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Still Living In The Past? Marty Martel Wants To Know

STILL LIVING IN THE PAST: There are times that I get a burr in a place that really irritates me, and when I do, I write about it. I have been booking artists on package shows for many years, and I always try to get what is a fair pricing for who they are and the great careers that they have enjoyed. Some of these artists no longer have #1 song’s on the music charts, they are not the most recognizable names in the current music industry, and their demands for “big money” have gone by the wayside, but there are those that still think that they can demand top dollar, and if they do not get it, then they will turn an offer down. Lately, several of these artists have let their ego’s run away with the reality of the times we live in. I understand that our economy is not good, but when an artist is not working dates as they once were, you would think they would adjust their fee’s accordingly. I have never asked any artist to take a fee that was embarrassing, but I do know for a fact that they worked many years for certain people for embarrassing fees, and they knew they were being taken advantage of, but it was “take it or leave it,” and most of them took it.

I treat all of the artists that I have on our shows with respect, because most of them are good friends, and I respect them for their careers and what they have accomplished in the country music industry, and many of them have etched their names in the history of country music through the years of hardships of helping make country music what it is today. But when I offer an artist a good fee and he says he needs more, or he says he has raised his fee, and will not negotiate, then that is when that burr begins to really irritate me. I don’t mind any artist raising his fee when I know it is necessary, but when I know that it is coming out of my pocket, I do not like that, especially when I paid an artist a set amount that they accepted on previous personal appearances, that is when I am not happy.

I was on the road performing for more than 25 years, so I think I know what pleases an artist and his band. A fair price, good lodging, food when available, their merchandise with no percentages paid to the venue, great production, and those artists who are single artists, providing them with a great back-up band. I have always done that for each of the artists. There are some artists that are never happy, because they cannot forget the way it once was back when they were having #1 songs, people catering to their every wish, high-price lodging, etc. There are some of these artists that have been a pain in my rump for many years, but I still use some of them because they sell tickets for the venue, and their fans are still out there wanting to see them. Now package shows are the wave of the present and the future, even with the newer artists. ALL THAT BEING SAID, with my shows, the most they have to work is 20-30 minutes and they are with other artists friends, their fans, a great venue to perform at, and still some of them continue to gripe.

Those artists who live in another state, well that is their problem, not the buyers, not the venues, or mine. There is a budget and I have to adhere to it. There are some artists who are not worth what they ask, but still they keep asking for high dollar, and there is no one at most venue’s who run their business on a budget, who will pay an artist who does not sell tickets on their own anymore, but these artist continue to stick by their ego’s, that will eventually lead them to their local bank to get a loan, because they think they are still worth it in today’s entertainment market. The only way for some of these artists to work is to not let their past run away with what they think they should get.

There is a special grouping of veteran’s that I know who never fail to work with me on pricing, and they always give a great performance on all of their appearances. They know who they are, and those artists that read this article will know who the ones are that I am talking about that irritate me. Those are the ones who are nice to your face then will stab you in the back when your looking them straight in the eye. I could give names, but no need to embarrass them. Many venue’s cannot afford to have them back as single artists because they have lost money on them in previous shows. Some of these artists who I know well, realize that I will never use them because of their non-compliance with the venue’s show rules, their demands, and their inconsistency on stage. They either talk too much, play too loud, go over the agreed time on stage, gripe all the time about free food, have the same demanding rider they had 20 years ago, and the list goes on and on, and on. They are near the end of their careers and they know that it will not be long until retirement slaps them right in the face.

Then there are those artists who never complain. They always arrive on time, do their job, never gripe about the food or lodging, merchandise percentage, the crowd, or the venue. I will always try to book Jean Shepard, Jan Howard. Bill Anderson, Jim Ed Brown, Stonewall Jackson, Jack Greene, David Frizzell, Shelly West, Dickey Lee, Freddy Weller, Charlie McCoy, Jett Williams, Lorrie Morgan, Bobby Osborne, Jesse McReynolds, Rhonda Vincent, and there are a few more, but the list has grown shorter. I know I can depend of these legendary giants when I call them for a potential personal appearance. I might have missed a few but not intentionally. These are the real true veterans of our business, and my list of these greats is not as large as it once was, but there is a special group of artists who are good for every talent agent that books dates on them. THEY ARE ALWAYS PREPARED TO DO THEIR JOB, AND IF THERE IS ANY COMPLAINING, THEY MUST DO IT AT HOME, BECAUSE I NEVER HEAR ABOUT IT. If they have something to say, they tell me to my face. I wish I could list the names of those I would like to tell to their face that they do not sell tickets, and that they better start thinking about their future, because time is slowly closing in on them. Someday I would like to write a book about those artists that have been irritating talent agents, promoters, buyers, venues, and no doubt we irritate them also, because we do not walk around with blinders, and we tell them what others are afraid to say to them.

