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Country Stars Allen And Donna Return From Europe

Allen Karl and Donna Cunningham European Tour Update
Austria was a tremendous success. Our next stop on the tour was Frankfurt, Germany where we were greeted at the airport by DJ and promoter Lutz Adams, better known as L.A. He laid out our schedule and drove us to our hotel. Due to our hotel being located in a very remote area, we only stayed one night and then we were moved to a more centralized area. The venues were fantastic and the sound checks went exceptionally well, the concerts were great with many country music fans attending and having a wonderful time, many of the fans actually joined in with Allen and Donna when they were performing the great standards, it was wonderful to see these people enjoying the music so much. DJ and promoter, Patty Patrick, was present at all of the concerts and made the comment several times how much she loved the music from both Allen and Donna, Patty seemed to be very happy with the whole event, from the stage layout to the fans that showed up and enjoyed an evening of great music. Spending time with Patty Patrick was a real pleasure. We all fell in love with her enthusiasm for life and country music. We had such a wonderful time together. Allen and Donna did a great radio show with L.A. and we were introduced to some delicious German foods. After a very emotional goodbye to all the wonderful friends we made in Germany, it was off to the airport to fly to Spain. Landing in Gerona, Spain we were met at the airport by Rafel Corbi and his daughter Ariadna. From the airport they took us directly to the venue where we did a concert that night. The concert was great, there was a wonderful crowd and Allen and Donna met many adoring fans. All the concerts went well in Spain and on the night of the final concert in Barcelona we were warmed to find that Rafel’s line dancers had prepared a surprise for us. There was a reception, held in our honor, with homemade food, wine and desserts. We used that time to get to talk to everyone, one on one. They are such nice people and they were very pleased with the concert.
Saying goodbye to all the wonderful people that we met in all five countries has truly been the hardest thing to do on this tour; saying goodbye to Rafel, Ariadna and Sierra was also a very emotional time. We will miss them all so much. We had a very successful tour and the loving and caring people that we met will live in our hearts forever.
We want to thank all our promoters:
In the United States:
James Allen Promotions
RhonBob Promotions
Marty Martell Promotions
Howard Vokes Promotions
In Europe:
Dann Hansen- Hanging Tree Promotions
Linda Welby – DJ and Promotions
Allan Watkiss –
Hunting Lady Kate – DJ and Promotions
Crazy Joe – DJ and Promotions
Patty Patrick – DJ and Promotions
Lutz Adams – DJ and Promotions
Rafel Corbi – DJ and Promotions
Comment by Rhonnie Scheuerman of RhonBob Promotions: I just received this from Allen’s Manager Joseph Eder. I was happy to read such wonderful news about their European Tour, and the wonderful folks that helped them, and the way the DJ’s, fans received them.
Article send in by Rhonnie Scheuerman

Can We Blame God If He Doesn’t Bless The USA


“Does God Still Bless the U.S.A.? A Plea for a Better America”
An Inspirational Work Examining America’s Challenges and her Future


Major Media Tour To Include, Hannity, Fox & Friends, Fox 411,
Daystar, Balancing Act, Sirius/XM and Others

Nashville, Tenn. (April 29, 2012) — Multi-platinum country star and true American Patriot, Lee Greenwood, offers his personal insights into America’s challenges and her future in his inspiring new book, “Does God Still Bless the U.S.A.? A Plea for a Better America” set for publication May 14, 2012 by Tate Publishing. Available in bookstores nationwide and online, the compelling 216-page softcover publication includes a special 30-day devotional “Prayers of a Patriot,” written by Greenwood’s wife, Kim. Also included with purchase are two exclusive free downloads, a brand new version of “God Bless the U.S.A.” and “Show Me the Way,” available through

“This is the first time I’ve put pen to paper, and I’m very proud of our work,” commented Greenwood who co-wrote his book with biblical scholar, Rita Tate. “This publication is a request for unity. It took us a year to write, and I hope that it awakens this country’s sleeping patriots.”

Glowing endorsements for “Does God Still Bless the U.S.A.? A Plea for a Better America,” include President George W. Bush, Charlie Daniels, Reba McEntire, Michael W. Smith, Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris, and others. President George W. Bush commented, “Barbara and I are very happy that you have written a book issuing ‘A Plea for a Better America.’ Who Better! You are an American icon, known and loved not only for the joy your music brought to millions, but for your love of country and your unwavering support for our men and women in uniform.”

