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Marina V. To Celebrate Her Birthday In Hollywood

Marina V will be performing at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on her Birthday, and you are all invited

I hope to see you at my special BIRTHDAY concert on Saturday, October 6th in Hollywood at the world-famous & fabulous Hotel Cafe!! It will be my last band show this year. And.. we’ll have lots of Russian
desserts for you:) If you order your tickets today, you will get a cute little gift – a box of
Russian matches!!! Order tickets now at

Big hug & lots of love, can’t wait to see you guys!! Marina ūüôā

“I Want My Daddy” Inspired By Tragic Accident

We here at WHISNews21 are proud to announce that one of our Independent Superstars “Wayne Jacobs” has¬†reached the Semi Final’s as¬†songwriter on the song¬†about a brave part time firefighter from Daviess County Kentucky USA,¬†called “I Want My Daddy” This songwriting¬†competition is open to songwriters worldwide so for Wayne to have reached the semi finals is no small feat, it is amazing. ¬†Yet once you listen to this song you will know why Wayne has a excellent chance here of winning this competition.
“I Want My Daddy”¬†was inspired by this tragic incident¬†back in 2007¬†
Steve Mattingly, 41, is a Yelvington volunteer firefighter, and his wife, Melissa, 38, is an EMT. In December 2007, he was directing traffic at the site of a garage fire when a driver didn’t see him and struck him at full speed.Melissa Mattingly was driving by the fire scene and rushed to help her husband. He suffered brain damage, injuries to his right hip and knee, and memory loss. He’s had seven surgeries and drives to Louisville three days a week for physical therapy.
This is the link to the story
This is a link to youtube for the country song
Wayne told us that he had sent the song to the Chief Firefighter at Daviess County and he and his staff just loved the song. The song was produced by Tom Manche from Nashville. We asked Wayne what his plans were for “I Want My Daddy”, Wayne’s answer was very clear and immediate “I would love someone like Clint Black to record my song,¬†or any other famous country singer”. Well thank goodness Wayne himself does a really good job of the song, so if all those big time country singers are not interested Wayne, then you should know right here and right now, that your version¬†of your hit song is as good as any.¬†“Thank you so much for all your amazing support you have giving me over the years especially your story on winning 2012 Listeners Club Awards.” Wayne Jacobs.

Tom’s Real Country Top 200 Chart 4th September

radio station logo Real Country Real Country 988-1 Shisui, Shisui-Machi, Inbagun,       Chibaken,, Japan       285-0927 Tel: 080-3157-2656  GM: Tom Kawai sts logo

Playlist for Reporting Week: Aug 28, 2012 12:00 pm to Sep 04, 2012 11:59 am (Pacific Time)