It is great to remember the past and our memories, but we cannot LIVE IN THE PAST.

Marty Martel©

Barbara Rainey Quotes About Living And Dying

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“Learn as if you were going to live forever.

Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.”



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Kris Miller Has An Inner Cell Phone Do You?

KRIS MILLER has a voice that has touched DJ’s and their listeners around the world for a long time. Her songwriting is truly a gift from Jesus. Kris has received many awards for both her songwriting and singing. Kris was born in Long Beach, California and brought up in a Jewish household. Throughout her life, her one desire has been to serve Our Father in Heaven and sing praises to Him. When she was 17, she met a group of men and women who were called to live the life of Christ on the road in faith. They traveled like the disciples 2000 years ago, with a bedroll, tote sack, and in their bare feet, dressed in white robes. They were totally dependent on God to supply their daily needs and gave their lives to helping others. Kris began a pilgrimage to know God, which took her all over the world. Through this experience came her songs of joy and a daily walk with God, which she is happy to share, fulfilling her dream to help heal the world with song.

After many years of being on the road she now lives in Hemet, California where she started her own business specializing in Living Trusts and Senior Care. She is devoted to giving seniors the respect and honest service they deserve. The local chamber of commerce, her church, and her acquaintances have recognized her as one of the outstanding members of the community for the constant service she does for others. In between all this is her music ministry, which is changing people’s lives. Her first CD, Alive and Well, was entered into the GRAMMY® process and has received multiple honors from the music industry. She has won numerous songwriting awards because the messages in her lyrics touch so deeply in the heart. Her songs are being played on radio stations all over the world bringing hope and comfort. Kris also leads the acappella choir Pure Righteousness. They perform at prisons, in churches, nursing homes and on radio and TV. Her love for God overflows to all those around her. She is truly an inspiration to all who know her. Kris fits her shows to those who call on her, whether they be talks on her Senior Consulting business, Inspirational lectures with songs or just a concert to lift the heart, she is happy to fill the need.

You can contact her at 951-926-7592 or by email at


Sweet Dreams Come True

I am like a librarian, and literally hold a collection of 100′s of songs, that have been dictated to me by the mouth of God, through miracles and friends along life’s journey. Each song is a combination of many experiences merging into the rhythm, melody and vibration of the song. Sprinkled with enlightenment, and enjoyment, feeding not only a good feeling but also spiritual truth. Many people ask if I have any children, and my reply is automatic without thought “Yes, the world.” I have been blessed with songs that are set with jewels of truth, and the practical application of how to handle life and what’s coming at us. Listen with your heart to the “Whispers of Angel Wings” and you will hear what has been called “the Sound of the Century.” In the days to come, I will use all that I have been given to bring forth the hundreds of songs from my life living with God on Earth. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Live with God, in peace on earth, one nation, one world, one planet. These songs will knock the walls of Jericho down and produce good feelings of freedom. Just relax and “Be Nice, Rejoice and Enjoy.”

Why I Do What I Do

I have lived and borne these songs as a mother’s child. I have hundreds of songs to share. Like the white dove that landed in my hand, I have been given songs of life and peace. I am Alive & Well to say God is Alive & Well. Resurrection is life after death. I am Divine Spirit, not my body. It is time to sound the herald, use my trumpet, and blow my horn. About what? Money? … No. Sex? … No. My name on a billboard? … No. What’s important and with me everywhere? God/Love. And what am I taking with me when I leave this earth? God/Love. Tragedies are blessings in disguise to cause you to look for the most high, what’s real, and what will last forever. “Just look up at the stars.” Everything I write, sing, and the breath itself is from Almighty. And the voice can become a soothing balm or massage to the soul. I’ve seen depressed people get up and dance to witness souls saved. Heart music transcends person, place and time.

Kris Miller “the Senior Life Coach” CSA, C.E.P.S., LDA

Coaching isn’t about problems, only opportunities, choices and potential. It is about helping individuals move to an optimal state. To a state of high performance where they get more done with less effort. A senior life coach is a partnership between coach and client that gets to the heart of the matter and not just to help someone get from here to their goal, but to help them permanently break through all the obstacles that previously held them back from achieving their goals. The senior life coach is not only an age related service, it is a sculpted custom plan designed to help with all the challenges during any time of one’s life, with the focus on issues that bombard the “over 50 crowd”. Although these answers can be applied to any age, the concerns of the senior life coach also focuses on solutions for estate planning at all ages and the challenges of life and death and the hereafter. A senior life has the wisdom of experience and the ability to deeply connect with others to hear clearly, an intuit sense of what the client may not be saying. We recognize that or clients have the answers within them and help walking the talk a truly authentic way. Also the coaching process is customized for every single client because each client is different. This strong clear communication, clear vision and purpose inspires people to take life changing action; the ability to see more options; completely out of the box options and breakthrough whatever obstacles are in the way of extraordinary sustainable success.

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