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Mountain Country Band At Bootleggers March 28


7 to 10 PM @ “BOOTLEGGERS”  207 BROADWAY  

Roni Stoneman is one of the most electrifying entertainers that I have ever known. From her days as part of the legendary Stoneman Family to the present time, she continues to amaze the country music industry and her fans, as one of the premier entertainers in our business. Roni believes in entertaining her fans and not just standing on stage and singing. She has honed her trade from being brought up in the bloodline of a thoroughbred family of entertainers.She is one of the great banjo masters in our time, and she continues to play as strong as anyone you will hear that has ever picked up a banjo. She has formed her new band “Mountain Country Band” to create one of the best country music & bluegrass shows to ever come out of Nashville, TN. Roni Stoneman will make you laugh with her comedy from her days on Hee Haw as the Ironing Board Lady, she will mesmerize you with her banjo playing, and now with her new band, she has a new and complete show, and the price is right. Her show is tailor made for any venue. The all girl band are great musicians, hand-picked by Roni. When you book one of her concerts you will be sure that your money has been well spent, and you will become a fan. Entertainers are not a dime a dozen as they say, but entertainment is all over the world, and Roni Stoneman is the consummate entertainer in the music industry.

If you are in town for some reason, or you live in and around Nashville, please drop by and see Roni’s Show. You will not be disappointed.

Article Supplied By Marty Martel

Bradford Files: Is It Restless Legs Or Lazy Singers?

Restless Leg Syndrome or (RLS) is something that bothers countless people every day. I prefer to say that RLS stands for REAL LAZY SINGER. I meet either in person, telephone, or Internet some of the laziest singers on the planet every single week. Most don’t even get up until noon. They think just because they can sing or write a song that the world owes them something. There is no such thing as a free lunch. It takes lots of hard work, determination, a little luck, talent, and oh yes MONEY, to become successful as an artist. All the moaning and complaining in the world about how the Industry never gave you a chance will not change a thing. The people that work hard every day on their career instead of waiting on a hand-out are the ones that go to the next level. Remember if you are promoting yourself today the way you were 10 years ago that most of those platforms and models have changed. If you do not keep up and stay current with your approach to the business then you are dying. I look at some of my buddies that were great auto mechanics just a few years ago and now they can’t fix the new cars because they didn’t keep up with the computer skills necessary to work on the newer vehicles. Don’t get left behind and learn all you can every day. I hope to see you at the top of the charts soon. Don’t be a lazy singer

The Bradford Files supplied by Keith Bradford Nashville Tennessee. Email Keith at

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