A dedicated supporter of the U.S. military, Greenwood calls for citizens to embrace an authentic patriotism, and return to faith and the founding principles that have proven to be the strength of our civilization in his new book. Throughout the publication, Greenwood raises thought-provoking questions and asks us all to consider our part in maintaining our ‘sweet land of liberty’ for future generations.

Few artists have ever written a song that has become more a part of America’s cultural landscape than Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” “God Bless the U.S.A” has been voted the most recognizable patriotic song in America, taking the top honor over “God Bless America” and the “National Anthem,” but it is only one of the many hits that have propelled Greenwood’s successful career. With his distinctive voice, insightful songwriting and unparalleled showmanship, Greenwood has been captivating audiences for decades.

This June, Greenwood will also release a new seven-track EP entitled, “I Want to Be in Your World,” which will include the original track, “Here Comes Love, There Goes My Heart,” as well as a cover of the popular Michael McDonald/Kenny Loggins ballad, “You Can Let Go Know.”

A Presidential Appointee serving on The National Endowment for the Arts Council, Greenwood was honored with the prestigious National Patriot’s Award, presented by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. Greenwood is also a national spokesperson for Operation Never Forgotten (ONF), an all-volunteer national non-profit communications service that connects military and civilian worlds through non-partisan public service announcements (PSAs). He has also entertained the troops on more than 30 USO tours over the years.

Petes Weekly: South Africa, Winter, and Vikings

As I drove through the sleet this morning I began to realise why the Vikings were so feared. By the time your common or garden Norsk lad was ready to pillage and plunder he was, frankly, desperate. The Norwegian winter is such that nobody wants to endure it.

So, our hero Eric walked, sailed or swam off to war with visions of Valhalla. It is not that death was a noble quest. It is that death was so much better than returning home to the next winter. And death, surrounded by buxom handservants, was so much better than nine months cooped up with Ivana The Terriblesen, seven junior Vikings, five sheep, three cows, and a reindeer. All in the same bed.

As a South African I lost count of the number of Europeans (these would be recent immigrant folk from countries in Europe rather than locals prior to 1994) who assured me how much nicer SA was than France, or Germany, or even Romania (also known as the Carpathian garden). Like all other South Africans I knew they were lying. After all, these are all countries with Internet that works, and copper cables that remain attached to vital things like my router.

With hindsight, maybe they were not the big fibbers I thought they might be. I would like to share some thoughts about Norway. (Norway, of course, is not the Carpathian garden. Nor is it the Spanish smallholding or the Polish plot. It is more like the Russian refrigerator.)

It is not just the climate. Summers here are idyllic. But in some way summer here is like the enjoyment you feel when you climb out of a frozen fjord, as the goosebumps change from icicles to ice blocks and blood flows back into your dangly bits, which have spent the past while nestled tighly below your ribcage.

It is also the business climate, and a bizarre set of social engineering tax rules that make owning a home a complex dance in the sense of the Tango. Your first home will cost about 10 times your annual income, and you will often live in your parents home with your wife Ivana while you save for the deposit. It will be a small place because most get by with just one Viking offspring, despite the year long maternal leave (for mom or dad). And then, once you get that first mortgage, the interest is tax deductible – unlike South Africa. Valhalla, one might think.

At least, one might think this until one wanted to invest in a second house, maybe to rent out in ones dotage to stretch ones pension. In this case, the rental income is taxed at brutal rates, and the mortgage interest is not tax deductible. Almost the exact opposite of SA or any other country that I know.

This is why the rental market where I live is down to five homes, two of which are in the Arctic Circle, with 14,000 people needing a place by July. (Those five homes are available to rent only because their owners are off to Spain to avoid the coming winter.) The rest of us are stocking up on downfilled tents and a few reindeer to snuggle up to.

Lest you think that this is one long complaint, it is not. Balance, at least for a person thriving on the Web, is when a SA webinar delegate comments about how fast your download is (20MB) just before his signal stutters and he goes dark until the morrow. (Which is why we record the events.)