Artist – Song (Record Label) Spins
1. Cerrito w/Lynn Anderson РMexican   Angel (Checo) 48
2. Steven Youngblood РGuitars And   Fishing Poles (Ind) 48
3. Cheryl K Warner – That GTO (WHP) 47
4. Jeff Maddox РLike I Need You   (Platinum Plus) 47
5. Jeff Cook & The AGB РOne In   The World (Quest) 46
6. Tobi Gordon РThe Eagle (Platinum   Plus) 46
7. Joyce Shaffer РThe Old Man (Red   Boot/WHP) 45
8. Courtney Stewart РFor All The   World To See (Lamon) 45
9. Steven A Love – Lonesome Town (Ind) 44
10. Darin Warner – No Regrets (WHP) 44
11. Bill Wence РBorderline Crazy   (615) 44
12. Buzz Cason – My Baby She’s Cookin’ ¬† (Arena) 44
13. Michael Lynne – Mama (WHP) 44
14. Richard Hall РOld Soldiers (Oak   Music) 44
15. Clinton Gregory РShe Did (Melody   Roundup) 43
16. Steve Richard РToothbrush (Force   MP) 43
17. Donna Cunningham РSatisfied Me   (Century II/WHP) 43
18. Mark Carman РIf Jesus Was On   Facebook (MCM) 43
19. Buck McCoy – I Don’t Know The ¬† World Anymore (Weir Brothers) 43
20. Allen Karl – As Sure As I’m ¬† Standing Here (Century II/WHP) 43
21. Dennis Price Band – 45 South (Ind) 42
22. Taylor Made – Things You Don’t ¬† Grow Out Of (Little General) 42
23. Vince Hatfield РSometimes You   Gotta Get Away (Blue Moon) 42
24. Doug Briney – It’s All Country ¬† (Perfect Vision) 42
25. Britt & Blaire РYoung Summer   (Mt Juliet) 42
26. Rick Monroe РCrazy Not To   (Render) 41
27. Timothy Ray Wilson РAs Monday   Morning Comes Around (TSP) 41
28. Beadle Brothers РTo The Moon And   Back (Lure) 41
29. TJ Maddux РHotter Than Fireworks   (AddieB) 40
30. Cody Jinks РWe Get By (Late   August) 40
31. Todd Stanford РA Way With Words   (Main Street) 40
32. Red Jenkins w/Ernie Rowell – What ¬† She Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Her (Red Hot) 40
33. Payton Rae РStomp The Fire Out   (Pink Pony) 40
34. Mark Alan Stansberry РAmerica   America (Ind) 40
35. Sunday Drive РTop Of The World   (Lyric House) 40
36. Hangin With Stogie – It Ain’t Me ¬† Babe (Musik And Film) 40
37. Brandon Bolin РAngel Missing   (Randolin) 40
38. Allen Karl w/Donna Cunningham Р  Your Name Is On My Lips Again (Century II/WHP) 39
39. Adam Gregory – High On You (GMV) 39
40. Steel – Don’t Drink & Text ¬† (Ind) 39
41. Gary And Carol Bibb РThis Morning   At Nine (Nite Sky) 39
42. Roys РStill Standing (Rural   Rhythm) 39
43. Jo El Sonnier РThe Real Deal   (WHP) 39
44. DK Davis РBroken Down In Tiny   Pieces (Route 66) 39
45. Sins Country – Something You’ll ¬† Regret (Ind) 39
46. Leyla Fences РGet The Truck Outta   Here (Ind) 39
47. Justin Wright РToo Country And   Proud Of It (WHP) 39
48. Jason Charles Miller РUp To Me   (Render) 39
49. Charlie Gracie РBaby Doll   (Generic/Iris) 39
50. Willis Canada РLost In The   Presence (Lo) 39
51. Alexandra Demetree РJust Alone   (SSM) 39
52. Melissa Brooke РSticky Situation   (BGM) 38
53. Danny Click РI Feel Good Today   (Dogstar) 38
54. Michael Thomas – She’s Let The ¬† Whiskey Take Control (MTM) 38
55. Natasha James РNascar Time   (Highway One) 38
56. Gords – Old Dreams Die Hard (WHP) 38
57. Nathan Osmond РStars &   Stripes (Pretty World) 38
58. Joni Rae Jack – Maybe You’ll Love ¬† The Way I Leave (Ind) 38
59. John Colbert РOn The Inside   (Outback) 38
60. Bruce Larson РDialing While   Drinking (WHP) 38
61. Abrams Brothers РNorthern   Redemption (Ind) 38
62. Jerrod Medulla РStay The Night   (Ind) 38
63. Logan Mize РGood Life (Big Yellow   Dog Music) 38
