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Cheryl K. Warner Speeding Along In That Green GTO


I am thrilled to announce the best news: “THAT GTO” has again soared to #7 on  the New Music Weekly Country Main Chart for 8-17-12, climbing ahead of many,  many super-talented Major and Independent Artists. We are also making great  progress on the IndieWorld Chart, as well as many other USA & International  Charts & Playlists.I give all the credit regarding my success to the hard  work and loyalty of the wonderful DJs and Music/Program Directors who play and  support my music…THANK YOU. I also give the credit to my Promoters, Music  Associates, Fans, Friends & Family…your support of me on a daily basis just  means the world to me…THANKS SO MUCH.


Recently, RhonBob Promotions retired after giving the music industry over 16  years of exceptional service in the area of publicity and promotions. Rhon and  Bob have retired due to a need to look after their daughter who has MS, which is  a perfect example of how deeply they love and care for other people. I just  happen to have been one of those “lucky” people whom they have loved. So often,  Rhon has helped me through difficult professional and personal difficult times,  always giving me just the right advice from a Christian perspective. I treasure  our “beautiful friendship” which evolved from our professional relationship and  will always want to remain in close contact with her. There are no words to  fully describe what she has done for my career…she has helped me climb to the  top of many mountains while doing her promotions for me and helped me to develop  and nurture wonderful relationships with the DJs. I want Rhon to know that she  is a treasure to me and that I will forever be grateful for all that she has  done for me. I love you very much, Rhon and Bob and I wish you great joy and  happiness in all that you do.


“Nashville” The Series Will Feature Kimberly Paisley

Brad Paisley’s wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, who starred for eight seasons on the ABC comedy “According to Jim,” is returning to the network this fall in the highly-anticipated drama, “Nashville.” reports that Kim will be featured in “a multi-episode arc” as Peggy Samper, an old flame and former co-worker of Teddy Conrad (Eric Close), husband of Rayna James, played by Connie Britton.
The series, set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene, follows Rayna, a country star at her peak, and Juliette Barnes (played by Hayden Panettiere), who is a star on the rise.
Kim, who married Brad in March 2003, first came to the attention of moviegoers (and a smitten Brad himself) in 1991 with her role in “Father of the Bride.” The couple have two sons, Huck, 5, and Jasper, 3.
According to IMDB, Mrs. Paisley is also set for the big screen again in the dramatic comedy “Eden Court,” playing the wife of a washed-up baseball star. The film is in theaters Friday (Aug. 31).
“Nashville” will premiere on ABC on Oct. 10. No word yet on just how many episodes in which Kim will be featured.

Posted by Keith Michaels

Petes Weekly: Just-in-Time Marketing


Just-in-Time Marketing

If you are like most of us, by now your bank balance is telling you that times are getting hungrier. This seems like a good time to share one of the truths of small business: Most firms fail because we do not make enough sales. And, most firms fail.(Hang on, the good news is coming…)When I started out in 1984 I was in mortal battle with IBM. They were the big gorilla in the market, and the people that wanted what I sold all used IBM minicomputers. Sadly they did not know of my existence. (Neither IBM nor the users.)

I knew less than nothing about running a business. I knew that marketingcomprised all the stuff one did to get people to knock at your door. And sellingwas opening the door, inviting them in, and using what one sold to help those people solve their problems.

That was the simple part. But how to help them to find the door, let alone have them knock on it?

In my case, IBM was running television campaigns featuring elephantsand the Hollies, with a budget of millions. My startup could barely afford business cards.

Back then there were two broad genres of marketing.

On the one hand there was mass marketing. The key concept was to reach everyone, all the time, in the hope that when somebody wanted, for instance, a drink, they would reach for Coca Cola instead of Pepsi. This relied on people seeing your ‘brand’ so often that they would never forget it in a time of need. So, you reach them through television, wireless, magazines and national papers.

This works fine if every human being is a possible buyer, and you have pockets deeper than the Fish River Canyon. It is not so effective when there are only 600 people in SA who might possibly need what you sell, and then only once each year.

We small businesses need to box clever, and for every R1,000 that a large firm invests in marketing, we need to do better with just 50 cents.

Mass marketing reaches everyone, most of whom will never need what you offer, and of the few that might, mass marketing reaches most of them at the wrong time.

Direct marketing, on the other hand, tries to reach just the group that might one day purchase from you. As you can imagine, it is a lot cheaper because your money does not have to reach as far. Adverts in a specialist industry magazine like IBM AS/400Monthly cost a lot less than the R100,000 needed for a one page colour ad in Mens Health. And a monthly mailing or fax mailing cost even less.

Nandos Hot SauceEven this was not perfect, because most of the audience were not buying on the day they saw the advert. They never came knocking. At least, however, mail and fax allowed us to tell them stories and offer case studies which they understood and remembered. But there was still a heck of a lot of cold calling. (Cold calling is like swallowing a bottle of Nandos, the uberhot version, and then because it hurts so much, taking a cup of drain cleaner to ease the pain.)