No matter how dark and long the days get, one can still find a bottle of SA wine, as long as you get it before 5pm when the state owned monopoly closes. And, of course, if they can process the wine-mortgage forms in time. (That single bottle costs about as much as an acre of the Boschendal Estate.) Failing that, diesel has become a reliable alternative, at just R20 per litre, and I do not believe that it is illegal yet.

All of which is to say, if you can’t be in the place you love, love the place you’re in. Life is too short otherwise. And, of course, buy plenty at the duty-free whenever you travel.

Allen And Donna 2012 Tour Doing Great In Europe

Comment Below by Rhonnie Scheuerman of RhonBob Promotions:

RhonBob Promotions and James Allen Promotions, are so pleased to read below, as we have been promoting Allen Karl singles and Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham duets to DJ’s worldwide, and updating information about their overseas trips to DJ’s and their fans. We have received many emails and phone calls as well from DJ’s telling us that Allen & Donna”s songs are touching their listeners and reading about their touring and concerts was spice added to listening to their great voices . Also, delighted that some of the DJ’s got to meet Allen Karl , Donna Cunningham and Allen’s manager Joseph Eder, overseas,.Very pleased the world is seeing the sincerity, realness from all three, and Allen and Donna’s blending voices on their duets, and loving their single songs as well. Over and over again Allen and Donna opened up the hearts of the countries they visited and their warm came through very strong, as well as their sincerity.. It is GREAT for those that promote Allen and Donna as we knew they were terrific, but to get the assurance from the DJ’s and their valued listeners and fans is dynamite. Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham , Joseph Eder WECLOME BACK you were very missed in the Good Ole USA. DJ’S be looking soon for another future charting song from Allen, as we have received many requests from DJ’s for MORE, MORE SONGS, and Allen always likes to please those that support HIS music. TWO ARTISTS CHARTING HIGH AND WITH #1 SONGS, ALLEN KARL & DONNA CUNNINGHAM! THANK YOU DJ’S YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Comment Below By Marty Martel of BKD Promotions

The following is an update on the Allen Karl European Tour, along with his duet partner Donna Cunningham. I was going to write something, but Joseph Eder, Allen’s manager who is with him, has said everything in such great detail, that I am just sending it out just the way it is, because it says it all. Congrats Joseph on this great press release. Both Allen and Donna are carrying the torch of traditional country music to all parts of the world, and their acceptance by the fans has proved to be exactly what all of Allen’s team of promoters knew it would be. Allen and Donna have opened more doors for the future of their careers and to spread the word that Country Music is surely alive and well. Their performances are proof that they both are transporters of Goodwill from the United States, and for all of country music. The attendance has been phenomenal to say the least, and we are all thrilled with the tour at this point, and it is getting better each and every day. Their reception by their fans, and now their new fans, has been awesome. They are establishing their names in the hearts of everyone that is coming in contact with them, and with their music. Allen Karl & Donna Cunningham now carry the banner of “Ambassadors of Country Music.” Thanks to Joseph for this super update.

Allen Karl’s European Tour

All 5 concerts in England were a huge success. As scheduled, Donna Cunningham joined the tour in Dublin, Ireland. Sticking to a fast paced schedule, Donna and Allen were picked up at the airport and taken to Belfast, Northern Ireland where they did the TV show, The Irish connection with host Sean Green. All went well as the duo promoted their new singles, “Your Name is On My Lips Again”, “Jesus Heard Every Word” and Donna’s just released, new single “A Satisfied Me”. They also enjoyed interviews with DJ Linda Welby and Paddy Gordon. Then it was back to the airport and off to Vienna, Austria. Meeting them at the airport, as their guide and transportation, was DJ hunting Lady Kate. Kate, a longtime friend of Allen Karl’s, and after meeting Donna, they became instant friends. The duo team had a wonderful time meeting Kate’s mother and father. They took us into their home and treated us like family. Kate’s mom is a wonderful cook and treated us to a traditional Austrian meal. Donna and Allen did radio interviews and discussed the music business, as well as their own releases at great length. Then it was sound check time for Saturday night’s big show at the Vienna Country Music Club. Kate had told the club owners and members that she had booked Allen Karl and Donna Cunningham for that night’s show but the club owners told her that there was no way that she would ever get two entertainers, of Allen and Donna’s level, to come to Austria to do a concert in Vienna. So, when we arrived at the club for sound checks, there were a lot of very surprised and happy people. The crowd that showed up for Saturday’s show was amazing. In fact, so many showed up that some had to be turned away due to the fire code. Allen and Donna met so very great new fans who just simply love country music. It was a really nice surprise that the show was kicked off by Kate playing “In America”. Everything went so well and the audience loved the performance so much that they gave them a standing ovation. It’s hard to explain the feelings of the night. Neither Allen nor Donna could have ever imagined such an emotional night as it turned out to be; the accepting crowd, the American flags hung on the stage and the great country music so far from home. It’s a sweet memory that will last a lifetime. Because of the unbelievably wonderful Austrian people, this tour has proven to us something that singers only dream of, that music is the universal bond of mankind, no matter where they are or what they beliefs are, in the world. Now as we head to Frankfurt, Germany we are looking forward to sharing more of the wonderful experiences we are having on this European tour. Allen and Donna thank all the promoters and DJ’s for all their hard work and sends their love to all of you.