64. Kelley Blackwell РDirt Road   Heartache (Universal Sound) 38
65. Jenny Simms – Girl Of A Gun (Ind) 38
66. Kevin Chase РLonesome, Ornery   & Mean (PID) 38
67. Sean Patrick McGraw РGit Yer   Cowboy On (Little Enhine) 37
68. Travelers Chandler & Avery   County РPardon Me (Mountain Fever) 37
69. Marsha Jewell РCountry Cowboy   (Jewell Lane) 37
70. Chelsey – Don’t (Ind) 37
71. Miss Jeanie РSmall Talk   (Megalith) 37
72. Friends Of Jack РOne More   Margarita (Ind) 37
73. Jon Wolfe РIt All Happened In A   Honky Tonk (Ind) 37
74. Sonflowerz РHow Great You Are   (Ind) 37
75. Gold City РPeter, James And John   (New Haven) 37
76. Tim Culpepper – Pourin’ Whiskey On ¬† Pain (Ind) 37
77. Tim Bradley РLet Me Come Home   (Charta) 37
78. David Livingston – What’s Wrong ¬† With This Picture (Lo) 37
79. Spinney Brothers РMemories   (Mountain Fever) 37
80. Musicians Against Chilhood Cancer   РLife Goes On (Rural Rhythm) 37
81. Danny Griego РMean Mexican Woman   (WHP) 37
82. Michael Ryan Cassidy РI Fell In   Love With A Country Girl (Nite Sky) 37
83. Lathan Moore – Nothin’ Like A ¬† Woman (Render) 37
84. Josh Housewright РKiss And Say   Goodbye (Lamon) 37
85. Jody Joseph – On MY Way Home (Ind) 37
86. Christine Van Hoy РYou = Home   (Big 7) 37
87. Rowdy House – Family Farm (Ind) 37
88. Ann Brown – Walk In The Rain (Ind) 37
89. Dave Sheriff – I’ve Got The Love ¬† Of A Good Woman (Hillcrest) 37
90. Artie Rodriguez РRoses I Promise   You (Twang Thang Music) 37
91. TJ Broscoff РBigger, Better Than   You (Ind) 36
92. Rose Knight – The Eagle Can’t Fly ¬† (Ind) 36
93. CR Ecker Band РCalifornia Cowboy   (Ind) 36
94. Kelly Weaver w/Terry Sprague Р  Soul Of Tennessee (Outback) 36
95. Michael Rule РTwo Dollars Short   (Hillcrest) 36
96. Red Jenkins w/Tony Booth РThree   Chord Country Song (Red Hot) 36
97. Wheeler Sisters РThis Is Gonna   Get Ugly (Ocala) 36
98. Cliff Beach – I Did It (Ind) 36
99. Coleman Brothers РGhost Town   (Fishing Hole) 36
100. Andrew Dean & The Farm   Machine РEtched In Time (Nite Sky) 36
101. Kelly Parkes РAll Cried Out   (Edge/LCR) 36
102. Marty Rivers РLouisiana Girl   (Glory Train) 36
103. Wilson Fairchild – Country On (Ind) 36
104. Greg Susoreny РStay With Me   (Aqua Blue) 36
105. Jody Nix РBright Lights And   Country Music (Hillside) 36
106. Larissa – It Ain’t Gonna be Like ¬† Forever (HMG) 36
107. Clay Jeffreys РSimple Country   Girl (Ind) 36
108. Curtis Grumbo РHurt All Over   (Ind) 36
109. David Livingston РIn His Plan   (Lo) 36
110. Nathan Bell РMe And Larry (Stone   Barn) 36
111. Liana Wallinder РA Picture Of Me   (Country Discovery) 36
112. T Jae Christian РI Wish I Was   Home (Universal Sound) 36
113. Tommy Roe – Devil’s Soul Pile ¬† (Airebelle) 35
114. JC Anderson – Nobody Does Nothin’ ¬† (NorStar) 35
115. Chad Lee РHigh Horse (Track 9   Media) 35
116. Mary Lee РBend Like A Willow   (Universal Sound) 35
117. Shelby Lynne – Heaven’s Only Days ¬† Down The Road (Everso) 35
118. Cumberland River РOutside   Looking In (Rural Rhythm) 35
119. Reggie & Ladye Love Smith Р  He Knows The Way Home (Electric Station) 35
120. Stephen Barker Liles РTry To   Make It Anyway (RT Music) 35
121. Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain Р  Catch My Breath (Rural Rhythm) 35
122. Jamie Warren – Let’s Get Our ¬† Forget On (Too Hip) 35
123. Tonya Kennedy – Super Girl (Ind) 35
124. Teea Goans – That’s Just Me ¬† (Crosswind) 35
125. AJ Downing РAmerican Junkie   (Charkansas) 35
