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Allen Karl Receives “Lifetime Achievement Award”

“Lifetime Achievement Award” for our Good Guy In The Black Hat Mr Allen Karl

Allen Karl performed eight shows at Bob Everhart’s National Old Time Country and Bluegrass Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa, from August 31st through September 2nd. Last Sunday being the final day of the festival, September 2nd, Allen Karl was honored with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the National Traditional Country Music Association. Donna Cunningham also made a guest appearance with Allen Karl at some of his shows. Other great artist who performed include, Lynn Anderson, Ed Bruce, Tom T. Hall, Michael Martin Murphy and more.

From all at WHISNews21 we congratulate Allen Karl for we believe he deserves this award for his hard work and dedication to his career and Country music. We know that our dear friend James Allen who passed away recently from cancer, would have been so proud of Allen right now just as we all are, I only mention James as I know he was so proud to have been Allen Karl’s promoter and friend.

Allen Karl was also inducted into the Great Country Radio Hall Of Fame in 2011.

“American Bandstand Records” Take The Grand Tour

Charlie Ray on “American Bandstand Records” now on WHIR and NBRN.FM

A brand new radio show has recently been added to WHIR Wildhorse Internet Radio and can be heard at 7pm South African time Monday’s to Fridays. “American Bandstand Records” is the latest radio show created by Charlie Ray, and features such a great lineup of amazing songs that it is almost impossible not to tune in to listen to Charlie Ray’s one hour lineup of incredible music. This hit show can also be heard on The Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network, NBRN.FM out if Nashville, Tennessee. It is difficult to say whether the show is more popular in South Africa, than in Nashville as Charlie’s show is gaining new listeners on every show that goes out on the air. If you have not taken the time to listen to Charlie Ray’s “American Bandstand Records Radio Show” you need to, even just once. That will be enough to get you hooked on his incredible show which is fast becoming a show not to be missed.

For more information on Charlie Ray visit

Hank Williams Jr. Blasted Obama Calling Him Muslim

Hank Williams Jr. blasted Obama again, calling him Muslim.

Hank Williams Jr ObamaHank Williams Jr. repeated his anti-Obama tirade at a concert in Texas on Sunday. Performing at the Stockyards Music Festival, the country singer went on an extended rant against the president. “We’ve got a Muslim for a President who hates cowboys, hates cowgirls, hates fishing, hates farming, loves gays, and we hate him,” Williams Jr. bellowed. As the Dallas Sun reported, the crowd responded with a loud cheer. This is the second time in recent weeks the singer has used heated language when describing his distaste for the president. A late August concert featured Williams Jr. doing the same bit, though the dig at homosexuals appears to be a new addition to his schtick. n October 2011, the singer went on “Fox and Friends” to liken the president to Hitler.

His comments put him squarely in the company of Ted Nugent, another singer known for lambasting the president without a particular regard for temperance. More on Nugent available in the gallery below. For more on Williams Jr., head over to the Dallas Sun.

Barbara Rainey Quotes What The World Owes You

Wildhorse Entertainment presents our weekly

“Independent Superstar Quote Spot”

This Mark Twain Quote is brought to you by Barbara Rainey.


Have a great week and try your very best to keep it COUNTRY!!

Take the time to ‘smell’ the roses!!

Great week coming your way!


If you would like to comment on this Quote supplied to us by Barbara Rainey then you are most welcome to do so.

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