Joseph Eder

Article send in by Marty Martel

Great Big Birthday Wishes To Wolverton Mountain

Happy Birthday, Wolverton Mountain!

One of my favorite country songs is creative, catchy and classic and based on a real life person (but not a true story) – “Wolverton Mountain.” I first discovered the song on one of those television commercials for a classic country compilation, and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s difficult to believe that it’s been 50 years since “Wolverton Mountain” peaked on the country charts and became a crossover hit. Claude King co-wrote the song with Merle Kilgore, who’s uncle, Clifton Clowers, was born in 1891 and lived to be 103 years old. Clowers resided on Woolverton Mountain in rural Arkansas. We don’t know if he had any kids. But “Wolverton Mountain” is the fictional story of a prospective boyfriend who loves a girl on “Wolverton Mountain” but fears Mr. Clowers, and the animals who occupy the Mountain. Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby each recorded the song in the 1960s. There’s an excellent version of the song as a duet with Hank Williams Jr. and Connie Francis singing together. iTunes features a Reggae version of the song by Richie Stephens.

There was even an answer song – whatever happened to answer songs? – by JoAnne Campbell, “I’m the Girl from Wolverton Mountain,” told from the daughter’s perspective. Sadly, Kilgore and Clowers have passed on. King is 89 years young and still performing the song. It’s legendary, and I encourage you to listen to as many versions of it as possible. If it gets stuck in your head, that’s a good thing, in my opinion. 

Mike Sudhalter | April 27, 2012

Biography as though you did not already know…..

Claude King (born 5 February 1923, Keithville, Louisiana, near the city of Shreveport) is an American country music singer and songwriter. At a young age, he was interested in music but his primary interest was athletics. He purchased a guitar at the age of 12 and although he learned to play it, most of his time was devoted to sport. This eventually resulted in being offered a baseball scholarship to the University of Idaho at Moscow.

King later returned to Shreveport and joined the Louisiana Hayride, a popular TV and radio show broadcast in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, produced in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Louisiana Hayride ranked second only to the Grand Ole Opry in terms of television and radio importance in the early 1950s to the 1960s and King was frequently billed on the same shows with other famous legends such as Elvis Presley, John Ritter’s father, Tex Ritter, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Webb Pierce, Kitty Wells, Jimmie Davis, Slim Whitman, Faron Young, Johnny Horton, Jim Reeves, George Jones and Lefty Frizzell, among many others who became big music stars in the 1960s.

King recorded a few songs for Gotham Records, although none were successful. In 1961, he became more serious about a musical career and signed with the Nashville, Tennessee division of Columbia Records. He struck immediately, cutting “Big River, Big Man”, a country Top 10 and even a small pop crossover success. He soon followed with “The Comancheros” inspired by the movie of the same title, starring John Wayne. It was a Top 10 country hit in late 1961, also crossing over to the pop charts.

King made his “career” recording in the spring of 1962. “Wolverton Mountain”, written with Nashville veteran Merle Kilgore, was based on a real character, Clifton Clowers, who lived on Wolverton Mountain in Arkansas. The song became an immediate hit, going to No.1 for nine weeks during its 26-week run on the Billboard Country charts. It was also a pop Top 10.

