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Excitement Is Brewing In The Allen Karl Camp

EXCITEMENT is brewing as Allen Karl and his manager Joseph Eder get ready to leave on April 2, 2012 on Allen’s overseas tour. They are delighted that Allen has so many bookings in different European countries. They will depart April 2nd and arrive on the 3rd in Amsterdam then off to the UK. They have shows lined up from the 4th of April to the 7th of April, starting with Show 1 – at Leeds, Show 2 Sheffield, Show 3 Cambridgeshire, Show 4 Henley-on-Thames and then finally, for now, show number five at Cheshire April 9th.
April 10th Dublin Airport and meet with Allen Karl’s duet partner Donna Cunningham. On the 11th they are in Belfast, Ireland TV appearance with Sean Green. On the 12th depart Dublin airport and arrive in Vienna, Austria..On April 14, they have a show with DJ Hunting Lady Kate (more details to follow).
On the 18th they depart from Vienna airport and arrive in Frankfurt where they will meet with DJ Patty Patrick.
On the 20th show l- Karbin, Germany, April 2nd Show 2 Rodgau, Germany, on the 22nd depart Frankfurt for Barcelona Spain. ( More details to follow).
Any DJ’s or fans feel free to contact Allen Karl and his Manager at:
There are some free spots along the trip, so any DJ’s in areas above that may wish to see Allen and Joseph, or even have a venue for them, they would be happy to discuss it with you.
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Taylor Swift Country’s Biggest Money Maker 2011

Taylor Swift was country’s leading money maker in 2011, according to Billboard: At $20.7 million, Swift was the sixth biggest of the year: Swift was aided by the release of “Speak Now,” which resulted in $7.4 million in royalties. Her tour gross was $30.8 million, netting $10.4 million, according to Billboard.


Other country acts in the top 40 were:

12) Brad Paisley – $13,955,990

13) Carrie Underwood – $ 13,501,387

14) Tim McGraw – $13,494,734

16) Rascal Flatts – $11,958,021

21) Toby Keith – $9,872,996

24) Lady Antebellum – $9,161,199

29) Brooks & Dunn – $8,698,351

31) George Strait – $7,361,898

32) Reba McEntire – $7,199,374

39) Sugarland – $4,478,705


The figures are based on all earnings, including tours and CDs. The Billboard story said that the figures were considered “take-home pay. Net, not gross.” Most people would believe that It sure is wonderful to earn that kind of money, yet with that kind of money comes problems that some of us really do not want. If we could just take the money yes but the problems that are part and parcel of that kind of money is not always worth it. The saying “You should be careful what you wish for” may or may not apply here. Well I am just happy that George Strait is still there which means that traditional country is not yet dead and buried, much to the dismay of the “New Nashville Pop, Rap, Rock, Country sounding Country of today” Long live George Strait, and not to forget the great George Jones.

Tebow Makes A Big Difference In A Cruel World

Rhonnie Scheuerman writes: I was so pleased when I opened our daily newspaper (The Mountain Press) Friday and saw this article by Carl Mays.I am a huge fan of “TIM TEBOW” wonderful athlete, great Christian who is not afraid to show his Christian walk any where, any time, so I decided to take a break from work and send it on to those special people I care for.
The Mountain Press Article by Carl Mays: “This weekend, the long lines, huge crowds and jersey-clad sports fans in Las Vegas were jockeying for a chance to get into church. An estimated 20,000 people showed up at Canyon Ridge Christian Church to hear Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow share about faith and football in four services…Beyond the crowds in the church auditorium and the overflow tent many others logged on to the church’s website…” Tebow told his audiences, “You get bashed against the rocks sometimes…One of my favorite quotes is, “I don’t know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future: Tebow’s impact has been tremendous. Over 94 million people did a Google search for the John 3:16 scripture after he wore it in his eye black during the 2009 NCAA national championship game.When asked about his dropping to one knee after scoring touchdowns (known as Tebowing), the 24 -year old said, “One of the reasons I get on a knee is because that’s a form of humbling yourself. I want to humble myself before the Lord and say thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for letting me play the game I love.” Tebow also discussed his work with orphans, hospitalized children and jail inmates. Many people wonder why Tebow-mania has grown to such proportions. Quite frankly, I became an admirer of Tim Tebow before I ever saw him play for the University of Florida. I read a story in a South Carolina newspaper about him, his missionary parents and siblings, how he was home-schooled, was granted permission to play high school football and what he had accomplished on and off the field. An ESPN documentary supported what I had read. His Florida career and now his career with the Broncos have made him a worldwide phenomenon with both admirers and detractors.
Drawing from my work through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other youth-related organizations, I think I have some understanding of why Tebow has drawn such attention in a society that seems to have lost its way morally and spiritually. Behavior that wouldn’t have been accepted in public a few years ago is now so common that people take it for granted. Our society is mirroring the one describer in the Bible’s Jeremiah 8:12: “Are they ashamed of their loath-some conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush.” Tebow’s apparent purity non-use of profanity, openness about his faith and closeness to his family, along with his competitive but humble spirit , are among qualities that attract some and repel others. He has been given a platform in a society in which one in three teenage girls in America become pregnant- 81% out of wedlock; in which profanity is commonly spewed in everyday life and in the entertainment world: in which evangelical Christians are frequently termed bigots and hate mongers: in which documented evidence points to increasing disintegration of stable, loving families; and in which many competitors express no humility or thankfulness to anyone. Of course, there are other “Tebows” on smaller platforms who can help make a positive difference in individuals, families, schools, sports, teams, businesses and communities. When any t size platform is made available, it is up to us to step forward to take advantage of the power of positive influence. Sure, we are all imperfect , as is Tim Tebow, but we can’t let that hold us back from being the positive influence we have an opportunity to be
(c) 2012 by Carl Mays, speaker and author whose mentoring site, is based on his book and program, “A Strategy For Winning.” E-mail to,

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