126. Ray William Roldan РNo Saints In   San Fernando (Ind) 34
127. Don Crouse РNashville Blues   (Lampco) 34
128. Hogg Maulies РWhatever You Throw   (Ind) 34
129. Daniel Smith РSometimes Love   (DLS) 34
130. Leon Venerable РSpend My Time   Loving You (Ind) 34
131. Billy Joe Burnette РWhat Heaven   Has Sent (Pretty World) 34
132. Leona Williams – You Weren’t ¬† There (Pretty World) 34
133. Kris Gordon РUpside Of Down   (Frio) 34
134. Reggie Shaw – Someone I Can’t ¬† Live Without (Wynnesong) 34
135. Dave O`Connor РTwo Broken Hearts   (Lampco) 34
136. Sherry Lynn – Breakin’ Up Song ¬† (Steal Heart Music/Spinville) 34
137. Richard Mann РSunderbird Night   (Jaxon) 34
138. Earl Parker – Changes (Ind) 33
139. Bill Townsend РSometimes One   Fool Turns Into Two (Glory Train) 33
140. Diko – Take My Hand (Hillcrest) 33
141. Myrol РSmall Town Big Truck   (Little Red Hen) 33
142. Will Corey РRound Here (Rockin`   Rodeo) 33
143. Heather Lingle РLast Call On   Love (Ever Gruene) 33
144. Kimberly Glover – I’m Running On ¬† Empty (Lampco) 33
145. Matt Linsin РImage Of You   (Outback) 32
146. Josh Macumber – 215 (Ind) 32
147. Mike Lusk РWounded Warrior (Hope   Street) 32
148. Shyster – Bernadeane (Nite Sky) 32
149. Old Paths РBattle Stand   (Crossroads) 32
150. Lisa Biales РCall The Fire Wagon   (Big Song) 32
151. Trafton Harvey – Chasin’ That ¬† Nascar Dream (Ind) 31
152. Waymasters РLet Me Feel Your   Spirit (Glory Train) 31
153. Cameron Nelson – Thrown (903) 31
154. Darryl Holter РLove Is Just A   Four Letter Words (213 Music) 31
155. Jason Green РThe Old Man   (A&R Select) 31
156. Bill Barnes РJust One Glance   (Ind) 31
157. Eddie Rivers РLonesome Whistle   (Ind) 30
158. Erica Nicole РWhat You Think   About Us (Heaven) 30
159. Thomas White РFall Back In Love   With Me (Platinum Plus) 30
160. Richard Burr РI Stand There   Before You (Kickin Dust) 30
161. Kenny Davin Fine Р40 Days, 40   Nights (Finer Entertainment) 30
162. Kingsmen РBack To Grace   (Horizon) 30
163. Liz Anderson РAlpha & Omega   (Hillcrest) 29
164. Allan Layman РListen To The Rain   (Ind) 29
165. TammRae РThat Girl In Tennessee   (Country Discovery) 29
166. Judy Weldon РYour Hand Print On   My Heart (WHP) 29
167. Morris Brothers РNot Just A   Guest (Glory Train) 29
168. Cheri Keaggy РSo I Can Tell   (Psalm 91) 29
169. Danny Ray Garris РHouse On Solid   Rock (On The Vine) 29
170. Outbound Road – Home To Me (Lure) 29
171. Ali Dee РSweet Southern Song   (Diamond Dee) 29
172. Don Murdock РI Love You Still   (Hillcrest) 28
173. Brian Kalinec РUncle Joe   (Berkalin) 28
174. Michael B Rowe РBirthday Cake   (WHP) 28
175. Billy D Hunter РWild Ones (On   The Vine) 28
176. Bradley Black – Rodeo Hell (Colt) 28
177. Jonathan East РHillbilly Music   (KMA) 28
178. Breaking Southwest РReckless And   Wild (Ind) 28
179. Ken Goldsmith – Rodeo Man (TSP) 28
180. Tommy Steele РMy Side Of The   Street (Triple Creek) 28
181. Wayne Thibodeaux – Stompin’ ¬† Grounds (Hillcrest) 28
182. Whiskey Rain – Ain’t Ready For ¬† Love (Ind) 27
183. Lonestar – The Countdown (Ind) 27
184. Hermann Lammers Meyer – I’d Like ¬† To Live It Again (Desert Kid) 27
185. Medderick w/Steve Gidora Р  Crystal Mountains (Ind) 27
186. Colt Ford w/Jake Owen РBack   (Average Joes Entertainment) 27
187. Walt Mills РHeaven Is A Real Place   (Hope Street) 27
188. Ian Bidge Boyd РEvery Second   Every Minute (Hillcrest) 27
189. Tommy Young – Ashes To Gold (Ind) 26
190. Theresa Haddock РYou made it   (Artist`s Carousel) 26