King followed up that year with an American Civil War song, “The Burning Of Atlanta” which also went Top 10 on the country charts and again generated a lot of interest on the pop lists. In late 1962, he recorded “I’ve Got The World By The Tail” which narrowly missed the country Top 10.

He had another good year in 1963, scoring three solid country hits with “Sheepskin Valley”, “Building a Bridge” and “Hey Lucille!”. The hits continued in 1964 with “Sam Hill” and in 1965 he was back in the Top 10 with “Tiger Woman”, co-written by Merle Kilgore. King also did well that year with “Little Buddy”. His smooth country style continued to find a flavor throughout the decade, especially songs like “Catch a Little Raindrop” and the Top 10 “All For The Love Of A Girl” in 1969. His singles continued to hit the country charts through 1972. He left the label in 1973 after having accomplished 29 hits.

Besides a successful career recording and touring, King also performed as an actor in several movies, and like his nephew, Chris Aable, King is also among a minority of actors who are members in both the Screen Actors Guild and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. He appeared in the 1982 television miniseries The Blue and the Gray and appeared in several feature films. King is no relation to another actor by the same name, born in 1875 in England.

In 1981, Arkansas Governor Frank D. White paid tribute to King and his big 1962 hit by declaring August 7 “Wolverton Mountain Day”. By that time, King had almost retired from recording.

After being absent from recording for over 20 years, King recently released a new CD called Cowboy in the White House. Most of the songs were written or co-written by him. Elvis Presley’s guitarist, James Burton performed guitar for the release.

Bring A Friend And Get A Free Little Red Dress DVD

Megan Ellis Show at The Rutledge May 6, 2012 – 7:00pm: Hope your week is going well. Please don’t forget about my show, May 6, 2012, at 7:30pm at The Rutledge, 410 4th Avenue South, Nashville, TN (615) 782-6858 Tickets are on sale now If you are going to be in the Nashville Area and are looking for great LIVE family entertainment then this is the show for you. Check out a portion of our show here It is very important to us that you come out and support THIS show. Buying advanced tickets help us get rebooked. We are paid more and we get the spotlight ads from the promoter. Our show is at 7:30pm Sunday Night, the perfect time, right after church. We cannot do this without you. This show is so important to us and it would be nice to have you there. It will help in such a big way. Because you are an important part of our success, when you bring new friends that have never heard us play before, we will Give You FREE our new DVD, Little Red Dress. It’s as much of the show as we could cram on a disk. It was filmed on location on honky tonk Row, you know, Lower Broad in Music City, USA. May 6, come find me at the show and do a Shake and Howdy. I would love to meet all your friends and shake your hand, kiss your head and give you the DVD. Let me Thank You in advance for all you do for us. We are looking forward to seeing you on May 6th – 7:30pm at the Rutledge

Megan Ellis may soon have a song available for free download on Wildhorse Entertainment

James Lee Stanley In Your Hood And In Your Face

Greetings from the cave at the mouth of the horse with no name, I’ve been a little remiss, but I’m sure that you don’t mind NOT getting another unwanted email, so we’re probably even. Or close to. So I will again place myself in your debt by asking you to read all about me; what I’m doing; where I’ve been; where I’m going; and what it’s going to cost you. Sorry.If we were in Ireland, their government would simply support the arts, but here it’s a scramble in the bear pit. But I digress.Here’s why I wrote to you. I have concert performances coming up and I’m hoping that you and everyone you have ever known will come to them, as I am growing long of tooth and you never know, do you?
The dates:
Friday, May 4, 2012
an evening with james lee stanley @ nan’s lovely home
email nan @, ft collins, CO 80525 (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: special mother’s day price $15 per person
Other Info:

email nan for details and tickets
Saturday, May 5, 2012
An Evening with James Lee Stanley @ Aspen Meadows House Concerts
Magnolia Road, Nederland, CO (United States) – Map
303 835 3550
Set: 7:00 PM
Doors: 6:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: $15-$20 donation
Other Info:

for tickets and information email greg ching at:
303 835 3550
Sunday, May 6, 2012
an evening with james lee stanley @ american classic piano
Englewood, CO (United States) – Map
303 761 6858
Set: 12:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: $20
Saturday, May 12, 2012
An Evening With James Lee STanley / A Musical Retrospective @ Boulevard Music
4316 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: $15
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
an evening with james lee stanley @ Shank Hall
1434 N Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, WI (United States) – Map
Friday, June 1, 2012
an evening with james lee stanley (and friends) @ Cafe Carpe
18 S Water St. W, Fort Atkinson, WI (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: $15
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: $15
Saturday, June 2, 2012
James Lee Stanley Hosts the Charlotte’s Web 40th Anniversary Gala Concert @ Charlotte’s Web for the Performing Arts
201 7th Street, Rockford Illinois US, Rockford, IL (United States) – Map
Sunday, June 3, 2012
an afternoon with james lee stanley @ The Globe Theater
105 N 3rd St, Greenville, IL (United States) – Map
(618) 664-4400
Set: 1:00 PM
All Ages
Saturday, June 9, 2012
an evening with james lee stanley (and friends) @ The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N Lake Ave., Altadena, CA (United States) – Map
(626) 798-6236
Set: 6:30 PM
All Ages
Tickets: $15
Wednesday, June 20, 2012
seldovia music festival @ james lee stanley & cliff eberhardt
seldovia, AK (United States) – Map
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
I will also be part of the incredible line up on May 19th at the DylanFest in El Segundo.
Email Andy Hill / for details.
The Boulevard Music May 12 date will be a little different in that I’ll only be doing songs from my early CD’s in the first set. Nothing from the last six years.
The second set will be all the new stuff I’m working on for my penultimate CD
Speaking of which, John Batdorf and I will be doing another duet CD in the coming months. I suspect you’re going to love it.
That’s enough for now. Coming up in June, Alaska at the Seldovia Music Festival which I will be hosting along with my pal, Cliff Eberhardt and in July I will be doing some dates in the Monterey Bay area and finally coming back to Thousand Oaks for my favorite house concert series at Russ and Julie Paris’s.
See you down one of these roads,
James Lee

Tim Pepper Records Free Cd In Hotel Room

Last month I spent a couple of weeks in Augusta, Georgia on a job with the company I work for. I was camped in at a Holiday Inn Express for the duration of my stay. The Man Sat With His Guitar and His ThoughtsWhile I was there I thought I’d use my down time to record a few songs. I decided to make a digital EP of these recordings and I decided to call it “Hotel” on account of the fact that I recorded it in a hotel room. As I’m preparing to send this out I keep thinking that this is either a really good idea or possibly a really bad one. Either way I’m doing it. For all the gear geeks out there…I recorded these on a Tascam DR07. I added a tiny bit of compression and reverb in protools to make sure the guitar and vocals were loud and clear. Suffice it to say that if you’d been in the hotel room with me on those evenings in Augusta this is what you would have heard. Besides making hotel room recordings, I’ve been working on a project to get me and my buddy Jordan Baron to South Africa this October for the Durban International Blues Festival. I’m also working on getting some studio recordings done in the not too distant future. There’s also plans to re-release some older material on physical CDs in the coming months. I reckon all that is not bad for a working dad. When you’re done downloading the album listen to it and send it to some friends.All the best

Download it now!

Here’s what you need to do to download the album:

1. Follow this link: Give Me My Record
2. That’s about it really…just follow the link and click “download”.

This link will expire on May 22, 2012. So put it on your iPod now.
Here’s that link again: Give Me My Record

Remember: There’s always free music…always at

Our Hero George Jones Forced To Postpone Shows

GEORGE JONES POSTPONES PERFORMANCES THROUGH MAY 20th:  Country music Hall of Fame member George Jones is recuperating from upper respiratory infection and continues to rest at his Franklin, Tennessee home. Although, George is doing much better, doctors are ordering mandatory recovery time forcing all tour dates through May 20th, including the entire Canadian run to be postponed.

