Grosser, Managing Partner of Team RealTree Outdoor Energy Drink.  “Lee and Elaine are hard-working, energetic and talented.

They are in touch with Middle America and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and enjoy the great outdoors.” Team RealTree Outdoor Energy Drink’s slogan is “Not For City Boys,” but the beverage, like The Roys’ music, appeals to fans from all walks of life.  Currently the reigning Inspirational Country Music’s Bluegrass Artist of the Year,the siblings are considered to be one of the fastest-rising acts in the business.

The Roys are heralded for a forward-thinking instrumental attitude that contrasts and complements their more traditional vocal style. The duo has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada, performing at huge Festivals and Fairs and reaching larger and larger audiences. Lee and Elaine will need some Team RealTree Outdoor Energy Drinks in hand to tackle their next road run.  Upcoming appearances include numerous high-profile television and radio broadcasts surrounding the release of their newest EP, NEW DAY DAWNING, which debuted at Number 2 on the Billboard Bluegrass Albums Chart last week.

THE ROYS’ full itinerary, photos and audio clips are available at

Copies of NEW DAY DAWNING are available at retail outlets Wal-Mart, Music Millennium, The Disc Exchange, The Country Music Hall of Fame, Ernest Tubb Record Shops and online at AMAZON and iTunes.

LeAnn Rimes Tells Fans She’s ‘Pis*ed Off,’ Yet Happy

LeAnn Rimes took a break from her 30-day stint in a treatment facility to continue her scheduled shows promoting her upcoming album, Spitfire. The 30-year-old, who voluntarily checked herself into the center to deal with anxiety and stress, opened up to her fans while performing in Wisconsin over the weekend.

“I’m totally cool and so happy; I think I’m about to cry,” the songstress gushed from the stage (quote via People). “Thanks for being awesome fans — patient and understanding.”

LeAnn’s attorneys filed a lawsuit on her behalf just one day after she entered the rehabilitation center. It claims two women illegally recorded a phone conversation with the singer and posted portions of it online. This controversy is just one of many public battles the Grammy winner has weathered over the past few years. “I’m pis*ed off at a lot of things, and I just can’t say it,” LeAnn said to concertgoers. “So, it comes out in the music.” The multi-platinum selling singer used her upcoming album to share thoughts she had previously kept hidden. “On this new record, I guess I bared everything down to the core,” she concedes.

LeAnn insists that her time in the treatment facility is only a precautionary measure. “This is just a time for me to emotionally check out for a second and take care of myself and come back in 30 days as the best 30-year-old woman I can be,” she told People the day she checked in. “All the things in my life will be there when I get out, but you know what? I’m hoping they’re not going to affect me as much. I’ll have the tools to know how to deal with them.”

The singer plans on continuing with her fall tour while at the undisclosed facility. She will play next Friday in Riverside, California. See a list of LeAnn’s upcoming shows here.

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