191. Alan Jarvis РOne More Endless   Summer (Ind) 26
192. Burly Clyde РSouthern Belle   (Ind) 26
193. Ann Pascoe w/Dennis Marsh Р  Jackson (Hillcrest) 26
194. Stephen Wrench РStill Got The   Honey But The Honeymoon Is Over (Out Of The Box) 26
195. Bobby Dean РMe And George Strait   (Lamon) 26
196. Scotty Gluck РThe Steel Made Me   Cry (Ind) 25
197. Rhoni Lace РOccasional Love   (Colt) 25
198. Tim Castle & Young Southern Р  American Dream (Ind) 25
199. Pauline Reese – Just Gettin’ ¬† Started (Ind) 25
200. JT Hodges РGoodbyes Made You   Mine (SDU) 24
201. Brent Payne РNow And Forever   (TSP) 24
202. Jackie Francois РYour Love Is   Better (Ind) 24
203. Leland Williams – Fire (Ind) 24
204. Mary Jade РHonky Tonk Heart   (Ind) 24
205. Patty Patrick РFarewell James   Allen (Ind) 23
206. Amy Beth w/Mike Lusk РA Man Of   Quiet Strength (Ind) 23
207. Steve Free РHappy Little Song   (Glory Train) 23
208. Inspirations РTalk About Dying   (Crossroads) 23
209. Marshall Hall РTheres Nothing   Greater Than Grace (Simpleville) 22
210. Shelley Harris – One Touch (Ind) 22
211. Jimi Edwards – Every Time You’re ¬† Around (GR8Day) 22
212. Colton James РTake This Country   Back (Ride N High) 21
213. Brooke Hudgins Р80 Acres Of   Stars (VBC) 21
214. Micki Farington РGod Answers   (Ind) 21
215. Sean Hill – Sing For You (Ind) 20
216. Brian Collins – Hello Texas (Ind) 20
217. Tim Lovel – Faith (Ind) 20
218. Lee Bryant – Restless Dove (Ind) 20
219. Jeremy Steding РTo Day To Day   Today (Ind) 19
220. Julie Sharpe РLifeboat: The   Rescue (Ind) 18
221. Alex Flanigan РDiesel, Guns And   Rust (Gene Boy) 18
222. Brett McCormick РFriday Night   Drunk (Blue Ocean Music Group) 17
223. Nick Myers РRhythm Of The Tides   (Ind) 17
224. Hobson Smith РHeritage Not Hate   (Ind) 16
225. Sunrise – We Have Not Heard (Ind) 16
226. Ashley Baker РCountry Girls Rock   (Ind) 16
227. Nancy Cassidy – I’d Be Your Sun ¬† And Moon (Twitter Twatter) 15
228. Branch & Dean – Your Ol’ ¬† Lady’s Gone (SSM) 15
229. Andy Gibson РUnder The Hood   (Ind) 31 Add
230. Barry McDonald РSend Me A Text   (Ind) 28 Add
231. Blake Reid – Take Me Back (Ind) 26 Add
232. Jimmy White – Warm (828) 25 Add
233. Jack Blanchard w/Misty Morgan Р  Loozianna Moon (WHP) 22 Add
234. Scott Haggard РLiving In The   Shadow Of Merle (Ind) 16 Add
235. Wynnes – Freight Train (Ind) Drop
236. Bobby Lewis – Everything’s Good ¬† In Texas (Heart Of Texas) Drop
237. Steve Free РJust The Wind   (Fraternity) Drop
238. Kowbelle РBar B Cutie (Country   Discovery) Drop
239. Ron Carpenter – Alene (Arena) Drop
240. Claudia Lee – Take My Hand (Ind) Drop
241. Stealing Angels РLittle Blue Sky   (Skyville) Drop
242. Jason Gregory – Alive (TSP) Drop
243. John Philibert w/Mick Flavin – ¬† She Don’t Look That Lonely To Me (TSP) Drop
244. Joe Peck – Change Me (TSP) Drop
245. Mustang Sally – Rippin’ Up Dixie ¬† (BKD) Drop
246. Treva Blomquist РNear The Silver   Mine (American Blackguard) Drop
247. Valor III – God Don’t Leave ¬† America Today (ADW) Drop
248. Swayne Cook – The Holy Spirit’s ¬† Got A Hold On You (Hope Street) Drop
249. Aaron Watson РRaise Your Bottle   (Big Lable) Drop
250. Singing Weavers РTime Changes   Daily (Lo) Drop
251. Tyler Barnham w/Cassey Walker Р  Meet Me In Montana (YN) Drop
252. Sam Roark – Oh Baby (Kat) Drop
Additional Adds:
253. Craig Hodges – That’s Where I Was ¬† (Ind.) 28 Add
254. Long And Short Of It РWhen I   Wake Up In The Morning (Ind.) 25 Add