The following dates are canceled:
April 28 Caruthersville, Mo, Lady Luck Casino
May 11 Pembroke, Ont., Pembroke Memorial Centre
May 12 Rama, Ont., Casino Rama
May 13 Kahnawake, QC, Kahnawake Sports Complex
May 15 Halifax, NS Halifax Forum
May 16 Woodstock, NB, Carlton Civic Centre
May 18 Bouctouche, NB, Civic Centre
May 19 New Glasgow, NS, New Glasgow Stadium
May 20 Yarmouth, NS, Mariner Centre
Article forwarded by James Allen of James Allen Promotions

Random Thoughts From A Songwriter: Royalties

What are royalties and when do you have to pay them: Mechanical royalties are the money due to the Publisher and Songwriter when you use one of their songs on your CD or any format where you are selling the song, such as downloads or CD’s off stage or in stores. The statuatory rate in the United States now is $91 per 1000 units sold.  You can make any kind other deal with the publisher you can get them to agree to.  Sometimes a songwriter might even let you use their song royalty free if they think it will be a good promotional tool for them.  After a songwriter has had a cut or two they will not be as quick to let you use one of their songs for free.  Remember when negoiating royalties you have to talk to the Publisher, not the songwriter unless the songwriter happens to also be the publisher.  Keep in mind if you are talking about an Indie cut we are not talking about enough money to buy a decent meal 99 times out of a 100.    As for my own catalog I just try to be reasonable and make sure that if one of these artists ever hit the big time they still think of me as that songwriter who treated them nice when they were still struggling.  I usually help out with the radio promotion when an artist records one of my songs so artists are more than glad to pay me the royalties since they get exposure to about 800 radio station around the world. 

     If the songwriter has been a jerk to deal with any chance of them getting a cut after the artist becomes stars when they could really make them money has gone down the toilet.  That ain’t worth $5 or $10 bucks right now.  I have dozens of young singers every year calling me for songs and I try to be realistic with them.  If it is one of those deals where the family or artist is paying for the session and I am the producer I don’t even charge for my songs just as long as they pay my co-writers.  Also if it is someone who does not have a band and only plays at the karaoke bar and is gonna try to sell the CD from their website and I am not the producer I may just charge them $45.50 – 1/2 price and let them press a 1000 CD’s because the odds are they will be giving a lot of those CD’s away and a pretty good chance they could end up with a bunch of boxes of CD’s in their closet or stored under their bed.  If it turns out they do real well they will be back for more songs for the next CD and if it is a big flop someday they will figure out I gave them a break and they will recommend me to the next singer coming down the road. 
     As far as the downloads on i-Tunes and CDBABY go I never charge any artist for that and for a very simple reason.  They are NOT going to sell very many downloads.    The only way people buy downloads is by either searching for the Artists name or the song title.  If the artist has made themselves popular enough to sell downloads they are getting into a position where they could really make you some real money.  If they have made your song title popular enough that total strangers have started searching the internet for a place to buy it then let them keep that 9/10ths of a penny.  I have actually heard of songwriters finding a song of theirs on i-Tunes and throwing a hissy fit when the truth is it probably cost the artist more to put it up there than they will ever make from it.  For a few pennies they have probably made an enemy out of an artist who more than likely didn’t know they were doing anything wrong when they put it up for downloads to begin with.   You just have to be realistic about this stuff.  In many foreign countries the Mechanical Royalties are handled by a collection agency like Nordisk Collection Bureau or MCPS.  In this case the songwriter don’t have to worry about issuing a Mechanical Royalties because the collection agency collects that money when the artist presses CD’s and then they send the songwriter the royalty minuse a few percentage points for their services. 
    Performance Royalties  
This is where BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN. PRS and all the other affiliates come in.  It covers radio airplay, Internet airplay, inclusion in movies, TV etc.  This don’t cost the artist any money.  If you want to just cut a song and release it to radio on a compilation or your own single or promo CD all you need is permission + the correct label copy which is the Legal Title, Songwriters Names, Publishers Names and performance affilliation.  Remember just because you don’t have to pay anything you can’t take this lightly.  If you do not have the correct label copy the copyright owners can issue a cease and desist order and you will have to correct the label copy at your own expense.  This is all very fair because you are using this song for free so the least you can do is get the label copy correct so BMI, ASCAP etc. can pay the owners of the copyright.  Please keep in mind that these are two different royalties and you have to learn to deal with each.  Easy way to remember is Mechanical License is a physical product and performance is just that, a performance like a song on the radio.

 Lonnie Ratliff April Country Music Newsletter excerpt

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