The Holy Grail of marketing is to just reach those folk who want what you sell NOW. And in 2000 Google offered an answer – Adwords.

This means that our metaphorical 50 cents can be used to find someone who right now needs a new 5251 vdu (or 27 of them). And once that person has placed the order (tonight) and become a client, that means that we can keep selling to them for the rest of time.

And it means, as a business owner, that the firm will continue to sell while you are in hospital for that first myocardial infarction, or while you are planning retirement.

And that’s what we do with SalesMotor. We help people find your firm on the exact day they need whatever you sell. Most of our clients spend less than R3000 per month for more than 20 enquiries per month, of which between 7 and 14 turn into instant sales, and the rest become longer term prospects.

All the best
Peter Carruthers

Man Free After Raping 74 Year Old Woman, Only In SA?

KwaZulu-Natal – A blunder by police led to a man accused of the rape and robbery of a 74-year-old Pietermaritzburg woman walking free on Tuesday.The 28-year-old man ought to have been brought before a magistrate within 48 hours of his arrest, in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act. But, as he was arrested on a non-court day – Saturday afternoon, hours after the attack – the 48 hours is deemed to expire at 4pm on the next court day – in this case Monday.

The alleged rapist, however, made his first appearance in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court only on Tuesday, leaving the magistrate, Reard Abrahams, no choice but to strike the matter from the roll as it was not “properly before the court”.The prosecutor, Zandile Ndimande, revealed that she had no information as to why the suspect was not brought to court on Monday.Police spokesman Captain Thulani Zwane was also unable to explain the blunder, nor could he confirm whether the suspect had been re-arrested after his release. Women’s rights activist Annie Shaw told the Daily News that she was shocked and appalled at the inefficiency of the authorities and the injustice that has resulted from it. “This is not just, this is not fair and this is not democratic,” she said. “This poor woman has been violated in the worst possible way and has literally been raped of all her constitutional rights, and yet the law only recognises the rights of the accused. “This is the reason I cry for the future of this country.”

Of course, after almost 20 years the injustices of Apartheid causes (mainly) Africans to go around and rape women. Sometimes it’s old women and babies who were born after 1994. But then who cares….

The elderly woman was attacked, raped and robbed at her home in Bisley, Pietermaritzburg on Saturday morning. According to police, the woman was walking to her room after having a bath, when she was confronted by a man she did not know.Her assailant is believed to have entered her granny flat through an unlocked side gate.The woman was stabbed and then dragged to a room in the house where she was raped, before being robbed of R450 cash, a cellphone and a sewing machine. The man was arrested hours later by members of the SAPS Pietermaritzburg Cluster Tracking Team.This was the latest in a series of brutal attacks on elderly women in KZN. Earlier this month a 62-year-old woman, was raped and murdered.Her naked body was found on the side of Snathing Road, in Dambuza, Pietermaritzburg. Her clothing was found next to her. She had been stabbed once in the lower back and once on her cheek. She died at the scene. Last month, an 82-year-old woman was raped in her bedroom. Her assailant, who was unknown to her, covered his face so that she could not recognize him. After he left, she ran for help to her son’s house, a short distance away. Two weeks before that a 94-year-old grandmother was raped in her home, allegedly by a 28-year-old man who had just been released as part of hundreds, on a special remission of prison sentence deal announced by President Jacob Zuma on Freedom Day. He was arrested, and denied bail in the New Hanover Magistrate’s Court. – Daily News

Wayne Jacobs Wins Our Listeners Club Award 2012

Wayne Jacobs wins our Listeners’ Club Award

Presented at Fifth Birthday Party

Celebrating Five Years of

Congratulations to Wayne Jacobs, winner of our Listeners’ Club Award 2012 with his original song “Kentucky Whiskey”. It is the latest in a string of accolades for the London-based songwriter, who has enjoyed previous successes in songwriting competitions around the world. Wayne’s song was one of five Finalists for the award, along with….

“Carmen – Ian Highland & Twilight Country”, “Come Undone – Thorne Hill”, “Don’t Tell Me You’re Not In Love – Carolann B” and “That Thing You Do – Belle Cannon”. The final took place at’s Fifth Birthday Party last night.  Each party-goer voted, and their votes were added to those received for each song in the first round of online voting earlier in the year. Wayne says, “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing 2012 Listeners’ Club Award  and for all my fans who voted for me. I’m over the moon. I love you guys.”

Our Birthday Party featured performances from Finalists Carolann B with her band, Thorne Hill – who’s entourage led the dancing throughout the night, and Ian Highland and his band Twilight Country.  There were performances too from special guests John Aston and Ken Durrans, and last year’s Listeners’ Club Award winner Rita B, who performed a selection of songs from her Patsy Cline tribute show. Photographs from’s Fifth Birthday Party will be available on our website in the next few days. Thank you to everyone who came along to help celebrate our first five years.

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