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Are All Democrats Really Moving Away From God ?

Democratic Platform: ‘God,’ Jerusalem Language Dropped

In an interview broadcast tonight, CNN askedObama adviser Robert Gibbs about the DNC platform dropping the word “God,” which has been included in previous platforms.The question, which asked if it was a deliberate decision to drop the word, was somewhat dodged by Gibbs. He said the platform mentions “faith and religion” and cited the “thousands of God-fearing Democrats in this building here tonight.

Democrats probably asked each other this question before the show started: Did we make sure the word God is not displayed anywhere ?

My question is if it is all about “faith and religion” and the word ¬†“God” is removed from sight, then who’s “Faith and Religon” is he talking about? What about the people who occupy all those seats at the convention are they all happy with their leaders “Godless” convention. If they are, how¬†can they go on their knees at home and ask “God”¬†for¬†help, when they are happy to ignore him when they pray to Obama¬†at the convention. While all Americans¬†with one voice shouted out “God Save America” America was strong, prosperous¬†and powerful, now God¬†is being¬†being removed from¬†the Democratic Convention, with the consent of Democratic Christians, or am¬†I so stupid to believe that there¬†were still some Christians at that¬†convention, as they never did seem to¬†have a problem with the removal of the word “God” from their convention.¬†Maybe in their defence I could assume that they were not aware that “God” was not allowed at the convention. “Since the platform was released, the lack of the word “God” has become a rallying cry among some conservatives, especially those who believe that the Obama administration is unfriendly to religion. The Republican platform, released last week, made at least a dozen references to God and included a section on religious liberty. If I had to vote for someone, I would rather vote for the one who still walks with God and I say that with pride.

The AP reports:

Democrats have dropped from their platform recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a move that has opened President Barack Obama to criticism from Republican rival Mitt Romney.Four years ago Democrats stated unequivocally that “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel.” Israelis and Palestinians both claim the city as their capital. Democratic spokeswoman Melanie Roussell defended the change. She says the Obama administration is taking the same Jerusalem policy as every Republican and Democratic administration since 1967, while seeking resolution in a two-state peace agreement. Romney called the change a “shameful refusal to acknowledge that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.” He accused Obama of distancing the U.S. from its ally Israel.

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