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Free Food From Finest Food Trucks In Nashville

Who likes FREE FOOD, especially from some of the finest FOOD TRUCKS in Nashville? Today from, 12-1pm, the 1st 500 had  the chance to get some.  It was served from 3 of the finest Food Trucks in Nashville. Riffs Fine Street Food, Biscuit Love, & Delta Bound Food. This is all part of ‘Southern Ground Music & Food Festival’ by the Zac Brown Band that is coming later this month, on the 21st/22nd, down on the Lawn @Riverfront. All three trucks have a Facebook page,  for you to check out, and LIKE. For more information on the upcoming Southern Ground Festival and the acts playing the two days, click on the link.

Article sent in by Debbie Dean

Sad News From Thilo, Europe’s Pur-Country Radio

Patty Patrick Reports: Thilo Morningstar’s Mother Died

Thilo our thoughts are with you as this terrible loss tears at your heart, from all at WHISNews21 and Independent Artists worldwide

Thilo Morningstar, close friend of mine and known as the  boss of Radio Pur-Country in Germany is suffering a terrible loss: His mother  died last night. I was informed by him yesterday already  that she is fighting for her life. And this morning he told me that she had died  during the night.

Thilo is known by many DJs for airing lots of  international country shows including mine on his fine radio station. He is also  on stage with his duo Seitenwind and plays the guitar very well. Many artists  have been on stage with him and call him a friend.
This week shows on his schedule will be running but might  not be updated. Give him some time to cope with the situation.
I want all DJs to keep Thilo in their thoughts and prayers  to help him through this difficult time and to show him that we radio people  are a big family, caring for each other. Thank you.
Patty Patrick Radio Station Manager &  Promotion Radio St. Florian am Inn

Independent Superstars Show #6 From Germany

Wildhorse Entertainment’s “Independent Superstars” are extremely proud to announce that “Crazy Joe” a top DJ from Vienna will be hosting a weekly program in German called ‘Independent Superstars” with the permission and approval of Wildhorse Entertainment. This program will be in German which will make it hard for most of our listeners to understand, however  “Crazy Joe” does such a good job of the show that not one of the ‘Independent Superstars” who will be featured will have room to complain. “Crazy Joe” announces all the titles and artists in English and therefore all the artists on each show will hear themselves being introduced in German and naturally their songs will be played and that is what is important. All the Independent artists featured on Wildhorse Entertainment now have a second program that will feature their music worldwide every week.

To check out the broadcast times of the show you can visit “Crazy Joe’s Crazy Web Site” at  once you are there you can right click anywhere on the page and ask your browser to translate the page into English. It works as I have done it with no problem.  Please note that this is a brand new show and the time slot may not be available yet, but please still visit “Crazy Joe’s” site for updates.


Below is the information we have at this time:

Special Wild Horse – Independent Superstars 6
for the period from 07.09.2012 to 16.09.2012

60 min., At 55 min. optimized

Wildhorse Special – Independent Superstars Playlist

Mike Headrick & John Hughey – Passin The Buck (intro)
BJ Roberts – My Woman My Lover My Wife
Jacob Lyda – When We Make Love
Peter Britt – Blue Jeans High Heels And Fire Red Hair
John Stevenson – I’ll Always  Remember You With Love
Benny Berry – I Can Play Your Memory By Heart
Lori Smith – What’s In It For Me
Dave Caley – You Can’t Take It With You
Jack Hackworth – Mommas Last Words
Buck T Edwards – Been There Done That
Amy Lyn Martin – On My Way
Leon Blue – Mason County Line
WC Taylor – Tennessee Southern Belle
Samuel Wesley – Arlene
Wildhorse – Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
Cliff Walton – Computer Junkie
Florita – Why Do You Keep Hurting Me
Ben Rogers – Adios Amigo
Dan Schafer – A Picture Of You


Who is Crazy Joe from Germany

In Crazy Joe’s own words he was in fact born sometime in the last century, exact time and place is not known but, it is was without doubt somewhere in what he refers to as the Centre of the World being Vienna. He also admits, if my translation is correct, that his parents had a lot of fun making him, and called him Hans B. His current location is somewhere between a country song and the following places, Simmering, Vienna, Austria, Terra, Solar System and the rest of  Europe. He admits being a good kid at school and while all the other kids were having fun he took his schooling serious. His parents were not very wealthy, but they always made sure he was warm in the winter. He has played with many groups in the past with lots of success and played in many a dancehall across Europe. He lives a typical country and western life and loves music. Crazy Joe is the first International DJ to host a dedicated show to Wildhorse Entertainment’s Independent Superstars, dedicating the whole weekly show exclusively to playing the music of artists and songs available for free download on .  Crazy Joe we thank you for this, on behalf of all the Independent Artists on Wildhorse, and hope you never grow tired of making this show. It is without doubt much appreciated by all Independent Artists featured on Wildhorse Entertainment.

Thank You Crazy Joe from all at Wildhorse Entertainment

Bradford Files: This Award Show, Award Goes To…

There are currently so many award shows on TV, Internet, Radio, etc that I for one am beginning to get quite confused.  There are no two shows presenting the award to the same person in the respective categories.  Furthermore many of the shows that declare a certain artist is ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR is the same artist that never even received a nomination in other award shows.  What gives here?  How can you win the biggest award of the evening on one show and not even be nominated on all the other’s?  Maybe the time has come to add a new category at these award shows.  It could be, “The Best Award Show,” category.  In other words all the award shows could be nominated and run against each other and then the winner for best award’s show can be announced.  Problem once again would be no two award show winners would ever be the same on the awards shows.
Keith Bradford
Keith Bradford Promotions
256 E. Old Hickory Blvd. Madison, TN 37115 (615) 612-3899

The Bradford Files supplied by Keith Bradford Nashville Tennessee. Email Keith at

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